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This is the Chechen bomber brothers conspiracy thread

(Since we get hounded off the other Boston threads)

I believe the cops were trying to kill the one on the boat. That he wasn't as injured as reported, but the authorities reported that to explain why he'll expire shortly. But it will be murder.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 6104/23/2013

You are an idiot.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 104/20/2013

Oh for fuck's fucking sake.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 204/20/2013

I think the cops put a DECOY in that boat and took him to the hospital. Maybe someone from the federal pen? O The real guy was whisked away to Cozumel for a little beach vacation and a meeting with his corporate handlers.

Trust me on this one.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 304/20/2013

The Bodton bombers are actually Barack HUSSEIN Obama's secret half-brothers who were trained by the CIA to bring down America's security to issue in Sharia-based courts of justice.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 404/20/2013

FWIW, there is undeniable evidence that men from Craft International, a private military contractor were on the scene that day. A few of them were filmed and photographed standing close to the where the bombings occurred. They wear matching uniforms and the distinctive skull on their caps in unmistakably the logo of Craft International.

Eyewitnesses have claimed that bomb "drills" were announced over loudspeakers. Obviously someone hired these workers - whose company does NOT provide routine security services - for some purpose. But no one in any official capacity has yet explained their presence.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 504/20/2013

Federal presence was too discreet for a national conspiracy.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 604/20/2013

R5, um yeah, because if I were deploying a covert operation that serves no purpose but to harm innocent civilians, I'd be sure to wear my distinct uniform with company logo clearly visible to the numerous surveillance cameras that might be recording my moves.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 704/20/2013

But is it news, R1?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 804/20/2013

R7, that is the uniform of Craft International. You can buy an exact copy of every single item those men are wearing. Their matching desert boots, tactical pants, jackets, skull-logo caps, even their the huge backpacks are all available for sale on the Craft website. Check it out for yourself if you doubt it.

There are ample pics of several of these men standing around (and subsequently leaving) the area where the bombs went off. There is no mistaking who they work for and there is no denying the fact that they are indeed present at the scene.

The question is, "Why? Who hired them and for what purpose?" and it still hasn't been answered.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 904/20/2013

Scroll down toward the bottom of this link and you will see five or six men in matching Craft Uniforms gathering behind a long black vehicle that has been outfitted for military purposes with a satellite dish and everything. A second picture of the same sort of vehicle with its dish raised for use can be seen by scrolling down a little further.

Someone hired at least one Craft International team to be there for some purpose. Again, they do not provide routine security services. These men had to have been on some sort of mission, but what?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1004/20/2013

Perhaps they were there to make asses out of tinhat speculators.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1104/20/2013

We won't know until someone in a position of dependable authority tells us, will we, R11? Thus far they have remained silent.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1204/20/2013

i love r3.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1304/20/2013

FWIW, anything from "libertariannews" is not worth anything.


by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1404/20/2013

R14, the PICS are not from Libertarian News. They are from the Boston Marathon. There are dozens of pics and videos that show these men in the area where the bombs went off.

I knew someone would come along and imply that the evidence was invalid based on the site that I linked to. But pictures and video don't lie. You could see the same pics on the NY Times website if they chose to publish them.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1504/20/2013

It's a clear case of Lee Harvey Oswaldistan.

OP, please consider yourself hounded off the entire DL. Tell us what we have to do to accomplish this.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1604/20/2013

Using R14's logic, if Einstein's Theory of Relativity were cited on Libertarian News it would cease to be scientifically valid.

I wonder if R14 still agrees with the New York Times and the Washington Post circa 2003 that we had to invade Iraq to protect ourselves from Saddam Hussein's vast arsenal of WMDs.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1704/20/2013

They were hired by the blackeyed children!

And I think I saw several Hatmen in the crowd!

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1804/20/2013

The shadow people were there!

And Jodie the pig and the three disappeared women from Springfield Missouri were seen near a guy in the crowd who was dressed like the zodiac killer. They were all eating nutella and looking towards a rising mist in the corner if the photo. It's chilling!

Is anyone else afraid to go to bed tonight?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 1904/20/2013

Why is it the same people who think the government is super incompetent and wastes all their tax money on bullshit that doesn't work SIMULTANEOUSLY thinks the government is super competent at perpetrating mass conspiracies over the public.

