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Things you remember from your childhood that still make you smile

The commercial at the link. Definitely.

I loved going to the supermarket with my mom and dad on Friday nights. We'd always eat at McDonald's first.

Dad would give me a dollar. I could buy a can of soda pop (35 cents), 3 comic books (15 cents each)and a big candy bar (20 cents).

Then I would hurry my mother along so that I wouldn't miss "Donny and Marie" on ABC at 8pm.

It was such an innocent time for me.

by Child of the '70sreply 20702/25/2015

The smell of indoor garages. My grandparents had on in their building in White plains, and grandpa took me everywhere, movies, the park, that smell makes me very happy and nostalgic.

by Child of the '70sreply 104/05/2013

This one cracked me up at the time.

by Child of the '70sreply 204/05/2013

I totally remember lite brite and the slinky commercials. The late 70's early 80's was such a chill time to grow up or at least it seemed. I remember when Ethan Patz and Adam Walsh kidnappings happened it freaked everyone out.

by Child of the '70sreply 304/05/2013

I sense a "feel good" thread. Aaawwww.

by Child of the '70sreply 404/05/2013

I remember how big the neighbor's cock was when I would blow him, god I miss that shed.

by Child of the '70sreply 504/05/2013


by Child of the '70sreply 604/05/2013

Seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

by Child of the '70sreply 804/05/2013

Christmas. It was magical when I was a child. Now it's a burden.

by Child of the '70sreply 904/05/2013

Being able to ride my bike - by myself! - all the way uptown to spend the day in the library. If I had fifteen cents, I'd get a popsicle on the way home. Just had to be home by the time the streetlights came on - like all the kids in my neighborhood.

by Child of the '70sreply 1004/05/2013

my dad taught me to tie my shoelaces, he drove me to school all the time, and he used to wake me up early morning on the weekends to be his caddy on the golf course. fond memories.

by Child of the '70sreply 1104/05/2013

Being the only guy I knew who bought "16" magazines.

Keeping the periwinkle Crayola crayon to myself. Keeping the cornflower Crayola crayon to myself. Keeping the brick red Crayola crayon to myself.

Putting Dick Nixon's face on my Silly Putty and stretching the hell out of it.

Taking a bath every night. Filling the tub with two inches of water and a squirt of dish washing soap, then laying on my stomach and sliding up and down, up and down...

Seeing James Brown in Playgirl magazine and trying to reconcile this was a major NFL football player showing his cock. It was too good to be true.

Hiding that Playgirl magazine so my parents didn't know I stole it from the drugstore.

Putting Jim Brown's cock on my Silly Putty and stretching the hell out of it.

by Child of the '70sreply 1204/05/2013

R7, what was it like for you in the colored bathroom?

by Child of the '70sreply 1304/05/2013

For this former eight year old, a Canadian Christmas treasure, every year:

by Child of the '70sreply 1404/05/2013

Those first few days of summer vacation and that feeling of freedom. Going barefoot all day. Swimming for hours at the pool and riding my bike home.

by Child of the '70sreply 1504/05/2013

OP - love your post & picture an innocent all american baby-gay who was always the nice boy - the one whose everyone's parents & teachers loved... such a seetheart!

please tell me now that you're the kind of gay man who rejoices in the epiphet 'pig' and usually spends his friday nights wedged firmly into a sling at the nearest sauna...


by Child of the '70sreply 1604/05/2013

Etch-A-Sketch was my friend back then.

by Child of the '70sreply 1704/05/2013

Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. They still crack me up even now but they're not shown on TV, you have to buy the DVD (and make sure it is the unedited version). I somehow managed to spend a childhood watching original Loony Tunes without growing up to be a racist, violent, wabbit-hunting weirdo.

by Child of the '70sreply 1804/05/2013

Staying out till nine o'clock at night during summer vacation. We would play soft ball, tether ball, go exploring and when it got dark, catch fire flies in jars with tin lids that had holes punched in them. We always let the fire flies go. In the summer my Dad would put up our above ground pool. We would also spend hours wiping out on the Slip N Slide, playing under the garden hose and lounging in a small wading pool when the adults weren't around to supervise us in the larger pool. There would be cook outs and my bad ass younger uncle would throw parties in the finished basement in my Grandmother's house. On Sunday nights, about a half hour before The Wonderful World of Disney came on, my father would make a run to Burger King as a once a week treat. We would gorge on Whoppers, fries and milkshakes as we watched Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. We would have eaten Sunday dinner hours before. I also used to love going to the Publix on Friday nights with my parents. We could always con my Mother into buying the latest food or drink craze advertised on T.V. It was so innocent and carefree. Sigh.

by Child of the '70sreply 1904/05/2013

r5, you are just plain wicked:)

by Child of the '70sreply 2004/05/2013

I remember how x-mas break seamed to be our special time with our mom. She would arange outings for every day with our friends whose parents both worked; ice skating, roller skating, movies, scavenger hunts in the snow. Everyone said we were so lucky to have a mom who took us places and did things with us.

by Child of the '70sreply 2104/05/2013

I love this thread and especially r10, r12, r15, and r19. I grew up in the 70's and we had similar experiences. I remember playing outside till the street lights came on and then coming in to take a bath (with the dish soap sometimes, sometimes real bubble bath) putting on my night gown and settling down for "The Love Boat" and then "Fantasy Island". When "Roots" premiered on tv my mom had all of us take naps for the afternoons so we could stay up late to watch it. You watched it when it was on and if you missed it, oh well. And yes the McDonalds treat maybe once a week. Going to Baskin Robbins for a chocolate chip mint double scoop in a sugar cone. I feel sorry for the kids today, they will never know the fun and innocence we did. We all played outside all the time, we had an Atari but it was only used on rainy days. It was such a blast back then, I miss it.

by Child of the '70sreply 2204/05/2013

Watching that's so raven as a child..

by Child of the '70sreply 2304/05/2013

"Bluto did it"

bluets (a kind of flower that grew in the lawn)

the smell of skunk (reminds me of warm summer nights)

watching birds in the yard

"I dunno, Davey"

lightning bugs

by Child of the '70sreply 2404/05/2013

This Folger's coffee commercial.

by Child of the '70sreply 2504/06/2013

The opening theme to Casper makes me remember our family vacations on Cape Cod, and the kids would watch this on one of the Boston stations.

by Child of the '70sreply 2604/06/2013

This defines my childhood. I just got nostalgic watching it before I posted it.

by Child of the '70sreply 2704/06/2013


by Child of the '70sreply 2804/06/2013

Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster.

They taste the same, too.

by Child of the '70sreply 2904/06/2013

Nice stuff - it was innocent and carefree for you because you were a kid- not so innocent or care free for the adults.

by Child of the '70sreply 3004/06/2013

Saturday morning TV shows on TNBC such as Saved By The Bell.. The New Class, California Dreams etc

Summer mornings I would go hiking with my grandpa, who is long gone dead. Miss those days

by Child of the '70sreply 3104/06/2013

Sweet Valley High Books

by Child of the '70sreply 3204/06/2013

OP why did your parents feed you McDonald's weekly? Did they hate you and want you to die?

by Child of the '70sreply 3304/06/2013

I think fast food once a week is not a treat, it is a habit.

by Child of the '70sreply 3404/06/2013

We had no McDonalds nearby until I was in high school. My folks would take us out to a steakhouse for sirloin tips every few months as a treat. The joint was popular among my friends so it made visits a big deal.

