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The Galloping Gourmet here, dining lavishly and happily

Hello All, I noticed an old thread of mine was pushed to the fore earlier today. I wanted to let those of you interested know that I am doing very well. I'm working on underground dinner parties with various chef's whim treats. Tomorrow is nostalgia night: Tuna melts with chopped relish, corn dogs with rose chutney, penne alla vodka, mango-stuffed avocados, pork belly with tabasco-garlic sauce, stuffed mushrooms, and pepper pot soup. I have 12 people coming and I've been cooking all day. Thanks for inquiring after me! Sincerely GG

by GGreply 1404/23/2013

Yes. Pushed to the fore. Like the old threads about worming dogs, Britney Spears' navel-piercing infection, and human headcheese, pushed to the fore.

Any excuse to "update" the "fans" about the "goings-on" in her "life."

by GGreply 204/18/2013

Don't interrupt your busy schedule for our sakes!

by GGreply 304/18/2013

Another unique menu!

by GGreply 404/18/2013

Pepper pot soup? Isn't that the awful soup Canadians make with gristle?

by GGreply 504/18/2013

This forum isn't your fucking blog, asshole.

by GGreply 604/18/2013

And offal... Ick.

by GGreply 704/18/2013

How did it go? Was it a huge success?

by GGreply 804/19/2013

What about the catering business you planned to start with three partners? Did that fall by the wayside?

by GGreply 904/21/2013

Isn't it obvious? GG spends so much time preparing these OTT meals at home he has no time to attend to any outside business.

by GGreply 1004/21/2013

Did everyone show up for the underground dinner party on Friday night, GG? You were in competition with everyone watching the capture of the Boston Bomber.

by GGreply 1104/21/2013

Waiting for update GG.

by GGreply 1204/22/2013

What is an underground dinner party?

by GGreply 1304/22/2013

An underground dinner party is one of those late night catered affairs on the subway to Coney Island.

by GGreply 1404/23/2013
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