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ANGELINA JOLIE: Is she evil or crazy or both?

I still can't believe that she's sincere, even when she's promoting some humanitarian or human rights cause with world leaders. Something about her seems "off".

by Gwynethreply 12003/30/2015

the late night Angelina troll strikes again.

by Gwynethreply 104/12/2013

She's a homewrecker!!!!

by Gwynethreply 204/12/2013

I think they broke up eons ago even before Leg-Gate and have been faking it ever since. Mostly because neither would ever admit they did anything wrong.

by Gwynethreply 304/12/2013

Just think of how long she's been doing charity work. It's over a decade. She does it in places a lot of other celebrities don't even know exist. If she's faking it - and I don't think she is - then she is very, very persistent.

by Gwynethreply 404/12/2013

I don't think she and Brad are together anymore either. Doesn't anyone have the goods on this around here?

by Gwynethreply 504/12/2013

Alex Jones is nuts but he maybe on to something. Don't trust that manipulative bitch.

by Gwynethreply 604/12/2013

People have been saying the same crap about her for years. Its a bizarre broken record. She is obviously taken seriously by the UN humanitarian crowd because she is speaking at the G8 summit. She was promoted to Special Envoy a title usually reserved for ex Heads of State. Madonna must be shitting herself with envy. As for her and Brad unless she is pregnant people say they are broken up . Chances are they will split eventually but its a bit ridiculous how some are waiting with baited breath for a split that is probably not going to happen until the children are grown.

by Gwynethreply 704/12/2013

I don't care about Angelina Jolie anymore. She lost her soul as an actress and she maybe considers herself as a super woman who can save the world. If she wasn't a humanitarian people would trash the hell out of her.

She is very beautiful and i respect her a lot as a humanitarian though. She is a good actress but she plays in non-human movies for a long time now. By 'non-human movies' i mean that she always plays the strong woman who charms with her power and that's not very discreet of her.

In the beginning Angelina was incredibly human and sexy. Now she is only humanitarian and an unreal sex symbol. You can't approach that plastic picture people gave her and dream with it. She seems to embrace that image and i think that if she let it go she will collapse. She hides herself behind her numerous kids, Brad and behind her work as a humanitarian.

I must say it again though. What she does as a humanitarian is heavenly good and she is a very beautiful woman. She is frustrating in other aspects though. You win some you lose some...

by Gwynethreply 804/12/2013

*she will always play

by Gwynethreply 904/12/2013

Shut up Gwen!

by Gwynethreply 1004/12/2013

There are people who will hate Angelina no matter what she does. She lives her life on her own terms. She hasn't killed anyone and she's not perfect by any means. I respect what she does on global issues, because I personally think it's important. She wouldn't be invited to the G8 summit if she didn't have respect from these ministers. She must know something about the issues she's championing. She cares and that's all that should matter.

by Gwynethreply 1104/12/2013

She gained weight, looks great!

by Gwynethreply 1204/12/2013

Her twin daughter looks like Johnny lee Miller

by Gwynethreply 1304/12/2013

She's an empty vessel obeying the orders of her handlers, the "Powers That Be" (...on the way down). More imperialism, cultural and otherwise, more empty people we are ordered to worship.

by Gwynethreply 1404/12/2013

Honestly, there isn't a lot of Angelina gossip, because she doesn't have any friends, and has no contact with her family. She latches on to a man, and he becomes her world. There have been rumors of her hooking up with Billy Bob lately though.

by Gwynethreply 1504/12/2013

Batshit crazy and her drug use is showing.

by Gwynethreply 1604/12/2013

Excellent post, #11...and I'm in total agreement.

by Gwynethreply 1704/12/2013

I'm not going to watch Alex Jones spittle filled rants. Someone sum it up for me please. It sounds like this could be the most exciting thing about Angelina. She bores the shit out of me otherwise. Even during her "crazy" period. Just so boring. Pretty though.

by Gwynethreply 1804/12/2013

Appreciated Mia...

