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Unexpected Celebrity Encounters

Ever had one? Like being in the grocery store and Jeremy Renner asks you to get something off the top shelf for him?

by Brother Warthreply 35411/22/2014

...or seeing Dolly Parton without a wig and makeup getting her oil changed.

by Brother Warthreply 104/18/2013

In college my ROTC detachment used to pull security shifts at the arena to raise funds for various social events. Before working a Red Hot Chili Peppers/Foo Fighters Show, I had just been briefed on my responsibilities and needed to use the restroom before ticketholders were allowed in the building. Upon turning a corner, I ran into Dave Grohl shooting the shit with Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett. I got a noticeably shocked look on my face (kind of like, "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!") and Dave was like, "Hey, how's it going?"

We didn't talk in depth, but I'm still amazed at what a nice and down to earth he was. Meanwhile, Anthony Keidis was a diva who wouldn't come out of his dressing room until the show started.

by Brother Warthreply 204/18/2013

Marcia Brady behind me in an airline rebooking line.

by Brother Warthreply 304/18/2013

Ran into Ed Asner and Jane Fonda in bookstores (at different times). Jerry Seinfeld sat down at the next table and had breakfast, and John Belushi was in line behind me at Walgreens once (he was buying several large bottles of vodka).

Oh, and Hugh Downs took a piss in the urinal next to mine at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

by Brother Warthreply 404/18/2013

This guy sat down next to me and the BF at an outdoor cafe on the Upper West Side and started a conversation. "Aren't you famous?" I asked. He said: "I used to be."

by Brother Warthreply 504/18/2013

I ran into Dame Kiri in a grocery store in Santa Barbara last summer.

by Brother Warthreply 604/18/2013

Peed next to Bob Fosse. I was 19. He was 53.

by Brother Warthreply 704/19/2013

r2 needs to brush up on the definition of "unexpected".

Nathan Lane tried to lure me into his limo once. Ugh.

by Brother Warthreply 804/19/2013

not me, but my grandmother was in London in 1958 she had just come out of a play and was hailing a cab. Katherine Hepburn got out and said to her "here you are darling, just in time"

by Brother Warthreply 904/19/2013

My mom, then a nursing student (mid-1960's), had a five minute conversation with Grace Kelly following a Red Cross banquet. My mother was outside waiting for ride/or the bus (I can't remember) and Grace Kelley was leaving through the same back exit and a driver was about to pick her up. She stopped and talked for a while, thanking my mom, who worked with the Red Cross. My mom said something like, "no one will believe I spoke with you." So Grace Kelly suggested that she sign something - but all my mom had was a nursing text book - so she wrote some very kind words to my mother and signed it.

I had a random run it with Lil Jon on a flight from Miami to Charlotte. And Shania Twain in an airport ( I was arriving from Peru and I don't know where she was arriving from). Both were surprisingly polite and soft spoken (yes.. Lil Jon was polite) But - mine are not nearly as exciting as my mom's...

by Brother Warthreply 1004/19/2013

I met a guy on grindr, he gave amazing head, but with a baseball cap in a darkened room.

It was not until he looked up to say 'thank you' after I shot on his tongue I realized it was Bradley Cooper.

by Brother Warthreply 1104/19/2013

I shuffled into a speak-easy once, and as I meandered through the smoky room I literally bumped into Rudee Vallee, Rudolph Valentino and Theda Bara as they were standing there smoking cigs and gossiping. I hissed and exclaimed, "23 Skidoo! It's you guys! I love your work." At that point a group of Flappers desended on the procedings and I was whisked away by some of Al Capone's flunkies (it was a pre-prohibition Capone bash in Chicago). I couldn't believe I was breathing the same air as greatness. Seems like just yesterday!

by Brother Warthreply 1204/19/2013

You should sign your name, charlie! Fabulous story

by Brother Warthreply 1304/19/2013

Danny Glover asked me if I knew where an item was in a Fred Meyer store in Portland. I recognized his face, but didn't know who he was until later when people asked for autographs. I also sat next to Louis Fahrakan (I am too lazy to look up the spelling of his name) in the lobby of my eye Dr in Arizona. That encounter was kind of weird. He pulled up in a Rolls, driven by his daughter, with no security (the press makes it look like he has tons of security everywhere he goes). He also used a coupon. He was incredibly polite, soft spoken, and really quite handsome for an old man.

by Brother Warthreply 1404/19/2013

Not quite a celebrity, but some dimwit from MTV's "The Real World" who pushed me and my friend out of the way at an art gallery when there was a child who had lost his parents. My friend and I were next to the child and were going to help him and this person who my friend recognized pushes us to grab the child and dramatically yells if anyone has seen his parents. Quite the little attention whore. We just started to laugh because it was incredibly obvious she was looking to be recognized.

by Brother Warthreply 1504/19/2013

Samuel L Jackson at LAX while I was puking my guts up after a horrible flight and landing. He went to McDonalds and got a big Sprite for me. Super nice guy.

by Brother Warthreply 1604/19/2013

In high school I worked at a Wendy's in my hometown, North Little Rock, AR. NLR is also the home of Mary Steenburgen, who at the time was married to Malcolm McDowell.

One day Malcolm McDowell himself and his two sons came in and ate burgers while I was stocking the Super Bar. He asked me where he could buy a newspaper.

by Brother Warthreply 1704/19/2013

I've probably told this story on DL before but my friend was looking at water filter systems at the BB&Beyond in Chelsea and a woman next to him chatted him up, asked him questions about filter systems, etc. He cracked a joke and the woman next to the woman he was talking to let out a big, recognizable laugh. That woman was Julia Roberts.

by Brother Warthreply 1804/19/2013

R13 Who or what is Charlie?

by Brother Warthreply 1904/19/2013

Norman Reedus asked me for a light for his cigarette.

I handed Phillip Seymour Hoffman some napkins at the movie theater.

by Brother Warthreply 2004/19/2013

How does Reedus look in person? I think he's so hot.

by Brother Warthreply 2104/19/2013

Standing next to my b/f in line to get tickets for a show in Hollywood, I realized a celeb was in line in front of us. I reached my arm out and pushed my b/f back so that he was standing behind me. I intended to turn around and whisper, "That's Eileen Brennan in front of me." The shifting maneuver got the attention of the man behind us so when I turned around, I was facing my b/f as well as the other man, each with a WTF? expression on his face. I stood there, not saying a thing because I was shocked to see the other guy staring at me was Mel Torme. My b/f said, "What are you doing?" "I felt a draft," was the only thing I could think to say. He later told me that he and Mel Torme just looked at each other and shrugged. He didn't realize he was seeing Mel Torme.

By the time I got our tickets, I had looked around and realized there were a lot of celebs all around the theatre lobby.

by Brother Warthreply 2204/19/2013

A Navy offcer friend went to the mens room at the Army-Navy football game. Standing at the urinal, a man walked up to the next urinal wearing a sport jacket that had a wild pattern. My friend decided it was the ugliest jacket he had ever seen. Leaving the urinal, he looked at the other guy and realized he had been pissing alongside the Secretary of the Navy.

by Brother Warthreply 2304/19/2013

R1 if you know ANYTHING about Dolly Parton, you would know that would never happen.

by Brother Warthreply 2404/19/2013

Linda Hunt sat next to me when I saw Monster (Sunset 5)

I ran into the Michael J. Anderson (the David Lynch dwarf) at Mayfair while Carnivale was still on the air.

Ran into Kiefer Sutherland at a bar in NYC (where they filmed Cowboy Way). He was actually very cool and chatted up my friend and me for a while.

by Brother Warthreply 2504/19/2013

I've had a million - I lived in LA for many years...but my favorite was walking into Whole Foods and seeing, in the checkout line, teh love of my childhood, Shaun Cassidy!!!!!!!! (I'm a swf)...I am not usually star struck but I just froze. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn't find the nerve. He seemed nice...he was wearing a suit and buying flowers and some appetizer snacks. It was Passover...maybe he was headed to Shirl & Marty's house??! He looked kind of middle aged and paunchy, but still handsome. Wow I still can't believe it. It was like seeing a unicorn.

Honorable mentions: Marilu Henner in the ladies room at a Who concert, she's tiny and youthful looking in person, seemed nice, she was chatting with her friend while washing her hands. Brad Pitt at a party...squished up next to me at the bar. Seemed really nice, not very tall...lik 5' 9"...did not smell and his skin did not look bad (13 years ago)...Patrick Duffy in line at the movies...REALLY handsome...SHOCKINGLY good looking. Really nice to everyone around him. Tom Selleck in a tack shop, buying horsebackriding stuff for his daughter...tall, slender, super good looking, unbelievably nice to me (I was behind him in line) and to the clerks, who were 50-somehting ladies and obviously shaking in his presence...his wife was a cranky bitch tho...if I think of any more interesting ones I'll post them.

by Brother Warthreply 2604/19/2013

Bill Murray asked me for directions to UPS on Martha's Vineyard when I was picking up my dry cleaning. He got very angry when I only knew where the FedEx place was and began to bark his question at others nearby. I offered to call for him from my cell phone but he was in a terrible hurry and jumped into his car and drove off. Always wondered if he was waiting on a film script? This was back in 2004.

by Brother Warthreply 2704/19/2013

r21 this was about eight years ago - he looked good, if a little bit skeezy, which is obviously his thing. I think he was cuter then than he is now with that ridiculous hair he has on TWD.

by Brother Warthreply 2804/19/2013

When I was 16 (1972) I was riding my motorcycle in Memphis (where I lived). I stopped at a traffic light and a hot looking bike pulled up next to me. I glanced at the bike and made eye contact with the extremely hot driver and realized it was fucking Elvis Presley. I almost pissed my pants. He winked and smiled at me. The light changed and I took a right and he went straight ahead. My only encounter with Elvis, but I had a boner for a week. He was beautiful and sweet.

by Brother Warthreply 2904/19/2013

I have run into Joe Girardi at the supermarket, short guy, surprised me.

by Brother Warthreply 3004/19/2013

Ran into Alanis Morissette in a new agey store in Toronto in 1997. She was very friendly and humble.

Stole a cab from SJP in the Meatpacking District a few years ago.

Dined at a restaurant with Philip Seymour Hoffman and his family around the same time. His little boy got noisy at one point and Philip stood up and apologized profusely to other patrons.

Saw Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart in the street. It took me a few moments to realize it was them. At first I thought it was Ted Kaczynski holding hands with some malnourished Eastern European refugee.

Rode an elevator in a Vancouver hotel with Steven Seagal, who was groping a couple of what I assumed to be hookers. The sleaze factor was off the charts.

by Brother Warthreply 3104/19/2013

Speaking of Alanis Morissette, she and her band once cut in line in front of me for a roller-coaster and commandeered the entire thing two rides in a row, pissing all of us off who were waiting.

by Brother Warthreply 3204/19/2013

Pissed next to Elias Koteas at a Montreal urinal years ago. Thick, uncut Greek daddy dick and big ol' low hangers! It was all I could do to stop myself kneeling before him.

by Brother Warthreply 3304/19/2013

Satchel Paige when I was visiting a friend at Research Medical Center in Kansas City. She was very excited because he was a patient on her floor so she dragged me to see him. Very nice, given the circumstances, and he signed a notecard for each of us. This was not long before he died.

I sat next to Dan Savage at a Broadway show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Nothing to report. He was shorter than I anticipated, not quite as good-looking as his then-photograph on his column, and he didn't say a word to anyone.

My (straight) roommate in LA was a production assistant on "Saved by the Bell." He brought Mario Lopez home for lunch one day without telling me. Better looking in person than on the television screen and quite friendly. I excused myself after just a few minutes of chit-chat since I knew I was staring at him and I didn't want to embarrass myself more than I already had.

by Brother Warthreply 3404/19/2013

Unexpected bump

by Brother Warthreply 3504/19/2013

My mom dated Tucker Smith (West Side Story) in high school. Guess that was before anyone knew he was gay, maybe even him.

by Brother Warthreply 3604/19/2013

On a business trip to Ireland about 15 years ago I stayed at Adair Manor (a gorgeous castle with a world class golf course). I was walking out the door and almost smacked right into Tiger Woods. I didn't even know he was staying there. He had a more slender build in person....and his skin wasn't so great. Once everyone found out he was there he couldn't get a break. Even seated at dinner and on the practice range he was hounded by idiots looking for pictures and autographs. I felt sorry for him.

by Brother Warthreply 3704/19/2013

I ran into Spike Lee on the 6 train. He was getting on as I was getting off at the 28th Street stop. He gave me this look, like, Die, White Boy.

by Brother Warthreply 3804/19/2013

DB Wong in an electronics showroom in SF many years ago. He was with his parents and we were the only customers. He knew I recognized him, was uncomfortable and didn't want to interact. I took the cue and did not say anything to him (but probably gaped a bit). He's pretty short. I think this was when he hadn't been on Law and Order very long, but I'd recognized him from other acting he'd done. Dressed very casually.

Keith Urban in a little cafe in the Denver airport a few years ago. Looked just like all his pictures. Short. With only a bodyguard that was scoping out the situation with such intensity, it was like Urban was the president or something.

Anthony Heald. Small potatoes, but longtime great actor, usually does theater (but was the VP in Boston Public for whoever watched that show). He's friends of friends and I see him occasionally.

by Brother Warthreply 3904/19/2013

Going with a friend to a viewing of a student film production he'd done at the apartment of another actor in the film who turned out to be Jonathan Frid aka Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows. NYC 1990.

by Brother Warthreply 4004/19/2013

Was in line behind Andre Agassi in the grocery store. He wouldn't let the checker touch hs food, he scanned it all himself, wouldn't let her bag it either. When she gave him his changed he barked at her to just set it down and he picked it up from the counter. He's not worried about the germs on money, but he was worried about a checker touching the outside containers of his food? Weird. The checker said it was his regular grocery store and he was always like that, sometimes worse.

by Brother Warthreply 4104/19/2013

A few months ago I saw a woman having trouble navigating the steps to the street of a townhouse. She was using a crutch. I offered to help. She accepted my arm. When she got to the sidewalk, took off her sunglasses to thank me. It was Brooke Shield.

by Brother Warthreply 4204/19/2013

Michael Richards (Kramer) walking to a bus stop in Positano Italy. I wasn't a Seinfeld fan so I really didn't care. He was a douche to the 2 guys I was hanging with that tried to take his photo.

Months later I caught an episode where the Kramer character was going on and on about lemons in Positano.

by Brother Warthreply 4304/19/2013

R41 It might be her hand lotion/germ slime he wanted to avoid. I use self-checkout for that reason.

by Brother Warthreply 4404/19/2013

When I was a cocktail waitress in Vegas at Ceasars I served cocktails to Johnny Depp and his party at the tables. Tipped me $100 first several rounds, then $500 for the last.

Served Tom Sizemore while he was gambling at the tables. He was drunk and high but funny and not rude.Tipped well, $300

Served Giovani Ribisi. Rude and full of himself. I think his GF said something to him because he was nicer the second round. Don't remember the tip so it must have been arround average.

Served Dennis Farina. Funny guy and great tipper.

