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Canadian Liberals lead Conservatives in new poll

Apr 12, 2013



NDP 23.6%

The federal Liberals have topped the Conservatives for the first time in years, with the NDP dropping to third, a new Nanos Research poll suggests.

The poll, which comes more than two years before the next federal election, has the Liberals in first place at 35.4 per cent. The Conservatives are 4.1 percentage points back, at 31.3 per cent and the NDP are at 23.6 per cent.

The difference between the Liberals and Conservatives is greater than the margin of error for the poll. The numbers are considered accurate to within 3.3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

That puts the Liberals up several percentage points from the last poll two months ago, when they sat in second place at 29.1 per cent. The Conservatives were ahead in that poll with 31.5 per cent and the NDP in third at 27.2 per cent.

The number of people polled who said they were undecided has plunged since the last survey, from 28.3 per cent last February to 11.2 per cent this month.

The Liberal Party has had substantial media coverage in the past few months as they ramp up to reveal their next leader this weekend.

"It is too early to tell whether this increase in Liberal support is the new trend or a direct result of the focus on the Liberal Leadership race," Nik Nanos, the president and CEO of Nanos Research, told CBC News.

"What is clear is that the focus on the Liberal leadership is having reverberations on the political landscape," he said.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8504/17/2013

Until Canada actually gets rid of the the current Conservative administration, Canada has still become a right wing, fundie paradise.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 104/12/2013

I wonder if Harper will step down or retire in the next couple years?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 204/12/2013

I think it is revealing that the right wing of the Republican party is imploding at the exact same time the Canadian Conservative party numbers are going down.

It shows you how close the Canadian Conservative Party and the ring wing of the American Republicans party are.

People have known for year that PM Harper has been sending people down to the USA for training, but most people did not know how truly integrated the 2 parties were.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 304/12/2013

When will election be called?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 404/12/2013

Canadians: what's keeping NDP and the Liberals from forming a coalition? Canada is a center-left country, so if they put their egos aside, it seems they should be able to take, and use, power.


by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 504/12/2013

That is a "Catch-22" situation R5.

The intended purpose is to get rid of right wing Conservatives all together. Get them out of Canada and back down to the Southern US, were their ideology came from.

If you merge the Liberals and the NDP, into the Canadian Democratic party, you essentially move Canada to a 2 party system, securing a permanent place for the right wing Convective party. The ideal, is to get a 1-2 punch, have the government formed by the NDP or Liberals, with the leader of the opposition as the other - NOT the Conservatives. Get the Cons back down to 3rd party status, so they remain forever on the fringes of politics where they belong.

Merging the Liberals and the NDP to beat the Cons is extreme, permanent and dangerous to the people, at the expense of their of the future, out of the pure desperation of the now.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 604/12/2013

It's about bloody time Canadians rectified and reversed their idiotic right-ward drift.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 704/12/2013

Plus there are still ideological differences between the NDP and the Liberals. The Libs are mainstream, big money, big business, capitalists. Albeit less evil than the Cons and with a more compassionate focus. In Canadian terms they're very much in the middle of the political spectrum.

The NDP, on the other hand, are hard-nosed, union-loving socialists, no matter how they tried to soften their image under Jack Layton. Wonderful political and social ideals. But a hard sell to the average Canadian worried about fiscal responsibility.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 804/12/2013

Also, the Liberals are very much a party of the establishment. The NDP are a party of rebellious upstarts who hate the establishment. Both sides balk at the notion of a merger.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 904/12/2013

I would love if the NDP were able to form the government, but it is technically impossible. Jack Layton picked up the BLOQ vote - that is it. The NDP numbers outside of Quebec are still the same, even with the Jack Layton boost, which they no longer have.