by Gwynethreply 1904/12/2013

I think she is way crazy and a complete famewhore. I bet she is only doing these charity works to get involved in politics, because she wants to land a high level politician. She may also into some drugs, she looks very thin and a bit malnourished.

by Gwynethreply 2004/12/2013

She's a whore, darlin'

by Gwynethreply 2104/12/2013

Batshit crazy Female First posters need to realize this isn't the place for their obsession.

by Gwynethreply 2204/12/2013

I don't pat that much attention to her as I find her mainly a famewhore, but if I had to choose, she's a little bit cra cra...

by Gwynethreply 2304/12/2013

Angelina is a responsible person and parent. I'm with r11. And she has plenty of contact with ter family - she was very close to her late mother and close to her brother. Now that her dad has alzheimers, she looks out for him, too.

by Gwynethreply 2404/12/2013

Jon Voight does not have Alzheimers, in fact, he's got a pretty great memory.

I admire Angelina's dedication to women's rights--she puts her money where her lovely mouth is. Of all of the celeb 'humanitarians' out there, she is the least phoney and does the most good.

And she is a bit of a loner, why I don't know. So many people would love to spend time with her but she is very inclined to just hole up with her children for a long time.

She truly loves her children.

by Gwynethreply 2504/12/2013

If bringing attention to humanitarian crises is "famewhoring" then it's an oddly productive type of famewhoring. Someone alert Kim Kardashian.

[quote]By 'non-human movies' i mean that she always plays the strong woman who charms with her power and that's not very discreet of her.

And what does this even mean? That whole post is a mess. The grammar queens must have the day off.

by Gwynethreply 2604/12/2013

I think Angelina has been very traumatised by her experiences--wouldn't you be?

She grew up in a Hollywood family during the seventies, so imagine all of the activity she witnessed, heard about, or was warned about. The Hollywood ninety-seventies was all about irresponsible behavior and hedomism. Many children were exposed to sexual situations and drug abuse. I'm not saying this ever occurred in her family--I'm saying it was in the business, everywhere.

Then add to that her worldy encounters with war and human suffering and I'd say this lady has seen it all. I feel for her. She may even have PTSD from it all.

Angelina Jolie is a very heroic person in many ways.

by Gwynethreply 2704/12/2013

While I admire what she's doing there is still too much "Look at me! Aren't I a saint? Watch me as I travel the globe doing good works! Watch me as I take my children to the art supply store! Watch me as I provide wine for the people! Look at me!"

by Gwynethreply 2904/12/2013

I'm with[R11]. I admire her. Sure she's made mistakes. We all have. She seems committed to her humanitarian efforts and doesn't seek out publicity. She's famous and uses her fame for good causes. Good for her.

by Gwynethreply 3004/12/2013

Why are there so many reports that Jon Voight has early alzheimers?

I love her - my friends who work at the UN love her. She is very low key, well informed and professional.

by Gwynethreply 3104/12/2013

She's become a bore, and overexposure has ruined her acting career. She can no longer play relatable human beings, she can only do star turns.

She has also been looking quite unhealthy lately, and not just because she's underweight.

by Gwynethreply 3204/12/2013

[quote]There have been rumors of her hooking up with Billy Bob lately though.

He once said sex with her was like screwing a sofa. Would be interesting though if they did hook up. I always liked him as an actor although I think he is batshit crazy.