Saw Anthony Michael Hall in the Forum shops. it was right after he had bulked up. He was walking arround with 5 bodyguards, one that I knew worked for the casino that I was friends with. When Anthony Michael Hall went into the shop My friend stayed outside. I went up to say hi and he told me the guy was a total asswipe. Had told Ceasars security that he 'needed' that much security because he was regularly mobbed by fans. My friend told me no one had recognized him at all that day. Later on found out that he had completey trashed his room, to the point the room had to be closed off for over a week while it was repaired.

by Brother Warthreply 4504/19/2013

R44 he was like that with all the checkers in the store from what I'd heard.

by Brother Warthreply 4604/19/2013

They all slime their hands, R46.

by Brother Warthreply 4704/19/2013

I stood in line with Debbie Allen who had come to see a friend's show. She is tiny. I was scared to talk to her since she was one of my heroes growing up.

by Brother Warthreply 4804/19/2013

R2's description fits the definition of unexpected. He turned a corner and there was Dave Grohl. I guess most celebrity encounters are unexpected by definition, unless you work in the industry.

by Brother Warthreply 4904/19/2013

I was in a bar in Providence RI, waiting to pay my tab and had a fifteen minute conversation with Peter Griffin, Glen Quagmire AND Joe Swanson. By the way, Joe is really wheelchair bound but he's not bitter.

by Brother Warthreply 5004/19/2013

I was coming out of a building at the University of Chicago early one evening just as three guys were walking up the steps towards the door.

I held the door open for them, and it was Prince Charles and two very fit guys I assume were his bodyguards. He thanked me and half paused, but I think he realized I didn't have a clue who he was--that didn't dawn on me until he was well inside the building.

Here's a photo of his visit to the U of C in 1977:

by Brother Warthreply 5104/19/2013

Don't know if this counts.

Gallery opening in Palm Springs a few years ago for the photographer who made those Verushka camouflage photos. Went outside for a smoke and Verushka herself walked up and asked if she could bum a cigarette. But of course. She was very nice, and intensely beautiful.

I then asked her for a favor. I've got a friend is Seattle who is obsessed with Verushka. Would you talk to him if I call him? Of course darling. I called, they spoke and I don't know if he's ever recovered.

by Brother Warthreply 5204/19/2013

Paul McCartney at Whole Foods in West Hollywood. I was too shy to say anything but there wre others going up to him and chatting.

by Brother Warthreply 5304/19/2013

Peed next to Oliver North at LAX..I looked, average to small in size.

Sat next to Pat Sajack at the touring company of Rent in L.A.. He was very orange.

Sat near Patrick Stewart at Passion on Broadway. He was with a young guy..don't know if they were together, but I always tell the story to friends as if they were. THAT is how gossip starts!

by Brother Warthreply 5404/19/2013

I already posted this elsewhere, but I once ran into Dustin Hoffman in a fairly cruisy section of Central Park West back in the early eighties (77th street entrance to the Rambles). He kept glancing in my direction and my young, cocky, naive ass thought he was interested in me.

As I began to throw some overt signals in his direction that included grabbing my crotch (hey the seventies techniques were still the rage), he proceeded to wave over a tall gorgeous female model type who was emerging from the park right behind me. They kissed lips, hugged, got in a cab and sped away, leaving me in a cloud of engine exhaust smoke.

by Brother Warthreply 5504/20/2013

I got onto an elevator once with Joan Rivers. I spoke to her and she couldn't have been nicer.

by Brother Warthreply 5604/20/2013

I was on a line onto a Chicago flight with Tom Wopat last summer. We were both in economy. He looked at me and rolled his eyes at the ineptitude of the airline personnel.

He was very sweet and open with everyone as I guess he knew we all knew who he was though I don't think anyone actually approached him for an autograph or anything. He has amazing sapphire blue eyes!

by Brother Warthreply 5704/20/2013

Way back in 1999, before she hit the big time,I was in line at the Orlando Starbucks in the Delta Terminal. This little seriously white trash looking girl had never been to a Starbucks. She asked me what was good and I recommended a latte.

It was particularly funny during her crazy period when you never saw Britney Spears without a frappacinno in her hand.

And I was there when she lost her SB's virginity.

by Brother Warthreply 5804/20/2013

I have already mentioned here how I met Joni Mitchell purely by chance in the street in 1972, a week after her concert here in London with Jackson Browne. She was very pleasant and chatted as we walked along - Jackson was with her but he had ran on ahead, they were looking for an art gallery and as I knew where it was I walked her along to it, discussing their recent concert etc. It was after Blue, but before For the Roses. I was the same age as her, in our 20s then, and she was really pleasant. The friends I was visiting, also Joni fans, wouldn't believe I had just been walking along with her nearby.

I also knew Elton John a little then, celeb were more laid back then, and more approachable. In the 80s I was introduced to Freddie Mercury at the gay Heaven nightclub in London, by his then lover Jim Hutton, who was a friend of mine from our clubbing nights out, and Jim slept over with me (innocently) a few nights. That night though at Heaven I was high on acid and did not even recognise Freddie! - but then I was never a Queen fan.

by Brother Warthreply 5904/20/2013

I've seen loads of celebrities on the street in NYC over the years, from Diane Keaton to Kirk Douglas. Boy George, Joe Namath, Jill Clayburgh, Maureen O'Hara, Gordon McRae, Al Pacino, Tatum O'Neal, Mike Wallace, Herbie Hancock, Tommy Tune, Dick Cavett, Patti LuPone.

None of them did anything in front of me other than walk.

by Brother Warthreply 6004/20/2013

If you live in NYC, and, I imagine, LA, you have unexpected encounters with celebrities ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. If you go to dinner at decent restaurants, go to the theater, the gym, even a drug store -- where I once ran into Vanessa Williams -- you see them. You kinda get used to it.

by Brother Warthreply 6104/20/2013

I was driving slowly through the lower ninth ward in New Orleans a couple years after Katrina checking out the state of things. I see a group of men walking towards my car, and I stop instantly. It was U2!. Where I stopped blocked them from crossing the street, and so I rolled down my window and talked to them briefly... Larry Mullen, the drummer, is small but incredibly handsome.

by Brother Warthreply 6204/20/2013

So they're not unexpected then.

by Brother Warthreply 6304/20/2013

R34, straight Mario Lopez has lunch with your straight P.A. roommate at his home? It sounds like there may be more to the story than what we're hearing.

by Brother Warthreply 6404/20/2013

Was visiting the MOMA with a friend two years ago and while we were walking and talking, not paying full attention, I walked around a corner and right into someone. I was thrown back a bit and my glasses flew off but I heard "Sorry about that" in a voice I recognized. When the person handed me my glasses, I saw that it was Brian Williams with a woman who I presumed was his wife. I apologized, saying I wasn't looking where I was walking but he said it was okay, that he had to learn not to turn corners so quickly. No damage was done, except for my pride.

by Brother Warthreply 6504/20/2013

I saw Bebe Neuwith on the street a few years ago. I must have been staring because she caught me, rolled her eyes and gave me a fuck off look.

I'm surprised I didn't turn to stone.

by Brother Warthreply 6604/20/2013

I probably wouldn't notice most celebs in person. If I did, I would just make periodic glances. If they caught my eye, I would look away. If they seemed to smile and nod, I'd do the same back to them. If they spoke I'd speak.

I would never approach or follow one, or try to engage them in conversation or beg them to sign something or take a photo with me.

by Brother Warthreply 6704/20/2013

Oh I forgot. I was at a small birthday party with Billy Joe from Green Day in 1999. I didn't interact with him, but others were bugging him about how to get into the music business. He had bags under his eyes and looked just like he did in his videos at the time.

by Brother Warthreply 6804/20/2013

It would be hard, R59, to run into Jackson Browne on the street and not give him a blowjob on the spot. So hard.

by Brother Warthreply 6904/20/2013

Literally bumped into Yoko (almost stepped on her,actually) as we both intently browsed the same shelf in the Biography section on Christmas Eve in the Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Center a few years ago (now a Century 21, unfortunately). It wasn't until I looked up after the exchange of 'excuse me's that I saw it was Yoko.

by Brother Warthreply 7004/21/2013

Danny Pino recently took a hot Cuban piss on my hungry face.

by Brother Warthreply 7104/21/2013

When Bebe Neuwirth says a word with an 's', her upper lip goes up.

by Brother Warthreply 7204/21/2013

Living in NYC or LA surely provides you with celebrity sightings all the time (mine are too numerous to list).

But I'm sure OP is not looking for a list of celebrities we've seen in person, but actual unexpected encounter anecdotes, involving some sort of casual interaction (or in my case, the delusion of one).

I also won't bore you with actual celebrities I've met in parties, etc. as part of my job as, again, that's not what OP is looking for.

by Brother Warthreply 7304/21/2013

I've had many, some I've talked about on here...sorry if I'm repeating.

In NYC, I ran into Nina Garcia and she couldn't have been nicer. Very bubbly and down to earth. I was shocked, actually. I was cruised by Neil Patrick Harris once, and Matthew Broderick gave me the look -over one time as well. Stood in line next to a tiny Ben Stiller and a huge The Rock.

I held a door open for a very shy Natalie Merchant. I've gotten directions from Rhea Perlman. I've had brief exchanges with Selma Blair, Seann William Scott, Damon Wayans, Mary Kay Place and Mary Tyler Moore.

There have been many more, but those are what I remember now. All of these were random, and I'm not counting the "stage door" encounters where its not unexpected to meet celebrities, even though I've had some good ones... Joan Collins, Dixie Carter, phoebe Cates, Liz Phair, Billy Crudup....

As I've said before, the only real asshole was Liev Schreiber.

by Brother Warthreply 7404/21/2013

I saw Elaine Stritch standing in Central Park last Spring. She was dressed all in white and looked beautiful. She was about to get into a horse and carriage with Alec Baldwin for a movie (Sex and the City?)

I was hurring around a corner at 53rd and 2nd and a woman came hurrying around the other way and we almost bumped into each other. Stopped short. She looked up. It was Greta Garbo. She looked down and kept moving. Fast.

Bette Midler came up to me at a buffet backstage and I freaked. "This stuff any good?" she asked me. I blurted out "yes" and ran for it.

Patti LuPone is from my hometown. I used to cut her grass when I was a teenager. She came out with two glasses of iced tea and told me she would be famous one day. I belived her.

by Brother Warthreply 7504/21/2013

Not necessarily, R61, because celebs don't walk in LA. In New York, everybody walks.

Another one.

I'm on East 60-something street 20 years ago. I see this very tall guy on the opposite side of the street with big bushy hair, going in the same direction. I cross over and walk behind him. People are saying hello as they pass and I hear his voice saying hello back -- it was Gene Shalit. I had no idea he was so tall.

by Brother Warthreply 7604/21/2013

I do see celebs a lot in Midtown/Theater District, but one that surprised me was when I was visiting London several years ago and in a train station, and a tall guy with amazing cheekbones rushed by us to one of the gates...a few seconds later, I realized (and told my friend): that's Christian Bale. My friend didn't really care, but I thought it was a highlight of the trip.

by Brother Warthreply 7704/21/2013

[quote]She was about to get into a horse and carriage with Alec Baldwin for a movie (Sex and the City?)

Try again. hint: It's not a movie and the name starts with a number.

by Brother Warthreply 7804/21/2013

[quote]Patti LuPone is from my hometown. I used to cut her grass when I was a teenager. She came out with two glasses of iced tea and told me she would be famous one day. I belived her.

HER grass? Was this her parents' home or did Patti become famous later in life? (as in, after having bought a home with a lawn)

by Brother Warthreply 7904/21/2013

OK - this thread is seriously downgrading from "[bold]unexpected[/bold] celebrity [bold]encounters[/bold]" to "annoying celebrity sightings by stalkers" (Gene Shallit? Really? You CROSSED THE STREET to follow him?) and " celebrity sightings at industry gatherings" (what's so casual and unexpected about talking to Bette Midler BACKSTAGE?)

by Brother Warthreply 8004/21/2013

I saw Noomi Rapace (actress from the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. She had very bad skin (gigantic pores and pimples)

I once ran into (literally) Tony Randall while walking around the corner of Sloan Kettering Hospital. He was just like Felix Unger. He seemed upset that he accidently touched me

by Brother Warthreply 8104/21/2013

No, dickhead, R80. I happened to cross over because I was going on Lexington. I didn't know who he was until a few minutes later. You must live in a very dull town and have a lot of time on your hands to make such a stupid assumption.

by Brother Warthreply 8204/21/2013

Years ago, I was sitting next to Bea Arthur on a plane JFK to LAX. She started talking to me. She couldn't have been nicer. In fact, we kept in touch until she passed.

by Brother Warthreply 8304/21/2013

1991 - the old ODEON Cinema in Renfield Street in Glasgow. The film "Nightbreed"

While the titles were going up, the bald guy who was sitting next to me asked me what I thought of the film (Not much)

We chatted for a while, then the lights came fully on.

It was Richard O'Brien.

by Brother Warthreply 8404/21/2013

Sat next to Eddie Izzard on a JFK-LAX flight. We talked for a bit about airlines, travel, hotels, recent events, what was on the inflight entertainment...but not a word about what we did for a living.

Just prior to deplaning, as we were gathering our things, I turned to him, smile and said: "by the way, I'd go with cake."

We both started cracking up. Then we walked to baggage claim together and talked about his standup.

by Brother Warthreply 8504/21/2013

R84 I saw him in Edinburgh at The Pleasance courtyard - he was TINY. He seemed about medium-ish height-wise but so, so skinny. Very pleasant to everyone who approached him.

I literally bumped into Sean Connery in Le Mans. I went round a corner and he was right there and I walked right into him. He is a very imposing presence, very handsome. He just said 'hello', smiled, and walked on.

by Brother Warthreply 8604/21/2013

Sean Connery was on a JetBlue (yes, really) flight from Nassau to White Plains on Friday afternoon. He was very friendly to anyone who approached him, posing for pictures, etc.

Very nice man.

by Brother Warthreply 8704/21/2013

I literally bumped into Sylvester Stallone at the first Rainforest Benefit concert which Sting and his wife Trudie hold yearly at Carnegie Hall.

I was walking to the women's room during the intermission, when one of my friend's, who was going to the bar, called me to ask if I wanted a drink, as I turned around, I smacked right into Sly. He then grabbed me by the shoulders and asked if I was OK!

He was really funny, he was with his wife, I think she was model, and joked as his wife and I entered the bathroom, to not spend too much time in there talking.

by Brother Warthreply 8804/21/2013

Looking at the sidewalk at the Dakota to see if there were any bloodstains, a limo pulled up and Lauren Bacall got out.

by Brother Warthreply 8904/21/2013

[quote]Looking at the sidewalk at the Dakota to see if there were any bloodstains, a limo pulled up and Lauren Bacall got out.

You should seek out an encounter with a good grammarian.

by Brother Warthreply 9004/21/2013

Lol for days @ R89.

by Brother Warthreply 9104/21/2013

[quote]Years ago, I was sitting next to Bea Arthur on a plane JFK to LAX. She started talking to me. She couldn't have been nicer. In fact, we kept in touch until she passed.

Wow. Very cool.

[quote]HER grass? Was this her parents' home or did Patti become famous later in life? (as in, after having bought a home with a lawn)

Her parents' grass. I've told this before here. I was 15. She was 17. Her house sits up on a hill and the lawn slopes down. It was a real pain in the ass job with a push mower. About halfway through, Patti came out wearing black leotards, a white man-tailored shirt, collar up, and two glasses of iced tea. We sat at a table in a breezeway between the garage. She smoked theatrically. She talked about Julliard and her ambitions. I had seen her in a high school production of South Pacific and she was mesmerizing. I think some people are really just born with it. Her father (OJ Lupone (I know) was the principal of my elementary school. Her brothers used to perform at the Jones Beach Theater and Bobby LuPone played the voice of the director in A Chorus Line while Patti was performing in Evita.

by Brother Warthreply 9204/21/2013

[quote]what's so casual and unexpected about talking to Bette Midler BACKSTAGE?

