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Lourdes Leon dating 'Homeland' star

Lourdes Leon is in love!

According to the New York Post, Madonna’s 16-year-old daughter has been dating Homeland star Timothée Chalamet, who plays the vice president’s son Finn Walden on the hit Showtime series.

The pair met at La Guardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts on the Upper West Side, where Timothée’s in the class of 2013. Lourdes, who is reportedly studying drama, graduates next year from the school.

A source is quoted as saying: “It’s common knowledge at the school that the pair are dating.”

by Cute couple!reply 1004/04/2013

I see Lourdes has two new best friends - an electrolysist and a depilatory.

by Cute couple!reply 104/03/2013

Chalamet looks JUST like Tyler from Broke Straight Boys.

by Cute couple!reply 204/03/2013

Yuck. I'm sure this will result in Lola's second abortion.

by Cute couple!reply 304/03/2013

[quote]Lourdes, who is reportedly studying drama,

Pity her mother never did that.

by Cute couple!reply 404/03/2013

If I were Lourdes, I'd be dating Mandy Patinkin, just to piss off mom.

by Cute couple!reply 504/03/2013

Why r5? Does Madge hate Mandy?

by Cute couple!reply 604/03/2013

Anyone who's ever worked with Mandy hates Mandy, r6.

by Cute couple!reply 704/03/2013

She has good taste. I developed quite a crush on him watching "Homeland" last season.

by Cute couple!reply 804/04/2013

Does she know his character was blown up in the season 2 finale?

No straight man should have the name Timothee. No gay man either.

by Cute couple!reply 904/04/2013

Fug and fugly -- a marriage made in heaven.

by Cute couple!reply 1004/04/2013
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