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What's your idea of 'living well'?

State your age too as thoughts on living well change over the years. Me?

Never having to look at or worry about the price of groceries.

Having enough land to plant an organic garden.

Living reasonably close to a big city, but far enough out to have privacy and fresh air.

Being able to Wear jeans and a T-shirt every day.

Being able to travel and stay at nicer hotels.

by 45 years and countingreply 1704/10/2013

Good list, but I would add having enough "fuck you" money to guarantee that none of those things can be lost.

by 45 years and countingreply 104/09/2013

Living Well at 45:

A boyfriend with enough body hair to keep me hacking like a cat

Enough appointments each day to keep moving - I lose days when I concentrate on only one project

An urban environment to keep my ass out of the car and away from those fucking drive-thru ladies

Friends who are needy enough to let me to interfere in their business - who have enough self-respect to distance themselves once they're back on their feet

Seasonal pot tourism - don't want it to be a daily habit

A long-term lease for work/storage space and access to a big truck rental.

by 45 years and countingreply 204/09/2013

[quote]Friends who are needy enough to let me to interfere in their business - who have enough self-respect to distance themselves once they're back on their feet


by 45 years and countingreply 304/09/2013

Wow two more people I could never be jealous of.

Porn. Slurpies. Datalounge.

by 45 years and countingreply 404/09/2013

Peace of mind and financial security which are not unrelated. As I get older life's simple pleasures are my greatest pleasure. A nap, reading, a good movie, dinner with friends, and of course skiing and tennis which do take a bit of financial security.

Love is all around me, I just have to notice it, and act on it. Romantic loves while terrific, is less important than it was (perhaps less testosterone has something to do with that.)

Material desires are now more or less in line with what is necessary to accomplish what I mentioned above. Nothing more. In fact as I get richer I more or less seem to want more simplicity- while I recognize that wealth is like a buffer and of course a resource to help ensure peace of mind. But things are not high on my list.

by 45 years and countingreply 504/09/2013

Time, nothing on that list means a thing unless you have the time to enjoy them.

by 45 years and countingreply 604/09/2013

A job where I can use my brain, enough income to pay for the necessities, a home that makes me happy, and a few well-chosen luxuries.

Now if I only had a boyfriend, my "simple life" would be complete!

by 45 years and countingreply 704/09/2013

Good health. Without it, nothing else is good.

by 45 years and countingreply 804/09/2013

For me, living well mostly means not having to worry about whether or not I can pay the bills. I like to be able to buy the healthiest (not cheapest) dog food for my dog. Simple pleasures like having time on the weekends for Netflix, reading, going to the dogpark and having time to myself. A glass or two of wine every night is pretty heavenly as well. Having a job that I enjoy & don't take home with me is pretty important.

I'm 35

by 45 years and countingreply 904/09/2013

Security and a gorgeous, committed lover.

by 45 years and countingreply 1004/10/2013

Funny how many equate "living well" with money.

Living well to me means being (and staying) healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally), having a strong support network (family, friends or both), and living a life of purpose, whether its through work, school, mentoring, volunteering or artistic endeavors.

by 45 years and countingreply 1104/10/2013

I just want to be happy, goddammit!

by 45 years and countingreply 1204/10/2013

Money does have a lot to do with it. I live paycheck to paycheck, when I do go on vacation it takes months to recover from the debt it puts me in. I think living well would be knowing there's money in the bank for all of my bills (being able to schedule auto-pay for all my bills would be a luxury........) while being able to put aside a nice chunk aside for savings towards retirement, travel, etc. Not having to turn down invitations to dinner, etc, because I don't have the money that pay period. Money makes things very stressful, and the crazy thing is we live fairly simply.

I have friends on facebook who I KNOW make less money than my partner and I do, and yet they're going out to eat several nights a week, are always taking weekend trips away, take one or two vacations a year, etc. Are these people just deep in debt?? At this point my partner and I are about $4,000 in debt, which many would consider to be low, but for us it's higher than we would like (we used to have 20k of debt), but eat at home every night (splurging for takeout maybe once a week at most), brown bag our breakfast and lunch, don't go on major shopping sprees, take a big trip once every other year. We're two people living deep in the suburbs of Brooklyn, we make about $125k combined, our job pays for an unlimited metrocard every month, and yet...we're broke most of the time. Why, I don't know. I think it's time for us to write down everything we spend money on...

by 45 years and countingreply 1304/10/2013

R13, I live paycheck to paycheck too. I still think I live well because I have many good things in my life that money can't buy. I'm thankful for the insight to understand that, as well. Money isn't everything.

by 45 years and countingreply 1404/10/2013

Money is a factor. Even having an income enough to cover modest expenses is a leg or two up on the person who carries substantial debt, or whose life would be rattled if they suffered a long period of unemployment or health issues.

Having enough money to ride out economic downturns, to be able to do without a paycheck, to not have to worry about health costs or retirement income or keeping a roof overhead or unforeseen expenses is not necessarily to lead an outwardly luxurious life, but comfort of mind is a very real luxury all the same.

by 45 years and countingreply 1504/10/2013

[quote]Funny how many equate "living well" with money.

Why is it funny? "Living well" is a nebulous, undefined concept that anyone is free to interpret as they see fit.

by 45 years and countingreply 1604/10/2013

I'm 43. I have a partner of 17 years who DID NOT die of cancer last year. I have a very nice apartment that is nearly paid off. I'm lucky enough to travel a lot to unusual places (don't give a shit about "nicer" hotels).

We are nowhere near "rich" (comparatively) but we have enough to help out friends and family who need it.

by 45 years and countingreply 1704/10/2013
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