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Black tie affair - musical acts

My local hospital is having a charity gala and they're asking if I have any talents I can do in a variety show?


by Felicia reply 60004/25/2013


by Felicia reply 103/27/2013

I feel torn between two split personalities!

by Felicia reply 203/27/2013

And I can't decide who I will play let alone wear!

by Felicia reply 303/27/2013

Did Scotty's daughter have dark hair? Will KA alter her appearance, (darken her hair) to play her?

by Felicia reply 403/27/2013

Get together with two friends to do a flying number from Cirque du Soleil.

by Felicia reply 503/27/2013

Fancy parade walking in a caftan.

by Felicia reply 603/27/2013

I think there are a number of suggestions you could take from here.

by Felicia reply 703/27/2013

Do you have any ping pong balls?

by Felicia reply 803/27/2013

Yeah, get Cheryl and her magic ping pong balls.

by Felicia reply 903/27/2013

Well, it was no pickle relish recipe but some of you got it.

by Felicia reply 1003/27/2013

Why was my pickle relish thread removed? Did it get infested with flames?

by Felicia reply 1103/28/2013

OP of relish thread, I don't know, but I was loving that thread.

I don't get it.

If I see threads about stuff I'm not interested in -- Jake Gyllenhall, Reese Whitherspoon, AnnE Hathaway -- I just simply skip over them.

To say nothing about the Wizard of Oz, creeps in gyms and other crap!

I don't get all the soap hate. If you don't like it, just skip over it.

Strange how a 'dying' genre incites such devoted hatred here.

The strongest way in which I can voice my opinion is to not renew my subscription and I just may do that.

Oh, btw, DL: Ryan Phillipe, Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin and Halle Berry all did time on soaps.

by Felicia reply 1203/28/2013

I always do the magician thing, you know, making a fist disappear in my ass. That always brings the house down.

by Felicia reply 1303/28/2013

Is this another Golden Girls thread?

by Felicia reply 1403/28/2013

sucking your own dick is always a crowd pleaser

by Felicia reply 1503/28/2013

I'm not Asian ;))

by Felicia reply 1603/28/2013

I don't know who Nicholas is, but lying there on the gurney, those tits look like they are getting a regular workout.

by Felicia reply 1703/28/2013

Okay; trying to be helpful to OP: OP, can you play piano? Sing? better; do both? or have friends who can?

Guitar? some other instrument?

Any friends/aquiantances who do magic?

(do you know NPH, hee-hee?!)

And depending on the audience, even a dramatic recitation (maybe even camped up, a la a beauty pageant?)

LOVE to hear how it turns out!

by Felicia reply 1803/28/2013

OK, just realized this is probably a troll post; rendolent of GH. Ha-ha. Sorry I didn't realize. THink I forget to watch GH today; damn!

by Felicia reply 1903/28/2013

They need to get Kate/Connie in that ball.. The actress is a professional dancer and whas been on Broadway.

Richard Simmons the celeb?! Is that the best the producers can do??

by Felicia reply 2003/28/2013

The Simmons cameo? So unnecessary. So bad.

by Felicia reply 2103/28/2013


by Felicia reply 2203/29/2013

Well, you never sucked my cock.

by Felicia reply 2303/29/2013

Anyone watching the marathon?

by Felicia reply 2403/31/2013


by Felicia reply 2504/05/2013

Bovina isn't SERIOUSLY playing Serena Baldwin, is she?

by Felicia reply 2604/05/2013

50th anniversary marathon repeats this weekend on Soapnet, starting at 10 pm tonight (Episode 1). 20/20 special airs tomorrow night.

by Felicia reply 2704/05/2013

Has the Nurses' Ball actually started or are they still in the prep stage?

by Felicia reply 2804/05/2013

What happened today?

by Felicia reply 2904/05/2013

Black Tie and Night? well, How Vulgar!

by Felicia reply 3004/05/2013

Oh my

by Felicia reply 3104/05/2013

What's up with Felicia and Frisco? Still on?

by Felicia reply 3204/05/2013

ALL NEW TRAILER for OLTL presented by La Sleestak as Viki. Mostly recap with some new footage near the end!

by Felicia reply 3304/05/2013

[quote] Grant Putnum's seven inch flaccid cock

Grant was so hot!

by Felicia reply 3404/05/2013

New longer recap/trailer for ALL MY CHILDREN. Old clips and new with more to use since AMC already finished its first taping block. Narrated by Debbi Morgan. New footage with dialogue of David Hayward, Cara, long haired Dixie, Adam with the comatose JR. Bianca at someone's grave. Pete Cortlandt driving back into town. Angie welcoming Joe to her new home.

by Felicia reply 3504/05/2013

Grant Andrews was even hotter than Grant Putnam!

by Felicia reply 3604/05/2013

The new Petey looks gayer than one of Richard Simmons' sequins.

by Felicia reply 3704/05/2013

I said this in the other thread, but will repeat here.

[quote] I love Tracy Quartermaine, really I do, and Jane is fab playing her. But for fuck's sake, she has worn the same two outfits for MONTHS!!!! Please, someone, go to Chico's and get this bitch a few new frocks!

Seriously, it's distracting.

by Felicia reply 3804/05/2013

TPTB really missed the mark today. Two wonderful scenes were edited out of today's show.

One was of Sonny/Brenda discussing Robin and another of Bobbie and Lucy deciding to let bygones be bygones.

Luckily they are on YT . Search for Delted Nurse's Ball scenes Part 1 and 2.