I'm kinda sad everything is available all the time now. Waiting for the Charlie Brown Christmas Special to air once a year was a special event. It wasn't until MANY MANY years later I encountered their sponsor's product: Dolly (sic) Madison Zingers.

by Child of the '70sreply 3504/06/2013

There was always good new music on the radio. AM and FM.

by Child of the '70sreply 3604/06/2013

The OP is an elder gay.

by Child of the '70sreply 3704/06/2013

The Theme to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". CBS Saturday night, the best night of TV, the whole family gathered to watch "All In The Family", "MASH", Mary, "The Bob Newhart Show" topped off with "The Carol Burnett". Don't know when the networks thought that families don't stay home on Saturdays anymore, especially in this crappy economy.

by Child of the '70sreply 3804/06/2013

Being obsessed with the space program, the mysteries of the universe and science in general. Just knowing that by the time I was an adult, space travel would be a matter of course.

And this...

by Child of the '70sreply 3904/06/2013

Summer vacations. Dad and mom would pack the car the car after dinner and we would go to bed early then my patents would wake us up at 2am and we would just move to the car and continue sleeping. We'd wake up somewhere in the south for breakfast.. My dad would have those vacations exactly marked out. Two hour here, one hour there arriving at Disney World at the optimal time. Some where during vacation a blow up and then time didn't mean anything to him, a couple of times he called back to International Harvester telling them he'd gotten "stuck" on the road and he'd be a few days late back from vacation.

by Child of the '70sreply 4004/06/2013

Boys wearing real shorts and visible socks.

by Child of the '70sreply 4104/06/2013

Jell-O pudding pops on hot summer days.

Do they still make those?

by Child of the '70sreply 4204/06/2013

I wouldn't go so far as to say this makes me smile, but ...

Do any of you kids of the '60s–'80s remember watching educational films in class and seeing a quick flash of a mysterious woman right after the countdown?

Turns out they had a name: "china girls," or "leader ladies." (In Europe, they were known as "Lili.") They served as a check for color quality in the rest of the film.

Here's a short tribute to them.

by Child of the '70sreply 4310/12/2013

The only time we got McDonalds was on winter weekends when we would go up north and ski. My dad would always want to "get on the road" as soon as possible to beat the traffic so we would have dinner about halfway through the trip. When I was very little we would stop at a hot dog place that always seemed to have Hee Haw on no matter what time we got there, but later on, once the interstate was built, we'd take a different route and stopped at a McDonalds, where my older, high school football-playing brothers got TWO quarter pounders with cheese! I thought that was so cool and so much better than me with my regular old cheeseburger and small fries.

by Child of the '70sreply 4410/12/2013

Swimming. Bike riding. Ice-skating and sledding on closed (and some not) streets.

Penny candy of all types.

Saturday movie matinees with one screen and no being tossed out after one showing.

Cutting through yards.

But above all, swimming.

by Child of the '70sreply 4510/12/2013

Dad recording the Wonderful World Of Disney for me and running a cable from the living room to my bedroom so I could watch it off of the VCR.

Getting out of school to go to a car show or hunting--it was always, X FEVER (Pate Fever, a "Seasonaly flu" for dear season, etc).

Being dropped off or walking from Middle School to the town's HUGE swimming pool; making friends with the owner's kid and exploring the parts of the park that hadn't been open since the 20s. Staying until the very minute they closed (10 pm) and getting free ice cream on the way out so they could empty the machines.

4H and raising rabbits--being a latchkey kid and bringing them in the house when I thought no one would know.

Finding dirty magazines, used condoms (no I didn't touch), and the like in the woods near the house; bringing a neighbor boy with me to talk about how much the photos were "exciting" (being :( too shy to let him see my "boner" when he asked if I had one).

Being an only child, thinking myself magic when I managed to make it rain or guess the song that would come on next on the radio.

Riding 4 wheelers (and, previously, 3 wheelers) on the empty hilly lots near my home)--dreaming up crazy stories about people chasing me and hiding things in places no one would ever find on these excursions.

Once eating a datura seed ball (telling myself it was magic) because I thought it was magic, knowing i had just done drugs and convincing my parents that i was "unwell" so that I could stay in my room and watch the colors flood my vision.

by Child of the '70sreply 4610/12/2013

Swimming in my grandparents pool then going into the house which always had the AC on in summers. Grandma would make me spaghettios and a lenders onion bagel. I miss her.

by Child of the '70sreply 4710/12/2013


by Child of the '70sreply 4810/12/2013

"It's nice when you're kinda cosy but not when you're tangled nose to nosey!"

by Child of the '70sreply 4910/12/2013

Candy bars were 20 cents in the 1970s? I don't think so.

by Child of the '70sreply 5010/12/2013

[quote]what was it like for you in the colored bathroom?

I remember when we had a colored bathroom too! My dad installed these lavender colored fixtures, sink, tub, even the toilet were all a gorgeous purplish blue porcelain. I thought we had the classiest bathroom in the whole town.

My mom bought all lavender towels, bathmats m the fuzzy toilet seat lid, evgenn our toilet paper was lavender ( God, remember when toilet paper came in a rainbow opf colors ?)

Any new friends that came to my house had to have a guided tour to our colored bathroom.

I felt sorry for "poor" people who had plain old white bathrooms.

by Child of the '70sreply 5110/12/2013

Being a kid with almost complete freedom on the city streets. No money but it was just nice to be able to go where I pleased, when I pleased.

by Child of the '70sreply 5210/12/2013

Every school morning we would eat our Cheerios for breakfast while watching this old cartoon that was on every morning , and the minute it finished we all went out to the meet the school bus.

Never realized what absolute PERFECT timing that was and how we must have been the only kids in our school who got to watch the whole cartoon before the school bus came.

by Child of the '70sreply 5310/12/2013

r51 candy bars were 25 cents around 1976-1980. So were wacky packs.

so much fun back today would think it was boring but I was never bored.

by Child of the '70sreply 5410/12/2013

I was never bored, I was either playing or watching TV, which I loved.

Most months I spent outside playing or going to the beach. It wasn't like it seems to be now, we seldom had parents around watching our every move. Back then parents knew their place...which was mostly in the background.

by Child of the '70sreply 5510/12/2013

Not much... trading handjobs with my best friend's hot younger brother who was on the HS soccer team, and sometimes others of his teammates that he clued in that I 'was cool'? That's about it I think. Good times.

by Child of the '70sreply 5610/12/2013

I remember when wagon wheels were in an open paper bag.

by Child of the '70sreply 5710/12/2013

Fall always was and always will be my fave season for different reasons when I was a kid.