I had never met a star before. My friend put her up to it. She came up behind me and totally surprised me.

by Brother Warthreply 9304/21/2013

[quote]Patti LuPone is from my hometown. I used to cut her grass when I was a teenager.

I thought that was a euphemism.

by Brother Warthreply 9404/21/2013

There are some fascinating tales in this thread.

by Brother Warthreply 9504/22/2013

[quote]As I've said before, the only real asshole was Liev Schreiber.

I keep hearing the Liev and Naomi are real assholes.

by Brother Warthreply 9604/22/2013

I was a young man and new in town and stopped by a place called a bathhouse to get myself clean and have a good meal, to do whatever I felt. This rotund, hairy beast bent over and presented his dirty, hairy hole to me. It was John fucking Travolta!

by Brother Warthreply 9704/22/2013

Great Patti Lupone story. Do you think she was flirting with you? Were you a hot, mature for your age 15-year-old, shitless, sweaty muscles glistening against the scorching sun?.

by Brother Warthreply 9804/23/2013

shitless >> shirtless!

by Brother Warthreply 9904/23/2013

r59 again. I also peed next to DL's favourite romeo Leonard Whiting back in 1970, when we were both young and beautiful, at London's National Film Theatre. He was part of a discussion there, wearing a lovely blue crushed velvet suit. I went to the gents toilet afterwards and suddenly realised the blue suit was next to me. I just smiled and left, it didn't seem appropriate to speak or hit on him.

by Brother Warthreply 10004/23/2013

I had breakfast next to Frodo in NOLA on Saturday. What a pocket gay.

by Brother Warthreply 10104/23/2013

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw Timothy Olyphant. He didn't ask me to get anything off the shelf, OP, but then he's got a couple of feet on Renner.

by Brother Warthreply 10204/24/2013

Steve Martin in front of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

by Brother Warthreply 10304/25/2013

Brad Pitt walking down 59th Street.

Jane Lynch walking downtown

Billy Corgan two blocks from the venue he was performing in.

Michael Landon at JFK.

by Brother Warthreply 10404/25/2013

Many years ago, 60's, I was shopping with my monther at Bloomingdales when my mom spotted Lauren Bacall. We were at the sweater counter. We had to wait for assistance because all the sales help were waiting on LB.

by Brother Warthreply 10504/25/2013

Played football with OJ Simpson once. Buffalo, NY, probably 1976-77. We lived in the same neighborhood as OJ, FOX HUNT FARMS. People magazine was doing a story on him and rounded up some of the kids in the neighborhood for photos. His first wife and his kids were around, wanted nothing to do with any of us. They acted like it was the first time they had been let out of the house. They seemed spooked and affected, contemptuous and above us. Never saw them again once the photo shoot was over. Marlon Brando was on the cover of the issue with the story. Next thing ya know OJ's cutting off peoples heads!

by Brother Warthreply 10604/25/2013

That's creepy, r106.

by Brother Warthreply 10704/27/2013

Sat a table away from Joel Schumacher at a McDonald's in Toronto!

I guess he was here for the International Film Festival. He was with some woman and they were talking about Julia Roberts (she just gave birth to twins).

He was criticizing the names she picked out for the babies. I don't remember what he said, but I remember he was negative about the names she picked.

by Brother Warthreply 10804/27/2013

I was in an elevator with George Lucas and a young blonde late at night after a concert in Las Vegas.

She spilled a cup of ice in the elevator, and when the door opened at their floor, she was still picking up the pieces of ice until he grabbed her hand and said "Come on."

by Brother Warthreply 10904/27/2013

Robert Redford, years ago, walking purposefully through the Denver airport when he walked into one of those big sandbox ashtrays and knocked it over. He just kept walking like nothing happened.

by Brother Warthreply 11004/27/2013

[quote]Many years ago, 60's, I was shopping with my monther at Bloomingdales when my mom spotted Lauren Bacall.

That's where my aunt saw Greta Garbo. It must have been a popular store.

by Brother Warthreply 11104/29/2013

Sharon Lawrence at Radio City Music Hall. She was on line for the ladies room.

Brody Hutzler sitting outside a cafe in LA.

Mariska Hargitay in Newark airport.

by Brother Warthreply 11204/29/2013

A friend and I hopped on an elevator at the shopping center on the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights (WeHo) and I immediately recognized the passenger already onboard as George Michael (my friend didn't though). I caught George checking out my friend's ass, and when George got off on an earlier floor, I told my friend and suggested he go find him. My friend was like, "Ew, he's nasty!"

by Brother Warthreply 11304/29/2013

Several: At a horse show in Florida, I went around a corner in the stable area and bumped into Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. I was in the ticket line behind Jodie Foster at MoMA--someone from the staff recognized her and took her out of the line. Later, I was next to her again viewing the exhibit. Reaching up to get my coat off a hook in a restaurant at the same time Benjamin Bratt was reaching for his. Not that unexpected, but I was getting something to drink during intermission at a Broadway show and Rosie O'Donnell was next to me. We started chatting and she was extremely nice.

by Brother Warthreply 11404/29/2013

Reese Witherspoon and I were reaching for the same box of tampons at CVS one night. She was drunk and a little beligerent. I was going to let her have that last box, but then she started in with the "Don't you know who I am?" shit and I fought the bitch for them. I kicked her in the clit and ran to the counter. Bitch was pissed.

by Brother Warthreply 11504/29/2013

I saw Emmy Rossum volunteering service at a charity. She is GORGEOUS as you would imagine and very sweet.

by Brother Warthreply 11604/29/2013

Jane Lynch next to me on a Jet Blue flight from FLL to LGA.

by Brother Warthreply 11704/29/2013

r83, please share some specifics of what you and Bea talked about!

by Brother Warthreply 11804/29/2013

Last month in NYC, someone who looked an awful lot like Seamus Dever was rubbing a guy's member over his clothes. He sounded just like Seamus too.

by Brother Warthreply 11904/29/2013

did you talk to her, R117? Or pretend you didn't recognize her?

by Brother Warthreply 12004/29/2013

Jackie Mason, at the table next to me in the restaurant.

by Brother Warthreply 12104/29/2013

[quote]Last month in NYC, someone who looked an awful lot like Seamus Dever was rubbing a guy's member over his clothes. He sounded just like Seamus too.

Was the other guy hot? What's his type?

by Brother Warthreply 12204/29/2013

Around 2008, I was in a small bar and Sean Penn sat down in a dark corner. He had a short conversations with the guys he came in with, then his friends walked over to ask us if we had any coke.

by Brother Warthreply 12304/29/2013

R120, she was in a huge collared white coat and sunglasses, I said to her, "Jane! What a surprise! Thanks for all of the great support you have given the gay community." She nodded and said thanks and asked to talk quietly because she didn't want to be recognized by other passengers. We talked a little more about Glee and that was it. She was sweet.

The funny thing was the outfit she had on, it was such an obvious celebrity disguise. I probably wouldn't have said anything if she were in a sweat shirt or something, I would have thought she was just a Lynch look alike.

It actually was just a couple weeks ago.

by Brother Warthreply 12404/29/2013

thanks, R124

by Brother Warthreply 12504/29/2013

Sandra Bullock a few years ago at a flower shop.

by Brother Warthreply 12604/29/2013

Election Day 2011 - PS 41 West 11th St. - I was walking and texting and I bumped it someone. She apologized even though it was totally my fault. The person I collided with was Sarah Jessica Parker.

by Brother Warthreply 12704/29/2013

*Nicolas Cage* at LAX wearing his snakeskin jacket from Wild at heart or whatever that movie was. He saw my look of recognition as I passed by and turned around so I wouldn't approach him. (as if)

*Meryl Streep* eating dinner at the Montage in Laguna Beach. She was wearing her sunglasses at the table.

*Malcom Mcdowell* walking in Santa Monica said hi to the person I was with.

*Brett Michaels* after a poison concert. Truly a charming and sweet man. We sat in their dressing room and stared at the singer of Ratt and the other poison dudes with our mouths hanging open.

*Melissa Joan Hart* (I know )On the street before her show in the vagina monologues.

*Caroline Rhea* (when she had her talk show) in the same building on the day I was in manic episode and seeing a pysch there (on Wilshire if I recall correctly)

*Signy Colemnan* ( Hope on the young and the restless)I know you said celebs OP so I'm stretching it it bit here. She was a snotty bitch (I was her waitress at a cafe in south coast plaza.

Waited on Larry Kings wife Shawn Southwick at the crazy horse in santa ana when she had her show Runaway with the rich and famous. She wasn't bitchy or nice just blah. I saw her again at south coast plaze a few years ago, she pulled up to the curb and someone was bringing out a rack dresses to her. Maybe too embarrassed after her OD and Larry's affair with her sister. (Ew)

I endured the heavy load of waiting on ol saggy tits mamie van doren on a weekly basis. A Horrible bitch and cheap tipper.

Dr Laura came in to the same cafe in SCP and was a bitch. (Big surprise)

Phil Jackson from the lakers eating breakfast across from us at la quinta resort. My mom said he was looking at us *eye roll* I don't think so.

Sheriff/mob boss Mike Corona in the local coffee shop before his indictment. total skeeze.

Waited on Mike Ness from social distortion. (polite and nice)

Garth brooks when he ate dinner at the crazy horse he's about 5 feet tall. BAD TIPPER

Natalie from the facts of life at The beverly center. (Loud just like her character)

Stephens fisher what's his face when he was dating michelle phieffer,had a little blue oldie convertible.

Sorry if too long.... oooh, incidentally Bruce Willis and Demi moore used to frequent the marie callendars in huntington beach, CA. I never saw them but always heard about how nice and generous they were. A friend waited on Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, they couldn't have been nicer

by Brother Warthreply 12804/29/2013

Johnny Rotten filming an interview outside of a restaurant in Marina del Rey.

Geoffrey Rush putting mustard and ketchup on his hotdog right next to me in a movie theater.

Antonio Banderas crossing the street in front of me while I was waiting at the red right.

Leonard Nimoy at the movies. KD Lang at the movies.

Henry Winkler helping me with my overhead bag on a plane.

David Beckham & kids shopping in Beverly Hills.

Will Arnett shopping in Bevery Hills.

by Brother Warthreply 12904/29/2013

Last spring I was walking up Broadway around 73rd, and an odd looking angry little lady was walking toward me, sticking close to the shadows of the buildings. Her face looked as if it had been cut apart and sewn together in a jagged sort of paint-by-numbers way. . .and I realized it was Bernadette Peters! I'd always thought she was beautiful and looked ageless in pictures.

Turns out in pictures she looks young, but in life she's Dorian Goddamn Gray. She looked angry and needy and it made me feel sad.

by Brother Warthreply 13004/29/2013

Was almost knocked into Stevie Wonder at LAX by a crowd--several arrivals discharging people at the same time in a spot where cul de sac of gates merged into a main hallway.

Henry Winkler on the way to a play in NYC. Very short in person.

The woman with plastic surgery to look like a cat--8th Ave in the 40s or 50s in NYC.

Not a tv celeb, but the Prime Minister of Thailand was greeting some ancient Sino-Thai billionaires and their plastic surgery altered wives and daughters at a Bangkok hotel.

John Mellencamp at a Kroger super market in Bloomington, Indiana. Looked like he was wondering if anyone would recognize him (it was the the Kroger where faculty shopped, not the townie one).

by Brother Warthreply 13104/29/2013

My best was when I first moved to LA - in Ralphs in the valley - I see this little tiny woman barely able to see over the cart she is pushing coming down the isle. It is Tangina...Zelda Rubenstein!! She saw that look in my face that i recognized her and she stopped said hello and was just so fucking sweet.

by Brother Warthreply 13204/29/2013

Sid Caesar in a restaurant.

Dean Martin in a restaurant on Sunset.

Obviously around 20 years ago.

by Brother Warthreply 13304/29/2013

In 1932, I saw a woman climbing the Hollywood sign. I yelled up to her and asked if she needed help. She just screamed, "Oh, fuck off, you asshole!" and jumped. I later found out it was my fave-rave actress, Peg Entwhistle.

A year later, I was kidnapped by Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker in Louisiana. They were both arrogant, drunk assholes. They got what was coming to them, I declare.

by Brother Warthreply 13404/29/2013

Bonnie Franklin, headed into a movie theater in Manhattan (Upper West Side). Brock Peters at a drugstore in L.A. Opera star Martina Arroyo at a restaurant in Provincetown (on two separate occasions). Galt MacDermot in a restaurant on Staten Island. Mark Gastineau (remember him?) outside a bar in the Times Square area. John Kennedy Jr. on the NYU campus. And many others!

by Brother Warthreply 13504/29/2013

Hulk Hogan sitting on a bench in Salt Lake City airport.

Gregory Hines standing at a ticket counter in Seattle-Tacoma airport.

by Brother Warthreply 13604/29/2013

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal buying an anal douche and Trojans at Target. He was trying his best to not be recognized, but I knew it was him.

by Brother Warthreply 13704/29/2013

It was well known Dean Martin used to eat at the Hamburger Hamlet every sunday on sunset...well when he was alive.

Signey Coleman is a beeeeotch so yeah your experience is correct.

I was talking to my friend who was the doorman at the Apache in the valley and in walks Rosie O'Donnel (she was not out at the time) with a stringy hair red head. She thought I was the doorman I guess and asked me if anyone would bother her in there..I replied "why would anyone bother you." She thought I was being a dick and said "thanks a lot" I apologized and said "sorry I meant no one would hit on you its all gay guys and it is beer bust night." She laughed and said 'well I like beer and we got busts, we are going in."

David Hasselhoff at the CVS Looking for a card - very tall in real life and actually pretty handsome.

by Brother Warthreply 13804/29/2013

R130, Bernadette Peters in person looks NOTHING like the person you described. Either you are insane, or you saw someone else and thought it was BP in your ignorance.

by Brother Warthreply 13904/29/2013

I passed a young Michael Jordan at O'hare along with most of his team members from the Bulls. And in Hawaii, I used a bathroom stall right after Sandy Duncan vacated it. This was years ago, and I was a little kid. Her TV show had been on the year before, and I just remember she had a red short kind of mop top hair cut. She wasn't ever a great beauty but she was cute in that perky kind of way. My mom was with me and she didn't believe me at first, as she didn't see her, but then a few minutes later we passed her again as we were walking through the airport.

I think perhaps she lived or had a vacation home in Hawaii at the time.

And, not really a celeb encounter, but I did one of those bus tours through Europe and the woman that in the seat in front of us, went to High School with Dick Van Dyke.

OH, I rode in an elevator with John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. He was shorter than I would have thought, had a nice body, but looked like he had a rough night. Kind of cute in that damaged kind of way.

by Brother Warthreply 14004/29/2013

Billy Idol used the urinal next to me at the Fairmont in SF about 20 years ago.

by Brother Warthreply 14104/29/2013

[quote]Many years ago, 60's, I was shopping with my monther at Bloomingdales when my mom spotted Lauren Bacall.

My partner's Mom saw Cher at Bloomingdales trying on hats back in the 60's. Cher asked if she liked the hat she was trying on. My partner's Mom didn't know who Cher was.

by Brother Warthreply 14204/29/2013

Jane Krakowski at the Century City Mall - she was a class a cunt.

by Brother Warthreply 14304/29/2013

Back when I lived in NYC a million years ago, I delivered groceries to Greta Garbo. After a couple of times, she invited me to stay around, but I was working. So she had me over for dinner a couple of times. I just remember watching "Magnum PI" with her. We both thought Tom Selleck was hot and would jokingly argue about which of us would have the better chance with him.

