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Senator Greg Ball (R, NY)

Just saw him on Piers Morgan for the first time.

What a dick!

by Canadianreply 1004/22/2013

How long was it?

by Canadianreply 104/22/2013

Is he from Jamestown?

by Canadianreply 204/22/2013

Rather fun that Ball is a Dick.

by Canadianreply 304/22/2013

West Jamestown r2

by Canadianreply 404/22/2013

You too, OP? I was just reading about him after his douchy performance. What an ass. I'd never heard of him before and hope I never do again.

by Canadianreply 504/22/2013

He was calling Piers "Dude" and getting himself all worked up. He sounded like an overgrown frat boy.

He was supposed to be back after the commercial, but the audience was told he'd walked off instead.

He called himself "a red blooded American" 2 or 3 times.

by Canadianreply 604/22/2013

He looks like a bro.

by Canadianreply 704/22/2013

Isn't he the elected official who was cheerleading--on Twitter-to torture the bomber kid?

by Canadianreply 804/22/2013

yes. r8. Which is so dumb since even people who believe in torture believe in it as a last resort.

by Canadianreply 904/22/2013

BTW just ask the kid why....he's a younger brother. Younger brothers usually tattle when the pressure is on.

by Canadianreply 1004/22/2013
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