by Gwynethreply 3304/12/2013

Angelina Jolie, beautiful stranger behind Afghan school

By Sardar Ahmad (AFP) – 14 hours ago

QALA-I-GUDAR, Afghanistan — At a school in a bombed-out Afghan village near Kabul, Angelina Jolie is known as an aid worker or engineer -- never as one of the world's most famous film stars. Jolie, a special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, built the school in Qala-i-Gudar last year and is planning to open more in Afghanistan with profits from a newly-launched jewellery line that she has designed. The Hollywood star visited Qala-i-Gudar in 2011, and she retains an avid fanbase among residents who have never seen any of her films and have no idea about her global fame as an actress. Acting is controversial in the country, with many conservative Afghans associating it with un-Islamic behaviour and even prostitution. Homaira, aged 13, is one of 250 pupils at the all-girls school who has benefited from the new facilities, which opened for their first full academic year last month. "We used to study in the backyard of the mosque, it was hard," Homaira told AFP. "Now we are so happy to have a school. It's a beautiful place." Asked who built her school, Homaira smiled and answered, "the beautiful American lady." The two-storey building, 30 kilometres (20 miles) north of Kabul, has large windows and neat rows of desks. On the outside, which is painted light blue, is a plaque proudly boasting of its founder. "Through the generous contribution of Angelina Jolie UNHCR Special Envoy," it reads. Even headmaster Gul Rahmman Ayaz appeared ignorant of Jolie's superstar celebrity, apparently believing she was a senior UNHCR official. "Is she?" Ayaz asked doubtfully after learning Jolie was an actress. "Well whatever, she is a great woman, very kind woman," he added with a smile. Ayaz recalled Jolie visiting the mosque's open backyard, which at the time served as a classroom, and sitting cross-legged with villagers discussing her plan to found a modern school. "She was very humble. She sat on dust. She didn't behave like a movie star," Ayaz said, remembering Jolie arrived in a UN-marked vehicle and wore a modest black outfit and brown headscarf. Sabera, the school's only female teacher, believed Jolie was a reconstruction expert sent to build schools in Afghanistan as it struggles to emerge from decades of war that left the village in ruins. "I thought she was an engineer," said Sabera, 30, who like most Afghans uses only one name. "I have never seen her movies but I hope she comes back." Under the hardline Taliban, who ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, cinema was banned and girls were prohibited from attending school. Qala-i-Gudar was on the frontline in fighting between the Taliban regime in Kabul and Northern Alliance forces. Today Afghans have a huge appetite for cinema, though they prefer the melodrama and music of Bollywood fare to US blockbusters. Officials say millions of children, about 40 percent of them girls, have returned to school -- one of the key achievements of the billion-dollar international aid effort since the 2001 US-led invasion brought down the Taliban. But, according to Kabir Haqmal, head of public affairs at the education ministry, half of the 10.5 million students still study in the open air or tents, and 50 percent of about 200,000 teachers are unqualified. "Anyone investing in Afghanistan's education is investing in the future of Afghanistan," Haqmal told AFP. "I know this school was built by Angelina Jolie and we appreciate her work." Jolie, partner of Brad Pitt and star of the Lara Croft movies, has a long record of humanitarian work and told the E! News website that she hopes to fund more schools from the proceeds of her new jewellery line called "Style of Jolie". In Qala-i-Gudar, as in much of rural Afghanistan, there is little access to television. Out of a dozen girls interviewed by AFP, half don't have a set at home. Another has one, but says "the aerial has been broken for a year".

by Gwynethreply 3404/14/2013

She's cravil.

by Gwynethreply 3504/14/2013

She's a famewhore, a narcissist and a junkie with an eating disorder. She was happier when she was just openly a crazy, junkie slut.

R11, there is no one in politics who respects Angelina Jolie or takes her seriously. She's appearing at the G-8 for show, which is the sole reason she and other celebrities are ever invited to "work with" the UN.

by Gwynethreply 3604/14/2013

Why is it that it is only Aneglina that you guys slam when she tries to do good?!?! While the other celebs parade about their so called good causes and you gays don't seem to have a problem with it at all?!?!

by Gwynethreply 3704/14/2013

I agree with R36. Nobody really takes her seriously. She didn't even graduate from high school. She could have went back to school and earned a degree in something. Do you really think that people in the UN who have been dedicated scholastically since youth take her seriously? They all hold advanced degrees. They tolerate her because they want her money and press.

by Gwynethreply 3804/14/2013

Don't get your panties in a twist, R37, and stop lying. Go check out the Madge/Malawi threads. Go check out the Gwynnie threads.

