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Any fans?

Cassandra Peterson is still a knock out in the getup.

She was great on Stefanie Miller's radio show a few months ago.

Elvira's always been a guilty pleasure of mine. How she was able to market this character and turn it into a cash cow is incredible.

I even liked the two Elvira films she did.

She finances everything. They brought back her "Elvira's Monster Macabre" series a few years ago, but it was short-lived. I saw her on RuPaul's Drag Race.

They're bringing back the character's comic book series this year. The original ran for 14 years.

I have a lot of respect for Cassandra, and what she's been able to do.

Any other fans of the Mistress of the Dark here?

by Vampirareply 6704/06/2013

Sorry Op, not the standard r1 response but was wondering what brought this on? Was it Angelyne, by chance? The two remind me of each other with long hair, white skin, big tits. I like Elvira ok though, Angelyne is gross.

by Vampirareply 104/02/2013

Op, it now DL policy to refer Stephanie miller as "Jodie's girlfriend". Thank you.

by Vampirareply 204/02/2013

No, r1. Both have big tits though. Elvira wasn't famous for being famous.

by Vampirareply 304/02/2013

I supported Elvira in her desire to have everyone see her big opening.

by Vampirareply 404/02/2013

"Tell them I wasn't just a great pair of boobs... I was also a great pair of legs."

by Vampirareply 504/02/2013

Lol, you are right r3. I just thought of Elvira in the sense of the tits and hair when I saw some old Angelyne pics. You are right though, Elvira has a talent and seems like a cool gal. I used to dig her Friday night movies. Her and Rhonda "Up all Night" Shearer had good shows to go with the flicks.

by Vampirareply 604/02/2013

Love Elvira! She's very gay-friendly too. Unrelated, but she's one of the few women I've ever had a sex dream about.

by Vampirareply 704/02/2013

(bumps head) "Ow!"

"How's your head?"

"Well, no one's ever complained."

by Vampirareply 804/03/2013

She's awesome, Some of my favorite movie lines ever are from her first movie...And from that movie I also learned never to substitute Hamburger Helper in your magic potions unless you want to make a bunch of old white Republicans have an orgy at a picnic!

by Vampirareply 904/03/2013

She's fab!

by Vampirareply 1004/03/2013

I love her first movie. Didn't know there was a second. What was it like?

by Vampirareply 1104/03/2013

She did a wicked Sarah Palin impression when she broadcast 'Werewolf of Washington'.

And she was in an early Playgirl magazine 'fantasy layout' with a then unknown Paul Baressi.

by Vampirareply 1204/03/2013

She claims Tom Jones raped her.

by Vampirareply 1304/03/2013

She's also scarred by severe burns she sustained at one point.

by Vampirareply 1404/03/2013

Yes, I hung out with her in LA a few times. She told me a lot of delicious details about her affair with Bill Cable.

by Vampirareply 1504/03/2013

LOVE HER!!!!!! I met her years ago at a Chiller convention (or something like that). She's a little out there, its hard to tell how much of its an act and how much of it is just her living the part for so long. But she was a real hoot! OP did you know, she plays the biker chick in Pee Wee's Big Adventure ?

by Vampirareply 1604/03/2013

[quote]And she was in an early Playgirl magazine 'fantasy layout' with a then unknown Paul Baressi.

I remember another layout she did. Solo. Carpet matches the drapes.

by Vampirareply 1704/03/2013

Did Bill Cable ever realize that COLT was a publication for gay people? I can see how physique models from that time might be ignorant that images were being produced for primarily purient gay interests and not for mainstream art studies.

by Vampirareply 1804/03/2013

How was it that nobody considered grooming their secondary hair in the 1970's? I remember some nightmarish porn actress named Cara Lott who seemed to actually trade on her extraordinarily hairy loins, belly and butt.

by Vampirareply 1904/03/2013

Um, duh. He posed for other gay mags and underwear catalogs, too.

by Vampirareply 2004/03/2013

Some years back she appeared live at one of Peaches Christ's Midnight Masses at the (now closed) Bridge Theater. She was out of her Elvira drag, so Peaches was interviewing Cassandra Peterson. I thought she did a great job with "Elvira, Mistress of Darkness" and it turns out that wasn't a fluke- she got her training with The Groundlings improv group. It was getting the Elvira gig that was a real fluke for her- basically, answering an audition call that changed the whole direction of her career.

by Vampirareply 2104/03/2013

She was rotten to Vampira, the legend whose image she "appropriated". I understand Maila Nurmi died a pauper because Peterson's lawyers savaged her out of the courtroom. I can understand someone from Peterson's background ruthlessly defending her meal ticket, but it was still a lousy thing to do.

by Vampirareply 2204/03/2013

[quote]It was getting the Elvira gig that was a real fluke for her- basically, answering an audition call that changed the whole direction of her career.