My dad would go deer hunting and my mother, my siblings and I would have peace for two or so weeks. He would be so involved in his trip, he didn't have time to monitor the grocery list for the time he was away, so my mother would buy the good stuff.

while he was gone, we'd clean the house, watch tv till 3am on weekends, walk to a small store nearby and buy those cheap powdered donuts, make scumptious meals and even bbq w/out someone yelling at us for doing everything wrong. When I got older, I'd be so happy my dad would go out drinking on Sunday night. That meant my mom and I could fix cheap sandwiches and watch I Claudius w/out him bitching. I hate writing this cuz my dad is elderly and his alcoholism was responsible for his bad behaviour when i was a kid. Today he's not so bad.

I also loved summer when I'd visit my Grandmother in another town. It was the type of place where we could play hide and seek till 11pm w/only the one street light to guide the run for base. I ran into a chicken fence and everyone, myself included, laughed our asses off.

We'd do things kids would'nt be allowed to today. Played in underground caves, walk in rugged country.

by Child of the '70sreply 5810/12/2013

Like others, many of my fond childhood memories revolve around TV.

The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday night.

The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau

Saturday morning cartoons, Warner Bros and Hanna-Barbera especially.

Going home from school for lunch and watching "Bewitched" while having my tuna sandwich.

After school is was Matchgame and The Price is Right.

by Child of the '70sreply 5910/12/2013

I remember when fire was discovered by the men of the tribe. I was five years old. Finally we could warm the cave (plus the light kept the Velociraptors away). We could finally cook our food. I'll never forget the taste of those first Brontosaurus Burgers. Yum.

by Child of the '70sreply 6010/12/2013

The annual airing of The Wizard of Oz on network television--It was HUGE for us kids. It was the only time of the year you could catch the movie all year long.

As soon as I saw the first commercial for it, I would get giddy with excitement. I would wait for it for weeks and even cut out advertisements for it from the newspaper or TV Guide and keep the clippings. (I have no idea why!) One year there was a bad thunderstorm while it aired and the power went out for about 15 minutes. I was CRUSHED that I had missed part of the movie.

I also got so excited over the annual Christmas shows that only aired once a year, i.e. Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Charlie Brown, Little Drummer Boy, Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol, and my particular favorite, "The House without a Christmas Tree" starring the old curmudgeon Jason Robards.

The annual celebrity Christmas shows were great too, i.e. Andy Williams in his ubiquitous turtleneck standing by a fireplace with the fake snow coming down outside singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time". Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and other stars also had great holiday specials that got me extra excited for Christmas.

And the cherry on the sundae was if the Christmas shows were "Presented by Kraft Foods". I loved their 3 minute long commercials of various holiday food recipes. ("You can make a yule log your whole family will love with Kraft cream cheese and nuts!")

Other great holiday commercials from the 70s included ones from McDonald's, Coke, Folgers, Norelco, K Mart, Sears, Toys-R-Us, etc.

by Child of the '70sreply 6110/12/2013

[quote] Don't know when the networks thought that families don't stay home on Saturdays anymore, especially in this crappy economy.

It is baffling that the networks threw in the towel on Saturdays. It's almost like they came up with a gentleman's agreement to reduce the week by a day so they would have one less night to program.

by Child of the '70sreply 6210/12/2013

I remember real food. Yes, I'm old.

by Child of the '70sreply 6310/12/2013

I remember falling asleep as a kid and missing the annual Wizard of Oz and being quite devastated.

Other memories: the Sears and Penney's Christmas catalog arrival; the smell of model paint and model glue; going into a drug store and spinning the comic book rack to see what's new; perusing the Fall TV preview issue of TV Guide; knocking on people's doors and running away.

by Child of the '70sreply 6410/12/2013

Racing my Big Wheel around the block in the summer and smelling the charcoal grill in the air knowing a hot dog AND a hamburger was waiting for me when I got back to my Dad's.

by Child of the '70sreply 6510/12/2013

Saturday morning tv shows, Fury, Sky King, Roy Rogers, Yeah that's right, I'm old as hell.

by Child of the '70sreply 6610/12/2013

Saturday mornings getting up before my parents, watching cartoons on tv and eating endless bowls of frosted cereal. Dad would come out after my brother and and I had gorged on the crap and always ask how many bowls we'd eaten. It was always one, and he always pretended to believe us.

by Child of the '70sreply 6710/12/2013

I remember being terrified of the sow but dying to pick up one of her babies. I never did get to pick up a piglet.

by Child of the '70sreply 6810/12/2013

My uncle's barn cat had kittens and I got to take one home from the farm. He was my first pet.

by Child of the '70sreply 6910/12/2013

The endless summer nights of playing baseball, ghosts in the graveyard or swimming.

Summer was fucking MAGIC for me as a kid. I would get up early, do my chores and be gone until I got too hungry to go on. Then I would eat and go back out again to play.

We played every sport and made some up. It was great. I miss playing. I wish more adults would play - I think the world would be a much better place.

by Child of the '70sreply 7010/12/2013

Riding my bike everywhere with no helmet. Watching "The Muppet Show" and then "Space:1999." Being skinny and wearing braces but not feeling self-conscious about it. Sadly, that all changed when I got into high school.

by Child of the '70sreply 7110/12/2013

Looking at how high the snow was out my bedroom window on the second floor, school had been canceled. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and had cinnamon toast and cocoa my mother just made.

by Child of the '70sreply 7210/12/2013

July 4th, out in the harbor, my parents and their friends would tie their boats up two and three across, barbecue, drink, and wait for the barge with the fireworks to be towed out. Had lobster for the first time.

Getting up at 4 am to watch my Dad make donuts in his bakery. My mom would pick me up and take me to school. I've loved getting up before dawn ever since then, and I love the smell of donuts cooking.

That metallic smell that comes out of the hose when you turn it on for the first time in the Summer.

by Child of the '70sreply 7310/12/2013

Visiting my rich uncle's gentleman's farm one summer I was about 8. He gave me $5 which to me was a fortune. We had a Buick convertible, I fell asleep on the way home, when I woke up the money was gone...flew out of my hand. I was devastated.

by Child of the '70sreply 7410/12/2013

>>Being obsessed with the space program, the mysteries of the universe and science in general

Me, too, r39. Still am, to some degree - but mostly with the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo programs. Never gets old.

by Child of the '70sreply 7510/12/2013

Sometimes when Pa got just drunk enough to remember he had a wife and kids waiting for him back home, he would go to the local diner that specialized in foot long hot dogs and buy a bunch of them for us. They were so fucking good with all that relish and mustard and ketchup on them. I can still smell them.

On the rare occasions that he would take my Ma out for a Saturday night on the town to his favorite saloon, the next morning the fridge would have a whole bunch of Hershey and Milky Way and Three Musketeers candy bars.

by Child of the '70sreply 7610/12/2013

Sr. M. Flora, SJ bribing me with candy to learn basic fourth grade math.

by Child of the '70sreply 7710/12/2013

Going to the Drive-In movies in our great big station wagon with faux-wood panels, me and my brothers all dressed in our pyjamas ( parents planned on us being asleep by the movies end ). We would run around the playground with dozens of other similarly PJ dressed kids, eating hotdogs and sno-cones.