Go check out the Any Goddamned Celebrity You Can Name threads. As far as I know, only Patty Duke is universally loved on the DL and someone will come along and say something cunty about her now, just to prove me wrong.

Jonas Salk would get trashed on the DL, for vaccine famewhoring and baldness. Get over it.

by Gwynethreply 3904/14/2013

I doubt people in the UN who work with folks from 'developing nations' or what used to be called 'third world countries' give a shit about whether the person they are dealing with earned an advanced degree. In some countries people are dying and can't get educated. Working on those 'third world' problems is more important than if you earned a 'college degree'.

It's like what we used to call book smart versus street smart. In some circumstances 'book smart' (in regards to getting a diploma) is unimportant, while street smart and savvy keeps you alive.

by Gwynethreply 4004/14/2013

" She could have went back to school and earned a degree in something"

Is this sentence an example of what your educational experience has engendered, R38?

by Gwynethreply 4104/14/2013

[quote]If bringing attention to humanitarian crises is "famewhoring" then it's an oddly productive type of famewhoring.

This type of reasoning is far too complex for most DLers.

by Gwynethreply 4204/14/2013

Agree with R36 Everything she does is PR for her.

by Gwynethreply 4304/14/2013

I have my opinions but R8 has stated them better.

+ She is not exactly a laugh riot.

by Gwynethreply 4404/14/2013

R40 obviously doesn't have a degree.

by Gwynethreply 4504/14/2013

Why is the Jennifer Aniston Hen Club still hanging around on DL?

by Gwynethreply 4604/14/2013

She's my most admired celebrity

by Gwynethreply 4704/14/2013

Any actress who still has a vestige of sexuality is reviled on DL. Only the post-menopausal are worshipped.

It's very, very strange.

by Gwynethreply 4804/14/2013

I have a friend who is convinced that Angelina is high-functioning Aspergers. She has all this evidence to support it, from her eating disorders to her lack of female friends to her obsessions, brutal honesty, weird tendencies, etc.

by Gwynethreply 4904/14/2013

She's pregnant, due in July.

by Gwynethreply 5004/14/2013

Kind and generous woman. Fine actress. What R11 sayid. Living life on her own terms. That is threatening and confusing to the flyovers.

by Gwynethreply 5104/14/2013

I hope [R50] is joking. That is disturbing if true.

by Gwynethreply 5204/14/2013

"Why is it that it is only Aneglina that you guys slam when she tries to do good?!?! "

Interesting question, and I think the answer is that there's a perception her "charity" work is insincere and self-serving. IMHO that's true of absolutely any celebrity, they're all after publicity and self-esteem boosts, but she seems to take it all to a higher level than her peers.

Perhaps it's the disconnect between her "bad girl" image and her demands to be taken seriously, or the contrast between her life of decadent luxury and the poverty of the people she gets photographed with. That's enough to make her look like a Hollywood phony, without even getting into the nastier rumors about her.

by Gwynethreply 5304/14/2013

R49 she also stammers sometimes when not rehearsed, like in interviews. And says she was very shy and awkward as a child. AS often displays more mildly in women and they are rarely diagnosed, instead usually diagnosed with other things (anxiety, schizoid, OCD etc)

In any case I don't think she is "neuro-typical."

by Gwynethreply 5404/14/2013

Angelina Jolie graduated high school early - at 16 - and later attended NYU for a while.

She is quite bright.

by Gwynethreply 5504/14/2013

I don't think that she is insincere in her good works or in desire for her own global family.

I do suspect that she is attempting to control or atone for something dark inside from her past.

She is an easy target and I have been know to take a few shots. They are just so strange, the Jolie-Pitts, on the streets or at an Awards Show. She seems somehow very removed, maybe fragile, but her haughty beauty, wealth and lack of humor makes her hard to feel much for.