I also delivered to Sandy Duncan, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal, Donna McKechnie (sp?), Edie Brickell, and Yoko Ono. But Greta was the only one I had any kind of meaningful interaction with.

by Brother Warthreply 14404/29/2013

I saw Harrison Ford in person a few years ago. I'm not much on meeting celebs (I love movies, but I don't give a shit about meeting actors or having them scribble their names on my napkin). He looked as old as Methuselah and had this angry looking scowl on his face. I felt sorry for him, actually. He looked very sad and lonely.

by Brother Warthreply 14504/29/2013

John Lennon, Yoko, Sean and Yoko's mom outside the Dakota. John was taking photos before they all got into a limo. It was the August before he was killed.

by Brother Warthreply 14604/29/2013


I met Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker from the "Star Wars" movies) at a sci-fi convention a few years ago. He was very cool. He was quite the chatterbox and very personable. I enjoyed my time with him.

Met William Shatner. It must have been a good day (I've heard he can be a cunt), because he was quite nice to me.

Marina Sirtis from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation". Very funny and a blast.

Jonathan Frakes from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." A lot of fun. Very likeable.


Tony Iommi, the guitarist for Black Sabbath. We were vacationing and he was staying in the same hotel. I sat at the hotel bar with him for over an hour. Very nice, personable and sincere.

Brian Johnson, the singer for AC/DC. The coolest dude. He is hilarious and treats everyone as his equal. Very easy to talk to and he has no "Star" attitude at all.

Joan Jett. A prize. Very sweet and funny. Almost made me wish I was a chick and a lesbian. LOL.

Kiefer Sutherland. We were on the same overseas flight once. He sat across the aisle and was very cool. He was plastered and slurring his words in that whispery voice, but I really liked him. We chatted off and on throughout the flight. I liked him. Seemed cuter in person.

by Brother Warthreply 14704/29/2013

[quote]Jane Krakowski at the Century City Mall - she was a class a cunt.

I want to hear more! What made her a cunt?

by Brother Warthreply 14804/29/2013

I saw Benjamin Bratt at Cliff's Hardware on Castro with his wife. Very handsome and quite tall. I also walked past Caroline Kennedy on Market St. two or three years ago talking on her cell phone . I think she was here for a book signing/reading. She looked exactly the same as her picture, though a tad skinnier than I would've thought.

by Brother Warthreply 14904/29/2013

Ben Stein yesterday night at McDonalds on Pico near Fox. Was with an older, elegantly dressed woman. Ordered a Big Mac, diet Coke and a cookie. Very nice to the employees. Terribly dressed, wearing ugly sneakers and he has the hugest, most unattractive ears. He's also quite fat, so I guess he gets Macs all the time.

by Brother Warthreply 15004/29/2013

Ok, these happened to friends, not me, but are nice.

A friend sat next to Uma Thurman on a flight and said she was one of the nicest people he'd ever met. He said she was very down to earth and sweet and asked him a lot of questions about his life and family. I was surprised because I'd always thought she'd be flaky and bitchy.

Another friend swears this happened: he and a friend were drunk and high at a bar somewhere in the Caribbean. Stevie Nicks was also there and in their drunken stupidity, the devised a plan to meet her (instead if just approaching her like normal people would have). One was supposed to trip her and the other would catch her. Except, they were so fucked up that they didn't catch her when she fell and everyone ran to her aid while the two fuck ups fled the bar.

I missed this party, but a few years ago someone brought Dawn Wells--Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island--and apparently she was fabulous and loves gays.

I may have mentioned this before, but my nephew was dating a chick who played the daughter on some prime time show...I met her once and she was a little diva bitch. Even so, he should have stayed with her until she hit 18 and got all her trust fund money! I can't remember her name, though.

by Brother Warthreply 15104/29/2013

Also saw Harrison Ford and Calista at a restaurant and, it's true, he looks VERY OLD. They waited for a table and didn't demand any special treatment.

by Brother Warthreply 15204/29/2013

James Spader at the Oakland airport from our flight from L.A., asking me what the airline employee said about a delay in our baggage. He seemed almost embarrassed to ask me. Middle-aged looking, not hot like in his '80s films.

Billy Crystal with his wife squeezing past me in a very narrow aisle on the second floor of an antiques store in Venice. He is very short and was wearing a baseball cap. The store owner was leading them on search for something specific, I don't remember.

Bernadette Peters waiting patiently in line behind me at Dean & Deluca's in NY for coffee. She has perfect heart-shaped lips.

Nicole Richie pulling up to a newsstand in Studio City in a big black Mercedes, walking barefoot to the stand and buying a gossip magazine w/ her and Lohan on the cover, I kid you not. She is elfin small, like the Olson twins small, as in 4th grader kid small.

Angie Everhart, the red-headed model who was the GF of Sylvester Stallone at Chicago O'Hare, wearing dark sunglasses, facing the window to the tarmac and chowing down on a McDonald's burger. After the flight landed in LAX, some schlub asked, is that Cindy Crawford?

Many, many others. A lot at airports and L.A. grocery stores.

by Brother Warthreply 15304/29/2013

I was on a flight from NY to LA with John Boy Walton. He was very nice to everyone. Still handsome. He pinged big-time.

by Brother Warthreply 15404/29/2013

I saw David Hasselhoff at the Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks. He was leaving. I was going.

Jason Priestley at the Target in Sherman Oaks. I looked up his height online and he is NOT 5'6. He's shorter.

Rick Sprinfield at the Jamba Juice in Woodland Hills.

Angelyne at Whole Foods in Woodland Hills.

Michael Richards at Whole Foods in Woodland Hills.

Sinbad at a gym in Woodland Hills.

I didn't realize I've had this many celeb sightings.

by Brother Warthreply 15504/29/2013

[quote]Nicole Richie pulling up to a newsstand in Studio City in a big black Mercedes, walking barefoot to the stand and buying a gossip magazine w/ her and Lohan on the cover, I kid you not.

That's just sad, but not surprising.

by Brother Warthreply 15604/29/2013

"And in Hawaii, I used a bathroom stall right after Sandy Duncan vacated it."

This story is useless without a description of how rancid the stall smelled when Sandy vacated it, how she left behind an enormous, unflushable turd clogging up the toilet, etc.

by Brother Warthreply 15704/29/2013

This was my grandmother's story.

When she was a young woman in the late 1950s and early 1960s she worked for an insurance company in downtown Los Angeles. There were showbiz related offices on the upper floors. That old asshole comic Milton Berle used to frequent the offices and treated everyone like rancid garbage. He was vile, cranky and felt the whole world owed him.

My sweet and beautiful grandmother was in the elevator one afternoon and she commented to him that she had loved his TV show, and he literally shrieked at her, "Lady, I don't give a GOOD FUCKING GOD-DAMN! Why don't you go fuck yourself?!?" She said she felt like bursting into tears, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She stepped out of the elevator, turned to him, smiled and said, "Have a wonderful afternoon, Mr. Berle." She thought he was psychotic. She avoided him from then on.

On a brighter note, she met many other celebs of the day that were very kind to her (Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart, John Wayne, Janet Leigh, and Elvis Presley are the ones I remember right off).

by Brother Warthreply 15804/29/2013

Waiting for my baggage at Melbourne Airport 2 weeks ago, chatted to Angela Lansbury who is here with James Earl Jones in "Driving Miss Daisy". She was very pleasant and gracious.

by Brother Warthreply 15904/29/2013

I heckled Redd Foxx in the airport one night. I don't know why. It was really late and I was possibly drunk.

by Brother Warthreply 16004/29/2013

I've seen Robin Williams a few times around SF. He is short and tries to deflect attention from himself.

Saw Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Byrne in North Beach. My BF and I were pushing our bikes up a hill and they were walking past us with their kids. I noticed her shoes, which were really cool, and really zoomed in on them. When I finally looked up, and realized who they belonged to, she grinned at me. Gabriel Byrne tried to avoid any type of eye contact. What a shame!

I've seen Benjamin Bratt around SF a couple of times and he is absolutely gorgeous in person (just my type). Sat next to one of the guys in Green Day in a club a long time ago.

Met Leonardo DiCaprio in a club in NYC, just after Gilbert Grape. He was quite nice but his friend was a dick.

I've met a couple of models (Kate Moss and Jessica Miller) and neither really stood out to me as being shockingly gorgeous.

by Brother Warthreply 16104/29/2013

Benjamin Bratt's mother was involved with the Native American community in SF quite a while ago. They are of Peruvian ancestry; at least in part. His sister is very beautiful. I often told her she should get in to show business, but she would have none of it.

by Brother Warthreply 16204/29/2013

I was on an elevator in LA when it stopped on the way down and just as the doors were closing, a hand appeared and voice said "sorry". In stepped Steven Spielberg. We both did the nodding hello thing as he stood on the other side of the car. Two things instantly popped into mind -- he appeared to be shorter than I thought he was and he was dressed very casually (jeans and a t-shirt with a bomber style jacket over it). I tried not to be star-struck but we kept making sideward glances at each other, as if expecting the other to break the silence. Finally, as we approached the lobby, I just said "I've always enjoyed your movies" which probably sounded stupid and something he had heard a million times before. He said thanks, the doors opened at the lobby and that was it.

by Brother Warthreply 16304/30/2013

Kevin Spacey --- CREEPY! A very bizarre man. He cruised me in London and really sent shivers up and down my spine (not in a good way). I had heard stories about him anyway and I was skeeved at the way he was looking at me. I bolted as fast as I could.

by Brother Warthreply 16404/30/2013

But r164, what were YOU doing in that park at two in the morning?

by Brother Warthreply 16504/30/2013

R158, I believe your grandma. Does anyone remember when RuPaul did some "ad-libbing" at the VMA's with Uncle Miltie? You can tell Ru was on the warpath as soon as she appears.

by Brother Warthreply 16604/30/2013

r144 how old are you?

by Brother Warthreply 16704/30/2013

RE Jane Krakowski, was there with a hipster doufus guy who appeared to be her BF or date. They were walking and she was talking loudly as if she wanted to be recognized - except when someone did and approached her she gave them the iciest stare I have ever seen and said "I'm just trying to shop can we have some privacy?" And then proceeded to walk along talking loudly again saying "jeese can you believe it? must be tourists.."

by Brother Warthreply 16804/30/2013

Was visiting New York with friends a few years ago and saw Neal Patrick Harris at just about every show we went to. It was after Doogie Howser and before his adult reinvention. It got to be a joke among us - "there's Doogie" "again?" Another time my sister and I were at the midnight show of Debbie Does Dallas, the musical. As we were leaving we ran into Matt Damon waiting to step into the aisle.

by Brother Warthreply 16904/30/2013

[quote]This story is useless without a description of how rancid the stall smelled when Sandy vacated it, how she left behind an enormous, unflushable turd clogging up the toilet, etc.

Actually Valerie Harper had been there first and then got yanked out mid-dump. Sandy went int to finish the job.

by Brother Warthreply 17004/30/2013

Bumped into Bill Murray at a health food store in Northvale NJ. He was trying to figure out which grains to buy at the grain bins. He asked me a question and I looked up and saw him. Wow.

by Brother Warthreply 17104/30/2013

R171 He loves to be recognized. He will make sure you see him. He loves the attention.

by Brother Warthreply 17204/30/2013

I grew up in a western resort city and lived in DC for years so many opportunities.

In DC- a very distinguished older gent with an English accent asked me for directions to the Hays-Adam hotel- I was meeting friends at a restaurant near there so we just walked along to together- Saw his picture in the Post the next AM- was King Olav of Norway.

Another time- again late to meet friends for dinner was rushing down a sidewalk in Georgetown. A limo door flies open in front of a book store- I ran strait into Little Richard. We ended up nose to nose flat out on the sidewalk- He was totally good about it. He was making a grand entrance for a book sign or something.

by Brother Warthreply 17304/30/2013

Sally Struthers in line in front of us at the grocery store. She was buying toilet paper and vodka.

by Brother Warthreply 17404/30/2013

Variation on "met": I was hospitalized at Cedar Sinai and my room was between Billy Idol's (a motorcycle accident) and Sammy Davis Jr's. I never saw them because I was bedridden, but my visitors were impressed.

by Brother Warthreply 17504/30/2013

One time in the 1980's, I was on a Sunday morning bagel run in Brooklyn Heights with my loud Jewish grandmother. I saw a very skinny, strung out looking guy in black leather pants and sunglasses standing outside of the shop smoking a cigarette. He was standing there with an older, tanned man dressed in a bright pink polo shirt. The man looked like an old Miami Jew and seemed as loud and flamboyant as my grandmother.

I looked at the younger, skinny man and thought "hey that looks like the guy from the J. Geils band" and went into the store.

A few seconds later, the skinny man and the old man came in. The old man clearly knew the girl behind the counter and she fussed over him while getting two bagels with cream cheese. The old man screamed "PERHAPS YOU KNOW MY SON. PETUH WOLF OF THE J.GEILS BAND" at her with obvious pride. The bagel place was crowded and everyone turned to look. Peter Wolf looked like he wanted to die. I was comforted that fame and money do not shield you from the pain of being a Jewish child.

I wondered how to quickly set up a date between my grandmother and his father as they seemed like a good match.

by Brother Warthreply 17604/30/2013

Sherman Helmsley in an elevator in Beverly Hills..

Jimmy Connors crossing the street in B.H.

James Davis (from Dallas)in Northridge where I delivered liquor to his house.

Ronald Reagan walking at the beach with his nurse.

Latina actress Maria Conchita Alonso in Mexico City airport where she used her fame to jump to front of immigration line. I followed her and demanded the same special treatment as I confronted the agent who let her pass. I moved up front as well. Self-entitled bitch.

by Brother Warthreply 17704/30/2013

In college, Corey Feldman swung through town and attended a party thrown by colleagues at the radio station I worked at. This was about 10 years ago...he was fun.

by Brother Warthreply 17804/30/2013

My particular line of work has me in contact with celebrities all the time, so I never think twice... except the recent encounters Ive had with Cheyenne Jackson at the gym. He uses steam room on occasion.

by Brother Warthreply 17904/30/2013

The J. Geils story had me laughing hysterically.

by Brother Warthreply 18004/30/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Brother Warthreply 18104/30/2013

Back in the late 80's I worked in a Travel Agency on East 12th Street NYC. I sold a ticket to Gabriel Byrne. He was nice, but quiet. The next day he returned b/c he couldn't find his ticket. He was wearing the same parka as the day before and I remembered he put the ticket in the inside pocket. I pulled his coat open and said,"Here it is!" He smiled and thanked me. He returned a few times.

by Brother Warthreply 18204/30/2013


Why didn't you then unzip his pants and say, "and there that is..?"

by Brother Warthreply 18304/30/2013

Today, I stood on the corner of W10th and Greenwich (Manhattan) talking to a friend. We were passed by Jessica Lange, her younger daughter and son in tow, and then ten minutes later Edie Falco (a brunette now) hurriedly walked by and hailed a cab on Hudson. Lange had sunglasses, but was still very recognizable. Taller than I expected. Falco is fucking tiny. She didn't wear sunglasses and seemed very genuine and unconcerned about being recognized.

by Brother Warthreply 18404/30/2013

Boston, early 80's - The Whispers on the street, Luther Vandross while in his stage manager's hotel room

NYC in the 80's - Madonna (Papa Don't Preach era) in line behind her at a vitamin store

London, 2000 - this will only matter if you love rugby, but came across Lawrence Dallagio on old Street

LA - 1998-2001 worked for a photographer, so lots of expected run-in's but plenty of unexpected run-in's at the supermarket near scientology's Celebrity Centre (their spelling), favorite two were Margaret Cho and Lily Tomlin

LA- 2000 wrap party for Next Best Thing, left early and in order to get my jacket, had to reach over and between Madonna (again) and Joan Collins.