My parents would always oput a mattress in the back of the station wagon, back the car in and open the hatch so we could all lie there and watch the movie together...first one I remember was "101 Dalmatians", the original...

by Child of the '70sreply 7810/12/2013

Bikes, my brothers and sisters, and our friends. Yeah. Bikes. We were like a roving band of gypsies. Ride to the lake, the stores, just going for a bike ride, washing them, sporting them up, playing gladiators on them.


And drinking from the hose. THE GARDEN HOSE. Water was never colder.

I just really miss being young with my brothers and sisters. We were a pretty tight family.

by Child of the '70sreply 7910/12/2013

And riding in the back of my dad's pickup truck. Screaming our heads off when we went under and underpass to hear the echo.

by Child of the '70sreply 8010/12/2013

Just how old does the DL skew? Jesus you people are elderly.

by Child of the '70sreply 8110/12/2013

The time spent with Polanski...

by Child of the '70sreply 8210/12/2013

Drinking from the garden hose was delicious. Riding bikes spring through fall. Starting small controllable fires. Bubs Daddy bubble gum and Wacky Packages. Catching and releasing snakes, skinks, and turtles. Saturday morning cartoons: Johnny quest, dungeons and dragons, Rubik's cube. Exploring the woods that were nearby with my friend Rusty. Going to the library with mom who pulled me in a wagon and checking out at least a couple dozen books. Curious George was my favorite. Discovering masturbation. I used to rub outside of my pants with my knuckles until my friend showed me the hand/jack way. Making forts with blankets and chairs and "camping out" in the living room. Going to the A&W maybe once or twice a year with the family. Major deal as we were poor. No McDonald around back then. Watching Psycho with mom and dad. The only time I ever remember them sitting together and snuggling on the couch together while I tried to guess what was going to happen next. I was scared out of my mind after awhile. My mom warned me it would get scary. : ). I was about 8 or 9.

by Child of the '70sreply 8310/12/2013

Waiting for the US gymnastics championships on Wide World of Sports on Sat afternoon

by Child of the '70sreply 8410/12/2013

The commercial we used to go ape shit over when we were younger. ONE MORE TIME...

by Child of the '70sreply 8510/12/2013

[quote]Watching Psycho with mom and dad. The only time I ever remember them sitting together and snuggling on the couch together while I tried to guess what was going to happen next. I was scared out of my mind after awhile.

I remember when Psycho came on TV. My baby brother was 6 and he wanted to see it even though my parents said no. They were going out to a party and I let him stay up and watch. He had nightmares and I got busted.

by Child of the '70sreply 8610/12/2013

Oh, the variety of cocktails--all of which I'd sneak a taste of. My ears would perk up when I heard the whirring of the Oster blender, knowing I would soon sip a tart, bracing frozen dacquiri.

I also remember the fruity blast of rum in all those tropical after-dinner drinks like a Planter's Punch. The more exotic ones included one with green Chartreuse called a Swampwater, the formula of which is now lost to history I suspect.

by Child of the '70sreply 8710/13/2013

Jem! Especially now since Jiz came along.

by Child of the '70sreply 8810/13/2013

I found the old Swampwater recipe!!! It's very unusual tasting due to the Chartreuse.

by Child of the '70sreply 8910/13/2013

r82 LOL

by Child of the '70sreply 9010/13/2013

thanks R90 - I like how they had to create a white trash-ish drink to get Americans to use Chartreuse. Have you ever tried it??

by Child of the '70sreply 9110/13/2013

Damn, r86, I had totally forgotten about that lunatic.

by Child of the '70sreply 9210/13/2013

This song always takes me back to being a very small boy, wedged between my parents on the couch in front of the TV and feeling perfectly safe and loved and assuming that I would always feel that way.

by Child of the '70sreply 9310/13/2013

R92I've had the green Chartreuse, but not the yellow. The green is pretty strong and very complex. There's no way to really describe the flavor.

by Child of the '70sreply 9410/13/2013

Summers were always wonderful, even if things were bad in the family, summer was always like heaven.

by Child of the '70sreply 9510/13/2013

I'm gonna go on a Wonder Years streaming binge today.

by Child of the '70sreply 9610/13/2013

TGIF (Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, etc)

Saturday morning cartoons

Watching TBS before school (Captain Planet and Scooby Doo) and eating Frosted Flakes

The smell of the heat coming on for the first time of the year

by Child of the '70sreply 9710/13/2013

Stealing some of moms cigarettes and going in the woods to smoke them with friends. My mother used to get infuriated with us when we did that. She was a gentle woman unless you fucked with her nicotine. "WHAT YOU KIDS DON'T THINK I KNOW HOW MANY CIGARETTES I SMOKED TODAY?" It wasn't so much the smoking it was the taking them from her.

by Child of the '70sreply 9810/13/2013

My goodness u people are old. I was born in '95 so you really seem ancient to me.

by Child of the '70sreply 9910/13/2013

Jacking off with my neighbor in the bushes of our backyard

by Child of the '70sreply 10010/13/2013

Pez candy

by Child of the '70sreply 10110/15/2013

R100 seems to be suffering from Millenniel generation delusion that we should a) give a shit and b) be focusing on your own narcissistic Miley-driven culture.


by Child of the '70sreply 10210/15/2013

I remember when gay meant you were happy.

by Child of the '70sreply 10310/15/2013

I recall being a small child in Vienna and hearing of Madonna being raped at knifepoint in New York City.

by Child of the '70sreply 10410/15/2013

One of my best memories was when the coal miners were always striking. Going to bed on a night with a candle as a night light. Blew them out once we were in bed tho.

by Child of the '70sreply 10510/15/2013

Drinking an 8 oz bottle of coke with my dad.

Playing outside all day with my friends and not going home until dinner was ready. My sister was always sent to get me.

Snow sledding for half a day and coming home to my Mom's homemade hot chocolate.

by Child of the '70sreply 10610/15/2013

Eating Pop Rocks then guzzling soda so it was like a bomb going off in your mouth.

Zots candy.

Wacky Packs.

Summer, staying out after dark playing, biking etc.

by Child of the '70sreply 10710/15/2013


by Child of the '70sreply 10810/15/2013

Bell bottoms

by Child of the '70sreply 10910/15/2013

I fondly remember trying to catch fireflys at dusk when I was a child. I've never seen even one firefly as an adult living closer to the city.

by Child of the '70sreply 11010/15/2013

Family picnics.

by Child of the '70sreply 11110/15/2013

I am not elder (34) but bullshit commentary by the young ones just reinforces how fucked up their world is and how fortunate I feel to have grown up when I did.

Keep enjoying your cultural quagmire, video game addicts and beliebers.

by Child of the '70sreply 11210/15/2013

I remember my dad buying the first game console, an Atari. Also later he bought a speccy computer..

by Child of the '70sreply 11310/15/2013

Hi R100, I have ties older than you.

by Child of the '70sreply 11410/15/2013

More of a community through television type of thing. Because there were only the big three when there was a big television event there was a lot of buzz about for a few weeks beforehand and a lot of talk the next day. Most notably was the V miniseries, The Day After, and the US winning the Gold in hockey.

