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Should I renew?

[italic]Rolling Stone[/italic] came in today's mail. It informs me, right there on the cover, that this new issue is my last. If I choose to renew, it's $19.95 for 26 issues or $29.95 for 52 issues.

I am really torn.

[italic]Should I renew?[/italic]

by Confused reply 804/19/2013

Why? That rag has gone to shit.

by Confused reply 104/19/2013

Read it free online.

by Confused reply 204/19/2013

Rolling Stone does not provide an iPad subscription with a paid home delivery paper subscription . . . . this chose on hir part is, in my opinion, a big mistake . . . if they don't correct this shortfall by the time my paid subscription is due then I'll let it lapse.

by Confused reply 304/19/2013

Ask them if they'd take $18.

by Confused reply 404/19/2013

I had a special rate through a deal on Amazon. I did not renew.

by Confused reply 504/19/2013

Today only, is offering a one-year sub to Rolling Stone for $3.99. Enter coupon code "DEALNEWS" after adding the mag to your cart.

by Confused reply 604/19/2013

What is a magazine?

by Confused reply 704/19/2013

I renewed to the Comic Buyers Guide.

by Confused reply 804/19/2013
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