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Jack Klugman

I always found him sexy. Yes, the slob, Oscar Madison. Quincy. Herbie from Gypsy. I think for the same reasons that Ed Asner was sexy, Jack was gruff, messy, "manly," and yet underneath it all appeared to be a soft-hearted and kind man. He had a great mix of toughness and tenderness. I have never heard anything about him being gay but that doesn't matter. He spent a lifetime in the arts, co-starred with the probably closeted Tony Randall and I am sure he had a few men who crushed on him along the way. Who knows? We don't seem to have those kind of character actors around much anymore, masculine and "grown up" who can be funny AND do great drama. Klugman starred in many Twilight Zone episodes and was one of the jurors in Twelve Angry Men. A prolific career. He lived to be 90 years old, surviving throat cancer twice!

by Anonymousreply 004/22/2013
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