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JLo's insane rider demands cost her massive gig

J.Lo's demands have cost her -- big time. The singer and actress was in the running for the opening ceremonies of India's Premier League cricket tournament, an event the New York Post says comes with a viewing audience of 60 million people.

The massive opportunity, however, seems to have evaporated when organizers received Lopez' rider. Among the big asks that reportedly came through manager Benny Medina: a private plane and a host of hotel rooms for her cadre of stylists and handlers.

Celebrity riders are the stuff of legend. Lady Gaga and J.Lo are both said to have demanded white couches (J.Lo also likes white candles and white foods, such as fish) and plenty of flowers at previous events, while Mariah Carey has reportedly asked for kittens and doves at prior events. Rihanna's rider, on the other hand, seems like a simple stoner's paradise: Haribo candie, Oreos, Baybel cheese and Red Bull. Katy Perry is said to have asked for a fridge with a glass door, and Kanye supposedly once asked for Versace towels. Jay-Z is taking a cigar roller on tour with him this summer and Iggy Pop allegedly asked for a Bob Hope impersonator at every show.

Though this doesn't appear to be the case with J.Lo, it's worth noting that a number of music acts often place something entirely ridiculous on their rider as a means of making sure the venue or host actually reads it.

Pitbull has replaced the "Jenny From the Block singer," so it's hard to know if J.Lo or cricket fans are more deserving of your pity.

by what a cunt!reply 7204/06/2013

Jenny from the block, my ass.

by what a cunt!reply 103/30/2013

I wonder why she's so tone deaf about this shit?

by what a cunt!reply 203/30/2013

You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can never take the ghetto out of the girl.

The whole point of even being a star for JLo (or for Mariah or for Nicki Minaj or for Barbra Stresiand) is to make these outrageous demands to see if people will give in to them. That's the only way they'll ever be able to reassure themselves they've really made it.

by what a cunt!reply 303/30/2013

If true, she's dumb to have done this because, for a one time gig, she would have gotten enormous exposure not just in India, but in other cricket-playing countries -- Australia, England, S. Africa, etc. Especially if she's recording and planning to release something soon.

by what a cunt!reply 403/30/2013

You'd think her years of obscurity, and her debacles with too much media attention when she was dating Ben Affleck, would have taught her something.

by what a cunt!reply 503/30/2013

I liked her "too much media attention when she was dating Ben Affleck" more than tacos.

by what a cunt!reply 603/30/2013

BEST tour rider ever--Foo Fighters coloring book:

by what a cunt!reply 703/30/2013

LOL, "cigar roller". Who wants to bet those cigars will be filled with highest-grade weed on earth?

by what a cunt!reply 803/30/2013

Perfectly stated,[R3],thank you.


by what a cunt!reply 903/30/2013

I can't believe people actually still care about this old cunt who acts like she's 23 instead of 43 (44 in a few months). Who are the retards buying her records and going to her shows?

by what a cunt!reply 1003/30/2013

Aren't most of her fans people who are Latino?

by what a cunt!reply 1103/30/2013

Jess, we are r11. And now thanks to my recent powerball winning, I will finally be able to see my Jenny from the block!

by what a cunt!reply 1203/30/2013

J-Ho is known to have over 100 entourage of handlers. Also, you have to spray her favorite perfume, before she enters or exits a room. And, fresh flowers daily in her room, as well as designer white furniture with painted white walls...NO EXCEPTIONS!

by what a cunt!reply 1303/30/2013

[quote]Jenny from the block, my ass.


by what a cunt!reply 1403/30/2013

r13 Do you have to spray her brand of perfume or is it something good?

by what a cunt!reply 1503/30/2013

R15...her brand.

by what a cunt!reply 1603/30/2013

Is she still paying that gay dancer to be her bf?

by what a cunt!reply 1703/30/2013

There are Bob Hope impersonators?!

by what a cunt!reply 1803/30/2013

Well r16 I guess I gotta give her props for that. Most of the shit celebs peddle is stuff they wouldn't be caught dead in. Example: Joan Rivers and that craptastic jewelry. At least J-lo pretends to dig her product.

by what a cunt!reply 1903/30/2013

Well, I heard that Madonna makes them spray "Helenesque" before she enters any room

by what a cunt!reply 2003/30/2013

Bieber's list of demands:

All food should be fresh, cooled and covered with plastic sheeting

Room temperature to be between 20 and 24 degrees

Unopened hand soap

Fresh Towels & Toilet paper

Facial Tissues

Two boxes of water

Two boxes Coca Cola and two cases of Coca Cola Light

One case ginger ale

Six folding chairs

A full-length mirror

Professional steamer

Two unopened bags of ice cubes

High Speed Internet Access

A twelve-pack of Vitamin Water

A fruit platter

Warm water and a large selection of tea Cups

Glasses and dishes shall be of good quality

Two jars of honey

A bag of chips

A jar of mixed nuts

Two sliced whole grain bread

Two sliced white bread

Two packages white low socks in sizes L

A white tank top in size L

Four Lemons (fresh)

by what a cunt!reply 2103/30/2013

r20 Gawd..I would spray pepper spray before she entered, just to blind myself temporarily from the wizened little Jewish man that is Madge.

by what a cunt!reply 2203/30/2013

Bieber's demands seem very reasonable.

by what a cunt!reply 2303/30/2013

That's really not bad at all r21. It's mainly food he likes and his shirt and wifi.

by what a cunt!reply 2403/30/2013

I know people who work with La Lopez and they swear, swear, swear she's not that bad. They say the craziness comes / came from the people who worked around her.

by what a cunt!reply 2503/30/2013

I heard that Katy Perry has a rider with her limo that the driver is not allowed to make eye contact ever. I know we've heard this about other stars but Katy fucking Perry? Bitch, please!

by what a cunt!reply 2603/30/2013

Bieber demands fresh toilet paper? What an elitist!

by what a cunt!reply 2703/30/2013

Yeah, this is the first positive thing I've read about Beiber. His list is almost exclusively food and internet. It's almost modest.

by what a cunt!reply 2803/30/2013

The psychology of this entire sickness is interesting to observe. It happens almost to everyone thrust into prominence of some sort, and they often do not even realize they've changed.

by what a cunt!reply 2903/30/2013

H, I agree r28. I almost thought that I should maybe rethink my Bieber stance based on this..but I don't listen to him and don't really have one. I bet I would ask for more than him.

by what a cunt!reply 3003/30/2013

R25 Oh, bullshit. The fact that they cancelled her gig over her rider proves that she's the problem and the one insisting on all of these things.

by what a cunt!reply 3103/30/2013

I agree r29 and agree with the person upthread who said it's more of a ghetto person thing. Someone like Bieber is a Jewish kid from a middle class family and doesn't have as much to prove. He always got what he wanted anyway so doesn't have to make outrageous demands to prove he can pull it off.

by what a cunt!reply 3203/30/2013

Ridiculous "musicians" who have net worths of $20+ million dollars should pay for the irrelevant shit they want at all of their appearances.

What would be their reasoning? It's for their emotional well-being? Bullshit. And even if it were, celebrities aren't allowed to sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress, so they shouldn't be allowed to request anything they don't need (food, couch, etc. are understandable) or anything stupidly expensive for their "mental stability."

At one point in their lives, they were doing "music" and/or supposedly staying mentally stable without excess. They could hire people to use their bank cards to rent or purchase all idiotic stuff in advance of each stop. And still have their luxurious personal lives left over.

by what a cunt!reply 3303/30/2013

Yes r31 and if it's not her then she needs to get rid of her "problematic" posse of 100 people. But if you have 100 it's easier to blame someone else so she won't.

by what a cunt!reply 3403/30/2013

I'm trying to figure out at what point in time did our society become so mesmerized by entertainers that we actually thought that diva bullshit like this was acceptable and allowed them to get away with it. I just don't get it.

by what a cunt!reply 3503/30/2013

True, R29. And what's always been interesting to me is that their friends (from before they were famous) and family members mostly don't acknowledge that the person has changed, either.

I know celebs always say in interviews that their families and friends keep them grounded, but I've observed otherwise many times. That seems to not be exactly what happens. The family and friends at least partially delude themselves by association, if not fully.

by what a cunt!reply 3603/30/2013

R32. Justin Bieber is not Jewish. His family is Catholic.

by what a cunt!reply 3703/31/2013

I know r35. I was watching the Buddy Holly story recently and was struck by how hard those old musicians used to work. On the road 40 weeks a year, traveling in shitty buses, subpar accommodations, and they had to play and sing every night. Now we have dipshits who lip synch while a laser show is projected behind them and they need 42 1/2 white Israeli crocuses to be waiting in their pristine room when they are done.

by what a cunt!reply 3803/31/2013

Oh r37..hmm, I thought he had Hebrew tats and was Jewish. I don't know anything about him really. Anyhow, a WASP kid then, not ghetto.

by what a cunt!reply 3903/31/2013

What happens after these shows - do the stars take the stuff with them, or is it left behind for the little people to clear away ?

by what a cunt!reply 4003/31/2013

Two words -

"Gobble, gobble"

by what a cunt!reply 4103/31/2013

When we first published Mariah Carey's tour rider, the singer required promoters to stock her backstage roost with Cristal champagne, which she consumed via "bendy straws." But Carey's 2010 rider reflects her growth as an artist: the bubbly has been replaced with a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon and her dressing room is outfitted with two dozen white roses and vanilla aromatherapy candles.