Audrey Hepburn was a serene global child ambassador and Mia Farrow a prolific brood hen, but can you really do both? Simultaneously? I think her kids are gonna pay for their mother's obsessions.

by Gwynethreply 5604/14/2013

she's fake. It's the truth. She's obviously very fake, and self centered, lonely woman. She doing charity work,because she wants to feel better, about herself. She's fucking selfish woman.

by Gwynethreply 5710/03/2013

Meh. I liked her better when she looked like Vampira and said crazy shit all the time, but good for her for her charity work and spurring women to test for breast cancer, etc.

by Gwynethreply 5810/03/2013

Lovely carriage: a lady.

by Gwynethreply 5910/03/2013

R57 is a fucking nutcase. I know a lot of fakes, and none of them are willing to spend millions of dollars and travel hundreds of thousands of miles (to war zones) just to make it seem like they're caring.

by Gwynethreply 6010/04/2013

I soooo agree....she comes across as evil and sinister

by Gwynethreply 6102/17/2014

I've seen someone say that she's probably a narcissist and that psychs commonly advise narcissists to do charity work - that way they get attention and validation but it goes in a better place. That sounded pretty convincing to me, as theories go.

I tend to believe the drug addict rumours as well, whatever the drug/s is (fentanyl?). She just looks like it.

by Gwynethreply 6202/17/2014

Frau thread

by Gwynethreply 6302/17/2014

[Quote] Is she evil, crazy, or both

I don't think she's evil, her issues are probably with herself. She is self destructive, narcissistic, and has daddy issues. She probably grew up with a slightly altered version of he real world, where she believed that since many people have hurt her, she is free to take whatever she wants from the world.

She isn't SO self destructive anymore, I don't know if she still does drugs but she obviously doesn't eat as much as she should (anorexia).

by Gwynethreply 6402/17/2014

R38 everybody she works with takes her seriously. And you're delusional if you think that some office clerk in the UN wouldn't exchange all of his/her degrees for her influence and connections. The real world operates above and beyond school diploma.

by Gwynethreply 6502/17/2014

I can't think of any celeb couple that creep me more than Brangelina.

by Gwynethreply 6602/17/2014

Well, Brad Pitt strikes me as dumb as a box of rocks. How bright can she be if she's with someone like him?

by Gwynethreply 6702/17/2014

R67 So true, Pitt is a sex symbol for really dumb girls. The guy has zero personality or charisma. I bet Jolie cheats on him all the time. They are only still together because they get more publicity as a couple than apart.

by Gwynethreply 6802/17/2014

By not doing any charity work, I avoid this kind of backlash. Who's dumb now, Angie?!

by Gwynethreply 6902/17/2014

she adopts kids to give them to Illuminati to abuse

by Gwynethreply 7005/07/2014

R70, is Zahara "Zee" Jolie-Pitt a member of the Illuminati?

by Gwynethreply 7105/07/2014

Narcissists do charity work because it gives them validation and brings them attention in the process. Ange sure does seem to be that way, but I'm not sure kids from famous acting families who go into the same career can be anything else. They know that their parent(s) have had a camera poked in their private lives, and yet they want the same for themselves. It's really not about loving the craft.

by Gwynethreply 7205/07/2014

I find it really odd that Jolie shows up in places like Bosnia, at the site of some mass grave, draped in $5000 of black cashmere head to toe, her face stretched and pulled, and Botoxed to the hilt, pretending to be a regular person. (She probably gets a facial prior to getting on the plane, too). It makes all of her charitable efforts somehow unreal and inauthentic.

by Gwynethreply 7305/10/2014

This is a GAY site.

No one here cares about this tired topic.

