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A neighbor is building a sex suite near my house

A man down the street is building a third story on his home and the neighbors are yapping that it's to "entertain." Workmen have been coming and going constantly. It looks like it's going to be huge and luxurious...The guy comes and goes late at night and sometimes leaves sheepishly in the morning; I see him when leaving for work.

by Miss Marplereply 404/16/2013

Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that it is to "entertain"

by Miss Marplereply 104/16/2013

Will it have shag carpeting and flocked wallpaper?

by Miss Marplereply 204/16/2013

Maybe he's gonna invite lots of local high school guys over for wrestling. Where do you live OP?

by Miss Marplereply 304/16/2013

If he's killing off each contractor after their portion of the project is complete, he may be making a maze in which to hunt, kill, and eat unsuspecting virgins.

by Miss Marplereply 404/16/2013
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