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Shopper posts pics on Reddit showing Walmart donuts aren't as fresh as claimed

Its donuts claim to be "always fresh."

But Walmart has come under fire after a customer peeled back expiration stickers on a pack of the sweet treats to find they were in fact just relabeled oldies.

The shopper posted three pictures on Reddit — showing the trio of labels, stuck on top of each other, stating the best before date was first March 31, then April 1 and finally April 2.

The caption stated: "Walmart donuts best before yesterday … I mean today … uhh I mean tomorrow!"

The user who uploaded the snaps under the name Planet Rock, claims the "pretty terrible" donuts were bought at a store in Lawrenceburg, Ky.

The Walmart customer added that they had tried to post the pictures on Walmart's Facebook page but said that the store kept deleting his updates.

by Oops!reply 1304/03/2013

Why am I not surprised?

by Oops!reply 104/03/2013

Some jackbooted thugs will probably visit this customer. Or he'll be sued.

by Oops!reply 204/03/2013

Who's dumb enough to shop at Walmart and expect quality?

by Oops!reply 304/03/2013

They're not even real donuts, they're not fried, they're baked.

by Oops!reply 404/03/2013

I doubt they ever go McDonalds french fries. Fatties don't care.

by Oops!reply 504/03/2013

You think they are the first? Ever see "marinated" meats in the meat case?

by Oops!reply 604/03/2013

[quote]Its donuts claim to be "always fresh."

To be fair, it isn't the donuts that are claiming perfect freshness. Walmart is.

by Oops!reply 704/03/2013

-These powdered donuts expired in 1972!

-I can't toss those, you never know when Doris Day's gonna come by, and she loves a good powdered donut.

by Oops!reply 804/03/2013

Wouldn't people naturally peel back all the labels to see what's underneath? I always do.

by Oops!reply 904/03/2013

I soooo needed that, r8! Xo

by Oops!reply 1004/03/2013

I was in CVS yesterday and they had a sign posted on a shelf filled with medication for sale, "Be sure to check expiration dates on packages."

Oh. So now the customer has no one to blame but themselves if CVS charges them full price for medication that's a year outdated.

by Oops!reply 1104/03/2013

[quote] Be sure to check expiration dates on packages."

I left out that it said to check expiration dates "before purchasing ." it was definitely directed at customers, not employees who were stocking the shelves.

by Oops!reply 1204/03/2013

It says "Best by" on the package, not expired.

by Oops!reply 1304/03/2013
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