Telluride, CO 2001(?)- I worked concessions at the film festival, so more run-in's, but the best was when I stood up from getting something under the counter and waited on Faye Dunaway, who had spilled something on her coat.

by Brother Warthreply 18504/30/2013

oh yeah, NYC, late 80's - walking around TriBeCa in a storm, turned a corner and there's Debbie Harry.

by Brother Warthreply 18604/30/2013

Encountering celebrities in NYC or LA doesn't really count as "Unexpected".

How about selling fish in a tiny store in Alaska: in walks Henry Winkler, who stops, looks around, makes something of a face, then leaves.

Or selling a fish to an older gentleman, seeing that his American Express card says 'Leonard Bernstein' - and then seeing that yes, indeed, it was Leonard Bernstein.

Or taking a mail-order fish order from some guy, with the shipping label made out to Mr & Mrs Blake Edwards, Beverly Hills, CA.

Now THAT's unexpected.

Until it no longer became unexpected (Linda Ellerbee, Andre Gregory, Gardner McKay, George Kennedy)

Yes, same store.

by Brother Warthreply 18704/30/2013

I went in to pee at the Beverly Hills Hotel restroom (there for an event) and there is on person in the stall sounding like he is shitting out a liver. Flush, zip up open door and out comes Tom Arnold. He looks at me and says hey hows it going and walks out. Did not wash his hands.

by Brother Warthreply 18804/30/2013

Uh, what's with all the fish R187?

There's a W&W to be had somewhere off your post, but I just can't put my finger on it.

by Brother Warthreply 18904/30/2013

Julie Delphy in a restroom in LA. Unexpected. Then a few years later saw her again at a camera store, also in LA. Kismet?

by Brother Warthreply 19004/30/2013

I waited on Cybil Shepard in the mid-1980s. Too beautiful to look at directly.

by Brother Warthreply 19104/30/2013

This has to be the dullest thread on Datalounge right now. Even the so called celebrities are dull.

by Brother Warthreply 19204/30/2013

Rita Coolidge fucked me with a dildo while we were watching a Designing Women rerun. Mary Wilson left her a message on her answering machine while we were partying.

by Brother Warthreply 19304/30/2013

I was in an elevator with Jackie Kennedy Onasis when she passed gas.

by Brother Warthreply 19404/30/2013

The Bee Gees - all three - sang "How Deep is Your Love" acapella in room full of sick children where I work. Sounded amazing and very unassuming guys. While ago now.

Introduced to Jimmy Savile and he was old even then. Tiny guy wearing a gold track suit! He made a big show of kissing my hand and then wouldn't let it go. Asked lot's of questions while continuing to stroke my hand. Very creepy and I had no idea who he was. Had to be told by one of his minders. I was just out of nursing school. A real baby. Makes sense now that I know he has been accused of pedophilia and sexual harassment.

by Brother Warthreply 19504/30/2013

Before the grammar police crucify me - meant lots, not lot's........

by Brother Warthreply 19604/30/2013

My brother is an officer in the Marine Corps stationed on the Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton. I was staying with him and his wife for the summer after I finished grad school. I had got into the habit of going to Del Mar beach on the base most every afternoon to walk on the beach and watch the sun set. One evening as I was headed back up the coast line there were two men walking towards me, one was my brothers XO who I had met several times during that summer as he lived 4-5 houses down from my brother. He stopped to say hello and introduced me to his companion, Donald Sutherland. I made some small talk and made my excuses and left. Two afternoons later I was back walking the coast line when I saw two killer whales swimming and seeming to play in the waves right at the surf line. I was standing there watching them and after a few minutes I noticed I wasn't alone. Donald Sutherland was standing next to me watching the killer whales too. After the sun had set to the point that the whales couldn't be seen anymore he turned to me and said "Magnificent creatures, aren't they?" I agreed. He wished me a good evening and walked  away. That weekend I went to a party with my brother and his wife at his XO's home. Donald Sutherland was there and every time we bumped into each other during the party he would call me "The Woman of the Waves", and tell other people how he had met me. We talked a bit during the party, very intelligent and very funny guy. I never found out what his connection was to the XO, but my brother said he visited a few more times over the next year.

by Brother Warthreply 19704/30/2013

[quote]The Bee Gees - all three - sang "How Deep is Your Love" acapella in room full of sick children where I work. Sounded amazing and very unassuming guys. While ago now.

That is so cool.

by Brother Warthreply 19804/30/2013

Does anyone know the story behind Ru Paul and Milton Burle at R166's link? Wow, Ru was MAD about something. Am I imagining things or does Milton Burle grab Ru's junk right after he pretends to grab Ru's boob?? It looks like Milton is fondling Ru's groin area.

That was some real nasty shit Ru unleashed. What did Milton do?? I'm sure he deserved it and more. Milton looks absolutely stunned that Ru is not feeding him his lines.

Maybe this should be a separate thread? Can someone with posting privileges start a thread? TIA!

by Brother Warthreply 19904/30/2013

[quote] Julie Delphy in a restroom in LA. Unexpected. Then a few years later saw her again at a camera store, also in LA. Kismet?

r190 What is Julie Delphy like in person?

by Brother Warthreply 20005/01/2013

R197, that’s so cool that you met Donald Sutherland. I’ve loved him in every movie I’ve seen him in. I like to hear stories about famous people who don’t let it all go their head, and act like they are special just because they are famous. He sounds like a really cool guy.

Maybe he was doing research for a role? What does your brother’s group (or whatever they are called) do in the Marines?

I’ve run into several famous people but I’m almost always afraid to talk to them because I get tongue tied a lot and I’m afraid that what ever I was thinking to say would get short circuited and mangled on the path from my brain to my mouth, plus I’d SO hate it if they turned out to be an asshole or if they thought I was an idiot asshole who couldn’t string together a few words.

The two famous people I did manage to talk to were Stephen King and John Irving.

Stephen King I ran into at the pool at a physical therapy practice. We were both sitting on a bench by the pool waiting for our separate aquatic physical therapists to show up for pool therapy. He looked like he was in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to say anything because I figured he wouldn’t want to be bothered when he wasn’t feeling well. I guess he must have caught me looking at him, and looking like I wanted to say something to him. He caught my eye the next time I looked at him and said something like “It’s ok, you can talk to me”. Which I thought was really cool of him to try to make me feel ok to talk with him when he was obviously in a shit ton of pain. I’d had so many things in my head that I thought might be cool to say to him or ask him about up until the second he started talking to me, then every thought I’d had flew out of my head. I must have looked pretty ‘special’ just sitting there, probably with my mouth hanging open, trying to think of something to say. I ended up thanking him for doing what he did and told him that I liked his books, especially the long ones. He asked why especially the long ones, and I told him that I read really fast and read a lot especially then, I was recovering from three spinal surgeries, two to fix the fuck up the first surgeon caused, so for me it was great to read a good book that was the length of three but only cost the price of one especially when it was in paperback. He laughed and said he’d never heard anyone say they liked his books for economic reasons. His APT showed up then, so we were done talking.

John Irving I met at the baggage claim in O’Hare airport in Chicago. I was flying to Chicago because my nephew had been hit by a car while he was walking to school and was in bad shape and they didn’t know if he was going to make it, so I wasn’t in the best of moods and just wanted to get out of the airport and to my family. I grabbed what I thought was my suitcase off the conveyer belt and was nearly running to get out of the baggage claim area. He came after me yelling that I was stealing his suitcase. I was positive it was mine so I just kept going. He caught up with me and grabbed my shoulder pretty hard and said hey asshole I told you that was my suitcase. I called him an asshole and said he was wrong and I knew the bag was mine. I went to walk away again, sure that he was wrong. Security showed up then and I told them my nephew was in the hospital and maybe dying, and this guy was nuts and it was my suitcase and I just wanted to get to the hospital. Some where in there I started to cry, and soon I was a blubbering sobbing mess. The security guy was pretty nice about it and asked me why I was sure the bag was mine. I told him since almost all suitcases look the same now I’d put a red medical use sticker on mine, had a really big gold suitcase lock and had a bright yellow luggage tag. Then he made me take a close look at “my” suitcase. The sticker was orange and had what looked like some Celtic design on it, and the luggage tag was yellow, but it was also animal striped, and it said John Irving on the tag and had a picture of the author that I recognized. I’ve loved several of his books and when I realized what a fool I’d acted in front of him I was back to crying. Security had gotten my suitcase for me and I was just about to leave, but I guess I hadn’t finished making an ass of myself yet. I’m standing there crying, blowing snot bubbles, trying to catch my breath and I just had to tell him I loved his writing and ask for his autograph. He just rolled his eyes and walked away, I’m sure he was muttering something about crazy fans.

by Brother Warthreply 20105/01/2013

lol, that sounds like the perfect time to ask for an autograph!

by Brother Warthreply 20205/01/2013

Thread started for you R199

by Brother Warthreply 20305/01/2013

R202 your John Irving story is sad and hilarious. How was your nephew?

by Brother Warthreply 20405/01/2013

The mother of the Most Beautiful Woman in the world getting coffee at a cafe on E13th. Wearing baseball cap, sunglasses, trying to blend in; generally truly NOT recognizable, so why the effort...

by Brother Warthreply 20505/01/2013

the John Irving poster who started crying is a male? How sad. I always thought Irving was a closet case.

by Brother Warthreply 20605/01/2013

To the John Irving guy, you sound like you have self esteem issues, for you to tell him that you liked his books after him calling you an asshole and reducing you to tears. You should get some help, dude.

by Brother Warthreply 20705/01/2013

He practically came out as bi in his most recent novel.

by Brother Warthreply 20805/01/2013

How so? By writing a gay character?

by Brother Warthreply 20905/01/2013

Michael Caine at Chicago O'Hare airport. He waited in the lounge until the plane was loaded w/ passengers, THEN took his seat in first class. As some passengers passed by, they were downright giddy to see a MOVIE STAR! Chicago does not get a lot of celebs for them to see outside of Oprah, Michael Jordan, broadcast news anchors, and sports athletes.

Circa early '90s. Also in Chicago, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin (back when they were dating) buying a gift in Bloomingdale's. He was reading the NY Times while waiting for the clerk to do the transaction; she was in dark sunglasses looking at crystal pieces on shelves. There were men w/ mouths agape staring at her. Then, because people were staring, more people then looked at what to stare at. Chicagoans.

by Brother Warthreply 21005/01/2013

I thought John Irving came out as a cross-dresser.

by Brother Warthreply 21105/01/2013

Ginger Rogers was here with Hello Dolly. I was walking down Peachtree St., and she pulled up beside me and asked for directions. She was less than a mile from her destination. She and her driver couldn't have been more charming. This was the late 60s and I knew who she was, but was able to keep cool. I'll always treasure the memory.

by Brother Warthreply 21205/01/2013

r200: tell you the truth, I don't really remember that well. It was like maybe 10 - 15 years ago. Taller than I thought (then again, I'm short), pretty much looked as nice as she looks on film.

by Brother Warthreply 21305/01/2013

That reminds me: saw Donald Sutherland on crutches at a Macy's or some department store in LA. He was with what I think was his wife.

by Brother Warthreply 21405/01/2013

Sold a futon to Cher and a couch to Laurie Anderson. Cher was incredibly down to earth. Laurie was still fairly new to her fame and excited that I loved her work. Also sold a futon to Ron Jr. and Doria Reagan.

Ran smack into David Bowie while we were attempting to occupy the same space on a crosswalk. Realized it after I body blocked him.

Ran into Annie Liebowitz at Miami airport, and she came over to talk because my ex was involved with our co-op. Ran into Susan Sontag often because she lived in our co-op, as did Kate Pierson and does Debbie Harry, who I still see a lot. Shared gym space with Nicole Kidman while she stayed here during Trespass (?) filming.

Used to ride the subway with David Byrne in the early 1980s, and saw Wendy O. Williams (Plasmatics) incongruously walking 6th with a Balducci's bag.

Got out of jury duty and watched Reagan and Bush get onto the helicopter after the Governor's Island summit. Followed Gorbachev's ZIL around lower Manhattan and got to see him waving. Prince Phillip arriving at the Plaza for a WWF thing. George H.W. Bush picking me out of the crowd for a thumbs up (despite how much I can't stand him, it's still a rush to see a President, at least to me).

Nelson Mandela on his visit to NY. Desmond Tutu speedwalking up 10th Avenue.

Many more, but I'll end with having seen JFK on the White House lawn in July 1963 when visiting DC with my parents.

by Brother Warthreply 21505/01/2013

I was coming out of French class one day when former president Gerald Ford with what I assumed were a couple of Secret Servicemen came up the stairs a few yards away from me. It shouldn't have been that surprising--it was the University of Michigan--but I still felt as though I was hallucinating.

by Brother Warthreply 21605/01/2013

I peed next to Billy Mummy at an RV show in South Dakota.

I was rushing into a revolving door at a hotel in Chicago the same time Richard Harrison was going out and I kind of knocked him off his balance. I saw a surprised look on his face as we revolved past each other and kind of stumbled out the other side.

Madonna, Ingrid Cesares, and Lourdes where coming out of yoga as I was going by with my Boston terrier, and Madonna asked if I would let her daughter pet him.

by Brother Warthreply 21705/01/2013


It probably happens to Brian all the time. It's because his huge dick rounds the corner 30 seconds before he does. You're a lucky son of a bitch to have been bumped by that cock.

by Brother Warthreply 21805/01/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Brother Warthreply 21905/01/2013

[198] It was. They were here in NZ for a concert. They were chatting to a room that had four teenagers in it. One of them asked them to sing and they asked which song then they just launched into it. Beautiful sound and can still picture the looks on the kids faces. Very excited kids and even more excited staff!! Very relaxed and they wandered along the ward stopping to chat to everyone. Lovely guys.

by Brother Warthreply 22005/02/2013

FYI r221: Putting brackets around a number doesn't provide a link to that message. Type the letter "r" followed by the number with no space between the r and the number. The DL "system" will add the brackets and create the link.

by Brother Warthreply 22105/02/2013


How does one quote from other posts?

by Brother Warthreply 22205/02/2013

R223 - you type a left bracket. Then, with no space, you type the word [bold]quote[/bold]. After the e in quote, type a right bracket. No space between the brackets and the quote word.

Then you put in the quote. Everything you type will be inside the box --- UNTIL --- you hit your "return" or "Enter" key. By hitting that key, it closes the quote box.