Maybe the Craft International people were hired by the Boston Marathon for security and they were just shitty at the job because... guess what... private contractors operate to make a profit and don't give a shit about public service and don't pay adequate wages to hire the best people.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2004/20/2013

Maybe, r20, but let's find out for sure.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2104/20/2013

I thought they provide food and beverage service to events. I'm so dumb.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2204/20/2013

[quote]pictures and video don't lie.

That's such an odd thing to say, r15, for a a conspiracy scholar such as yourself.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2304/20/2013

[quote]Why is it the same people who think the government is super incompetent and wastes all their tax money on bullshit that doesn't work SIMULTANEOUSLY thinks the government is super competent at perpetrating mass conspiracies over the public.

Because the FBI, the DHS and CIA are not run by corrupt politicians and incompetent bureaucrats. "The Government" encompasses a whole lot of areas and some departments are much more competent (and downright evil) than others.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2404/20/2013

they are all BOTTOMS!

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2504/20/2013

I beg to differ. The FBI and CIA and most of the military are incompetent bureaucrats. That's why they've created the Special Forces, to do the hard stuff.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2604/20/2013

R23, there are so many pics and videos that were made immediately available in the wake of the bombing as to make it pointless to doubt the veracity of those that show the Craft International team members present in close proximity to the bomb blasts.

If they were providing routine security (which would be odd as they are not a routine security company) they certainly failed miserably.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2704/20/2013

Let's carry on and ignore those brainwashed people!

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2804/20/2013

I don't know what the conspiracy would be but I find it VERY weird that TWO criminals could paralyze an urban area (including public transport AND air space) with over a half of a million people. I think there is more going on than is told to us.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 2904/20/2013

Overreaction by media and those who closed up Boston for these bumbling fools. I don't believe the kid shot at the cops while he was in the boat. I think the cops shot at him and that was the gunfire heard. The guy was too hurt to shoot at the cops. If the older bro hadnt died all the attn would be on him since he seemed to be the radical.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3004/20/2013

Somehow Hillary Clinton is involved!!!

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3104/20/2013

The guy who writes that Libertarian blog is clearly a few eggs short of an omelet.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3204/20/2013

60 people are missing after the explosion in Texas. No one is talking about this. Two weirdos kill three spectators at a marathon, then an officer, and the nation is transfixed. SIXTY people are MISSING in Texas, gone in a moment...that's a LARGE number to be vaporized....WHY isn't that a big deal?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3304/20/2013

I certainly think Craft International owes Marvel Comics royalty money for ripping off The Punisher's logo.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3404/20/2013

[quote]The FBI and CIA and most of the military are incompetent bureaucrats...

R26 - you could make a strong case for that. All of the alphabet spooks ignored myriad clues before 9/11, and as far as i know, none of them were ever held accountable.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3504/20/2013

I think Helena Cassedine is behind the whole thing.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3604/20/2013

[quote]I find it VERY weird that TWO criminals could paralyze an urban area (including public transport AND air space) with over a half of a million people.

R29, what is it that you don't understand about bombs?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3704/20/2013

Agreed, R30! I think the cops - admirable job that they all did - were trying to cover their asses when they said that the kid was shooting from the boat.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3804/20/2013

The criminals didn't paralyze the city. The city was LOCKED DOWN. Why? Because they knew the criminals were there and they knew they wouldn't be able to leave without being extremely visible.

I wouldn't mind finding out why people from what is essentially a mercenary company started by a navy seal was doing around the marathon. Just because I would like to know. I do NOT however, think it was part of a conspiracy and the Chechens were framed.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 3904/20/2013

R33 that's not something supernatural love. That was a horrible and very powerful explosion, you can basically view it as some natural disaster. People went missing all the time after a tornado or earthquake. It's the same here.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4004/20/2013

yes, so what if they were there? Some rich bastard hired them. Maybe the organizers hired them? They were seen at the race so what? They were there after the race too, with their backpacks still with them.

I want to know who put up the brothers to this deed. They certainly did not act alone, where did they get the training and where did the money come from?

