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Tom Cruise's Oblivion. So many questions.

It made no sense. I watched the movie and still have no idea what it was all about or what the hell was going on. Nothing made any sense. Can someone explain the plot in detail?

Was this based on the video game?

by (Spoilers inside)reply 3002/26/2015 Nothing at all to do with the video game.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 104/20/2013

The Last Samurai is on AMC right now ....god he is just horrendous

by (Spoilers inside)reply 204/20/2013

Oblivion (2013 film)... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by (Spoilers inside)reply 304/20/2013

I didn't get it. I don't think the audience did either. People left the theater looking confused.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 404/20/2013

Think of it as another go at BATTLEFIELD EARTH in disguise!

by (Spoilers inside)reply 504/20/2013


Of course it makes no sense, because it's such a fucking hodge podge of so many (better) sci-fi movies, made by people who believe how a film looks is the only important thing in filmmaking.

Think about it. Why would an unmanned alien ship keep cloning the same 2 humans for 60 years, when the drones seemed like such effective weapons against the survivors? How could Morgan Freeman recollect about witnessing the alien invasion that happened 60 years ago? An advanced alien mother ship can figure out that Tom is lying, but can't anticipate him destroying Tet? The same alien ship can't figure out it isn't the Russian chick in the pod (and don't get me started on her fucking non-performance, she was most convincing when she was in deep sleep)and actually Morgan? NASA in 2017 sends an exploratory space craft to check out the alien mother ship -- you know, kind of swing by and say hello? New York has decayed to the point of being a barren Icelandic void, yet the binoculars at the top of the Empire State Building have survived pretty much intact? All these different Toms were overseeing zones that seemed pretty close to one another, yet they never ran into each other? Books in a decrepit library somehow withstood 60 years of radiation and soot and acid rain? Morgan happened to know the particular book Tom took, and even the particular passage? The survivors were surviving on what exactly? The alien mother ship could destroy the moon, but was somehow worried about a few rag tag survivors? Somehow there's a little perfect valley with a perfect lake and a trout and birds and a cabin in the middle of the destroyed planet?

by (Spoilers inside)reply 604/20/2013

Why did all the clones have the same memories?

by (Spoilers inside)reply 704/20/2013

[quote]Why did all the clones have the same memories?

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

by (Spoilers inside)reply 804/20/2013

Why did all the clones have the same memories? Because they have no imagination.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 904/20/2013

What a huge, overblown rip off of Duncan Jones' "Moon."

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1004/21/2013



. . . .. . .

take everything you learn in the first half of the movie..and reverse it.

there. you got it.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1104/21/2013

12 Movies 'Oblivion' Blatantly Rips Off

Oblivion may be the most thoroughly derivative science-fiction film in recent memory. The Tom Cruise post-apocalyptic action film directed by Joseph Kosinski ransacks 50 years of classics in the genre. But for what purpose? Not apparently for winking irony. Or to make some kind of tongue-in-cheek pastiche that's a statement about the recurrence of certain sci-fi tropes. The movie would have to be funny for that to be the case, and it's deadly serious. In fact, you could probably even tell in the trailers for Oblivion just how many movies it's referencing intentionally, subconsciously, or kleptomaniac-ally. These are 12 films whose makers should be crying "Stop, thief!"

[Continued at link.]

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1204/23/2013

Such are the sci-fi movies these days-the more of a mindfuck a movie is,the more chances for success it is expected to have.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1304/23/2013

I don't get sci fi movies where the aliens come to earth to steal some natural resource they could get anywhere else in the universe. In Oblivion the aliens were draining the oceans to make hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. All of your gas giants (Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus) are made of it. It seems like extra trouble for the alien to come to earth for it when they could get it anywhere else.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1404/23/2013

Aliens are assholes, R14.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1504/23/2013

Local newspaper reviewer gave it a D+.

I was looking forward to seeing it, I'll wait for the DVD.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1604/23/2013

Lane in 'New Yorker' is lukewarm at best about it, and makes some DL-worthy pops at TC.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1704/23/2013

It was rather boring for the first 2/3. Cruise does a pretty good job here. The last 1/3 is a lot more interesting than the first 2/3.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1804/23/2013

Stick a fork in Cruise's leading man acting career. It's done! He is going the way of Harrison Ford. Once a reliable leading man, now, not so much.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 1904/23/2013

The list at R12's link is missing the recent movie "Moon".

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2004/23/2013

The standouts in this movie are Mormon Freeman's 2 bodyguards. The big buff guy with the samurai hair is hot. Melissa Leo plays the other body guard. She really buffed out for the role.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2104/23/2013

Morgan Freeman should have had more scenes to keep the movie from being so dull.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2204/24/2013

R6 is kinda dumb actually.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2304/24/2013

R12, that list is mostly full of shit... a horrible stretch.

R20 is right: the real movie this movie rips off is "Moon".

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2404/24/2013

I didn't like it. I didn't feel that i got something special from this film. I think that overall, it's as common as hell, don't get confused by the weak script, it doesn't worth it.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2502/26/2015

visually it looks spectacular and i like the "theme song"...definitely one of those movies that if you leave for a few minutes you'll come back and wonder "HUH, what happened, what's going on, i don't get it".

alot of holes and questions, perhaps on purpose so those who saw it would "think about it and argue and discuss?"..

funny thing (but not in a actual funny way) was that i saw the whole analogy of the movie to scientology and how T.C. is being and has been fooled now and used for decades by this cult. strange and ironic that he didn't and can't see it himself?

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2602/26/2015

R26, i think that Cruise can see through his cult, but he doesn't want to quit it. It gave him the self-esteem he has now and maybe that counts too much for him. I certainly don't agree with Scientology's beliefs, i find them fake and and too much... but obviously it has helped some people. Whatever works for anybody...anyway.

R25, i didn't like the movie, either. Cruise was good in that role though, unlike Olga Kurylenko. She was miscast, she didn't convince me at all. However, yeah, i agree with R26 about the soundtrack. It was rather beautiful, unlike the movie. Ha!

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2702/26/2015

Cruise was too old for this movie.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2802/26/2015

R27, I'm glad i'm not the only one that thought that Kurylenko was miscast. On the other hand, Andrea Riseborough was good in her role, and Cruise was okay. He still has the agility to be in action movies. They become him visually. The movie was a drag, though.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 2902/26/2015

It's a live action Wall-E with some clueless clones added in.

by (Spoilers inside)reply 3002/26/2015
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