What you type after hitting the enter key, will be outside the box.

by Brother Warthreply 22305/02/2013

[quote]you type a left bracket. Then, with no space, you type the word quote. After the e in quote, type a right bracket. No space between the brackets and the quote word.


by Brother Warthreply 22405/02/2013

Lil Wayne. He was fucked up on some shit. He tried to pick up my brother's bitch. My brother wanted to pop the fucker in the grill. I was always a fan until I met that low-life. He is a fucking cracked-out pig.

by Brother Warthreply 22505/02/2013

I was pretty tipsy and on my way to the Candle Bar on the UWS (I know) and passed by the Beacon. A big crowd of black folks were out front, making their way in to the Dru Hill concert. I cut through the crowd and saw a guy I recognized standing with a tall, gorgeous woman. I walked over and said, "Mr. Cochrane, it's nice to see you!" and Johnny Cochrane shook my hand and thanked me. The people in the crowd gave me the stink eye but I kept walking. I don't think I would have approached him/bothered him if I wasn't half in the bag at the time.

Considering JC is long dead and the careers of Dru Hill are long dead, my encounter obviously took place a while ago (the 90s).

by Brother Warthreply 22605/02/2013

John Cleese in the Las Vegas airport. He was reading the Financial Times of London. Was with my teenage niece who is a huge Monty Python freak, and she asked Cleese for his autograph. He was very nice and gave it to her.

by Brother Warthreply 22705/02/2013

Leonard Nimoy. Met him on many occasions. He used to frequent a store I worked at in my late teens (back in the '80s). Very nice man, always very kind and polite. I told him I was a huge Trek fan and sometimes he would see me across the store and discreetly flash me the Vulcan hand signal and smile on his way out. It would make my day.

by Brother Warthreply 22805/03/2013

A man imitating Bing Crosby asked me to hail an elevator for him in SF.

You know the rest of the story...

by Brother Warthreply 22905/03/2013

[quote]You know the rest of the story...


by Brother Warthreply 23005/03/2013

This isn't really unexpected but I was a waitress at a certain "famous deli" in LA in the late 90s...waited on manymanymany famous people, here are some highlights:

John Ritter: INCREDIBLY nice man...the cooks were flipping out that Jack Tripper was in the house. With his wife Amy, beautiful great people. Nice tip.

Marian Ross (Mrs C from Happy Days): beautiful older woman, unbelievably sweet and friendly, ordered banana pancakes. Nice tip, at a table of 5, laughing and fun.

Cindy Margolis, Bimbo of the 90s: Dumb as a box of rocks but not rude. Way too much plastic surgery. Ordered a banana smoothie.

Joe Don Baker: ordered breakfast, left a FIFTEEN CENT TIP. Asshole. Grumpy.

Barry What's His Name, (Greg Brady), sorry name escapes me now: SUPER nice, great tip, scrambled eggs and wheat toast. Just a really nice guy. Chatty, totally okay with the whole Brady thing, really nice to everyone around him. Was alone on the patio.

Joey Buttafuco and his wife Mary Jo: Mary Jo was shockingly pretty - beautiful blue eyes, lovely skin, very friendly, called me Honey. Looked amazing for someone who was shot it in the head. Joey was nice, but an asshole at the same time. On the patio, puffing away on a cigar. Left a big tip though.

Lisa Kudrow: nice, nothing special, with a bunch of people, looked like family. Baby with her. Seemed apologetic about the baby crying, I asked her if there was anything I could bring her (milk or pudding or who knows what) she was kind of taken aback at my nice gesture. I chalked that up to LA being full of assholes. She said "no thanks, but that's really nice of you to offer" Nice tip.

Stepfani What's Her Name (sorry, it's late and I have taken pain killers for broken foot) from Hunter: really beautiful, had straight hair, with her husband and baby. Must have told me TEN TIMES her husband is a diabetic. I was like I GET IT LADY I AM NOT SNEAKING SUGAR IN HIS PASTRAMI. He didn't say one word, she did all the talking. Nice tip. Cute baby.

Sinbad: had a table with EIGHT KIDS...young kids....birthday or something...screaming, throwing shit, french fries all over the place...he was really nice/apologetic, I told him not to worry about it, it's just kids being kids. Left me a $50 bill on a $150 check!

John Stamos & Rebecca Romjin: Nice, not friendly, but polite...neither one is as beautiful in person as they are on tv or movies...they were both normal looking and her body is really skinny and straight, like a ten year old boy. He's taller than I thought he'd be. Nice tip. They seemed relieved I was unimpressed by them and just brought their food without making a fuss.

If you want more I'll post more.

by Brother Warthreply 23105/05/2013

I had dinner at the table next to AnnE and her boyfriend that ended up in jail. She actually seemed normal enough but talked on the phone a lot which was kind of annoying.

Literally ran into Matthew Broderick and his trainer running around the streets of the West Village. I guess he was nice. He apologized and said excuse me.

Was on a flight with Bradley Cooper once. He was alone and basically slept the whole time so nothing exciting there.

Had dinner at the same restaurant as Ice T and Coco. She looks like a cartoon in real life.

by Brother Warthreply 23205/05/2013

Denzel Washington at a college football game. My friend was so stunned that she couldn't move. She was almost drooling, it was kind of embarrassing. He was tall, trim, attractive... pretty much like he looks on film. He asked us how we were doing as he walked by us and I greeted him back while my friend was trying to breath.

by Brother Warthreply 23305/05/2013

I was at brunch in the late 1980s at a small restaurant on the UES waiting to use the only (single) restroom, when who should walk out but beloved stage and TV star Nancy Marchand! "Don't bother going in for a while," she warned as she exited, "I really smelled the place up in there." Boy was she right!

by Brother Warthreply 23405/05/2013


by Brother Warthreply 23505/05/2013

r222 Many thanks. Was wondering how to link and didn't like to ask.

by Brother Warthreply 23605/06/2013

Cruised by Andrew Sullivan on a Metrobus in the 90s, a time when middle class people did not make eye contact on DC buses. Didn't know it was him until I saw his pic in the paper the next day. he got off at my stop, but he went the other way. Extremely creepy.

by Brother Warthreply 23705/10/2013

of course we want more, scs.

by Brother Warthreply 23805/11/2013

[quote]Extremely creepy.

Why was it creepy? Did you feel he was pushing at your closet door?

by Brother Warthreply 23905/12/2013

Duff from that cake show. We were at a mutual friend's bbq. He's fat. Really fat. But one of those fat guys that dresses in tight clothes and acts like he's worked out. Obnoxious attitude.

by Brother Warthreply 24005/12/2013

That's interesting. All of the posts made yesterday or early this morning asking why the board is malfunctioning have been deleted.

by Brother Warthreply 24105/12/2013

It's still not functioning for me.

by Brother Warthreply 24205/12/2013

I worked at a store on the Upper East Side 20 years? ago. Waited on David McCallum - Surly and Mrs Henry Kissinger. She was down to earth. Had a SS agent protecting her. She carried her purchase herself

by Brother Warthreply 24303/14/2014

[quote]I sat next to Dan Savage at a Broadway show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle

How the hell do you see a "Broadway show" in Seattle?

by Brother Warthreply 24403/14/2014

Back in the mid 70s I was around 11 or 12 and was traveling with my dad and we were in a VIP lounge at LAX and Donna Summer was sitting there with her manager and they were watching her appearance on a pre-taped award show. She was self-deprecating and very pleasant to me and my dad.

Once I was leaving my office building in Philly. The Four Seasons hotel was next door and Huey Lewis came rushing over and asked me if I had a light for his cigarette. I didn't but someone walking near me helped him out.

Once I was leaving a club after happy hour and I bumped into REO Speedwagon who were on their way in. They were staying in a hotel nearby. This was in the early 90s and I said something stupid to Kevin Cronin like "You guys used to be really big back in the 80s". LOL

by Brother Warthreply 24503/14/2014

[quote]Ran into Susan Sontag often because she lived in our co-op,

Wait, on W13 near the New School building? Didn't Susan and Annie create a big fucking mess for neighbors, something about construction?

by Brother Warthreply 24603/14/2014

[quote]Once I was leaving my office building in Philly. The Four Seasons hotel was next door and Huey Lewis came rushing over and asked me if I had a light for his cigarette. I didn't but someone walking near me helped him out.

Did you check out his crotch? Huey is well-known for being well-endowed.

by Brother Warthreply 24703/14/2014

[quote]despite how much I can't stand him, it's still a rush to see a President

I agree. I've seen four presidents but I would never have voted for one of them. Still it was exciting to shake hands with a world leader.

I was at a celebration for the Queen Mother's 90th birthday in London. Standing three feet from her was not unexpected, but it was fun. The unexpected part was that the whole family showed up so I saw QEII and husband, Margaret, Charles, Diana, Wills, Harry, Anne, Edward, Sophie, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. It really was a festive event. The Royal Family just stayed off to the side, enjoying the fun and letting the Queen Mother have all the attention and honors that afternoon.

A friend and I were shopping in a mens store in the Beverly Center. He pointed out a guy across the store who was wearing an Eisenhower jacket, made of mink. Strange! When he turned around, we saw it was Liberace.

I went to see a film version of "La Traviata" starring Anna Moffo. Just before the lights went to down start the film, Anna Moffo showed up to see the movie, too.

Following a Robert Merrill concert, I walked down to talk to his music director. We got into a nice discussion when he suggested I come back stage to chat with the opera star. I was floored. It was just the three of us sitting there talking music with no outside intrusion.

Standing at the rail of a ship sailing into San Francisco, a lady walked over and started chatting about various aspects of things along the skyline. It was Mayor Dianne Feinstein.

by Brother Warthreply 24803/14/2014

Sat in front of Julie Andrews in a Broadway theatre in the 90s Ran into David Caruso in the Paris AmEx office Very nice guy also ran into Helen Mirren in a department store on the same Paris visit Linda Lavin and Pearl Bailey when I was in my teens (they were not together) walking on the street in NY Both VERY VERY nice ditto Joan Rivers in NY also nice, very friendly Paula Poundstone in Santa Monica, very funny Oprah several times on Michigan Avenue in Chicago--she is really short Bill Maher in L.A. Taylor Kinney (the tall guy on Chicago Fire) in Chicago right before Christmas last year I think Lady Gaga was with him but I was looking more at him and his beautiful eyes

by Brother Warthreply 24903/14/2014

[quote]Wait, on W13 near the New School building? Didn't Susan and Annie create a big fucking mess for neighbors, something about construction?

No, Sontag lived in Chelsea Towers on W23rd - penthouse. Annie has another penthouse in a different part of the building.

by Brother Warthreply 25003/14/2014

In the airport, in LA. stood next to Lou Christy, taking a leek he wasn't singing Lightning Strikes BUT what I saw was a schlong that was Fat, Long and a big Head on it that was something to stare at, and I did. He was aware of me looking at it and let me get a good look. I said Hi and thank you and he was off and running.I know he what I was looking at. It was beautiful. He had me shaking the whole flight.

by Brother Warthreply 25103/14/2014

Ran into Weird Al when I was 12 at some outdoor concert in NY my parents dragged me to. He was pleasant but clearly in a hurry.

Met Benedict Cumberbatch at a fundraising thing for a special school in the UK. My sister lives there and knew someone involved in it so I went with her while there on a visit. It was not a big event by any means--think coffee in disposable cups--and I certainly wasn't expecting to see anyone famous there. Very friendly, knew a lot about the project and wasn't above handing out pamphlets.

Saw Stallone yelling at some fan who must have approached him in NYC late last year. I didn't meet him, but wow what a dick from what I could hear.

by Brother Warthreply 25203/14/2014

Tony Bennett walking down 5th Avenue in NYC

Alan Arkin's handsome son walking at 53rd and 6th in NYC

The actor who played Archie Bunker walking on Central Park South by the hotels.

The elderly actor from General Hospital who died somewhat recently - in the Theater District of NYC.

by Brother Warthreply 25303/14/2014

Well, just after that awful kerfluffle at Ford's Theater (you know the one) I nearly trampled one of the Gabor sisters in my haste to leave the building. I don't know which one it was, they look alike to me.

by Brother Warthreply 25403/14/2014

Was standing behind Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine from General Hospital)in a grocery store. Must have forgot the lifts in his sneakers cuz he was short, really short. I'm 5'5 and he was my height, if not an inch shorter. But more better looking in person. Compact, muscular body with stubble on his face and really nice.

by Brother Warthreply 25503/14/2014

wow, I love Tyler Christopher - I love everything about him physically.

Was that Los Angeles, R255?

I doubt he is that short though.

He's a hunk! I love his muscular development, his shoulders, chest, arms, torso, everything, face, neck...

by Brother Warthreply 25603/14/2014

It was in LA but seriously he is short. I looked him up and there's no way he's 5'9. If I were to be nice I'll give him 5'7 but no more than that. He was neither slim nor bulky but just right. He had those gorgeous pouty lips and was very friendly when 2 people recognized him and asked for his picture. I caught an episode of GH and didn't realize how much makeup they spackle on til I saw him in person. Way better looking in real life with the 5 o'clock shadow. Perfect body and great ass, and he smelled really good.

by Brother Warthreply 25703/15/2014

In the mid '90s, I often had business meetings at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta (the CNN Tower). One morning, I was turning in my visitor's badge in the lobby, and when I turned to leave I almost literally ran right into Ted Turner and Jane Fonda (they were married at the time). Jane was holding some clothes in her arms and was telling Ted that she was going to drop them off at the dry cleaners and come back. I was suprised at how "plain" Jane looked, certainly not what she looked like on magazine covers. Not bad, but she just looked her age. Ted, on the other hand, looked fantastic.

by Brother Warthreply 25803/15/2014

John Barrowman in London in mid 1990s. Saw him in Sunset Boulevard and he was very good, very nice and handsome at the stage door. Next year did another musical and I went to see it. The next morning saw him walking next to me and I told I saw the show and was going to see LuPone in Master Class. We walked few minutes and talked. Seemed down to earth, handsome, very nice, really a boyfriend material.

by Brother Warthreply 25903/15/2014

R252, did you meet Benedict Cumberbatch within the past year or so, or was it before he was less "famous?"

by Brother Warthreply 26003/15/2014

Joan Rivers and Melissa waiting for our food at the Snow White Truck on the U. of Pennsylvania campus when Melissa was an undergrad, maybe mid to late 1970s.

Nice chat with Joan, Melissa looked like she was terribly embarrassed and wanted to drop through the sidewalk.

They got cheesesteaks.

by Brother Warthreply 26103/15/2014

Parker Posey and Zoe Cassavettes at a filmfestival. Talked about their movie, the city, and Gael Garcia Bernal whom they'd been out with the night before. Parker said she thought he was so beautiful and felt like a perv because he's so much younger. They were both lovely.

by Brother Warthreply 26203/15/2014

New Orleans, French Quarter. I was walking down the sidewalk past a closed-up restaurant when the door opened and two big guys came out with a small woman between them. In the millisecond when we all just avoided colliding, all I could think was "Those are HUGE fake tits."

It was Britney Spears. "Hi!" she said, very friendly, and her bodyguards hustled her down the sidewalk.

Walking back an hour later, I saw that the next block down had been cordoned off by cops and movie crews, and there were studio lights blazing in a courtyard on Chartres Street. I guess she was shooting a video or something in there, and they had bought out the restaurant to use as a home base down the street.

by Brother Warthreply 26303/15/2014

R261 - you just aged Melissa Rivers by about 10 years.

by Brother Warthreply 26403/15/2014

I joined a gym in Marin County back in the late 80's. When I came in for the tour, Jeff Goldblum was there. He was making the movie "The Fly" and wanted a place to work out. The trainer gave us a tour together. Jeff was a very nice guy. I saw him on Conan recently and his personality is the same as it was back then.

by Brother Warthreply 26503/15/2014

I sat behind Meryl and 2 of her daughters at the Broadway Play JERUSALEM.