The dead brother was a drop out from community college, the younger brother still in college and the mother was arrested for shoplifting.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4104/20/2013

I agree with r41. More are involved. Too much freakout over just two disinfranchised crazies.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4204/20/2013

It's quite possible the feds knew these guys were a threat (supposedly the Russian gov. reached out to the CIA regarding the older one) and a cell within the government 'allowed' this to happen a la 9-11 to further a certain agenda.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4304/20/2013

R29, they just didn't want the 19 yr old to get away somehow - so all measures were taken to impede him getting away.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4404/20/2013

Has anyone seen any figures how much this endeavor cost the city/state/fed government, as well as it's citizens/businesses who were out of commission during this single person manhunt?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4504/20/2013

"University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

"They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it's just a training exercise," Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. . . . "

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4604/20/2013

I haven't heard a single other citizen affected by the shelter-in-place order complaining about it. And I have lots of friends on the far side of Dorchester who were stuck inside too.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4704/20/2013

If that's the case, R46, why didn't police notice the errant bag placed right on the street out in the open next to a trash container.

It was very noticeable. Not blaming the police, but the police did not seem to be on the look out for troublesome aspects or suspicious bags. And many, many extra police has been assigned that day, just to do exactly that.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4804/20/2013

I hope this is helpful: I talked to a cop who works with drug sniffing dogs in airports. He said when they are *extremely* focussed they are good for about 20 minutes of work. They are, above all else, dogs.

The videos of the brothers ambling through the crowds with their backpack bombs was shot not particularly long before they went off. I find that they were able to look so calm when those things were set to go off in a relatively few moments. The dogs could not be everywhere at once.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 4904/20/2013


by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5004/20/2013

I thought the cops in boston were inept. They couldn't find the kid who was on foot! I read that he was only like a few min away from where they last saw him! Why didn't they use more dogs? well, maybe it's the FBI coz they were in charge of the operation.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5104/20/2013

yes, it boggles the mind, who wouldn't notice such a big bag there? None of the bystanders took notice or maybe they did see it but took no action.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5204/20/2013

Bystanders were not thinking about possible bombs, so it's not surprising that the bystanders and people in the crowd did not react to the bag.

But police on duty should have noticed it.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5304/20/2013

If the ugly young guy dies in hospital then it was a work of someone else.

A Jack Ruby dupe will be hired to depose of the kid.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5404/21/2013

Well I could live without a bomb if I wanted to

In this lonely room

But I don't like Jews so I'll leave it up to you

And a bomb or two

I could live without a lover if I wanted to

But I hate the Jews

But I don't want to, so I'll use a bomb or two

To chase away the blues

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5504/21/2013

So the "conspiracy theory" is that at a huge public event (the sort of thing where some security might be needed) there were security dogs at two key places, the start and the finsh.... And that rather than say " We're here sniffing for drugs and guns and bombs", which might stress people out, their standard comment in all situations is that it's a training exercise.

And that private militaristic operatives were hired to perform a covert operation; and did it so well that there are all these photos of them standing around in public. And that at an event with tv cameras and complex communications, there was a vehicle equippped to transmit signals.


by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5604/21/2013

r56 be careful challenging the conspiracy affects their facial tics and causes them to act out.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5704/21/2013

Then everybody's in in the conspiracy? The FBI, and the CIA, and J. Edgar Hoover and oil companies and the Pentagon and the men's-room attendant at the White House?

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5804/21/2013

If you see a "Joint Russian/American Effort" in Chechnya to root out extremists and terrorists, you'll know the whole thing was a setup. Russia's been exploding apartment buildings since 1999 and killing 300 citizens in the process, blaming it on the Chechnyans. They also poisoned anyone (journalists and someone on the Duma) who disagrees with their official explanation.

Chechnya is OIL RICH and already has the infrastructure to be a major port for oil production and transportation. Oil runs the Russian economy. They've been fighting Chechnya since the 40s.

I could see America thinking they'd rather have Russians in charge of the oil than some "Muslim extremists". The devil you know after all.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 5904/21/2013

Wow. Russians are fucking crazy.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 6004/23/2013

#56, that's how I'd do it.

People are always scoffing, "Oh I'm really sure someone would do that- what are the odds??"

If you're going to be a criminal- be a smart one.

by Tinhat Nostradamusreply 6104/23/2013
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