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Ross Mathews Gets His Own Talk Show

11 years after he joined the Tonight Show as Ross the Intern, Ross Mathews got his own talk show.

It couldn't happen to a nice guy.

He's a bundle of good energy!!

by Nickreply 2812/28/2013

[quote]It couldn't happen to a nice guy.

Well, that's disappointing.

by Nickreply 104/22/2013

He's guest hosted Chelsea Lately several times and he's actually very good at it.

by Nickreply 204/22/2013

Gross. He's so obnoxious. OP is part of a PR company, hence the link is from and not a direct link. The PR company is counting the number of clicks it receives directly from gay forum Datalounge.

by Nickreply 304/22/2013

He did some fascinating and funny interviews on the Tonight Show. He was great as a pirate intern at the Gasparilla Festival several years ago. I'm glad he doing well.

by Nickreply 404/22/2013

Love him. Good for him.

by Nickreply 504/22/2013

[quote]Ross later went on the Celebrity Fit Club and lost more than 40 pounds — he has successfully kept off the weight.

Now, I love him to death, but he definitely gained it all back.

by Nickreply 604/22/2013


by Nickreply 704/22/2013

...and he's a hellva lot funnier than Chelsea Handler.

by Nickreply 804/22/2013

I knew that he would end up either with a talk show or his own reality show. He seems like a nice guy, so good for him.

by Nickreply 904/22/2013

He's definitely put some weight back on. But he jokes about it, on Chelsea Lately anyway.

People seem to genuinely like and be charmed by him. He's not a total dick, which makes a refreshing change from most American talk show hosts.

by Nickreply 1004/22/2013

R3 = straight "acting" g0y.

So tiresome. So lame. So delusional.

by Nickreply 1104/22/2013

R7? You are R3. By I agree that the link to is a dead giveaway.

by Nickreply 1204/22/2013

I wish I could find the video from the CMA Awards a few years ago where some hunky country singer kissed him on the cheek and got him all flustered.

by Nickreply 1304/22/2013

I remember when he first started, he did an interview on the tonight show that just illustrated his ignorance and prejudice. I am glad to read that he has improved.

by Nickreply 1404/22/2013

[quote]By I agree that the link to is a dead giveaway.

Thank you so much. Your input is important. It's obvious that we should not be subjected to any p.r. for something involving an out and proud guy who is well-liked by many. It's really a shame that this info is coming to DL. We should complain to the webmaster to ban all talk of out and proud people who are in the public eye.

by Nickreply 1504/22/2013

Simmer down, R15. I like Ross as well as anyone, but why couldn't "Nick" have just linked to Because he wanted to get a click count.

by Nickreply 1604/22/2013

I am so happy for Ross. At times he's flamboyant and it says something that biases (including my own) are coming down. He has managed to build a career based on exactly who he is and I seriously applaud him for that. And I will want to support him.

by Nickreply 1704/22/2013

Why the fuck do you even care R16? Are you attempting to be the Paul Revere of DL?

What's with all the busybody types like r3 and r12 who think they have an obligation to warn people of what a link indicates? If the link is providing info that can be of interest to others, isn't that enough?

"The Redcoats are coming! Don't click on the link!"

by Nickreply 1804/22/2013

I don't understand people who are unhappy when one of our own does well. I could understand if he was some closet case or even glass closeted, but wish him well.

by Nickreply 1904/22/2013

The bros and the goyim are all crying in their filthy backwards ballcaps.


by Nickreply 2004/22/2013

The show is awful. One can only take so much of Ross. I think he is charming and funny, but in a supporting role only.

by Nickreply 2109/23/2013

Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! his fakeass wanna-be-a-woman voice is unbearable and now he's got his own TALK show. Pure ridiculousness and a mockery of gays. The networks must be desperate. Maybe he can save up his money to get reassignment surgery cuz he clearly longs to be woman.

by Nickreply 2209/23/2013

Watched tonite- awful, phony, he is as offensive as the gay portrayal on Modern Family. And he got more standing ovations during the show thsn Patti Lupone has ever gotten in her career. Then we get promos for the Kardashian whore's birth with the opening line "The moment you have been waiting for"!!!!! Well I imagine the audience that watches Ross was counting the seconds. This country is doomed.

by Nickreply 2310/18/2013

anyone else see Ross' face in those oraquick ads on this site? lmao.

by Nickreply 2412/28/2013

R24 I was wondering the same thing - they're all over the place! It's so bizarre that he's smiling so cheesy in the photo over something that's so serious.

But I guess a paycheck is a paycheck.

by Nickreply 2512/28/2013

Watched him and his little Latina partner in an episode of House Hunters and my TV screen was singed from the FLAMES.

by Nickreply 2612/28/2013

I consider myself pretty tolerant of very high levels of gayness, but I couldn't really stand watching his show for more than 5 minutes. He needs to grow up.

by Nickreply 2712/28/2013

R25 it may be one of those stock photo deals. Ross is famous but not overly famous, and probably took some head shots to get a stock model deal-the photographer owns the pics and sends them out for whatever/whoever will take them. The photographer and Ross get a percentage of the revenue for whatever ad or article his pics appear in. I have a non-famous friend who did this for a time and he was shocked to find some of the places his pics were used lol. It can be totally random and Ross might not even have a clue they're using his face, but if he had the deal with the photographer, he'll get a little cut of the money.

by Nickreply 2812/28/2013
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