Ladies, take your dumb fights back to Reddit.

by Gwynethreply 7405/10/2014

The cunt would never do anything if she didn't get publicity for it. She's one of the biggest narcissists ever.

by Gwynethreply 7505/10/2014

She seems like way less of a narcissist than Gwyneth Paltrow.

by Gwynethreply 7605/10/2014

She's just as narcissistic as Paltrow, but she's much more adept at PR and famewhoring.

by Gwynethreply 7705/10/2014

There are celebrities doing so much more than Jolie but they do it quietly. AJ has absolutely no idea how to "do" sincerity since everything is an act to her.

by Gwynethreply 7805/10/2014

I like her and always have. She doesn't seem as interesting as she once was but sometimes that's part of getting old. She's still beautiful but could gain some weight.

by Gwynethreply 7905/11/2014

If she wasn't so beautiful this wouldn't be a topic.

by Gwynethreply 8005/11/2014

hahah true R2 she steals kids from their parents in other countries.

She's also into drugs and was when she was younger like coke and heroin.

Oh and BP her husband is gay and uses drugs too.

by Gwynethreply 8105/11/2014

R68 yup it's Hollyweird's best Marriage of convenience since Rock Hudson and his wife!!!

by Gwynethreply 8205/11/2014

She is the biggest boring famewhore ever. I doubt there is anything real about anymore, if there ever was. She is probably bat shit crazy and constantly on meds.

by Gwynethreply 8305/11/2014

Another thread liberated from the gays for our use! Hoooray!

by Gwynethreply 8405/11/2014

She's a fucking attention whore. She wouldn't do anything humanitarian if she couldn't pimp that for attention.

She's also one of the biggest narcissist cunts ever.

by Gwynethreply 8505/20/2014

Borderline personality disorder, like Princess Di. Which can be positive if she recycles all her issues into focused activities (like Di did). She seems to be doing just that, between her work, her humanitarian stuff and all her kids.

by Gwynethreply 8605/20/2014

I have clue if she's crazy but I do find it odd that she seems to have no female friends and her and Brad seem to only hang out with each other.

by Gwynethreply 8705/20/2014

Seriously - the cunty haters who seem to know so much about the personal life of someone they've never met are crazier than she ever could be.

by Gwynethreply 8805/20/2014

R88 Welcome to datalounge!

by Gwynethreply 8905/20/2014


Don't worry if you would know Brangelina they would be even crazier than you would ever be able to imagine.

by Gwynethreply 9005/20/2014

The dipshits who claim gossip isn't welcome on DL are just petulant children who don't want to hear anything negative about some celebrity they idolize. If they really felt this was off topic, they'd scroll past the thread and move on with their lives. The fact that they don't and instead come here to whine, "It's a gay site! You're all just haters! You're all just fraus!" is pathetic.

by Gwynethreply 9105/20/2014

Is she even relevant anymore?

by Gwynethreply 9205/20/2014

LOL @ R92's sig

by Gwynethreply 9305/21/2014

Something about Gwyneth always seemed off to me. And what on earth is goop? Is is poop?

by Gwynethreply 9405/21/2014

What R91 said. Eloquently and accurately spoken.

by Gwynethreply 9505/21/2014

Total indifference to Angelina Jolie is a sign of good mental health.

The way some people get so excited and emotional about her is disturbing.

by Gwynethreply 9605/21/2014

It's just dawned on me: people in poor mental health get very upset by images of Jolie because she WEARS BLACK and has long black hair.

Therefore she must be an EVIL WITCH!

by Gwynethreply 9705/21/2014

Agreed, R88. I don't get the obsession with her. Still, it's interesting that she attracts so much vitriol when she is one of the only celebrities who uses their fame for good. Same with Pitt. I have no clue about their personal life (nor does anyone who doesn't know them), nor does it interest me.

by Gwynethreply 9805/21/2014

[quote]I doubt people in the UN who work with folks from 'developing nations' or what used to be called 'third world countries' give a shit about whether the person they are dealing with earned an advanced degree.