The V miniseries though was off the fucking charts with everyone.

by Child of the '70sreply 11510/15/2013

The Peanuts specials "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"!, especially the latter. Sally screaming "you blockhead!" at Linus after realizing she's missed Halloween, Charlie Brown repeating "I got a rock" and commenting later "I went trick or treating and all I got was a bag full of rocks" never fails to make me laugh.

by Child of the '70sreply 11610/15/2013

Playing with other farm boys in the hay loft. We took our pants off , got on our hands and knees while another boy milked us like a cow. We had no idea what we were doing and it wasn't really sexual.

by Child of the '70sreply 11710/15/2013

My Mrs. Beasley doll before my sister strangled her and threw her down the basement steps.

by Child of the '70sreply 11810/15/2013

Um, I don't think I'm getting the picture you're trying to paint, R118.

by Child of the '70sreply 11910/15/2013

Trying to stay up late to watch " The Midnight Special"

Getting excited, intrigued and still freaked out watching the video of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Collecting stamps.

Trying to get all 50 states of cans of 7-Up..

Taking one of those old metal tops off a can of coke and breaking apart to "flick" the round piece across the room.

Roaming around the hallways of my elementary school at night and getting spooked at the exits lights all the way down.

by Child of the '70sreply 12010/15/2013

10 cent Superman comic books.

Wax buck teeth and big red lips. I'm not sure but I think they were racist though.

Huge ham and cheese heroes with the works, over a foot long filled with real cheese and the most delish Polish ham for 1 dollar.

A new pink Spaldeen with great bounce to play "Points" and Stickball with.

Small toys that cost between 10 and 25 cents at John's Bargain Store.

The toy department at S. Klein's and Macy's where on Saturday's there was a guy doing magic tricks and lots of free food samples in their 8th floor food department.

Seeing a double feature with cartoons for 50 cents and for another 50 cents getting popcorn or a bag of chips, a hot dog and a soda and still have money left to take the bus home.

Going to the original Yankee Stadium with my dad. Being there the day Roger Maris hit his 61st homerun. Also getting to see all the great players of the 1960s. Mostly though the best part was being there with my dad.

15 cent pizza that was so good you could smell it 3 blocks away.

A Carvel cone covered in hard chocolate for 15 cents.

New sneakers for $1.50.

Being on the subway (fare was 15 cents) again with my dad, going over the bridge on the way to Coney Island. Both of us going on all the rides, the funhouse, the "Freak" show and eating enough to get us both sick and my face a sticky mess from all the cotton candy and huge jelly apples for maybe 5 bucks for the entire day for two.

Going often to see B'way shows as they were not expensive, always great seats and dinner at some of the "Fancy" theater district restaurants. Everyone dressed nicely to go to the theater in those days, suits and uncomfortable ties for men and boys.

Going to Macy's to sit on Santa's lap, getting a candy cane and a picture every Christmas. More often than not Santa smelled like moth balls and booze. Still a good time.

Going to Thompson's Square Park on Saturday's to play handball and punch ball with my dad and that takes me back to the start, getting those great 10 cent Superman comic books afterward.

Yes, I am old. Turned 61 yesterday. My life is pretty much shit now, health wise and financially but back then life was good.

by Child of the '70sreply 12110/15/2013

In the late 1970s, my mom used to take us to Baskin Robbins once a week after school and she would give us each a quarter. The cost of one scoop was 18 cents and I'd pool the leftover 7 cents with some change and get a 10 cent Hershey bar on Saturday. (Yea, I had a sweet tooth)

Going to the Saturday movies for 50 - 75 cents.

I remember a hamburger, small coke and small fries from McDonald's was 99 cents.

I remember my mom filling up the tank of her huge wood paneled station wagon at the gas station and it would be something like $4.00. (And it was way before self serve, so we liked watching the attendant in his uniform clean the windshield, check the oil, etc.)

Friday nights of Brady Bunch, Partridge Family and vague memories of Love American Style or The Odd Couple on aferwards (We were supposed to go to bed right after Partridge family)

Saturday cartoons with Scooby Doo being the jewel in the crown, and Wacky Races with Penelope Pitstop and Muttley the dog with the villianous laugh. hee!

Watching "The Lawrence Welk" show with our elderly babysitter on Sat nights when my parents went out.

Watching Wild Kingdom and Walt Disney on Sunday nights having grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup that we got to eat on a a TV tray in our pajamas.

Snow days at school and my dad pulling us around our farm on sleds tied up on a very long rope behind a tractor

Going to the local general store and getting a cold Coke from the special Coke dispenser

by Child of the '70sreply 12210/15/2013

I envy all of you having great memories of your childhood. My memories are all bad. Parents divorced when I was young. Mom never going to my sports events, until I won best athlete. Christmas ruined by my crazy brother and alcoholic mom.

by Child of the '70sreply 12310/15/2013

I'm sorry R124. I hope things are good for you now.

by Child of the '70sreply 12410/15/2013

I remember a time when all Republicans weren't assholes, of course that was in the 70s and I was just a child, so maybe I'm wrong?

by Child of the '70sreply 12510/15/2013

R126, really, that is all you see fit to add? You're just as bad as they are; downright obsessive.

by Child of the '70sreply 12610/15/2013

Actually, R123, all of the price points and TV show airings you're describing are from the early 70s. And if OP was buying comic books for 15 cents (ended 1971), it was a five-year trip home to watch Donnie and Marie (premiered 1976).

I think it's funny that, even when posting anonymously, some of you are compulsively lying about your ages.

by Child of the '70sreply 12710/16/2013

When you could tell the normals from the infested by the purple blotches.

by Child of the '70sreply 12810/16/2013

Huh, R128? Where do you come up with compulsively lying about my age? That's a weird conclusion to jump to. I was thinking about things that happened in elementary and middle school for me which would have been mid to late 70's. If my pricing is off by a few years, it's fuzzy memory and certainly no desire to hide my age on,uh,an anonymous message board.

Your post says more about you than it does about me for you to jump to such a strange conclusion that I'm trying to put one over on anyone. Something tells me you have some issues about hiding things in your life if that's how you read an innocent post. Weird.

by Child of the '70sreply 12910/16/2013

Gays are touchy about age.

by Child of the '70sreply 13010/16/2013

My parents were from the depression. Some depression-era parents wanted to make sure their kids had more than they had. Other depression-era parents raised their kids exactly as they were raised. Kind of an attitude of "We were miserable and had nothing. We never had fun or had anything good so why should you?"

