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Two thugs with bigdickface escape

Without pants.

by Lucillereply 804/05/2013

Dibs on John Marlin King Dick!

by Lucillereply 104/03/2013

I saw their pix last night, and first thing that came to mind was gargantuan dicks. They can use my place as a hideout, in exchange for certain services.

by Lucillereply 204/03/2013

two old guys? why are you talking about this?

by Lucillereply 304/03/2013

Are they lovers?

by Lucillereply 404/03/2013

Alpha males with testosterone to spare. The type of men that could rip my juicy fruit to shreds.

by Lucillereply 504/03/2013

Don't white people live in cities, #6?


by Lucillereply 704/05/2013

Ick. They would never be able to hold a decent conversation,they would make a mess of my apartment, and their social skills leave a lot to be desired.

by Lucillereply 804/05/2013
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