As for the furniture in her "living room space," Carey wants "no busy patterns; black, dark grey, cream, dark pink are all fine." It is unclear what kind of negative effect plaid or tartan seating would have on the 41-year-old's performance. Carey's room "should be about 75 degrees," and a "lamp or clip light" should be provided so that "harsh lighting may be turned off" in her backstage bathroom.

Click on "View source document" to read the full backstage rider from 2010

by what a cunt!reply 4203/31/2013

R32 is confusing Bieber with Drake. Drake's the Jewish kid who grew up middle class. Bieber's an evangelical who grew up poor in a single parent household.

by what a cunt!reply 4303/31/2013

I don't understand why these celebrities can't bring this stuff themselves if it's that important to them? I can be picky about having things a certain way, but I wouldn't demand the hosts at a dinner party, for example, to accommodate me at every turn.

by what a cunt!reply 4403/31/2013

[quote]I heard that Katy Perry has a rider with her limo that the driver is not allowed to make eye contact ever. I know we've heard this about other stars but Katy fucking Perry? Bitch, please!

It's true, same goes for any crew who works for her. Katy is a bitch, who thinks her sh*t don't stink.

by what a cunt!reply 4503/31/2013

It´s hard to think of a gig that went from JLo to Pitbull as ¨massive,¨ but I guess it is.

by what a cunt!reply 4603/31/2013

[quote]It´s hard to think of a gig that went from JLo to Pitbull as ¨massive,¨ but I guess it is.


by what a cunt!reply 4703/31/2013

This thread is worthless without the actual rider that cites the alleged demands.

by what a cunt!reply 4803/31/2013

These performers can be on the road for a year. I can imagine how many gross dressing rooms they've had in the past. I think the rider is meant to create some consistency and comfort for them. It's easier for the venue to be running the errands in their own city rather than part of the performer's staff to go out looking for a Ralphs, liquor store, florist, etc. So I understand the need for the rider. The outrageous demands are more an insight into an insecure mind. Wasn't there one group that needed a certain color removed from the M&M's?

by what a cunt!reply 4903/31/2013

Underneath, and not very far underneath, we're just hairy forest creatures, content with a rigorous social order and the rules that go with it.

by what a cunt!reply 5003/31/2013

[quote]It's true, same goes for any crew who works for her. Katy is a bitch, who thinks her sh*t don't stink.

But...but...she donates to charities! She has self-deprecating humor! Her friends are so witty and "down to earth" and intellectual! Her movie proves that she's awesome!

There are only two American celebrities under age 40, with whom I've interacted, that seemed genuinely warm-hearted. But they're friends with all the other jerks, so...

It's an extremely selfish line of work. Anyone who makes a nice living from it, in my opinion, creates a double standard by trying to "use powers for good" once in a while. They should keep quiet and not try to connect on a human level, because 99% of them at least secretly consider themselves superhuman anyway.

by what a cunt!reply 5103/31/2013

And you put me on the cross when I asked for some fucking bendy straws?

by what a cunt!reply 5203/31/2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again: most of these ridiculous riders are written by a celebrity's "handler" who is sucking up and wants to impress their boss with their level of meticulousness. (Even OP's article notes that these demands came from Benny Medina.) I doubt J.Lo or Mariah or Bieber or anyone else even *knows* what their "people" are demanding.

That said, I don't think it's even remotely unreasonable to request a private aircraft and hotel rooms if you're flying all the way to fucking India to perform in front of 60 *million* people. Maybe if she demanded a private 747, sure, but not, say, a G4.

