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I think the kid next door is a sociopath

I posted before about the kid teasing my dog through the fence. I've caught him a few times but the other night I went out on my deck, it was around 9 p.m., and saw the kid skulking around in his yard near the fence. He took off back to his house, crouching down and running, when he saw me. He was wearing p.j.'s. The other day I had my back door open to the breeze and I left to run an errand. I live in very safe neighborhood so I wasn't worried. I came back and there was a popsicle stick in a potted plant. It was not there when I left. I also had a bag of dog shit tied to the fence in front of my house yesterday. Little dog poop and they have a little yapper.

I don't know for sure but it might be him. I'm about ready to install a camera pointed at our shared fence. I think the kid is crazy.

by just ventingreply 2104/02/2013

This is been posted before, like within the last couple of months.

What gives, OP?

by just ventingreply 104/01/2013

Yes, R1. I have posted about the kid teasing my dog. The other stuff is new unless someone else is have the same problem.

by just ventingreply 204/01/2013

Poison him.

Wear gloves, of course. Buy the poison out of town at a large hardware store and pay cash. Gopher bait works well. Also, get an over-the-counter sleep aid and grind it up. Don't use prescription items, of course - just vermin killer and sleepy-time pills, like one of the PM products. Get a large candy bar - one with some thickness and make sure there are nuts in it to mask the texture of the bait and ground pill. Melt the candy in a disposable foil pan, stir in the the bait and pills, let it cool and form it back into a candy bar shape. Rewrap carefully. Put it where the kid is likely to find it. He's secretive and will reflexively hide it and keep it, and eat it at night in his room. He'll probably hide the wrapper, too, before it works.

You use the sleep remedy with it so that he'll be asleep or groggy when the bait hits. With luck they'll just find him in bed the next morning.

Problem solved. Glad to help.

by just ventingreply 304/01/2013

I love that OP scrutinized the poop to be sure its size matched the size of the neighbor's dog. That alone probably provided the kid with laughs for the rest of the month.


by just ventingreply 404/01/2013

Somebody sent me a bowel movement!

by just ventingreply 504/01/2013

I didn't scrutinize poop. It was obviously not my large dog's size bag. That was obvious without opening it up.

by just ventingreply 604/01/2013

Definitely put up a spy-cam.

by just ventingreply 704/01/2013

A popsicle stick? In the potted plant, you say? Good heavens!

by just ventingreply 804/01/2013

I would definitely put up a camera, OP. You never know when he might escalate his behavior; you'll want proof when he does.

by just ventingreply 904/01/2013

[quote]I love that OP scrutinized the poop to be sure its size matched the size of the neighbor's dog.

Why shouldn't he? He's trying to work this thing out and he's, rightly, distressed.


No, you're the freak.

[quote]I'm about ready to install a camera pointed at our shared fence.

If you really know how to do this, OP...I'd do it. Maybe wait for one more incident first.

You might want to try talking to the kid. He's less likely to bother you if you seem more like a real person than some shadowy figure who never says anything. Try being NICE. He's probably very lonely and just looking for attention.

by just ventingreply 1004/01/2013

More poop and a dead baby possum placed neatly in a box and left on the side of the driveway. It's got to be the kid as he knows I've seen him harassing the dog and lurking by the fence.

by just ventingreply 1104/01/2013

Maybe he's like most kids and he just wants to look at and pet your dog, OP.

by just ventingreply 1204/01/2013

Protect your pets. You shouldn't leave them outside unattended, and certainly not leave your door open when you're not home. Start looking to move, before the little psycho steps up from animals to people.

by just ventingreply 1304/01/2013

Heterosexual males are a menace. I can't stand living near them or even interacting with them anymore I am so sick of them. They have a high revenge motivation which is very sickening to deal with because they always have be the ones with the last jab/word etc. Add to it unemployed heterosexual females who are so nosy and think they are Jessica Fletcher on the case of some crime about to happen and you will want to live on an island alone.

by just ventingreply 1404/01/2013

OP, speaking of your situation. He is likely not going to stop because as I wrote in R14 heterosexual males have high revenge motivations unless he gets into something else that interests him, you physically intimidate him, he is physically beaten up or the cops get involved. I've been in this situation before. Heterosexual males will devote a good bit of time at "getting back" at you whatever you do to them. It becomes a tit for tat situation. You would think that this kind of stuff is silly and there are better things to do but no. If you are gay he might know and therefore his motivation for "revenge"/"pride" is magnified because he doesn't want to give in to a gay person. Summer is coming and it's likely going to get worse because he has more time on his hands.

by just ventingreply 1504/01/2013

R10 and r15 make good points. You should try and meet the kid and let him see you are a real person and explain that he can meet your dog and that he should be nice to him. Try and let him know that it's an honor to be trusted and liked by a dog and make him feel special about it, like "Oh he never let's anyone pet him, he likes you!" If he thinks the dog likes him he should feel good and be nice to the dog. He will be off for summer soon so you want to be on good terms and know your dog is safe. Maybe he doesn't know any gay people and his parents are bigoted, let him see your a cool guy just like anyone else and you can break the cycle of dickishness and prejudice that he may have gotten from his folks.

by just ventingreply 1604/02/2013

Get to know him? Really? A neanderthal kid like this? Next thing you know, OP - he'll say you tried to come on to him. Seriously. Beware.

by just ventingreply 1704/02/2013

How old is he? Ignore Walter White at R3.

by just ventingreply 1804/02/2013

What was the size/consistency of the poop?

by just ventingreply 1904/02/2013

Poking sticks and getting your dog to howl in agitation is not petting R12.

by just ventingreply 2004/02/2013

How do you know the kid is a heterosexual male? Why couldn't he be a gay kid? Why is that even relevant? Straight hate much?

Whatever, if you don't move OP, definately set up a security camera. The kid seems odd but it can develop into something else and you want proof. As far as befriending the kid, do it carefully and in view of another adult. You never know what the kid will accuse you of. Good luck with this nutty kid.

by just ventingreply 2104/02/2013
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