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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia show off their AMAZING Santa Monica ranch

It's good to be rich.

by Really good.reply 6901/11/2014

It's very generic and masculine. Looks like Oprah's fave designer Nate Berkus diarrheaed all over it. Fancy looking stuff (I'm sure super expensive) but it says nothing about the people who live there.

by Really good.reply 104/10/2013

I like it.

by Really good.reply 204/10/2013

Wow. That really is beautiful. A bit twee, but really gorgeous.

by Really good.reply 304/10/2013

West Elm meets Restoration Hardware--completely bland.

by Really good.reply 404/10/2013

why masculine? I don't it's either feminine OR masculine.

by Really good.reply 504/10/2013

Dour. It looks like someplace a lesbian would go to die.

by Really good.reply 604/10/2013

" I don't have any taste, here's a bunch of money, make it look like I have taste."

by Really good.reply 704/10/2013

It's all very and-they-lived-happily-ever-after. Isn't Ellen supposed to be an alcoholic? Has Portia happily resigned her life to stepford wife status?

by Really good.reply 804/10/2013

Laughing at you envious queens and your 6th floor walk-ups.

by Really good.reply 904/10/2013

Looks old fashioned. Everything. And does that horse really want to be confined like that?

by Really good.reply 1004/10/2013

I really like it but I'd want to add a lot more color.

by Really good.reply 1104/10/2013

Str couples frolic and strip down in their photo shoots

by Really good.reply 1204/10/2013

It'll be nice when it's finished.

by Really good.reply 1304/10/2013

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife can never seem to get enough attention.

by Really good.reply 1404/10/2013

Portia is so beautiful...

by Really good.reply 1504/10/2013

I personally find it ridiculous that anyone has enough money to afford to live this way. And I get REALLY angry when people like Ellen beg other people to contribute to charity. Why do you try scaling back your own extravagant lifestyle and donate the extra money yourself instead of trying to get other people who cannot afford it to do so?

by Really good.reply 1604/10/2013

Why do you = Why DON'T you

by Really good.reply 1704/10/2013

[quote]Portia is so beautiful... She used to be now she looks like Ellen. There's Liberace/Scott Thorson vibe going there.

Agree with the person above about Portia being a stepford wife now. Aside from the AD thingy, which I don't give two shits about anymore, what the fuck does she do?

Go to work. If Portia had any self respect she would be a working actress. Does Ellen not allow her to leave the house anymore other to ride her horseys?

by Really good.reply 1804/10/2013

Portia is a working actress. After AD, she was on Nip/Tuck and then Better Off Ted. She was also cast in this year's Mockingbird Lane pilot. If that had been picked up, she'd be on our TVs every week.

by Really good.reply 1904/10/2013

I love the property and the William Powell history. I think Ellen adopted too much of the monastery history, though. It all looks too much the same and I'm not particularly picky. The grounds would be idyllic, though. Ellen supposedly has very good taste and has been able to flip property after property successfully. I just think she missed the mark on this.

by Really good.reply 2004/10/2013

Maybe if Portia gets work they can afford a piece of furniture in color.

by Really good.reply 2104/10/2013

It's ok but not necessarily breathtaking or anything like that.

by Really good.reply 2204/10/2013

[quote]After AD, she was on Nip/Tuck and then Better Off Ted.

I know that dipshit and that was years ago.

[quote] If that had been picked up

IF. It wasn't and not surprising.

by Really good.reply 2304/10/2013

Gray is a difficult interior color. If you get it wrong everything looks chilly and forbidding, like these rooms here.

The pictured rooms desperately need some warm neutrals, and touches of brighter color. Too much gray and white, add a few Navajo rugs!

by Really good.reply 2404/10/2013

I grow to dislike Ellen by the day.

by Really good.reply 2504/10/2013

I like it and I do think it shows some personality. You look at it and you know the kind of person who would live there. It doesn't scream Cher or Barbra. You can tell that the kind of person who lives there likes nature, likes rustic combined with comfort, considers the house a place to live in rather than show off (although the art directors and photographers like to stage the rooms hence the uncomfortable looking horse.

You can tell that the house had a lot of places to hang out, read a book, have a cup of coffee. You can tell that the person has respect for the past and loves textures.

You cannot tell if it's a male or female because the rustic touches give it somewhat of a masculine touch while the white softens it.