It is not going to happen. What may happen. is the NDP will take away enough Liberal votes to keep the Canadian "Republican" party in power for another decade.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1004/12/2013

This isn't the first time we heard this scenario on datalounge, and yet somehow the Conservatives have been winning. 'Splain, please.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1104/12/2013

1. Liberal party incompetence. Jokers elected and in control throughout the party. (The current leader, Bob Rae is one of them)

2. Increasing immigrant voters, largely from China and India, leading to the surge of right wing, socially conservative voters.

3. Growing popularity of Reality TV, distracting the masses from what really matters.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1204/12/2013

Nice, but the Liberals need to get into the 40% range. They need the support for the NDP to go to them.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1304/12/2013

Why can't the NDP become the majority party? What's standing in the way of this?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1404/12/2013

[quote]Why can't the NDP become the majority party? What's standing in the way of this?

They need to win more seats. As R10 explained the only reason they did as well as they did in the last election was because of their surge of support in Quebec (who were tired of the Bloq) Many new Quebec NDP MPs were toally new to politics and had no idea what was going on.

NDP support in the rest of Canada has only grown slightly.

All that was thanks to Jack Layton, who was charming and smart. The current leader, Thomas Mulcair, is smart but not charming. He always seems very gruff and angry. He won't win the NDP much new support. I suspect Quebec voters will return to the Bloq.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1504/12/2013

Oh, but to answer your question, R14. The NDP has a reputation for being extremely bad at economics. They have wonderful social ideals and plans, but don't know how to pay for them. We all want everything, but if the economy is left in ruins is it worth it?

That may or may not be justified, but that's what keeps most Canadians from supporting them.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1604/12/2013

The Conservatives are morrons. Really !

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1704/12/2013

[quote]People have known for year that PM Harper has been sending people down to the USA for training, but most people did not know how truly integrated the 2 parties were.

The Canadian Press should investigate this in more detail, R3.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1804/12/2013

OP's poll is bad news for the left. The cons should not be polling that high, and the left is going to split the vote. Canada is over. Harper is not going anywhere. The longer the cons are in power, the more the masses are going to shift over to their side. You're having kids grow up in a Harper's Canada. The left is going to become more and more desperate, and it's going to backfire. This is what the right is counting on. They are controlling the narrative. Society is more likely to stick with the devil it knows the longer that devil is in power. It took a very long time for Canada to swing left. It took a long time for the country to swing right, and now it has. Canada is not going to swing towards the libs for a very long time. The left is a mess, and trust fund Trudeau proves that they have no fucking clue what they're doing.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 1904/12/2013

Canada has now announced its intentions to bring new immigrants in by the truckloads. This will give the Right more votes. They are notoriously right wing.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2004/12/2013

I prefer a Liberal government but I think all this Trudeaumania2 is just a bunch of oldies either pining for his father or cynically thinking voters will.

Justin is going to grate sooner rather than later. He comes across as terribly precious and I don't think he's got a ton of real world experience. I can't imagine him running a Cabinet meeting. A focus group or a public consultation, sure. But not Cabinet or a country. I wish they'd gone with somebody substantive.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2104/12/2013

When the left loses the next election, all hell is going to break loose. Only then will they realize that they need to get real, grow the fuck up, and actual come down back to earth and consider policy, not running dumb pretty boys like Trudeau. They have no substance. This is why the "Liberals are outdated, full of outdated policies" works with the public. It's true.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2204/12/2013

Do people in Canada vote for the national party leader when they pick their local MP? My impression was that Thatcher could never have been British PM because the people disliked her but she kept winning because Conservative MP's kept winning.

It just seems to me that the NDP has a better grasp on economics than the other two parties and ought to be given its turn.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2304/12/2013

R19 R20 and R21 are the same Gloomy Eeyore, who is probably none other than Conservative Queen and Thatcherite John Baird. Hiya, Johnny!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2404/12/2013

Just realistic, R24.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2504/12/2013

Oh, God - John Baird is nasty excuse for a gay person.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2604/12/2013

R25, it's been 7 years for the Cons, the pendulum is ready to swing back. Justin Trudeau represents a change and the swing vote is up for grabs. The mistake they made with Ignatieff was that in demeanor, he's too similar to the closed-off and arrogant Harper. And Mulcair isn't similar enough to Layton.

