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98 Degrees

If they want to transition from Boy Band to Hot Papis they need to make their music more adult. I'm just sayin'.

by 1204/08/2013

Link-posting FAIL.

by 104/04/2013

They should switch to the American Songbook music that Rod Stewart is doing. He's making a fortune despite a voice ruined by years of screaming. The guys in 98 Degrees have much better voices.

by 204/06/2013

The guys in 98 Degrees had some good vocal training in their background, unlike Lou Pearlman's twink bands.

by 304/06/2013

Today's music audience prefers the femmy stylings of Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber.

by 404/07/2013

I know right R4.

I love them both! ^^

by 504/07/2013

I preferred them to the other boy band because they were actually hot.

by 604/07/2013

The only hot guy in 98 Degrees is Jeff. The Lachey brothers and Justin are fugly. But they are more vocally talented than other late 90s/early 00s boy bands. Like R3 said they had vocal training and the Lachey brothers attended the performing arts high school in Cincinnati.

by 704/07/2013

Jeff was the gay one, right?

by 804/07/2013

Op your post is 13 years too late. They haven't been relevant since the year 2000.

by 904/07/2013

Relevance doesn't matter when they can still sing well and have a good blend of voices. What counts now, is getting a good management and marketing team along with picking the right songs.

People thought Rod Stewart was no longer relevant. Further, his voice was ruined. The right songs and outstanding marketing has him bringing in million$$$$$.

by 1004/08/2013

They were on national t.v. just before I posted this R9.

by 1104/08/2013

They're on tour with NKOTB.

by 1204/08/2013
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