My parents were the latter.

by Child of the '70sreply 13110/16/2013

It seems there's definitely a generational divide on how well Dataloungers got along with their families.

by Child of the '70sreply 13210/16/2013

Staying up late on Friday and Saturday nights to watch old, black and white movies. Those and SCTV.

by Child of the '70sreply 13310/18/2013

Sitting in a big easy chair at my Gramma's house and reading Life magazine. Also reminds me of her- the smell of whole milk, white Pyrex dishes, and coffee cans with bacon grease in them.

by Child of the '70sreply 13410/19/2013

Oatmeal on a cold Winter morning. My Granma making sure my hair was combed JUST right, before she sent me off to school. The day the next issues of the comic books I always bought came around. Making the old ladies on the block holler when we drew with chalk in the street. My first clock-radio. We had the first air-conditioner on the block. If it was dark by suppertime, Christmas was real close. Summers at the Jersey shore. Pizza was a dime a slice. A nickel's worth of penny candy was a LOT. Burning leaves(yep, even in the city) Sides-to-middle bedsheets. Sally Starr. Girls selling artificial carnations outside church on Mother's Day. Goin to see my Aunt Mary, her house always smelled of coffee and anisette. Not knowing half my relatives at family reunions(still don't)

by Child of the '70sreply 13510/19/2013

Watching Elvis Presley movies with my sister.

Staying up late and watching Dracula and Frankenstein movies with my older brother and sister. But, really, even as a kid I wasn't afraid of Frankenstein. Bitch was slower than shit and couldn't even move his arms.

Drac, OTOH, was a sneaky crafty son of bitch who could turn into a bat, push open your bedroom window, and get you.

After one of his movies, I usually ended up sleeping between my parents. I damn well knew Drac wouldn't mess with my dad.

by Child of the '70sreply 13610/19/2013

Being far out in the country, a dirt road, a cool creek, sugar cane and the houses two miles apart along the dusty road.

by Child of the '70sreply 13710/19/2013

Suburban streets lined with graceful Dutch elm trees.

by Child of the '70sreply 13810/19/2013

Elm trees? Are there any left?

by Child of the '70sreply 13910/19/2013

Lots and lots of sex in the park. Started when I was 15 and continued until I left for college. Hustled old guys and made LOTS of money. 10$ for to jack me off, and 20$ to suck my cock. Had a secret bank account and saved 2000 dollars by the time I was 18. Wanted to get away from my family and did.

College tuition? 400$ for a state school. Room and board? 1200$. Got away and ended up getting an MA and now have a good job. Never worried about STDs.

by Child of the '70sreply 14010/19/2013

It seems that you were lucky and I guess you must have had the right look.

I'm surprised you never once got arrested.

by Child of the '70sreply 14110/20/2013

r140 They are making a comeback, thanks to scientific hocus-pocus. r139 It was Dutch elm DISEASE that killed most of the American elms. Zelkovas were planted as a substitute, a very inferior one, IMHO. There's nothing quite like the graceful, urn-shaped silhouette of a mature elm.

by Child of the '70sreply 14210/20/2013


by Child of the '70sreply 14301/29/2015

I was 4 yrs old. My father taught me how to tie my shoelaces, on chopped down 'Chuck Taylor's,' that is!

by Child of the '70sreply 14401/29/2015

Who keeps bumping up all these old threads? WM in an attempt to bring in new people via thenew format????

Saturdays were 'cartoon day' and I'd be in front of the TV till noon wrapped in my favorite blanket made by my great aunt. It had 1950's style astronaut boys flying thru space (this was the 70's so I'm sure the material was from the 50's. Still have the blanket).

Playing outside all day until dinner, hearing parents start yelling all our names to come home and eat. For some reason, that is my favorite memory. The sun setting, hearing your name called from two blocks away. Hearing your friends names called. Going home. Knowing you'd be back out tomorrow playing 4 square, building forts in the woods, pretending to be anything you wanted, begging your parents to GI outside for just 15 more minutes after dinner. It was all so innocent.

Today, people would freak out if you stood on your porch and started telling names at tgectop of your voice! Back then, it was just a part of life.

So many other things as well...ahhh...

by Child of the '70sreply 14501/29/2015

When I was young I went to the hospital for an x-ray. I had to remove all my clothes and lay perfectly still on some sort of table. I wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed. I remembered they clamped a pad or something to my genitals which felt strange, yet pleasant at the same time, then disappeared behind a screen. I remained there for a while. I was instructed to hold my breath. When they took the X-ray The pads emitted a charge, which made my cock twitch. It felt so good. I don't know if I got an erection or not. I then dressed and left. Why they fitted such a device to my privates, or why I had to be naked, just to take an x-ray I will never know. Perhaps there was no medical reason. Perhaps they just got a kick out of watching my reactions to the pulsing pads, just to see my excitement. I'm just glad they did it. That is what makes me smile.

by Child of the '70sreply 14602/22/2015

Roaming the neighborhood with my friends.

We had the most fun. And got into so much shit.... and that was from the 2nd to 6th grade.

Best time of my life!

by Child of the '70sreply 14702/22/2015

Sunday dinners @ my Grandfather's house in Little Italy. The aroma and the taste of all of the homemade Italian foods, and spending the afternoons playing with my cousins. Simple pleasures, wonderful memories.

by Child of the '70sreply 14802/22/2015

Winky Dink with the magic screen and crayons...

by Child of the '70sreply 14902/22/2015

sleeping all night on the screen porch.

the smell of fresh cut grass.

the loudspeaker at the high school football game half a mile away. You could understand the words, but the crowd noise was always remote and vague.

a train whistle a mile away in the wee hours.

the smell of burning leaves in fall.

listening to my sister play this piece downstairs on the piano while I sat in the dark in my room with the window open to catch the cool night breeze.

by Child of the '70sreply 15002/22/2015

Watching cartoons and eating leftover cold pizza on Saturday mornings, dressed in our pajamas.

by Child of the '70sreply 15102/22/2015

Going to the drive-in movies with the family and stopping first at the grocery store to stock up on favorite snacks and drinks.

by Child of the '70sreply 15202/22/2015

Can the freaking webmaster make me smile while I am still young, and get rid of the frigging SNL Night of 150 Stars tweets and twats that are polluting this site. Enough Already!

by Child of the '70sreply 15302/22/2015

Convincing my parents to allow me to stay up and watch the Academy Awards back in the 1960's, when the show was glamorous and exciting.

by Child of the '70sreply 15402/22/2015

When I would get up I'm the morning for school (elementary) mom would make me wheatena, buttered toast & ice cold milk. I'd watch underdog till it was time to leave. We lived in the Bronx, it was the early 70s, so in our house Motown was always playing, but outside salsa was, and my grandfather was a concert pianist, so his playing(classical) was the near constant background music at my grandparents house in White Plains. Then they moved to the upper east side of Manhattan. We kids practically LIVED outside, even in the Bronx. Can you imagine that now? My mother grew up there, she'd be 66 now, & she told me that when she was a kid, it was common for mothers to leave their babies in their carriages outside stores as they shopped. IN THE BRONX. People who try to tell me that "things haven't changed, crime isn't worse it's just that media gives too much info" can kiss my ass.

by Child of the '70sreply 15502/23/2015

Going downstairs to the corner store to buy bags of cheeze doodles (.25) and packs of '86 Topps baseball cards to take back up to my rooftop perch and enjoy in peace.

by Child of the '70sreply 15602/23/2015

Every August waking up around 4 am to make the drive from San Francisco to L.A. on I-5, heading for my aunt's place and then....DISNEYLAND!

by Child of the '70sreply 15702/23/2015

The 1970s. All of the moms in my neighborhood stayed home all day, so everything seemed safer.