R26, if Harper steps down my guess is that Baird will throw his hat in the race, along with Jason Kenney. Very interested in whether Baird would come out & run as an openly gay conservative candidate.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2704/12/2013

If Harper stepped down, the tide would definitely shift to the left. That's the way it always happens - leader steps down, public swings to the opposite direction. Several years later, it's later, rinse, repeat.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2804/12/2013

Baird & Kenney are both closet cases - unmarried men in their mid 40's. Don't think that will go over well with the Conservative base.

Kenney used to talk about staying a virgin until marriage and was even weirder back in the 1990's when he first entered Parliament.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 2904/12/2013

Why is everyone so sure that Trudeau will win the Liberal party nomination? Is this something the press is trying to "put over" on everyone?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3004/12/2013

r27 = Trudeau HQ

You're not fooling anyone, dear.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3104/13/2013

Because r30, the left is a hot mess.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3204/13/2013

Again, the cons will win the next election. I called it the last two times. Libs are deranged. They lost touch with reality a long time ago. This is a new Canada. This is Harper's Canada, and they're busing the immigrants in this year. That means more con votes.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3304/13/2013

Two years is a long way away. anything can happen,

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3404/13/2013

R29 - for some reason, I think Kenney is recently married? Not sure. If he is, then that could be an indication of his intentions to move up the ranks. However, I don't think Canadians would support him. He and Baird, I think, are liked even less than Harper - if that's possible.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3504/13/2013

Kenney is an Evangelical Christian who is saving himself for marriage.

He is single

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3604/13/2013

[quote]Kenney is an Evangelical Christian who is saving himself for marriage.

Someone here once referred to him as Jason "I don't fuck, but watch me eat" Kenney.

Still cracks me up!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3704/13/2013

21/22 Rubbish, being of 'stature' did not stop Martin, Dion and Ignatieff going down to defeat. Inexperience did not stop Obama, did not stop JFK, did not stop Blair or Cameron or even Hollande and will not stop Trudeau. Trudeau also has charisma and is likeable, something the Liberals have not had in a leader since Chretien, and like it or not that matters in politics. Trudeau is also miles ahead of his rivals in polls of the public and the son of the most successful and popular Canadian PM in history!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3804/13/2013

The right wingers will not be in power forever and when their power collapses, as power always does, the witch hunt against those members of the gay community who helped these anti-gay bigots, will begin. Namely Jason Kennedy and John Baird, but a few others as well. Hope they enjoy their perks for turning against the community... IT WON'T LAST.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 3904/13/2013

R31, R32, R33 (all the same person) you are clearly a staunch and loyal conservative but politics run in cycles and the country is ready for a change at the federal level.

If Harper doesn't step down, he might manage a minority for his fourth term. But he's got his legacy to consider and may want on go out on top. He's also got such a tyrannical grip on his party, that no one is daring to offer themselves as his replacement yet. And that means, if he does step down, his replacement will have very little time to put a campaign together.

Baird and Kenney both want the job but they are "problematic" candidates for the reasons posters have mentioned above. The Cons are looking at another split between the progressives and the remaining dregs of the Reform party.

Even without Trudeau's momentum, the Cons are starting to have cracks in their facade.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4004/13/2013

I agree with R38

That was the same knock against Obama.

In fact Trudeau has more MP experience than Stephen Harper when he became the leader of the Canadian Alliance. Harper had only been an MP (during Reform) for 3 and half years.

Trudeau has been an MP for 5 years.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4104/13/2013

Trudeau will win a majority if he properly "frames" Harper, as PM Harper has been helping the corporations replace Canadian workers with immigrant labour (RBC) and giving American Oil sands companies insane tax breaks (EXXON), this should not be too hard.