She got paid so little by the local TV station where she played Elvira that she negotiated ownership rights to the character and the merchandise. They acquiesced, thinking she might sell some T-shirts or something.

That little detail has made her rich for decades.

I think it was John Paragon (Jambi on "Pee-wee") who came up with the whole Ronettes-meets-Vampira drag look.

by Vampirareply 2304/03/2013

Love her. I remember my brother and I howling when she was interviewed about her perfume, Evil. She said the name with a twinkle in her eye and a toss of her head--so hilarious.

by Vampirareply 2404/03/2013

Does Elvira have really cool Ed Roth style gothmobile? She should.

by Vampirareply 2504/03/2013

[quote]She claims Tom Jones raped her.

No, she doesn't. She lost her virginity to him and said he was so huge that she had to have stitches.

by Vampirareply 2604/03/2013

Welcome to my big opening!!!

by Vampirareply 2704/03/2013

Cassandra started her career by dancing in gay clubs. She's the biggest fag hag in existence. She calls out her gay fans at conventions. She does the pride parades in character. She was married for 15 years. Never had kids. She always pinged.

by Vampirareply 2804/03/2013

She once made some joke about her boobs, laying back on a couch and peeing. She then goes, 'which is actually how I got this job.'

by Vampirareply 2904/03/2013

She's had some rabid fan who sends her packages for every holiday for the last 25 years, with dirty letters enclosed. She said he turned up at the station, waiting outside the studio, and she came out out of character, and he asked her: 'When's Elvira coming out?' She said, 'Oh, she'll be right out,' and ran to her car.

by Vampirareply 3004/03/2013

She also donates to and volunteers for organizations that benefit those with HIV and AIDS.

by Vampirareply 3104/03/2013

No character has had their face tattooed on more people than her character has. People are insane. Some of tattooed their butt cheeks, all the way through to their assholes. She actually has a gallery on her Facebook page. I've seen these people. They'll get her to sign their arm, they run off to the tattoo polar, get it tattooed, and rush back to the convention the same day. They get their entire backs tattooed, and their legs, arms, everywhere.

Are her tits real?

She did almost pornographic nude modeling back in the 70s. She is one hairy fire crotch!

The whole Elvira wanting to have a Vegas act is Cassandra's life story. She used to get in fights with some bitchy station manager.

Elvis turned her down when he found out she was a virgin, and Tom Jones too her virginity. Did she ever reveal how big his pecker was?

by Vampirareply 3204/03/2013

Can't remember where I read this, but as a teen she was apparently a sort of grouupie in training in her hometown, she met all the big name bands in the late 60s and even scored with few of them. Can't recall all the deets, but her story of nearly being seduced by a young Jimmy Page was particularly funny. Said he had a skinny "pencil dick".

by Vampirareply 3304/03/2013

She's a hoot, I have the "Elvira Mistress Of The Dark" signed by her and Edie McClurg. She had a house that she claimed was haunted that she ended up selling to Brad Pitt. She did a Celebrity Ghost Story about it.

by Vampirareply 3404/03/2013

[quote]and Tom Jones took her virginity. Did she ever reveal how big his pecker was?

I would imagine that since she needed medical attention afterward, it would somewhat indicate that he was large in size.

by Vampirareply 3504/03/2013

She was a groupie. She's been good friends with Pamela Des Barres for ages.

by Vampirareply 3604/03/2013

And Cassandra is actually interviewed in one of Pamela's books about her pre-Elvira life as a rock and roll groupie.

by Vampirareply 3704/03/2013

She was giving out Romney dog poop bags last year.

by Vampirareply 3804/03/2013

She very nearly was Tina Lousie's replacement as Ginger Grant in one of the "Gilligan's Island" TV reunion movies. Supposedly the network found her too sexy for basically a kid's movie so they cast someone else. She says it worked out because if she'd gotten the part she would have never gone on the Elvira audition.

