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Rachel Zoe’s A-list clients are dropping her OR the risk you take believing your own bullshit

I used to watch The Rachel Zoe Project in its first few seasons. I grew to love to hate-watch it. Rachel Zoe is a piece of work – she's a completely self involved airhead,she’s a bad manager, she’s a bad boss, she’s terrible with money, she’s disorganized and prone to melodramatic “breakdowns” when she’s overbooked.

So, what made it all worth it? Rachel actually did know a lot about clothes, she had good relationships with designers and she was half-decent about finding a balance between what a celebrity wanted to wear and what she knew they should wear. But at some point, all of the bad stuff became the focal point of the show and I just stopped watching. Rachel is incredibly annoying and she’s a self-perpetuating drama machine.

It looks more and more like I was not alone in (eventually) hating Rachel Zoe. There are widespread rumors and well-placed sources claiming that Bravo has cancelled the show. And now Star Magazine claims Zoe’s A-list clients have been steadily dropping her over the past year as well. At one point, Zoe styles Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Zoe Saldana, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Demi Moore and Jennifer Lawrence. Demi left a few years ago. Saldana got someone new a few years ago too. Cameron apparently dumped her last year. And now Star says Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes dropped Rachel in February!


Rachel Zoe has become the thing she dreads the most: a fashion faux pas! A Zoe insider says her career is in a downward spiral as her Bravo reality show got canceled and A-list clients are dropping her from their payrolls.

“Rachel’s horrified,” the source confesses. “Last year she was axed by Cameron Diaz after 12 years. Then, days before the Oscars, Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes ditched her.”

The reason for the exodus? Rachel’s sky-high styling fees. “Kate and Eva met up just prior to the Oscars and were comparing notes… they agreed Rachel’s way too expensive and have since hired really edgy ‘underground’ stylists who are much cheaper because they’re unknowns.

“Rachel’s going to have to bite the bullet and adjust her pricing, like everyone else in the country. If she’s not careful, she’ll price herself right out of a career.”

From Star Magazine


Yeah, Rachel is probably the most expensive stylist around because she’s got the most name-recognition and, let’s face it, Zoe is a big reason why people pay attention to who is styling whom these days. I kind of hope Hudson and Mendes did dump her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Anne Hathaway dumped her too because of the Oscar Nipple-gate Fiasco. Jennifer Lawrence is probably looking to get someone younger and hipper too. Which just leaves… Jennifer Garner, and when have you seen her looking good lately?

by Anonymousreply 104/19/2013

This is not in any way meant to defend Zoe (who I loathe) but I can't help but think that being a Hollywood fashion stylist has about as long a life span as being a Hollywood starlet.

The nature of the beast is to be replaced quickly and unsentimentally by the next hot thing.

by Anonymousreply 104/19/2013
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