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April Is Confederate Revisionist History Month

To those that say slavery wasn't all that bad and, in fact, was GOOD for African Americans, I can only say this: 'How 'bout YOU take a turn in the fields wearing chains and THEN tell us how it was?'

Below from link attached:

The problem is not with remembering (or even celebrating) history: the problem lies in misrepresenting history. The slavery culture that thrived in the South, their “peculiar institution,” was neither peaceful nor Christian. Not by the strict definition of those words. How peaceful could it have been for human beings to live in fear? To not know when the whip would fall across their back or for what reason. To be treated as property and traded, bought and sold like so much livestock. It is not a Christian thing to do, at least not in any understanding of that religion that I have. It may have been a peaceful and pastoral life for the slave owners, they may have thought that they were being generous, good masters. They may have told themselves that they were taking care of their slaves. But it is just not true. The cognitive dissonance that covered the South, clouding the Southern mind appears not yet to have dissipated. They still try to tell themselves that they were good and that the slaves were grateful but the reality is far from that. Anyone who tries to say differently is lying or trying to sell something. That something is revisionist history and it is a defective product.

by Anonymousreply 004/04/2013
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