The real question is, once Trudeau is in office with his majority....will he be able to actually fix ANY of the damage Harpers Conservatives have done, or will Trudeau just hang out and smell the roses for 5 years, be a pretend Prime Minister.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4204/13/2013

R42 what about vote splitting between them and the NDP

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4304/13/2013

Believe it or not, but the Liberals and NDP have generally agreed ***unofficially*** to cooperate on this already. The only wild card is the Bloc vote re-emerging.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4404/13/2013

Nonsense, r16. You sound like a tory. The NDP has led many successful and financially responsible provincial governments over the years. There's no reason to assume they would govern any differently on a national level.

Let's remember they are the party that brought about national health care, which covers every Canadian at a significantly lower cost than the US spends to only cover some of its people. And auto insurance is hundreds lower in provinces where the NDP made it public.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4504/13/2013

Liberals #1, NDP #2


NDP #1, Liberals #2

I don't care at this point, getting rid of Harper is job #1 for Canada and the worlds Gay communities. He empowers other leaders to be anti-gay too (like Germanys Angela Merkel and Russias Putin)

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4604/13/2013

But can Thomas Mulcair beat Stephen Harper, R45? He is not as well-liked by the Canadian public as Jack Layton was. Polls show Mulcair is considered less likeable than even Stephen Harper. If Layton was still leader it might be different, but right now Mulcair is kind of like a Canadian version of Mitt Romney.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4704/13/2013

If post-Harper the Tories elect a leader from the moderate 'progressive' conservative wing of the party you could also see the Reform Party spring up again and the right vote split again too, much as the rise of UKIP is now splitting the right vote with the Tories in the UK! Mind you against Trudeau, an ultra-conservative would be unelectable too outside of Alberta!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4804/13/2013

UKIP = Wild Rose Party

Everything that can be done to get rid of Harper and his Conservative/Reform party has to be done, else Canada should just merge with Texas.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 4904/13/2013

I also fail to see how immigrants will automatically vote Conservative, after all, in most other nations in Europe, Oceania and the USA the immigrant vote leans left, even if Asian immigrants tend to be more conservative than black or Hispanic immigrants they are still not as conservative as white voters!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5004/13/2013

49 - More sensible would be for Alberta and British Columbia to merge with Texas, the Deep South, the Plain States and Wyoming, Utah and Idaho. They can then have an ultra conservative, laissez-faire religious right utopia for ever more. Meanwhile the rest of Canada and the USA can get rid of the ultra right and ensure largely moderate/liberal government for decades to come!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5104/13/2013

I thought British Columbia was politically very liberal?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5204/13/2013

There was A LOT of vote splitting in various riding that caused the Cons to win. That was due to the rise of the NDP.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5304/13/2013

52 - No British Columbia and Alberta voted for Reform/Canadian Alliance even in 1993, well before they merged with the Tories. You could also throw in Alaska too!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5404/13/2013

BC isn't ultra - conservative. They've elected many "socialist " NDP governments.

And Mulcair is nothing like Romney. Ad hominem smears are sleazy

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5504/13/2013

What is all this about Harper encouraging immigration so that the immigrants will become Conservative voters?

I thought Harper was very anti-immigrant. Didn't Jason Kenney block the asylum applications of Afghani interpreters?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5604/13/2013

55 OK, then BC can stay, but Alberta could certainly merge with the ultra conservative rump in the USA.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5704/13/2013

It is BCs Indian and Asian communities that are voting for the Reform party. Ironic that they vote like Texans, because Texans don't much care for those "types".

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5804/13/2013

Alberta opinion is a byproduct of 1. Hate for Quebec and 2. Over confidence in their Oil wealth.

These 2 things are the anger improperly directed at gays. It is anger by proxy.

