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Gun Laws

So whatever happened with that???

Not so much it seems. Lots of talk and absolutely no action.You are due for another nasty massacre shortly. Any second now and counting...

How can you expect any further understanding or sympathy from anyone?

We all just roll out eyes. "If the guns had guns or had mental illness checks or something, something, something..."

All those little children who were torn apart for nothing. Little baby heads shot off. Ripped apart. Children. Gushing blood and dying like animals. What the fuck is wrong with Americans? Why aren't you out in the streets screaming and protesting?


by The Western World.reply 904/19/2013

OP, do you think of yourself as profound?

by The Western World.reply 104/19/2013

Do you R1?

Is that all you can say? You're disgusting.

by The Western World.reply 204/19/2013

there was never any intention to take guns from the people, these gun laws that were proposed were merely for show imo. As long as guns are legal to manufacture and purchase then the problem has not been solved.

And it wont be solved, until after another civil war and/or genocide occurs in this country

by The Western World.reply 304/19/2013


by The Western World.reply 404/19/2013

The only thing that will make any sort of difference in this fucked-up country is to start showing the bullet-riddled, torn-apart bodies of kids like those killed in Newtown. Those photos should be on the front page of every newspaper and website. In fact, every time there is a shooting, they should post the photos of bullet-riddled bodies. Rachel Maddow mentioned this earlier this week and I agree with her 100%.

by The Western World.reply 504/19/2013

that our elected representatives are against this is a HUGE shame. Shame on them and shame on us

by The Western World.reply 604/19/2013

R5. That's a great idea. The types of people that commit these murders love that sort of coverage.

by The Western World.reply 704/19/2013

It's because we have a lame duck president. With four more wasted years to go.

by The Western World.reply 804/19/2013

Give it a rest, R8. What the hell do you expect him to do with a dysfunctional Congress like the one currently in control?

by The Western World.reply 904/19/2013
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