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Was it implied that Perry Mason and Paul Drake were lovers?

In recent episodes on metv, they were shown on vacation together and alone together on a small yacht, none of it relevant to the plot. They had incredible chemistry. So was there subtext?

by Gertiereply 904/11/2013

Well, they were both closeted gay men, so it was probably an inside joke.

by Gertiereply 104/11/2013

Do we know that Hopper was a closeted gay man?

There might well have been an inside joke, but their being lovers was definitely not implied.

by Gertiereply 204/11/2013

Um, no, it was not implied. Are you sniffing glue? Do you not know what era that show was on TV?

by Gertiereply 304/11/2013

I agree with you, R3, but Ben Hur's relationship with Messala was implicitly romantic (at least in the Heston/Boyd version). Heston wasn't in on it, but Boyd was.

by Gertiereply 404/11/2013

Oh, they snuck gay themes into more than a few movies back in the day. The main characters in Gilda were impliedly gay. Glenn Ford's character and the guy who played Balin. And the killers in Hitchcock's Rope. And Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca. And Lauren Bacall's dyke character in Young Man With a Horn.

Just not Perry Mason.

by Gertiereply 504/11/2013

Della was bearding for both of them.

by Gertiereply 604/11/2013



by Gertiereply 704/11/2013

Why the "oh dear" R7?

by Gertiereply 804/11/2013

Not a mistake, but a better word choice would have been "implicitly," r5.

by Gertiereply 904/11/2013
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