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Leonard Part 6

Why does this cinematic opus never receive the accolades it is due?

by Gloria "RELISH!" Foster, squeezing a bananareply 403/27/2013

Because virtually no one ever saw it.

by Gloria "RELISH!" Foster, squeezing a bananareply 103/27/2013

It was such a disaster. It came out at the height of Cosbymania in the mid 80s, and everyone predicted it was going to be a giant success because of how much the American public loved Bill Cosby at the time. I remember in our local tenplex they had originally scheduled it for 4 of their screens because they thought it was going to break all records. But no one saw it, even the first weekend.

by Gloria "RELISH!" Foster, squeezing a bananareply 203/27/2013

A terrible film title based on a feeble joke. I guess it was supposed to make everyone think they were smarter than the dummy who assumed there had been five previous Leonard films. Cosby-mania coincided with sequel-mania. Film sequels had been rare for decades before they took off in the 80s.

by Gloria "RELISH!" Foster, squeezing a bananareply 303/27/2013

Cosby himself denounced the film the week before it came out and urged everyone not to see it. The trouble was that led people to have the expectation that the next time he made a film that if he didn't denounce it, he would think it had to be his good: but his next film was GHOST DAD which critics thought was even worse than LEONARD PART SIX.

That's when Cosby began to be far less popular than he had been before.

by Gloria "RELISH!" Foster, squeezing a bananareply 403/27/2013
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