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Unknown singers who just never had the luck to break into mainstream

I always thought Justin Nozuka should be just as big if not bigger than Justin Timberlake and Bieber. I mean, for one, the guy actually knows how to sing. I guess you really need luck to become big in the entertainment industry. And isn't Justin Nazuka the cutest thing evah?

by Anonymousreply 704/10/2013

THIS (thread) is American Idol!

by Anonymousreply 204/10/2013

American Idol tapped into the desperation of the masses to be famous. I am surprised it didn't happen years earlier.

by Anonymousreply 304/10/2013

And Justin only had two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon: "His mother's half-sister is actress Kyra Sedgwick."

by Anonymousreply 404/10/2013

What about Nikka Costa????

She had a few hits that played on MTV.

Then she was working with Prince for a while.

Now she just looks like a pitiful mess on youtube.

by Anonymousreply 504/10/2013

Should have been a huge star.

by Anonymousreply 604/10/2013

R4 - Justin's uncle is jazz guitarist Mike Stern who played with Miles Davis.

by Anonymousreply 704/10/2013
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