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Who are you dating?

What's going on in the romance department?

by Nanareply 604/20/2013

Someone who appreciates grammar.

by Nanareply 104/19/2013

Well, no one. I haven't even been on a date in years.

by Nanareply 204/19/2013

Some dumb bitch who never calls me back, and writes texts like OP's

by Nanareply 304/19/2013


by Nanareply 404/19/2013

I can relate, R2. I haven't dated anyone since May 2011 (and he dumped me for someone richer/more popular). I'm depressed about it, but also working to do what I can to become a person worth dating.

by Nanareply 504/19/2013

Yeah, #1- that'll make you popular: grading your date's word choice and sentence structure.

by Nanareply 604/20/2013
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