I seem to remember everyone's mom had a Carol Brady-like flip 'do and spent a lot of time sitting at the kitchen table smoking, drinking Tab and reading Cosmo.

And everyone lived in a split-level. Downstairs ALWAYS had a den with a pool table, foosball, a bar and a TV.

by Child of the '70sreply 15802/23/2015

Going to my grandmother's house on Sunday and spending the afternoon and evening there with my cousins, especially in the summer. We'd be outside all day. We'd play badminton and croquet, then go into the woods and play, always looking for the local legend Dead Man's Cave but never finding it. Or we'd cross the field behind her house and go fishing down by the brook. We'd eat wild black raspberries that we'd find in growing in clusters in various places. We'd come inside for a cold glass of limeade and sandwiches then head back out. My cousins, my brother and I still miss those times and always smile when we talk about them.

by Child of the '70sreply 15902/23/2015

My mum taking me to Playland at the Beach, San Francisco. The long bus ride from Bernal Heights to the Beach. The laughing lady in front of the Fun House. Then crossing the Great Highway and sitting looking out at the Pacific Ocean, and the sound of seagulls.

by Child of the '70sreply 16002/23/2015

Pushing each other around in a shopping cart on our tennis court which we never used. Falling into the pool with clothes on and pretending to be drowning. Making crank calls before caller ID. Throwing grapes over the wall at the nextdoor neighbour. Driving around in a BMW without a license (just around the neighbourhood).

by Child of the '70sreply 16102/23/2015

At age 16 I got my first job at McDonald's. In 1976 all orders were taken with pencil and paper, including calculating sales tax and the correct change to give back to the customer. I was really good at quick math; customers would question how could I figure the total so fast. After checking my math they would walk away amazed.

by Child of the '70sreply 16202/23/2015

When there were no malls and you shopped in the stores along Main Street, where there was also a movie theatre.

by Child of the '70sreply 16302/23/2015

As a child of the 60s going to the New York World's Fair, Palisades Park, Atlantic City and Asbury Park(really, seeing them today you would have no idea what they were like then)and movies at the big theaters in Times Square and at Radio City with an elaborate stage show. Maybe the last great decade in New York City history.

Then there was the anticipation of TV shows like The Monkees, Batman and Wonderful World of Disney.

by Child of the '70sreply 16402/23/2015

Soul Train to cap off Saturday mornings - followed by a Kung-Fu movie mini-marathon (i.e. "Kung Fu Gold") on my local television station. Remembering how the mouth movements of the Kung-Fu movie characters were so out-of-sync with the dubbed-in dialogue.

Music videos on network TV late on Friday Nights - during music videos' golden age ('80s).

Ice cream trucks slowly riding through the neighborhood during summer afternoons/evenings (I've almost NEVER seen this in recent years)

That time during the summer of 1982 when a 3-D movie that was airing on national TV was much hyped - and 3-D glasses were widely distributed. It was an event.

The six hour ride to my grandparents' house in N.C. during Christmastime - during which Christmas songs would often be playing on the radio stations that our car's radio picked up.

The rural/semi-rural scenery that we would see during those above-mentioned rides

Stopping at Stuckey's during long road-trips (Stuckey's as it used to be - back during better/more innocent times)

by Child of the '70sreply 16502/23/2015

Nightflix. We didn't have MTV until the early 1990s. Some TV channel would show Tales From the he Darkside on Friday night (I think?) and then later on pop music videos would play - the same music videos they played on MTV.

This was a big event in my life.

by Child of the '70sreply 16602/23/2015

Saturday-evening wrestling on TBS (Superstation)

Watching "Dukes of Hazard" with my dad

Imitating Billy "White Shoes" Johnson's signature touchdown dance while playing football-like yardgames - or breaking out into it just whenever. Whenever you "scored" on a playground or in your front yard, you just had to do the dance.

Michael Jackson mania - which kicked into gear when the "Motown 25" special aired (early 1983)...and started dying-off perhaps in early/mid 1985. This was when the MJ-love was relatively innocent and pure....before the skin-whitening became noticeable, before cynicism and child-molestation charges. My mom has since said that she was majorly creeped-out when MJ brought Emmanuel Lewis to the 1984 Grammys with him - and thought that it looked quite inappropriate - but I don't remember her voicing those concerns to a 10-year-old me, and noone in the media questioned it. During those two years, MJ could do no wrong.

Doing (or trying to do) all of those '80s dances - "The Wave", "The Prep", pop-locking, "The Reebok", etc..

by Child of the '70sreply 16702/23/2015

Ms. Pac Man.

by Child of the '70sreply 16802/23/2015

Friday the 13th movies - Jason and his signature "pant"

Some silly movie that I haven't seen since 1983 called "Student Bodies"

Those aerobics TV shows that were popular during much of the '80s - Charlene Prickett, Richard Simmons, et. al.

"You Can't Do That On Television" (between that show and Charlene Prickett - I discovered the Canadian/Ontario accent)

My mom's obvious horror at the physical appearance of the members of Twisted Sister, and Boy George in the "War" video. (Ironically-enough - she liked Boy George as a singer and Culture Club's early hits - but she threw a fit when she saw how Boy George escalated his drag during the "War" period.)

1980s hair and fashion (which - IMO - sometimes gets an unfair bad rap)

Reading the books "A Very Young Dancer", "A Very Young Gymnast", and a "Very Young Skater" over and over again - losing myself the worlds of these gifted, lucky girls. (Although these books were originally published in the 1970s - I didn't read them until the early '80s.)

by Child of the '70sreply 16902/23/2015

Well, A Very Young Dancer WASN'T gifted - after all, she was thrown out of the School of American Ballet two or three years after she was photographed for the book. My mom called it way back when I was infatuated with the book: she wasn't that good.

by Child of the '70sreply 17002/23/2015

The thing that makes me smile from growing up in the late 80's to about 1997 when I was 11 was the Toys R' Us commercials with Geoffrey the Giraffe. Damn im old.

by Child of the '70sreply 17102/23/2015

Saturday mornings watching Scooby-Doo and then Soul Train and American Bandstand.

by Child of the '70sreply 17202/24/2015

Taking the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf and shopping at Akron and Cost Plus with my mother and sister and getting a coffee ice cream cone at Swenson's when we were done.

Going to the Zoo and riding the rickety rocket ship that was old even in the early 70's when we'd go there and also playing on the huge stationary train that was always full of sand and crazy kids.

Playland at the Beach getting scared by Laughing Sal and walking up the narrow stairs that never seemed to end to go on the giant slide.

I wish I was still back in those days sometimes...

by Child of the '70sreply 17302/24/2015

Yes, before MTV, you could only see videos for one hour on the weekend (can't remember the name of the show) and on Friday Night Videos on network TV. Also, does anyone remember Kids Incorporated? Saturday morning show with videos starring kids singing the songs of the moment.

