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Kristin Chenoweth

Joins Matthew Broderick in CBS Comedy pilot.

by 2811/29/2014

She is a George W. Bush lover having sung at not one, but two of his inaugurals. She also co-hosted the country music awards with anti-gay marriage advocate Trace Adkins, who she says she LOVES.

by 104/12/2013

Ooops, here's the link.

by 204/12/2013

She looks amazing.

by 304/16/2013

[quote]She looks amazing.

Except for those poor little matchstick legs.

by 404/16/2013

Oy R1, do you stay here night and day to repeat the same factually accurate but essentially irrelevant post?

Then again you really are making a big difference to her career, therefore I am sure you must have even more hatred toward Psy, who hates the U.S., wrote a song about it and wants everyone in the U.S. killed. Right?

by 504/16/2013

ET Phone home

why is her head so big?

by 604/16/2013

Her legs don't look bad R4

by 704/16/2013

For Pinocchio, R7?

by 804/16/2013

Is she the woman who has the voice that can cut glass?.

by 904/16/2013

R9 helium voice.

by 1004/16/2013

Thank you R5.

by 1104/16/2013

She looks like she's going to have a stroke. Simmer down on the botox.

by 1204/16/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by 1304/16/2013

I love her voice personally.

by 1404/16/2013

R6 Her head isn't big. Her body is miniature.

by 1504/16/2013

This is Kristin Chenoweth's voice, the one that matters. Her great comic Broadway coloratura soprano. She is as talented as they come, a bit too ambitious for certain things, hard to cast, too thin, not anti-gay at ALL and a friend of mine.

All I am going to say.

"Glitter and be Gay"

by 1604/16/2013

Her lower vocal range is just as beautiful.

"The Prayer" (Bring him Home)

by 1704/16/2013

She was horrible at the Oscars.

by 1804/16/2013

Are her boobs real?

by 1904/16/2013

They had ZERO chemistry when they played Harold Hill and Marian the Librarian in the TV-movie remake of THE MUSIC MAN.

Plus Cheno on TV is the kiss of death - no series she's done has lasted more than one season (KRISTIN, PUSHING DAISIES - even though she won an Emmy for that one) and even her one episodes guest spot on THE GOOD WIFE ended with her getting seriously injured.

This one won't get past the pilot phase to become a series, trust me

by 2004/16/2013

I love her. I think she's talented and gorgeous, she is pro-gay. And she's a fiscal R, so what? So was Dixie Carter and Hal Holbrook, both of whom are beloved here at DL, and so is Delta Burke and her husband, everyone here also loves DB.

by 2104/16/2013

R20. You forget West Wing

by 2204/16/2013

Not sure how you know about that, Aaron at R22, since you'd already left when she arrived.

Sorkin only wrote the first four seasons of TWW. I know they had a very public private thing going, but she didn't coincide with him on the show.

She did, however, accuse him of lifting their arguments verbatim for some scenes in Studio 60, in which she was played by an actress of insultingly deficient talent.

by 2304/17/2013

Um, Pushing Daisies lasted 2 seasons...

by 2404/17/2013

Watch me on Hollywood Game Night right now!

by 2508/15/2013

Anyone watch her PBS special, Coming Home? She seemed genuinely touched to be playing her hometown. But the show seemed very mannered.

by 2611/29/2014

Love her....Saw the show... It had something for everyone....not that she pings but wonder if she is a lesbian or just haven't found the right guy... Anyone here knows?

by 2711/29/2014

Hate her.

by 2811/29/2014
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