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Joining a gym

Based upon the last personal trainer on this page, I will be joining ASAP!

by Red Robin. Yum!reply 304/19/2013

Great, another creepy troll taking space away from those of us who are there to actually work out.

by Red Robin. Yum!reply 104/19/2013

Is this a lesbian thread? If so, you should probably label it as such. It's annoying kind of like when ESPN shows scores on their ticker with only a small w to indicate it's a women's game. They should put it in pink or something so as not to confuse it with the real scores.

by Red Robin. Yum!reply 204/19/2013

R2 - did you exert yourself and scroll down to the bottom of the page?

by Red Robin. Yum!reply 304/19/2013
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