I remember being very excited about the fall preview for Saturday morning cartoons, so excited that there would be a cartoon based on Pac Man! Also, a cartoon show based on many arcade games called Saturday Supercade. Also, I remember when the Disney Channel premiered and there was a cartoon show called Good Morning, Mickey. Also, "DTV" which was cartoon music videos using the Disney characters.

Did anyone have a Commodore 64? It was the personal computer that came out after the Vic20. You could program your own games. There was a magazine called Computes Gazette and they have programs for all sorts of really cool games. My mom even took me to computer meetings where people shared public domain video games. Also, do you remember games were initially played on cassettes? And then, disc drives after that.

by Child of the '70sreply 17402/24/2015


by Child of the '70sreply 17502/24/2015

Davy Jones

by Child of the '70sreply 17602/24/2015

The only thing I can think of is staring at Kevin M's legs as they got hairier and hairier. He sat behind me in 6th grade. Otherwise, it's my dog, my books, and my records.

by Child of the '70sreply 17702/24/2015

Saturday morning cartoons. None of this Nickelodeon/Disney Channel 24 hours a day crap. If you didn't watch cartoons on Saturday morning, your week was screwed.

Two and a half hours of Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner. Good times.

by Child of the '70sreply 17802/24/2015

Playing outside in the Summer. I don't know how we filled all those hours, but we ran around and rode our bikes and just hung out in the yard rolling around in the grass. We would pick dandelions and say "Mama had a baby and it's head popped off" and flick the yellow part off the stem.

But we always knew when it was time for Kimba the White Lion to come on tv. We would stop our play and go inside and watch Kimba and then come out and resume whatever game we were playing.

Going to my grandmother's house for Sunday lunch once a month. My grandmother loved to cook. She would always have roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn and she always made some type of dessert like cherry pie or coconut cake. My grandfather would sit on the front porch and peel an apple and never cut the skin, so he had one long apple skin chain.

Friday night at our house was pizza night, a huge pizza from the local pizzeria. Sunday night was popcorn night with lots of butter and salt, watching the Sunday night tv shows like Ed Sullivan.

My childhood wasn't complicated. We had an old tv with a cranky antenna. We had our toys and books, but there weren't a lot of "gadgets". We spent our fair share of time in front of the tv, but we also spent a lot of time outdoors. During the Summer, the whole neighborhood was out in their yards.

by Child of the '70sreply 17902/24/2015

Killing people.

by Child of the '70sreply 18002/24/2015

During the summer, when the truck would travel street to street spraying white clouds of insecticide, the neighborhood kids would follow it on their bicycles for fun. Absolutely insane, in hindsight, breathing in those chemicals, yet no parent ever tried to stop us.

by Child of the '70sreply 18102/24/2015

When my stepdad made me turn tricks for money.

Good times.

by Child of the '70sreply 18202/24/2015

Shoplifting a paperback edition of "Valley of the Dolls" because I didn't have the nerve to face the cashier.

by Child of the '70sreply 18302/24/2015

My mother yelling "Smile, Baby"! from backstage.

by Child of the '70sreply 18402/24/2015

USA Cartoon Express & my Green Machine

by Child of the '70sreply 18502/24/2015

When daytime television consisted of so many game shows, soaps and quality talk shows.

by Child of the '70sreply 18602/24/2015

Trying to collect all 50 states on cans of 7-up. Before that getting NFL Football stickers at gas stations...

The kid down the street bragging because he found the rare "Run Tony Shells" from the second series Wack Packages...

Trying to imitate that girl in open mouth gasp on the "Tip It" game box cover... Acting like we were always in a commercial.

Desperately trying to stay up til Midnight to watch Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on Midnight Special and getting completely freaked out...

Playing that cool video game where you were driving around trying to hit those figures walking around a graveyard and when you'd hit them the figures would turn into crosses...

by Child of the '70sreply 18702/24/2015

Eating Italian food with my father.

by Child of the '70sreply 18802/25/2015

Watching Speed Racer after school.

It was not very good but it was the law.

by Child of the '70sreply 18902/25/2015

The pearl sinking in Prell. Green has always been my favorite color, maybe because of Prell.

by Child of the '70sreply 19002/25/2015

Getting Christmas albums from gas stations.

Circling every toy in the Sears Christmas catalog.

by Child of the '70sreply 19102/25/2015

My dad taking me to the zoo and to the airport to watch the planes takes off. Way before 2001, when you could go just about anywhere in an airport. This always makes me smile as he died when I was young. These are happy memories.

by Child of the '70sreply 19202/25/2015

NES, 8 bit. SNES, 16 bit.

by Child of the '70sreply 19302/25/2015

The smell of the kettle corn in the basement of our local Sears. The appliances were down there, as were the tools, but so were aisles and aisles and aisles of toys...

by Child of the '70sreply 19402/25/2015

Monkey bars at the playground, gumball machines, buying beef jerky at the purple cow after school.

by Child of the '70sreply 19502/25/2015

As a boy changing in the locker room at our town's swim club. The grown men all seemed good-looking and fit and changed in front of each other with no embarrassment whatsoever. All the nude tanned bodies with asses as white as alabaster and bush framed dicks were heart stopping to a young boy.

by Child of the '70sreply 19602/25/2015

The Ice cream truck driving down our street playing Turkey in the Straw.

by Child of the '70sreply 19702/25/2015

Secret Squirrel cartoons

by Child of the '70sreply 19802/25/2015

MY Grandpa's meth lab. I used to help him grind Sudafed.

by Child of the '70sreply 19902/25/2015

Reading my comic books.

by Child of the '70sreply 20002/25/2015

I used to love Friday nights and Saturday mornings. My dad worked a second job bartending every Friday night, so my mom, brother and I would eat dinner in front of the TV on Friday night watching reruns of the Carol Burnett show. And she would let my brother and me alternate and pick the menu for dinner, so it would usually be grilled cheese or pizza. Then we would play cards or board games. On Saturday, my mom would be up early and let my father sleep in. So my brother and I would crawl into bed with dad and watch cartoons on the small black and white TV in my parents' room. Because he would smell like smoke when he got home from bartending at 2 or 3 in the morning, my Dad would shower before going to bed, so every time I smell Irish Spring, I think of those mornings snuggling with Dad.

When we were grown, my brother asked my father if he had wanted to kick us out of bed so he could get more than a few hours sleep. He said no, that he always looked forward to spending that time with his boys.

Next week is the anniversary of his death, so I always get nostalgic this time of year, and angry & sad that he passed away so young (54).

by Child of the '70sreply 20102/25/2015

The Howard Johnson's all you can eat Fish Fry every Wednesday.

by Child of the '70sreply 20202/25/2015

Schools in my area closed at noon on the last Friday of the county fair so that we could attend. I don't think anything will ever be as exciting to me as going to that crummy, rednecky event when I was 8 or 9.

by Child of the '70sreply 20302/25/2015

[quote]Reading my comic books

It would be wonderful to be 10 years old again for an hour or two and read my comic books and be completely absorbed by them.

by Child of the '70sreply 20402/25/2015

I have never been to a county fair.

by Child of the '70sreply 20502/25/2015
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