Btw if you're wondering how singers end up with entitlement complexes: keep in mind that it's routine for nearly any big name to be hired to perform at private functions for a million bucks a pop. It's "trendy" these days for gazillionaire hedge-funder parents to hire Katy Perry and the like for their child's bar or bat mitzvah, though such events are usually kept highly secret.

by what a cunt!reply 5303/31/2013

Forgetting riders for a moment, most well-paid and/or well-connected actors have just as bad entitlement complexes. Their thresholds for drama and "mistreatment" are astoundingly low.

by what a cunt!reply 5403/31/2013

The only one I know first hand is the White J.Lo demands. That is true from my experience.

by what a cunt!reply 5503/31/2013

I find that my people are apt to make demands for me that I wouldn't dream of making on my own behalf. I hope that it doesn't go as far as kittens or doves when I show up. (I know that there haven't been any actual kittens or doves, but there have been some surprising, lavish touches.). Worse yet, I have had a couple of employees assume the grandiose mantle to which they imagine that I'm entitled. Ouch.

by what a cunt!reply 5603/31/2013

This is why I prefer purchasing the works of independent artists. Not only is their music better, but they are themselves better people.

Her "music" is shit, as are all the biggies' pop.

by what a cunt!reply 5703/31/2013

I agree R44. If they want special shit they should bring it themselves. They are already getting paid by the venue.

by what a cunt!reply 5803/31/2013

[quote]I've said it before and I'll say it again: most of these ridiculous riders are written by a celebrity's "handler" who is sucking up and wants to impress their boss with their level of meticulousness. (Even OP's article notes that these demands came from Benny Medina.) I doubt J.Lo or Mariah or Bieber or anyone else even *knows* what their "people" are demanding.

And I've said this before and I'll say it again - HORSESHIT.

I know you love your little "divas" and want to make excuses for them, but the artists tell their demands to their manager and the manager relays those demands to the people setting up an event. The fact that celebs like JLo or Mariah walk around with 50 people entourages at any given time confirms how out of control their egos are.

by what a cunt!reply 5903/31/2013

No talent people, and their pretentious lives....MEh!

by what a cunt!reply 6003/31/2013

A lot of this makes more sense than it appears at first blush.

I bet the white requirement is a way to catch anyone partying in their room while they're absent.

It's not like celebs can or should have to hunt down stuff in strange cities, so they have the hotel concierge do it.

They are focused on performing, and minor glitches can become a major distraction. Given what they pay their travel hosts I don't see the problem with it.

by what a cunt!reply 6103/31/2013

Um. It's just that this particular method is not NECESSARY.

by what a cunt!reply 6203/31/2013

I think riders are normal, but with certain demands it's simply because the star came from trash and thinks they are now special and deserve special things. The egos go completely unchecked because the star will throw a fit. I try and resist but even I do it. Woman up!

by what a cunt!reply 6303/31/2013

[quote]I bet the white requirement is a way to catch anyone partying in their room while they're absent.

Oh, my.

by what a cunt!reply 6403/31/2013

I loathe this cunt so fucking much. She really needs to take the hint and stop recording music cause no one is buying it in all senses.

In the payola days she had big hits, but her unmusical songs aren't catchy and unlike all her other pop princess/diva peers she doesn't have one genuinely great identifiable song/record as well as failing in all her other jack of all trades, master of none ventures.

The producers never give her the best songs for a reason. The epitome of forgettable bland mediocrity, she's fooling no one and was never taken seriously so what's the point. You wonder what she gets out of this.

She is a disgusting human being who saw what Madonna had and decided she wanted a piece, so we got this vanity pop career. I bet if she was dropped from her label you'd see her self fund whatever bullshit she puts out.

This dual career is too much, an assault on the ears as well as the eyes. I don't give a fuck what she does in film but music is sacred. Least you can avoid her movies.

by what a cunt!reply 6504/06/2013

She didn't grow up in the ghetto. Lopez attended private Catholic schools (not cheap) and was middle class.

by what a cunt!reply 6604/06/2013

I bet she gives great anal

by what a cunt!reply 6704/06/2013

I don't think anyone really sees her as either actress or singer anymore, R65. She's now just a celebrity just because, which was likely always her dream job.

by what a cunt!reply 6804/06/2013

I believe that was Van Halen, R49. The "reasoning" was that the brown M&Ms made you horny, or somethin along those lines. I guess that's why a guitarist friend of mine refers to his favorite set of tones as "The Brown Sound".

by what a cunt!reply 6904/06/2013

[quote]Oh [R37]..hmm, I thought he had Hebrew tats and was Jewish. I don't know anything about him really. Anyhow, a WASP kid then....

What part of Catholic don't you understand? The P in WASP stands for Protestant.

You're welcome.

by what a cunt!reply 7004/06/2013

r56, give us a hint about who you are, or are pretending to be.

I'l play.

by what a cunt!reply 7104/06/2013

I doubt she really cares too much about this gig.

60 million cricket fans = 1 million baseball/football/hockey/soccer fans. Rupees ain't worth shit.

by what a cunt!reply 7204/06/2013
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