I don’t begrudge people their wealth and I don't begrudge their enjoinment of that wealth. Ellen has worked her ass off to get to where she is, and Portia, though I understand that she was from a well to do background, has always worked has worked steadily, weather you like/approve her work or not. And they don't enjoy their wealth INSTEAD of being philanthropic. They do it in addition to, and why not? Why not enjoy the good life if you worked for it and can afford it? Why not enjoy it even if you didn't earn it but can afford it?

by Really good.reply 2604/10/2013

R26, has Ellen "worked her ass off"? To the tune of $20 million a year? Has she worked harder than anyone else? Has she worked 400 times harder? which is the amount she makes more than the average US household income.

by Really good.reply 2704/10/2013

R27, I won't say that Ellen has worked 400 times harder than anyone else, but I will say she has made her money by providing something that is genuinely liked, and not by busting unions or sending jobs overseas.

I resent show-biz wealth less than I resent the real plutocrats.

by Really good.reply 2804/10/2013

Well the show-biz wealth have shipped off the jobs from Hollywood and did send it first to Canada then to whatever state will give them payola to shoot there. No one from the studios has even tried to talk to Sacramento about matching funds to keep work there. Grassroots has though but hasn't had much luck with Arnold or Gov Brown. Some of us uprooted to come to CA to work in the industry. We didn't sit at home waiting for Hollywood to come to us.

by Really good.reply 2904/10/2013

R26, I like nature, I like rustic and I would rather live in a house than show it off. It still looks dull and not that comfortable to me.

by Really good.reply 3004/10/2013

I think that people tend to estimate the hard work that brings success. I don't know any self made millionaire , and I know quite a few, who made their money by twiddling their thumbs. I know it's easy to belittle the successful people as though they don't earn their money. It helps those of us who have not been as successful feel less responsible. The truth of the matter is that she was able to provide a market with what it wants, and that is not only standing up on stage making jokes. Producing successful shows is not easy; if it were, every show would be a success. If it were that easy YOU would be on TV making those millions.

by Really good.reply 3104/10/2013

Reeeeeeeeeally nice ranch. Does Portia depend entirely on Ellen at this point? Portia almost looks like an accessory at this point. She is there to offer a smile and to wear a cute outfit.

by Really good.reply 3204/10/2013

One of the main reasons for the ranch is obviously so Portia can keep horses and ride her horses.

I was struck by how quiet Portia was when she and Ellen made a filmed visit to the middle and high school in Australia where Portia attended as a youth.

She definitely takes a back seat to Ellen in situations like that and Ellen runs the situation.

Of course, it was being filmed so it could be shown on the Ellen Show so, of course, Ellen ran the show.

But I bet Ellen can suck all the oxygen out of room in terms of Portia because of Ellen's more dominating and humourous personality.

Having experienced this in my own life, I know how this can result in the more quiet person feeling subservient.

by Really good.reply 3304/10/2013

To me that place looks like it should be what R26 describes, but it is not lived like that.

Masculine was what came to my mind, too. It reflects the vision of ONE person, most likely their decorator.

by Really good.reply 3404/10/2013

Many of my colleagues earn less than average and they don't even deserve that. It's not just the rich who can be undeserving of what they get.

by Really good.reply 3504/10/2013

No money in the whole entire world would make me want to switch places with Ellen. Hell lives in her head.

by Really good.reply 3604/10/2013

I don't like to see women couples.

by Really good.reply 3704/10/2013

I love it. It is very masculine. I love that office and that black leather couch.

Ellen has finally found happiness. Good for her.

Have we ever determined which one is the top?

by Really good.reply 3804/10/2013

Doesn't look anywhere near as nice as their previous property.

by Really good.reply 3904/10/2013

I'm going to wait until it comes in the mail.

I would love to live in a Santa Monica ranch house. Whoever called the naysayers a bunch of jealous queens can add me to the list: the "jealous" list, not the "naysayers." I imagine I'll like it.

R29, I so, so, *so* prefer shows that are shot outside of Los Angeles. Hollywood got so sloppy with its faux "New York Street," and locations we were supposed to think of as actual locations except, oops, they looked just like LA.

My favorite fauxcation has always been the one with palm trees on the "George Washington Parkway" which is actually in Northern Virginia.

by Really good.reply 4004/10/2013

I like it but considering I'm just a tad younger than Ellen and live in a 400 ft bachelor apartment in a crap neighborhood, she can suck my left tit.

by Really good.reply 4104/10/2013

Now if Ellen would just let Portia pose in a bikini.If they want a bay there is a long line of donors outside Portia's boudoir. I think they're pretty nice.

by Really good.reply 4204/10/2013

A-list celebs never give up their privacy willingly. If their homes appear in a magazine it means they are getting ready to sell and want the free publicity.

by Really good.reply 4304/10/2013

Too white. Needs splashes of warm color.

by Really good.reply 4404/10/2013

r43 you hit the nail on the head

I have never understood why Ellen buys and sells properties so frequently. You would think that at some point she would just want to settle.