Preston Manning and Co. are just capitalizing on that anger for power it gives them. Just like certain European leaders of the past did. Just like most organized religions do.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 5904/14/2013

Alberta's politics are changing with all the easterners who are moving there. Some "real" Albertans are actually grumbling that if people move there they should get onboard with their retrograd politics. Fuck em, eh.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6004/14/2013

More about me and my blinding handsomeness, please!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6104/14/2013

If people drink the poisonous political punch, after being told it is poison, I don't have much sympathy for them. These "real" Albertans won't last much longer and will soon be replaced by real people, not just from out East, but from youth as well.

Welcome to the good side of rebellious youth.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6204/14/2013

They just announced on the CBC, Trudeau is confirmed as the new leader.

Canadians can now officially begin their struggle to take back their country from the anti-gay Conservative/Reform party.

It is going to get nasty. Several members of the US Republican party, have moved up to Canada in the last 2 months and are ready to help the Conservatives stay in power.

(The Republicans now view Canada as the new frontier to save Conservatism, as has been heavily discussed in US right wing media of late.)

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6304/14/2013

63 - Well given the GOP's recent electoral record, I don't think the Liberals should be too worried!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6404/14/2013

The best thing for the Liberals is to push Harper off the right wing cliff. The problem is the Liberals are still banging the middle class drum. There is no middle class left anymore. Most Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck today.

If Trudeau is too distanced from reality to understand this, he is in trouble. Mulclair understands this.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6504/14/2013

Harper may actually help the Liberals because he is far too much the control freak to anoint a successor. If the party collapses after he leaves, it will only feed his ego that he was all that was holding it together. (See also: Brian Mulroney.)

Meanwhile spring is coming, which means Justin in a tshirt!

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6604/14/2013

What thrilling news, OP! I'm sure all our posters in Winnipeg and Saskatoon are agog.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6704/14/2013

This Reform/Party has to collapse. Canada's flirtation with the extreme right wing has to end, else Canada's good rep is over.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6804/15/2013

Harper will stay. Mark my words. The Right owns Canada now. The Left is DOA. It's in ruins. It's living in the past. Now, all the immigrants are flooding the country. That means even more conservative votes. Sorry, babes. This is going to be a generation of conservatism.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 6904/15/2013

Alberta does, in effect, have a Liberal government currently. They ran under the Conservative banner (as most of them do) but they are red Tories mostly. Liberals, basically.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7004/15/2013

[quote]The real question is, once Trudeau is in office with his majority

Don't even consider it because bozo, trust fund baby, Trudeau will never reach office.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7104/15/2013

There's an excitement around Trudeau. And energy. It's palpable and something is definitely happening. He's young, relevant, cool, smart and has the ability to bring in throngs of young voters. That's something Harper and Mulcair can't do. Suddenly those two look very old and very irrelevant.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7204/15/2013

[quote]Harper will stay. Mark my words. The Right owns Canada now. The Left is DOA. It's in ruins. It's living in the past. Now, all the immigrants are flooding the country. That means even more conservative votes. Sorry, babes. This is going to be a generation of conservatism.

That's not how it works in Canada, generally. Leaders have 8 to 10 years and then generally step down to let someone else take the helm. People get tired of seeing their faces and hearing their name. They want someone new.

And don't blame immigrants. Canada has always had immigrants, most of whom have voted Liberal.

Plus, I really don't think there's been an ideological shift in Canada. We turned to the Cons because the Liberals had 11 years in office and were looking tired.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7304/15/2013

Canada doesn't have any Cons? Witness Preston Mannings recent Ottawa conference. It is like the "Pat Buchanan Republicans" moved North.

The immigrants of the past were generally European immigrants and tended to be more progressive. That is not the case today.

I agree with the poster who said, in the face of overwhelming Trudeau Mania Part Deux, Harper will step down and let the extreme right wing take the Conservative Party into oblivion, which is a good thing for Canada.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7404/15/2013

PM Harpers government was based on Harper being able to control a group of right wing, anti-gay religious fanatics, which Harper was able to do for a while. That control is already crumbling.