I got to say "excuse me" to M when we were getting back to our seats after intermission and M was in my way.

by Brother Warthreply 26603/15/2014

I was in the grocery store in Aspen once and turned around and Barbra Streisand was standing there. It was toiletries and I assumed she was looking for sunblock. She was. I heard a "Barbra?" and it was Farrah Fawcett (then Majors - it was the year before the divorce - yeah, I'm old.) And they chatted and Farrah said "Not here," and kept trying to get Barbra to leave with her and go down the street to a ski shop for it.

Barbra was quiet and kept stepping back and saying she'd just get something there and Farrah was just all over her, like a local trying to be nice to a visitor and overdoing it. (Farrah was always around - they were staying in Evergreen a lot around that time - Majors was clearly running around with other women all the time, but that's another story.) I don't know if she was coking it then but she was quite avid.

I finally called out "Farrah" and waved (We had met at a couple parties) and Barbra gave me a nod and took off.

It was absolutely thrilling. I felt like a knight in shining armor.

by Brother Warthreply 26703/15/2014

I thought Lee Majors was gay, r267.

by Brother Warthreply 26803/15/2014

I sat across from Jennifer Tilly at a Southwest Airlines gate in the Las Vegas airport, about 5 years ago. She looked older, heavier and more ethnic than she does on TV. I didn't recognize her at first until I saw her boarding pass with TILLY on it. And I know it wasn't Meg.

by Brother Warthreply 26903/15/2014

Back in the 70s I was cruised by Jim Nabors who was filling up his Rolls Royce convertible at a gas station in Beverly Hills.

Or maybe he thought I was cruising him.

It just seemed so funny to see Gomer in a Rolls.

by Brother Warthreply 27003/15/2014

Some celebs are jerks, some are very "not there" and some are great. I'll stick to the nice ones.

Most shocking- Carson Kressley is very handsome and FUCKING SMART. I've met him a few times at various events and horse shows (we snuck out to smoke) and if I wasn't partnered I would have jumped on him. Hot, funny, smart, savvy, classy- probably my biggest "celebrity" shock.

SJP is gorgeous in person, and about the size of an iPad. Mini. Micro mini. Kinda meh after a few minutes. But she was nice.

NPH is handsome, sweet, funny and humble. His husband, David, keeps him on a short leash but is also pretty cool.

My favorite- Eartha Kitt at 21 Club for lunch. She sat next to us, and was radiantly beautiful and charming. I said hello, and she purred (literally, it sounded like a cat purring) "how nice to meet you". I told her that her that she was most beautiful woman I'd ever seen (and this was less than a year before she died) and that I was lucky to share a room with her. She laughed, and said I was so sweet. I wasn't lying- she was GORGEOUS, and almost 80 years old. When she died about 8 months later I cried like a baby.

My least fave- Madonna. See You Next Tuesday. And Al FUCKING Roker. Awful excuse for a human.

by Brother Warthreply 27103/15/2014

Trying to figure out date of my encourter with Joan and Melissa. I wasn't at Penn much after 1980 though I was in the neighborhood, so is it possible she is lying about her age?

by Brother Warthreply 27203/15/2014

Joan shaves 4 years off Melissa's age when she talks about her: it sounds more tragic that Edgar killed himself and left a 15 year old daughter as opposed to a 19 year old.

r272 Melissa was there in the mid-80s but Joan did tour all the time and I'm sure she dragged Melissa to all the Ivys and told her she was going to one from the time Melissa could walk.

by Brother Warthreply 27303/15/2014

Garbo, waiting to cross at a red light on Fifth Avenue in 1980, along with a number of others. Our eyes met and she knew I recognized her at once, and when the light changed she practically trotted off.

by Brother Warthreply 27403/15/2014

Sat next to Richard Jordan at a Broadway matinee performance of Bent in 1980. Had a nice conversation during the intermission. Lots of boring soccer mom types who recognized him from a TV miniseries he'd recently starred in were bothering him.

by Brother Warthreply 27503/15/2014

was he alone r275?

by Brother Warthreply 27603/15/2014

"was he alone [R275]?"

Yes, the seat next to me remained empty and I thought I could spread out, but then an usher seated him just before the curtain rose.

by Brother Warthreply 27703/15/2014

[R260}, it was 2013, so I guess he was more famous? I knew he was in a Sherlock Holmes show and cast in ST but I hadn't seen either one yet at the time.

by Brother Warthreply 27803/15/2014

In L.A. back in the 70s, my Mom came back from grocery shopping to say she'd just seen Vera Miles in Von's in very casual clothes, CURLERS under a scarf, and wearing no make-up. Mom was so shocked and let down as she had always admired the glamorous Vera miles and her work. (I was secretly let down, too.)

by Brother Warthreply 27903/15/2014

The Hoff at Houston international airport about 5 years ago: I sat across from him in a airline executive lounge. weird vibe: wearing yellow shades: watching music videos without headphones.

by Brother Warthreply 28003/15/2014

Actor Martin Landau introduced himself to me when I was in 4th Grade at our end-of-year show, bending way down to shake my little hand. I knew who he was from the episodes he'd done on THE OUTER LIMITS, but MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE was always on past my bedtime, so I never really knew how big a T.V. star he was then in the 60s. His wife Barbara Bain was nearby, chatting with other kids' parents. The pair would later star together in SPACE: 1999 in the 70s.

by Brother Warthreply 28103/15/2014

Sean Penn and family flew on the same flight as I did from San Francisco to Miami. It must've been around the mid-2000s. In the baggage claim at Miami he was walking towards me and I started to lift my Treo to take a pic but quickly changed my mind when he glared right at me.

by Brother Warthreply 28203/15/2014

R26, re: ...his wife was a cranky bitch tho...

... 3 guesses why this is so.

by Brother Warthreply 28303/15/2014

r11, I think I almost believe this happened.

by Brother Warthreply 28403/15/2014

r41, I have talked to Andre Agassi and he is a nice guy.

by Brother Warthreply 28503/15/2014

I've had numerous encounters, this is probably the most remote, but it did amuse me:

Was going through airport security at the Delta terminal at LAX. The woman working the monitor on my line called over to the other black woman working a wand on the next line: "Oh, look, baby! It's Barry Manilow!"

The woman she was addressing gave Mr. Manilow a sideways glance, rolled her eyes and responded in a loud voice: "I could give a shit!"

I somehow managed not to laugh.

by Brother Warthreply 28603/15/2014

R105, you shop with your monther? Is she a scary monther? Was it her time of the monther?

by Brother Warthreply 28703/15/2014

Great thread. Read it all in one sitting. The only sort of celebrity I ever ran into, and it was unexpectedly, was Rick Hanson (remember the Man in Motion? wheelchair guy?) about 15 years ago at the bumper cars at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) amusement park in Vancouver where he was waiting for what I presumed were his kids to finish their ride.

Really liked the Tyler Christopher and Jeff Goldblum stories a lot but all of these posts really.

R231 Shaun Cassidy's Stalker -- The guy who played Greg Brady is Barry Williams. Your posts are interesting.

by Brother Warthreply 28803/15/2014

Helped vanilla ice at the pharmacy I work at.

by Brother Warthreply 28903/15/2014

[quote] Actor Martin Landau introduced himself to me when I was in 4th Grade

And that mug didn't send you screaming out of the room?

by Brother Warthreply 29003/15/2014

Used to work in the CNN building in LA, not for CNN. Larry King was the epitome of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. He used to be terrified to be in the elevator with people and would slink over to the corner. I remember one time he was angry with his assistants in the elevator because he thought he had a woman who cheated with Bill Clinton and had an abortion but it turned out to be bullshit. Walking in from the garage one day saw Kirk Cameron asleep in his beat up old Toyota Corolla. He was there for an early morning CNN spot to promote one of his holy roller cheebus movies. Suge Knight's label was in our building, but I didn't know any of the rappers to recognize them. One time we got evacuated because some genius PR person sent a ticking toy bomb package to Suge's label to promote something like 'Da Bomb Music' or something. Idiots.

by Brother Warthreply 29103/15/2014

[quote]Larry King was the epitome of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. He used to be terrified to be in the elevator with people and would slink over to the corner.

That's funny to hear because I literally ran into him on Rodeo Drive. He wasn't paying attention and banged into me. I looked right into his face and was horrified by the ugliness.

by Brother Warthreply 29203/15/2014

R252 / R278 Yeah, I meant like more in 2013. Pleasing to know he wasn't "uppity" or whatnot.

Some of these stories are really funny.

by Brother Warthreply 29303/15/2014

Ali MacGraw: jewellry shop, Santa Monica, CA (she hurriedly left when she realized I was following her around shop)

Ivan Lendl: Kingsford-Smith Airport, Sydney, Oz (stood in back of him in queue. To his consternation, screamed "holy shit!! it's Ivan Lendl!!!!!")

Kylie Minogue: Shop, Sydney, Oz (held door open as she exited)

Jeff/Beau Bridges: Restaurant, Culver City, CA. (Sat across table from them. Commented to lunch companion "I'm too nervous to eat in front of Jeff/Beau Bridges." To which Beau responded "We're not too nervous to eat in front of you".)

by Brother Warthreply 29403/15/2014

John-John kennedy when I worked at a a convenience store in west palm beach in the mid 80s.He bought gum and a bottle of evian,and I was awestruck and completely tounge tied because I recognized him the second he walked in.He was very polite,chatted about the weather(it was scorching) and was FAR more handsome in real life than his pictures. Bob Denver at a liquor store in st.pete fl.He was still wearing stage makeup and gave me and my friend an autograph,but wouldnt sign it Gilligan! But he was very nice. Joan Rivers at Stapleton airport in denver.I was working at a bookstore and she was passing by(with Spike!) and i grabbed a copy of her book and she signed it for me.She was tiny and practically invisible in a huge mink,but very gracious. Same bookstore I waited on many celebrities(It was up the hall from the first class lounge)and they were never anything but nice.Kurt Russel bought several copies of a very beautiful and expensive childrens book,and he smelled absolutely delicious! Latoya Jackson was very sweet,and asked me how her book was selling(I lied and said very well) her face just lit up.She also was WAY prettier in real life.

by Brother Warthreply 29503/15/2014

[quote]Ali MacGraw: jewelry shop, Santa Monica, CA (she hurriedly left when she realized I was following her around the shop)

Nobody likes retail scrutiny.

by Brother Warthreply 29603/15/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Brother Warthreply 29703/15/2014

[quote] Jake Gyllenhaal on the downtown 6 train a few years ago. Better looking in person. The train wasn't very crowded and nobody bothered him.

I encountered Chris Evans on the train and snapped this photo of him. Nobody bothered him, even though he wasn't wearing pants.

by Brother Warthreply 29803/15/2014

Philip Noyce, Aussie film director. Sat directly in back of me. Kept talking thru screening of his film. I finally turned around and said "Give it a rest mate, will ya???!!!"

Constantine Costa-Gavras, film director. Quiet, introspective, modest. Smiled politely as I gushed inanely about his film just viewed.

by Brother Warthreply 29903/15/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Brother Warthreply 30003/15/2014

Chris Evans = Captain America

by Brother Warthreply 30103/15/2014

R290, no, he was rather handsome back in the day. Women kind of went ga-ga over him. He was just such a nice guy. The kind, gentlemanly way he is in ED WOOD as Bela Lugosi with Johnny Depp as Ed Wood was how he acted with kids and fans.

by Brother Warthreply 30203/15/2014

I've run into Gloria Trevi and Elida Reyna at the Target in McAllen. Both are famous singers in Mexican music. It's surprising how nice celebrities are in person. I asked Gloria for an autograph and when I had no pen she suggested we walk over to the stationary and signed my shirt. It was one of those moments ingrained into my head. Elida had a baby and a cart full of stuff she had bought. I approached her in the parking lot and apologized in advance for bothering her. I told her I was a huge fan and if I could get an autograph. She said yes and signed my straw hat. Great experiences.

by Brother Warthreply 30303/15/2014

I've told both of these stories here before.

Many years ago, I was in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center for a show. Ii was intermission and I was standing at the urinal taking a piss. Dan Jansen (Gold medal winning speed skater) walked up the the urinal next to me. Of course I took a peek. Not all that long but pretty thick.

Every year in Oshkosh, WI the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has a fly-in. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world attend. Hotels and restaurants are packed. I am from Green Bay (60 miles north) and a co-worker had a friend who ran a restaurant in Oshkosh. He needed extra help for the convention so a few of us went down. One night in walks JFK Jr. There was like an hour wait for a table. The manager offered to take him to a table immediately but he said no, he'd wait just like everyone else. I always thought that was classy. He was very nice.

by Brother Warthreply 30403/15/2014

Tom Cruise. He was walking down the street with two SERIOUSLY big guys flanking him. He was wearing sunglasses, but obviously made eye contact because he smiled at me. Smiles are infectious, I couldn't help but smile back. I kept walking. He's a very short man. The was so long ago I'm pretty sure he was still married to Nicole Kidman. Regardless of that good impression I still think he's as crazy as a bag if cats. No, I didn't get a "hook-up" vibe from him.

by Brother Warthreply 30503/16/2014

Ricky Nelson in the parking lot of the hotel where he was staying while appearing at a theme park near Boston in the summer of 1963. Stunningly handsome man.

by Brother Warthreply 30603/16/2014

I've also told these here before on DL.

Robert Redford walking through an airport in Denver. He was walking fast and knocked over an ashtray with sand in it. He looked flustered for a moment and then just kept walking.

Sylvester Stallone walking on Hollywood Blvd. with his tall blonde girlfriend (Susan Anton - this was a while ago). He is TINY. Of course, Anton towered over him. But even with lifts in his shoes he barely came up to her nipples.

Lily Tomlin after a show. My ex writes jokes for her and we went to dinner. She was amazing. Kept us all in stitches talking about her career highlights and lowlights.

by Brother Warthreply 30703/16/2014

[quote]Ricky Nelson in the parking lot

Oh my god, heart be still. My first gay crush.

by Brother Warthreply 30803/16/2014

[quote]Lots of celebs take public transportation in NY.

True...I saw Lynn Redgrave studying her lines one day on the subway, and just walking around (when I used to work just off Central Park at the West Side Y), I saw Dustin Hoffman, Liam Neeson, Yoko Ono, Shirley McLaine (who glared at me, I have no idea why), and Madonna (with bodyguards, going for a jog). Chris Noth, Buster Poindexter, Al Franken. Steve Martin, Kevin Kline.

...being near Lincoln Center was also good for seeing celebs just walking around.

by Brother Warthreply 30903/16/2014

Great thread. Lots of interesting meet-ups.

by Brother Warthreply 31003/20/2014

R305 "crazy as a bag of cats" -- Yeah, it's the poor innocent kitties put in the bag to drown that are crazy not the sadistic people who did/do this kind of thing -- drown cats!!

I wish people would think about what they're actually saying rather than just trying to sound cool.

(I know, get a life, too sensitive, only an expression but I speak for the kitties -- and kitty lovers here on DL.)

by Brother Warthreply 31103/20/2014

Robert Redford at a small political fundraiser of about 100 people in DesMoines Iowa around 1977.

