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The Mothman Prophecies

Totally effective and creepy film.

by Wake Up #37reply 904/11/2013

Don't test my patience OP

by Wake Up #37reply 104/09/2013


by Wake Up #37reply 204/09/2013

Yes, no?

by Wake Up #37reply 304/09/2013

The movie was nothing compared to the book it was based on. If you want to be REALLY creeped out, read the real John Keel's book.

by Wake Up #37reply 404/09/2013

My great uncle was on that bridge when it collapsed.

by Wake Up #37reply 504/09/2013

Did he survive, r5?

I was in high school when it happened, and I remember it.

by Wake Up #37reply 604/09/2013

Totally effective is exactly what it isn't. Great idea but it was conceived as a horror movie, then they watered it down because they thought it would make more money if it was considered more mainstream than horror. That's what usually happens when a big mainstream star does horror, they always try to water it down. It's not bad, I do recommend seeing it, but it should've been so much better.

by Wake Up #37reply 704/09/2013

R7, I agree, but I still think there are some very effective elements in it.

And Indrid Cold's calls creeped me the fuck out.

by Wake Up #37reply 804/10/2013

R6, yes he survived but with severe burns to his legs.

He and his friend were driving an 18-wheeler and my great uncle got tired and went to sleep in the back of the camper. His friend was driving.

The bridge collapsed, the driver died and my great uncle survived but was trapped in the camper. Then hot oil and gas started leaking in and the rescuers had to cut him out.

No mention of mothmen or supernatural causes...just a tragic accident.

by Wake Up #37reply 904/11/2013
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