The real worry is will Justin Trudeau be able to hold his own again Bay Street and Bell Globe Media (the 2 forces who really put Harper in power), will the Liberals punish Bay Street and "FoxNews" North (CTV and the Globe and Mail) or will Trudeau cut a deal and continue the servitude.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7504/15/2013

I think R69 is correct.

Muclair and Trudeau are both medium-good leaders - they could split the (majority) vote again, and Harper could win again with the West and certain voters here and there.

Even if Trudeau somehow got in, it could be like Tony Blair, same Thatcher stuff but with a younger person who smiles.

It doesn't help that we do not have a newspaper, magazine, or TV station that tells the truth. They never tell the truth about Harper or what is happening in Canada.

I really think Canada is finished and it depresses the hell out of me.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7604/15/2013

69 Well how come immigrants in the US and Europe, not just blacks and hispanics but Asians too, vote overwhelmingly Democrat in comparison to the white vote?

76 The latest poll I saw had a Trudeau led Liberals on 39 percent compared to 32 for the Tories and only 20 for the NDP, a clear Liberal victory. Trudeau's father was generally liberal/left he went to see Castro and decriminalised homosexuality. Trudeau's supporters will be hoping he follows in his footsteps

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7704/15/2013

If the Liberals could just unchain Harpers party and let the public see the nutcases that make up Canada's Conservative party, it would be a Liberal sweep in 2015. Harper would actually like it too, because it makes him look good - aka look at the loons I had to keep under control for 8 years.

The Liberal Party has a bad habit of picking both sides. The whole "middle class" schtick Trudeau has come out of the gate singing today, makes me nervous, because the vast majority of Canadians today are no longer middle class, but paycheck-to-paycheck class. Hence the real election issue.

Canada doesn't need more government sponsored volley ball nights at the local community centre. Canadians need fair paying jobs - lots of them, because few actually have them today. The Middle Class no longer exists as a majority in Canada (or the G7). Canada needs to stand up against massive Corporations, like the Royal Bank, who lay off Canadians and import cheap foreign workers with indifference to public opinion.

I am not sure Justin Trudeau, coming from a privileged background, understands this.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7804/15/2013

I agree, R78. He sounds not only out of touch by saying "middle class," he sounds like an American politician - they always say that because it is forbidden to talk/think about the working class, and "middle class" is this vague grouping that is supposed to represent a very wide range, when the reality is that it represents an upper middle class that is well-off, satiated, and has all the sports equipment that it needs for its spoiled children.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 7904/15/2013

It's the upper middle class that votes, R79. Politicians know who they have to reach. So does that really make him out of touch? I'd still rather let Trudeau prove himself - he has two years to do so. At this point, I'd rather see anyone as PM other than Harper.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8004/16/2013

The upper middle class is less than 10% of the population - they are what used to be called the middle class. They are statistically irrelevant.

Like in most Western nations today, the middle class doesn't even exist anymore. Most people work paycheck to paycheck and that makes them working class not middle class, even though they delude themselves about this. But saying the upper middle class is a key voting block is just crazy. If anything, the upper middle class are the ones corrupting the economic system.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8104/16/2013

[quote]Don't even consider it because bozo, trust fund baby, Trudeau will never reach office.

Sounds like we have some Conservative shills on this thread.

I remember when people predicted that Justin Trudeau couldn't get elected to Parliament. Or be able to beat Conservative Senator Brazeau in the boxing ring. Or win the Leaderhip race.

How did that work out for you?

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8204/16/2013

The right wing crazies are about to break out of Stephen Harpers basement, after years of bondage.

This election is Trudeaus to lose.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8304/17/2013

NEW POLL (Forum Research, April 15, 2013)

Liberal Party = 43%

Conservative Party = 30%

New Democratic Party = 19%

Bloc Quebecois = 5%

Green Party = 2%

Other = 1%

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8404/17/2013

I would like to see Trudeau at over 50% within 2 years. That means a good smack down to Preston Manning and Co.

by Justin Trudeau, M.P.reply 8504/17/2013
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