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SO why did Barbra fire Sue Mengers?

I'm too busy memorizing to research it.

by the Divine onereply 1104/11/2013

All night Long is actually a good movie...

by the Divine onereply 104/10/2013

Severe pussy odor.

by the Divine onereply 204/10/2013

Because Sue ate her last.

by the Divine onereply 304/10/2013

All Night Long was directed by Sue's husband.

by the Divine onereply 404/11/2013

Sue had a husband?

by the Divine onereply 504/11/2013

"The film was originally planned as a low-budget release, with Hackman and Lisa Eichhorn. Streisand's then-agent, Sue Mengers, who was married to the film's director, suggested Barbra for the part instead of Eichhorn. Several biographies suggest that because of the film's subsequent failure at the box office, Streisand fired Mengers."


by the Divine onereply 604/11/2013

Based on R6's post, clearly Mengers wasn't as smart as legend would have it.

by the Divine onereply 704/11/2013

She didn't want to be associated with someone known to be that crass regarding Sharon Tate.

by the Divine onereply 804/11/2013

Sue didn't support Babs in her quest to make Yentl, so she was turfed.

by the Divine onereply 904/11/2013

"Don't worry, honey, stars aren't being murdered. Only featured players."

Sue Mengers to worrying Babs post Manson murders

by the Divine onereply 1004/11/2013

Sue hated Yentl, and advised Babs not to do it. That's why she was fired.

Actually, aside from What's up Doc, Sue never got Barbra a good movie role. I always had the feeling that the ONLY reason Barbra kept her on as long as she did was because they were friends.

by the Divine onereply 1104/11/2013
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