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The gravel crunches as Mom & Dad pull away

Time to turn the camera on, have some fun.

by Guylerreply 804/20/2013

I will never have that 51 seconds or that portion of my lunch that came up back ever again.

by Guylerreply 104/20/2013

Which portion was that, #1- the Cheetos, the Vienna sausages or the grape Nehi?

by Guylerreply 204/20/2013

I'm afraid to click. What is it?

by Guylerreply 304/20/2013

Some youngish guy in boxers in his bedroom on a web cam shaking hips and showing his butt, R3.

by Guylerreply 404/20/2013

He's not even cute.

by Guylerreply 504/20/2013

He has cum stains on his shorts. Ewww.

by Guylerreply 604/20/2013

Good luck finding a job after this.

by Guylerreply 704/20/2013

It's sorta' sad what some confused guys do when alone. Worse when they put it on YouTube.

by Guylerreply 804/20/2013
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