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Pet Insurance For My New Kitten

Any suggestions? I'm in the US.

by Selina Kylereply 2204/10/2013

Put the money you'd spend for Pet Insurance into the bank. When your cat gets sick or something, just put it out in the street and use the money you put aside to buy another cat.

Best insurance plan ever.

by Selina Kylereply 104/08/2013

I love kitties!

by Selina Kylereply 204/08/2013

You love pussy, r2. Not the same thing.

by Selina Kylereply 304/09/2013

Not ASPCA Pet Insurance. Total low-life insurance company that will find every technicality to deny your claim.

by Selina Kylereply 404/09/2013

I have VPI for my dog, but switching to Purina next month when the policy expires.

by Selina Kylereply 504/09/2013

My employer offers pet insurance among its benefits - but with sharply worded advice from the Human Resources staff that all pet insurance falls somewhere between a very dubious benefit and something just short of an outright scam.

It's perhaps the only useful bit of advice the HR people have ever offered.

I overheard my vet giving a young client some stern advice against pet insurance, along the lines of: "Don't do it. It's expensive and all but useless. Whatever your pet needs, it's likely to be on the 'excluded costs' list. If you take on the responsibility of having a pet, take on the responsibility of setting aside money to maintain its health and for emergencies -- even if that means setting aside $20 from every paycheck, anything so that you have even a small cushion against unexpected expenses."

by Selina Kylereply 604/09/2013

I had one incident with my dog at 12 months old where the policy actually paid for itself. VPI actually tends to reimburse less, so I am going to switch to Purina. Slightly more expensive, but the added coverage is great.

by Selina Kylereply 704/09/2013

Push for a new kitten/puppy plan instead.

Substantial discounts on routine care (including vaccinations) and spaying/neutering when you purchase the package upfront.

by Selina Kylereply 804/09/2013

[quote]My employer offers pet insurance among its benefits

What kind of hippy lesbian job do you have?!

by Selina Kylereply 904/09/2013

R9 my employer also offers it as a benefit. I work for a large media corporation.

by Selina Kylereply 1004/09/2013

R9: One where they use flashy end-of-aisle displays of useless services like pet insurance and legal insurance to distract from, say, ever dwindling health benefits.

by Selina Kylereply 1104/09/2013

Keep them indoors and let them die (eventaully) naturally.

by Selina Kylereply 1204/09/2013

R12 means die of boredom.

by Selina Kylereply 1304/09/2013

Rather than buying pet insurance, invest in preventative care. Make sure she gets all her shots, take her in for yearly wellness visits, get her teeth cleaned and give her heartworm and tick/flea protection medicines if the vet recommends them.

The two main things you can do to prolong her life and health is to not overfeed her and keep her indoors. Cheap!

by Selina Kylereply 1404/09/2013

r13, I agree that cats who go out have more fun, but they're also a lot more likely to get serious injuries or diseases like ringworm or feline leukemia. Why get pet insurance for a cat that's only going to live for 5-6 years anyway?

by Selina Kylereply 1504/09/2013

I have VPI. I had it for years, and it was good back in the day, before copays.

I bought it a month before my dog had a stroke. Total cost was a little over a grand. I had to pay only 90 bucks.

Now, there is a copay and such. . .

I'm thinking about Petco's plan, which basically gives you a 20 thousand dollar limit. If you exceed the cost, you have to pay or sign up all over again for a new plan, which will be more because the pet will be older.

by Selina Kylereply 1604/09/2013

I would recommend getting pet insurance, but not for kittens or even young cats. Unlike dogs, most cats will spend most their lives indoors so there's less health risk.

Wait until your kitten is about 3-5 years old before getting insurance.

You're just wasting your money if you do that right now. All you'll be paying for is vet check-ups and that's not enough to justify buying pet insurance.

by Selina Kylereply 1704/09/2013

r14 mean to say "preventive" care.

by Selina Kylereply 1804/10/2013

Well, R15, since both my indoor/outdoor cats lived to be 20 and 21 respectively, I'd say pet insurance is a wise investment.

by Selina Kylereply 1904/10/2013

Cats are fungible; if the thing gets sick, get a new one.

by Selina Kylereply 2004/10/2013

I think you meant humans are fungible, r20. Like you.

by Selina Kylereply 2104/10/2013

The conniving little cunt has already taked out double policies on you, OP. Just wait until you drop the food late more than once.

by Selina Kylereply 2204/10/2013
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