She is constantly buying/remodeling and selling properties

by Really good.reply 4504/10/2013

[quote]And does that horse really want to be confined like that?

That's the actual barn. Amanda, I mean Portia just finished an entire season of the "Arrested Development" reboot, and filmed a failed Munster pilot last year. This house will be toast soon. Ellen is addicted to buying houses and moving. Tick tick tick....

by Really good.reply 4604/10/2013

[quote]I don't like to see women couples.

Most people love women couples, especially ellen and portia. Couples of faggots on the other hand are pretty much universally despised.

by Really good.reply 4704/10/2013

I too think it needs a bit of colour. I'm sure the grounds are exceptional, and would love to know which rehab it was...

They make a lovely couple, and it's so cool that they love the outdoors.

by Really good.reply 4804/10/2013

I think it's very beautiful with the exception of the leather couches. I don't like leather furniture - it's such a cheap look.

However, the surroundings are what take my breath away; the trees and the way the sun filters through them.

by Really good.reply 4904/10/2013

Why are you on this board R37? Fuck off, troll

by Really good.reply 5004/10/2013

Then rich female couples getting a lot of attention must really chap your stinky, huh r37?

by Really good.reply 5104/10/2013


by Really good.reply 5204/11/2013

r47, I universally despise any low-class moron like you who likes to use the word faggot.

by Really good.reply 5304/11/2013

It's not offensive, but it's not memorable or appealing.

The setting is lovely, but the house is ostentatiously un-ostentatious:

"Oh, it's just a ranch, a place to visit when we want to lounge about with our horse blankets and contemplate the dirty white walls ("Pissy Drawers White" by Donald Kaufman Color) and the larger questions, like whether this furniture has patina, or is it just dingy old crap."

by Really good.reply 5404/11/2013

[quote] I have never understood why Ellen buys and sells properties so frequently.

Because she can, she's making the most of her fortune. Why not live in 20 fabulous places instead of just a few? I hope they are selling it, besides the beautiful scenery, I know I wouldn't want to be stuck at that ranch for decades. I would've torn all the original structures down and started from scratch. Ellen proved you can polish a turd, but the results still aren't that great.

by Really good.reply 5504/11/2013

Everyone complaining about the "masculine" look, well, that's a specific American western style. It's not masculine, per se, just rustic. I could use a little more color.

That barn, though, ugh. I've never seen one without hay and proper stalls for the animals. That horse looks like a life sized statue standing in a formal living area.

by Really good.reply 5604/11/2013

[quote]has Ellen "worked her ass off"? To the tune of $20 million a year? Has she worked harder than anyone else? Has she worked 400 times harder? which is the amount she makes more than the average US household income.

So, R27, your point is that we should only equate value with hard work? We should not value exceptional talent, intelligence, creativity, risk taking, etc? Are you suggesting that ditch diggers and toilet scrubbers should make $20 million a year? They sure work HARD.


by Really good.reply 5704/11/2013

Too Gay Ben Cartwright.

I love the property, though.

by Really good.reply 5804/11/2013

I'm gasping at R37. Do you have any idea where you are?

It is a lovely setting. On all that acreage, it seems that you could find a lovely building spot and keep some of the remaining buildings.

by Really good.reply 5904/11/2013

r57, stop trying to be offended. You know very well what r27 was saying.

by Really good.reply 6004/11/2013

As Mrs. Weiss used to say, "What a showplace!"

by Really good.reply 6104/11/2013

They just sold another property.

by Really good.reply 6209/14/2013

Where the hell would there be a ranch in Santa Monica? It's mostly urban. Are we sure it's not in the Santa Monica MOUNTAINS? (Which are NOT in Santa Monica.)

by Really good.reply 6309/14/2013

That area looks like it would be infested with rattlesnakes.

No thank you!

by Really good.reply 6409/14/2013

The fabric-upholstered furniture in the barn surprises me.

I hope they have gallons of febreeze on tap.

by Really good.reply 6509/14/2013

These pics are so confusing. I can't tell what's inside or what's outside. There's a picture of a horse and then three rooms down there's like a sitting area with couches?

by Really good.reply 6609/14/2013

r28 I agree. Entertainers don't gouge their customers/patrons. If anything they are underpaid compared to the producers and TV network heads.

by Really good.reply 6709/14/2013

It's enough for me that William Powell used to live there. Such good vibes (as we say in California).

by Really good.reply 6809/14/2013

Time to buy ANOTHER ugly, plain looking modern $40 million dollar home in the same city!

by Really good.reply 6901/11/2014
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