And don't forget Ashley Judd got herself an advanced degree but remains an insufferable idiot. At least Angie is more sincere than her.

by Gwynethreply 9905/21/2014

[bold]Angelina Jolie's Perfect Game[/bold]

.... Angelina Jolie plays the celebrity game better than anyone else in the business. Her game is subtle, often invisible, incredibly precise, and always, always effective. And by all accounts, she does it without the help of a publicist.

by Gwynethreply 10006/06/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Gwynethreply 10106/06/2014

Why was the "Angelina Jolie hates Obama" thread deleted?

by Gwynethreply 10207/23/2014

Borderline personality disorder craves attention

by Gwynethreply 10307/23/2014

[quote]she is one of the only celebrities who uses their fame for good


She uses her charity work (which is basically limited to showing up and being photographed with poor locals) for her own PR.

by Gwynethreply 10407/23/2014

The UN went from ineffectual to being part of the problem. She would never do or say anything that disgruntled her globalist masters.

by Gwynethreply 10507/23/2014

R104 And what exactly would she be trying to achieve with that PR? She's already been at the top of the A list for over a decade and doesn't even seem that interested in acting anymore.

by Gwynethreply 10607/23/2014

R106 = typical naive Brangeloonie

by Gwynethreply 10707/23/2014

No, I'm asking, what might her plan be if she doesn't really care about the poor third worlders? Politics?

by Gwynethreply 10807/23/2014

R107, you seem a bit desperate.

by Gwynethreply 10907/23/2014

[quote]ANGELINA JOLIE: Is she evil or crazy or both?

There's one crazy poster on the anti-Jolie/Pitt site, Female First, who insists that Jolie is heavy into vodoun/voodoo. The poster, Vajra Nagini, claims that Jolie was trained by a voodoo priestess in New Orleans and that she used voodoo to get Pitt and still uses voodoo to control him.

Does using voodoo make one evil? Or crazy?

by Gwynethreply 11007/23/2014

R102 Anyone?

by Gwynethreply 11107/24/2014

Does she still weigh 90 pounds? Does she screw other men, or just women? I wonder if she would give black dk a try?

by Gwynethreply 11207/24/2014

r111, I was asking myself the same question when I couldn't find it this morning.

Obviously someone took offence, but who? And why? Much worse things have been said about La Jolie in other threads (there's even a thread dedicated entirely to discussing her presumed heroin addiction), so it's weird that this of all threads should be "disappeared".

A more general question, then: Why are threads deleted at all? And by whom?

by Gwynethreply 11307/24/2014

All I can remember is people calling her dumb and saying the UN etc. wants celebrities because of the publicity they bring and that politicians are all starfuckers.

by Gwynethreply 11407/24/2014

The average DataLounge contributor really cannot stand a successful woman, can he. Oh, what a horror: she's beautiful, talented, resourceful, and does a lot of good . . . typical reasons for DataLounge hate.

by Gwynethreply 11507/24/2014

Whatch are yo u talking about R115 the dl loves powufull women lyk mi! :D

by Gwynethreply 11607/24/2014

I want to know the details about her anorexia...and her heroin use. Why is there never any first hand gossip about her like other celebrities such as John Travolta?

by Gwynethreply 11707/24/2014

R117, you might want to check out this thread. Some people there sound like they know thing first- or at least second-hand.

by Gwynethreply 11807/24/2014

I think you're right OP. The Obama "socialist" comment and her "humanitarian" efforts don't seem to blend, personality wise.

by Gwynethreply 11907/24/2014

I think she is a person that try to hide her crazy life or that people focus more in " her good acts or helping others" she "looks" very humanitarian for many...but for me people that helps others has to have good feelings.....and if she pretend to be to sentimental and humanitarian....I ask my self...where were those feelings when she decided to break Brad Pitt marriage with his beautiful ex-wife Jennifer Aniston??? if you think of others....has to be always.....for me she is so selfish because even the "humanitarian acts" are just to clean her own past ( and present because I'm positive that she pretend to have a perfect life and is not like that....a real person is nor perfect...and a perfect person is not real" and that people focus in how "nice she is" and not in her evil acts....poor Brad Pitt ....what a poor choice and bad decision but he has what he deserve.....

by Gwynethreply 12003/30/2015
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