When she does her breathless, sexy voice you can easily imagine her as Ginger.

by Vampirareply 3904/03/2013

R28 Sorry I have to be so vague but... My bf is very good friends with an actress, older woman who while not a household name is kind of a big deal in the horror/slasher cult picture crowd. She knows Cassandra well as they often work the horror convention/comic-con circuit. According to her, and as things stand now, your scope is correct.

by Vampirareply 4004/03/2013

Betsy Palmer, r40.

by Vampirareply 4104/03/2013

[quote]According to her, and as things stand now, your scope is correct.


by Vampirareply 4204/03/2013

Cassandra's nude modeling days. I'd say these are beyond NSFW for the bush alone. Man, she's Madonna hairy.

by Vampirareply 4304/03/2013

She took her tits out in all sorts of movies. NSFW

by Vampirareply 4404/03/2013

Here she is nude with another dude.

by Vampirareply 4504/03/2013

Like with Madonna, her old modeling pix were found, and they were put out for big bucks once Elvira took off.


by Vampirareply 4604/03/2013

Here's tons of nudes, along with documenting when the photos were leaked, with all the magazine covers claiming exclusives.

I'm not seeing the ones with the guy with the big dick pressed up against her ass, and obviously going through her legs with it.

by Vampirareply 4704/03/2013

About Tom Jones, if she was a virgin, he might have been forceful. Maybe that's why she ended up needing stitches.

by Vampirareply 4804/03/2013

She did a big ol stripper scene in 1974's, "The Working Girls." Took it all off. NSFW

by Vampirareply 4904/03/2013

Here's one! Look at that dong!

by Vampirareply 5004/03/2013


The nude dude goes by the name, Bill Cable. Ring any bells?

by Vampirareply 5104/03/2013

These shots are scorching. Glam. Sweet bush. I hate the porn of today.

by Vampirareply 5204/03/2013

After reading fan mail on camera:

"Keep those cards and letters...PLEASE!"

Someone sent me a card once with a snake crawling across Elvira's boobs:

"Fangs for the Mammaries!"

I think she is a hoot, and looks the same as she did 25 years ago. In Elvira drag, at least.

by Vampirareply 5304/03/2013

[quote]Cassandra's nude modeling days. I'd say these are beyond NSFW for the bush alone. Man, she's Madonna hairy.

Honey, that's what all women look like. Google 70's porn. People didn't start wanting to look like children until the late eighties.

by Vampirareply 5404/04/2013

Please stop posting these images. As a fan, I'm afraid that, should they become public knowledge, they could ruin her. She's obviously moved on from her porn past, let's respect that and do likewise. Besides, the porn "business" in those days were often performed at gunpoint at desperate people by mobsters. Elvira probably has more horror stories to tell about this sad chapter in her life than she's shown on her television show.

by Vampirareply 5504/04/2013

She never did porn.

by Vampirareply 5604/04/2013

r55 has to be a parody post.

by Vampirareply 5704/04/2013

She just did a new Movie Macabre series in 2010, and in one of them they show her firing all of the staff. She then starts directing herself, operating the camera, and all you see is the top of her head the entire segment. Then she's responding to herself like she's the staff answering her jokes. Funny stuff.

by Vampirareply 5804/04/2013

Her first movie is Mae West-funny.

by Vampirareply 5904/04/2013

Cassandra in the Groundlings with Kathy Griffin, and George McGrath.

by Vampirareply 6004/04/2013

So I guess her show "Search for the New Elvira" wasn't a success.

by Vampirareply 6104/05/2013

Now THAT is what a gorgeous ginger looks like.

by Vampirareply 6204/05/2013

r61, that was ages ago, and why would it have lasted for more than one season?

by Vampirareply 6304/05/2013

I guess I just see the terror in her eyes when I see those pictures. And airbrushing can be used to cover up both bruises and bullet wounds. She probably just needed a sandwich or rent. Anyway, it's empowering that she was able to break away from the sexploitation lifestyle.

by Vampirareply 6404/06/2013

I think r61 meant, if they picked a "new" Elvira via the reality show why is the original still around. I read an interview with Petersen where she mentioned the new Elvira made some public appearances after the reality show aired but was not well-received. People don't just want to see someone dressed up like Elvira - anyone can do that. Not sure why anyone thought a fake Elvira would go over with audiences. Maybe in Vegas or Branson but hardcore fans only want the real thing.

by Vampirareply 6504/06/2013

So few people are able to pull off cornball humor as expertly as she does.

by Vampirareply 6604/06/2013

True r65. I think the majority of the time, like with most reality shows, they're just entertainment, and the outcome is pretty much a fraud. However, Elvira's a special case. She's a campy, slightly trashy, character. Someone who basically comes from the world that includes reality tv. She's fictional, just as reality shows are. I guess they probably really were gonna use the next Elvira. However, no one can replace the original. I know many people dress up as her, but this show made it seem as though Elvira was passing the torch. Cassandra just said that she's not going to ever retire. She needs the money. However, she's supposedly retiring the character from conventions. She'll be there as herself. Yawn. She co-owns Comikaze with Stan Lee now.

by Vampirareply 6704/06/2013
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