Gary Puckett and Yanni in the Minneapolis Airport

by Brother Warthreply 31203/20/2014

Henry Winkler and the Doobie Brothers - back in the 70's one of my siblings was terminally ill. Winkler was playing the Fonz at the time. He came by to visit the kids and was a very nice guy. The Doobie Brothers were very popular during that time and performed a couple of times for the sick kids. They brought cake and signed albums for everyone.

by Brother Warthreply 31303/20/2014

Ran into an NFL player at school near the Geology department in the basement of one of the science buildings. I walked past him then turned back, he could tell I recognized him because he was looking back at me. Didn't stop him, though.

by Brother Warthreply 31403/20/2014

Brian Batt on a NY subway reading a script

Cynthia Nixon also on a subway. She was looking around like she wanted someone to notice her

by Brother Warthreply 31503/21/2014

Mac Davis at a diner in Jersey...signed my paper place mat...Crazy as a Bag Of Cats!

by Brother Warthreply 31603/21/2014

Glenda Jackson. She knocked on my door when she was campaigning for re-election to her seat in Parliament. Interesting woman.

by Brother Warthreply 31703/21/2014

I had just gotten in an elevator in a high floor of the Staritte Leighigh building on west 27th street- where Martha Stewart operates out of- she has the whole 9th floor with a private elevator.....I am the only one on the elevator and we stop at the ninth floor, the door opens- no one there...odd...door begins to close and as it's closing these two HUGH arms fling themselves in to re open the door and proceed to stand there holding the door open as Oprah gets in. They then get in and stand between her and I, taking up as much space as possible as these two guys were perhaps the largest men I have ever seen. I said, out loud, "ITS OPRAH!" and laughed and she turned around and actually said "It's Oprah????Where?????" and laughed back.....

by Brother Warthreply 31803/21/2014

My husband and I grew up in the Santa Barbara area and later lived in West LA for college so we had encounters with some celebrities back in the day (we are both in our late 40s). I am really dating myself with these stories.

My husband went to school with Davy Jones' daughter and he told me that all the moms would flirt with the former Monkee. I asked him what his impression of DJ was he said, "He was the smallest adult I had ever seen." He went to middle school with Josh Brolin and will not watch a movie with him in it. He went to school with Bradford Dillman and Suzy Parker's sons and went to birthday parties at their house. He went to a 49ers game with Diane Feinstein while she was mayor of SF.

I delivered flowers to Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield. Very nice, gave me a nice tip. I worked at a high end stationery/gift store and helped Kenny Loggins, Mary Steenburgen, Kathy Ireland, James Caan, Steven Segal (he is so short), Eva Marie Saint (super nice!). I worked at a bank when I was 19 and they would bring famous clients in after hours so I saw Robert Mitchum and John & Bo Derek (she had on a pink sweatshirts and jeans with no make up and was so beautiful). I was once walking across a parking lot, saw this vintage gold Mercedes convertible, I stopped to look at it and the car's owner walked up. I turned to compliment the car and it was Jane Russell. I was stunned and said, "Excuse me, Miss Russell." She was so nice and asked why such a young girls would know who she was. I could barely talk, she just oozed charisma - such presence.

We went to an estate sale and saw Dennis Miller and Christopher Lloyd. We also saw Steve Martin and he was very nice when my husband asked for an autograph. He gave him these cards that certified we had met him and found him to be nice. We saw Kyle MacLachlan and Lara Flynn Boyle in SB during the first season of Twin Peaks. They were near us so my husband complimented them on the show - he was really nice and talked to us for a bit but she wouldn't even look at us.

When we lived in LA we used to go to Century City Mall all the time. We saw Candace Bergen and Louis Malle, Burt Reynolds, Cindy Crawford & Richard Gere. Donald Sutherland was at the counter of a toy store next to me one Christmas - very nice and polite.

Our favorite celebrity encounter - Jonathan Winters. It was when he was doing "Davis Rules" and he came in to where I was working and my husband was husband was waiting for me. Mr. Winters came in with a local artist, Barnaby Conrad, and we both told him how much we loved the show. For one hour he did an impromptu comedy routine using the items in the store for props. We were enthralled.

Also, I worked for the poet and artist Kenneth Rexroth while in high school. It was a crazy experience.

by Brother Warthreply 31903/21/2014

When my mom was a senior in high school she went with her parents to see Nat King Cole perform at the Hungry Eye in San Francisco. She was getting on the elevator at their hotel and she stepped on a man's foot. It was Frank Sinatra. He was with the Rat Pack. It was when they were campaigning for Kennedy. She had her Hungry Eye menu and they all signed it. She still has it and it is one of her most precious possessions. She said they were all very nice and funny. Of course, she was a hot blonde 18 year old.

by Brother Warthreply 32003/21/2014

R318 - R319 - R320 -- great stories!

by Brother Warthreply 32103/23/2014

Chris Rock, at a book store. The security guard ask if he was Chris Rock, he said no. He was a very small guy. He was looking something up in the entertainment section.

by Brother Warthreply 32203/23/2014

[quote]Like being in the grocery store and Jeremy Renner asks you to get something off the top shelf for him?

"Would you hand me that Thai Ladyboy on the top shelf, please? I'm too short to reach it.'

by Brother Warthreply 32303/23/2014

[quote]She was getting on the elevator at their hotel and she stepped on a man's foot. It was Frank Sinatra.

It's a good thing she lived to tell it.

by Brother Warthreply 32403/28/2014

I saw Jaclyn Smith in a Whole Foods in Orlando Florida once. She was really rude. A few people had approached her and she yelled, 'I just want to get OUT OF HERE!'

by Brother Warthreply 32503/29/2014

[quote]Glenda Jackson. She knocked on my door when she was campaigning for re-election to her seat in Parliament. Interesting woman.

Did she just hand you a brochure, or did you have time to chat? Did you invite her in?

by Brother Warthreply 32603/29/2014

just read the lou christie encounter, i just saw him with fabian and frankie avalon doing a show together , he stole the show. you could tell the way he moved he know what he was doing. everyone in the room stood up to give him a standing ovation, his voice and personality were fantastic, sexy, and looked half his age.what a surprise .

by Brother Warthreply 32703/29/2014

A few years ago I was doing a lot of traveling for work between Vancouver, BC, and Los Angles, California, and I sat next to a guy named Jansen Ackles. I'd never seen him before and didn't know who he was until the gay flight attendant began to swoon. I actually posted something about this a few years back on a similar thread and some crazy person insisted that I was lying--which I certainly know I wasn't. That poster was insistent, though. As I remember, Jansen was nice looking, quite tall as I recall, but nothing spectacular, and he absolutely reeked of garlic! When we landed in LA he made a call on his cell and complained about the 'super f*ggy' (his words, not mine) male flight attendant to a friend.

by Brother Warthreply 32803/29/2014

George Strait in a store at a gas station outside of San Antonio. I had gotten lost while traveling and stopped to get gas and directions. He was friendly, helpful and quite good looking (no ass, but a nice bulge in his jeans).

by Brother Warthreply 32903/29/2014

George Michael about 16 or 17 years ago standing just inside the airport in Nice, France (fairly small airport). He was alone and seemed to be waiting for someone. I asked him if he was George Michael and when he sheepishly nodded yes, I told him I was a big fan. He smiled and thanked me almost inaudibly. It was shortly before the restroom scandal. If later, I'd have asked him if he needed "to pee."

by Brother Warthreply 33003/29/2014

[quote] I said, out loud, "ITS OPRAH!" and laughed and she turned around and actually said "It's Oprah????Where?????" and laughed back.....

That's pretty funny.

by Brother Warthreply 33103/29/2014

I eat old cat shit.

by Brother Warthreply 33203/29/2014

Chad Lowe buying lesbian porn tapes - dvds were not around then - at that porn store near the mattress store on the avenue (6th or 7th?) near where Splash used to be.

by Brother Warthreply 33303/29/2014

Seen tons of celebrities in my time, but seeing George Plimpton walking his dog while I was out smoking a joint at 72nd Street east of York Avenue at 9:30 a.m. on a perfect August morning in 1985 was really cool.

by Brother Warthreply 33403/29/2014

My father sat next to Ricky Martin on a flight to Frankfurt and Diana Ross on a flight to Australia--

but he had nothing to say (except he almost didn't recognize Ross).

That's all I got.

by Brother Warthreply 33503/29/2014

I bumped booties with JFK Jr on the subway. I had accidentally backed into a guy when the A train had jolted me, and when I turned to say I was sorry, he said it to me first. I realized it was JFK Jr just as he turned away. Nice guy, and just as good looking in person.

by Brother Warthreply 33603/30/2014

Sarah Brightman outside some the London Studios, very sweet, a little mad. Also, Ben Elton (uk comedian) in a book shop on Oxford Street, quite polite.

by Brother Warthreply 33703/30/2014

In 1984,when I was 10,I rode up in the elevator at the Memorial Coliseum Holiday Inn in Portland,Or with K.C. of K.C. and the Sunshie Band...of course by that time he was just "K.C."

I remember him asking me "Is it raining outside?"

by Brother Warthreply 33803/30/2014

These are pathetic star sightings, except for JFK, Jr.

by Brother Warthreply 33903/30/2014

Did you offer Plimpton a toke?

by Brother Warthreply 34003/30/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Brother Warthreply 34104/03/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Brother Warthreply 34204/03/2014

when I was a child (1979) we were visiting NYC and killing time waiting for my dad to finish visiting porn shops in times square (I didn;t know this was what we were waiting for at the time) around 6th Ave/50th. It was dead boring and we had been sitting around for about an hour. Anyhow - all of a sudden out of No where Sammy Davis Jr and Nell Carter proceed to Belt out show tunes arm in arm up 6th avenue seemingly for no reason at all. Maybe they were in a show together..? no idea but it was pretty bizarre.

SD jr was a tiny thing.

by Brother Warthreply 34304/03/2014

I saw Christopher Meloni two times at the movie theater I worked at in Connecticut in the summer of 2004.

The first time was with his 2 or 3 year old daughter. They went to a matinee showing of Shrek 2. He was wearing an interesting outfit: unlaced work boots, long jean shorts with a few blue and white stripes running down the leg seams, and a mustard yellow and bright yellow tie-dye shirt with "Never Trust a Hippie" written on it.

He was neither friendly nor unfriendly. He paid for his tickets but then walked away before I gave them to him, so I had to call him back, "Sir, your tickets." And then he turned around and smiled sheepishly at me and said, "Oh yeah." It was quite a moment for me.

After the movie he and his daughter were waiting in the lobby for their ride, and the girl was chasing after these multi colored strobe lights that were spinning and shining all around the floor. He joined in with her and tried to 'catch' them. Very cute. He saw me watching them an nodded to me as he left.

by Brother Warthreply 34404/16/2014

The second time was a few days later. He went with his wife to see The Manchurian Candidate. I didn't sell him the tickets that time, but saw him on his way out.

This time he had on a light blue button down shirt with about half of the buttons undone, Dickies like grey pants, and the same unlaced work boots. He was also wearing one of those fur lined winter trapper hats.

This was in June or July.

by Brother Warthreply 34504/16/2014

I was stretching before jogging around Town Lake in Austin. All of a sudden this dog comes up and sniffs my leg. I jumped back & said "ughhhh!!!" because I'm terrified of dogs. Up comes Ryan Gossling; that guy from the Drive movie. He goes "sorry about that!" and put the leash around his hell hound. I just looked and walked away.

by Brother Warthreply 34604/16/2014

[quote]He was also wearing one of those fur lined winter trapper hats.

Maybe balding guys need warmth in an air conditioned space.

by Brother Warthreply 34711/20/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Brother Warthreply 34811/20/2014

My brother-in-law Joe was a booze-hound and funny, charming, and gregarious. He was at a bar in the Poconos and met Henny Youngman, who was there doing his schtick in the Jewish Alps. Eventually, Joe convinced HY to call my mother, his mother-in-law, at 1am, to tell her some jokes. Not his own mother, or anybody else, but my mother. Even stranger is that he ran into Henny a few years later, and convinced him to call my mother, again, in the middle if the night.

by Brother Warthreply 34911/20/2014

[quote]We went to an estate sale and saw Dennis Miller and Christopher Lloyd.

Were they shopping together?

by Brother Warthreply 35011/22/2014

[quote]I worked at a store on the Upper East Side 20 years? ago. Waited on David McCallum - Surly

David McCallum lived across the street from The High School of Art and Design, a school I attended. I would see him all the time. He'd be regularly getting on and off a crosstown bus which stopped on 57th Street.

At the time, he had already divorced Jill Ireland. He was married to a strange looking dark haired model named Kathy Carpenter. I have no idea if they are still together.

Some of the kids from A&D would screech out the name of his "Man from U.N.C.L.E." character Illya Kuryakin when they'd see him, he'd get really annoyed when he heard that, he'd glare at them. It was fucking hilarious. I never thought he'd have a career after his 1950s TV show, I was surprised to hear he's a regular on "NCIS".

Around the same area, I'd also see Carly Simon and James Taylor a lot, I always thought she lived on the UWS. I remember seeing a very pregnant Carly wearing platform sandals, with those shoesm she was extremely tall, she saw me staring and she smiled at me.

I'd sometimes see James Taylor getting on the downtown RR, which is now the N train.

I saw Greta Garbo walking past Bloomingdale's, as well as David Steinberg near Bloomies too. When I saw him, he was always hailing a cab. Weird. I guess at the time I saw him, he had scheduled meetings somewhere, because I'd see him when I was walking to the RR train to get home from A&D.

I don't think the 60th Street entrance wasn't yet completed at the time, I'd have to get the train at the Bloomingdale's entrance, I'd always see David Steinberg hailing a cab in front of Bloomingdale's at pretty much the same time, this went on for a few months, then I never saw him again.

At Fiorucci, I also saw Bruce Springsteen waited on by drag star/singer Joey Arias, this was when Joey was not quite yet famous. Bruce has just become famous. Bruce always wore black Fiorucci jeans around the time he got the covers of TIME and Newsweek, I found that information quite funny, the 'Man of the People', 'Mr. New Joisey', in Fiorucci jeans

by Brother Warthreply 35111/22/2014

That should have been: "his 1960s TV show..."

by Brother Warthreply 35211/22/2014

I worked at a very high end mens clothing store on Madison Avenue that would attract lots of celebrities. I waited on Tony Randall, Mandy Patinkin, Mike Wallace, Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, Andy Williams and various local news anchors. Bill Murray was nice but had awful taste, Patkin and Nicholson were assess. Tried on lots of cloths and left everything in a heap on the floor of the dressing room. Randall would occasionally show up with much younger men. Not sure if they were together.

Andy Williams tried to pick-up the very under age daughter of my co-worker one summer. The store had one, very slow elevator. She got on followed by Williams and woman closer to his age. After a few seconds, he turned to the daughter and asked if she wanted to have champagne with him in his limo. She turned him down. He then asked her if she knew who he was and this time, annoyed, she said, "no." His female companion then turned to Williams and said something like, "Andy, she probably wasn't even born when you were on TV."

I was having lunch at Moondance Diner and two tables over oas JFK Jr and Caroline Bessette. It was a week before he died. His foot was in a cast. Neither spoke or even looked at each other.

I woukd in the same building with Al Sharpton's lawyer, so I would see Sharpton a lot. Janet Reno was in the same building. Looked like a very tall tranny. Madeline Albright was there once too.

I would work some rich guy's annual Toys for Tots party that attracted the B-list socialites, including Paris/Nicky/Kathy Hilton, Nicole Richie and some other young, dumb blonde. It was right before Paris became famous and it looked like her original or semi original body parts. We would call it the Toys from Tarts party. They donated very cheap gifts.

Got to ride in the HP jet with Carly Fiorina and HP's CFO Bob (forgot his last name, began with a W). Not nearly the repug she is today.

by Brother Warthreply 35311/22/2014
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