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Nathan Lane on The Nance...his new play

He almost sounds like a nice person....proof he really is an accomplished thespian.

Play sounds great ...

by O. Wilde reply 2410/12/2014

Nathan is intimidating. I was sitting at a counter once eating after a show. The people next to me left and next thing I know Nathan Lane was sitting there beyond the new two empty seats. I kind of said hi and he asked what I'd seen (I had a playbill) I said I saw "Big" and he made a face and rolled his eyes like what crap. I was only like 17 and I liked the movie---how did I know it didn't meet his snob appeal?

by O. Wilde reply 103/31/2013

R1 to a 17 year old maybe he is intimidating, to an adult, not so much.

by O. Wilde reply 203/31/2013

C'mon "Big" was not very good. Because Nathan makes people laugh in his work, people expect him to be a laugh riot in person. He's quiet and withdrawn. Doesn't make him a bad person but some people expect too much from celebrities, sometimes. Same with Rosie, she said people are always meeting her and asking her if she is alright because she's not walking around smiling all the time. As if anyone just walks in the mall with a giant smile stuck on their face.

by O. Wilde reply 303/31/2013

The article accompanying this clip is interesting. Nathan bares his soul a little.

by O. Wilde reply 403/31/2013

r1, you're just lucky Nathan didn't demand that you turn in your gay card.

by O. Wilde reply 503/31/2013

The NYT also has a link to an actual vintage nance act.

by O. Wilde reply 603/31/2013

Friday, October 10, 2014 Nathan Lane will perform "The Nance" LIVE at 9 PM EST across PBS stations.

by O. Wilde reply 710/09/2014

In 48 minutes "The Nance" will be on PBS.

by O. Wilde reply 810/10/2014

r3, he pulled the same shit on two friends of mine who screened a film they had made featuring other Broadway performers (He asked to see it). When each popped up on the screen Lane rolled his eyes and cracked derisively "Oh, HE'S in this?!" "SHE's in this?! Oh, Christ."

He's generally unpleasant, even to "little" people in the business.

by O. Wilde reply 910/10/2014

Did you watch? I thought it was great. I wanted to see more. I thought having and uncertain and unhappy ending was the most accurate way to end it because that is how it was for gay people in the 1920s.

by O. Wilde reply 1010/10/2014

It took place later than the '20s. Repeated references were made to FDR, Hitler, and Mussolini.

by O. Wilde reply 1110/10/2014

Jonny Orsini was delightfully hot as the boyfriend.

by O. Wilde reply 1210/10/2014

Did they show the penis?

by O. Wilde reply 1310/10/2014

No, no penis that I saw.

by O. Wilde reply 1410/10/2014

No penis, no ass. No acting talent either.

by O. Wilde reply 1510/10/2014

[quote]He's generally unpleasant, even to "little" people in the business.

Dude, do you have any idea where you are posting?

by O. Wilde reply 1610/10/2014

It took place in 1939; they even bleeped out the "God" from Goddamn.

I loved it and enjoyed it even more than when I saw it in the theater.

by O. Wilde reply 1710/10/2014

On Broadway Orsini showed a penis.

Never got why he wanted to be with the Lane character.

by O. Wilde reply 1810/10/2014

Does anybody have a bootleg that shows Orsini cock?

Here are screencaps of his ass, which looks delicious.

by O. Wilde reply 1910/10/2014

La Guardia was mayor of NYC from 1934 to 1945. I thought the play was set in the 1920s because after the play there was a segment where Nathan Lane and the playwright were interviewed and talked about the pansy craze of the 1920s.

by O. Wilde reply 2010/10/2014

[quote]Never got why he wanted to be with the Lane character.

Why? He was a hick from upstate NY, a closeted Homosexual in an age where you could be arrested for merely kissing in public. Chauncey was kind to him, generous and even glamorous. Unless it's all about looks for you.

by O. Wilde reply 2110/11/2014

Orsini's body is so hot. Are there rumors about him? He doesn't ping my gaydar.

by O. Wilde reply 2210/12/2014

I watched this yesterday. It was really good. Great double entendre jokes.

by O. Wilde reply 2310/12/2014

I know a Ned ... imagine a blond bit-beefier Orsini ... with a somewhat flaming & heavyset antique dealer, ex ice-show skater. Many lust after him, wonder why he is with, oh call him Gary, and one beery night he and I talked about it. He is very faithful, does not play around, really does love Gary,"for all he has shown me and been to me." So I guess it can happen.

by O. Wilde reply 2410/12/2014
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