I would have much preferred those scenes to the silly Red Carpet ones.

by Felicia reply 3904/05/2013

[quote]I love Tracy Quartermaine, really I do, and Jane is fab playing her. But for fuck's sake, she has worn the same two outfits for MONTHS!!!! Please, someone, go to Chico's and get this bitch a few new frocks!

Now, now, let's not forget her assets are still frozen. Maybe she'll go on a big splurge at Wyndham's when Pickle-lila finally takes off.

by Felicia reply 4004/05/2013

[Lila's bun]


After the relish yakes off again, I can use this catchy turn of phrase to launch a line of baked goods! I can see it now...we'll be under, over and all around the meat...

Now where do I get the meat?

by Felicia reply 4104/05/2013

Jack Wagner and Kristina were good today. Looked like real tears to me. Has to be very difficult for her.

by Felicia reply 4204/05/2013

Playing Asian is just something every good actor has in his repertoire

by Felicia reply 4304/05/2013

Playing Caucasian is the real trick!

by Felicia reply 4404/05/2013

The important thing is to have the appropriate cufflinks and studs, OP.

by Felicia reply 4504/05/2013

I tuned in this week just to see the old-timers, and spent the first part of today's show laughing out loud. The red carpet scene was so freaking over the top-reminded me of 25 years ago when Annie Logan and the rest of the nurses couldn't wait to wear their new uniforms at the parade, but at the last minute it looked like they weren't gonna be ready in time!

by Felicia reply 4604/05/2013

The red carpet intros were very stupid, but the performances of the actors in today's installment of the Nurses' Ball were all wonderful. I loved Jack Wagner's reniditon of his big 80s hit, and I've gained a new appreciation for BA, who did a great job with "Weird Science", and the actor playing Anton is just adorable.

Very strange to see town mobster Sonny Corinthos sitting in the audience pretending to enjoy the festivities - he's such a damper on things even when he doesn't say anything. Brenda is nauseating and extremely unlikable - she is not at all coming off well this time around. Out of the blue hitting Carly with rolls with no provocation was juvenile, unfunny and almost embarrassing. And VM is beginning to look like a Jackson.

Loved Noah and Bobbi's little reunion - looks like Bobbi is getting the consideration that Guza and Frons never wanted to give her; during those years, a stream of Bobbi's ex-lovers came to town (Carly's father John Durant, Noah, and Jerry) and those relationships were not in any way honored. Strange they deleted scenes of Lucy and Bobbie making amends since they have spent so much time dropping their past animosity over and over in the dialogue for the last week or so.

Sabrina has turned Patrick into a pathetic flaccid wimp.

by Felicia reply 4704/05/2013

Now I know why people call him Cartooni.

1) That red carpet thing was an over the top mess. Why?

2) Has there been one return that wasn't a return for the sake of being a return? Even Franken-Bobbi is just a prop and that bitch drove story for years. Even the Brenda/Jax return was handled poorly and stupidly.

3) Where is the fucking depth? Where are the character pieces. It is one bit of camp after the next.

Whatever faults GH may have had over the last decade, it wasn't a cartoon. It may have had a skewed moral center and had unbalanced focus, but it wasn't this mess.

by Felicia reply 4804/05/2013

r48 I'll take this "mess," as you call it, anyday over the dark, violent masterbatory fantasies Guza penned for a decade.

The show is fun these days. It makes me smile. I can't wait to come home and catch the new episode each day.

Yes, the show is not as deep as under Guza and the stories aren't a complex as under Guza. Ron writes a very different show.

But GH is still on the air. It would have been canceled if it had continued under the direction Guza and JFP were taking it.

Ron and Frank revived the show, improved the ratings and kept it alive long enough for it to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Rather than be grateful GH is still alive, all you do is complain about it.

by Felicia reply 4904/05/2013

I agree, R49.

Yes, the scenes are fast, but I'm seeing plenty of depth.

There hasn't been a young heroine like Sabrina on soaps in years; she pined after the handsome doctor, got the makeover and got the guy.

We're seeing vets galore -- Anna, Bobbie, Lucy.

I have NO IDEA who's backstage surprising Lucy and when was the last time that happened?

I actually want to tune in on Monday and see that and Magic Milo and if Robin will be back etc.

I think the Jax/Brenda thing was rushed b/c Ingo didn't want to do both GH and DWTS; "I'm not Kelly Monaco," he's said.

Too bad but at the same time I have no doubt Ron and Frank can fill the screen with other faves.

Praying the get a ratings boost greater than the one they've had with all this stuff.

It'd been a dream.

by Felicia reply 5004/05/2013

I love Cartini and their show for what they get right. GH is a fun show again with heart. But now you see why a lot of OLTL fans are welcoming new writers. They do not do character beats. They do plot and drop-ins. If you can enjoy the overall experience it is a lot of fun but they gave up on pacing and character vs money and time several years ago. And if something isn't working they double down on it.

It's a style I both love and hate. They are frenetic and heartfelt yet also lazy. I am just grateful OLTL has fresh writers and more freedom.

by Felicia reply 5104/05/2013

And sadly, cutting those two quiet character scenes is typical Frank V. He does whatever he has to to stretch a dollar and keep the train running but long ago he decided anything non essential to Ron's plot was first to go. Everything else gets 5 second cuts. They became so inured to OLTL's shoestring budget that now it is all plot all the time. They used to have better balance.

by Felicia reply 5204/05/2013

Felix and Epiphany were great for the nurses dance.

by Felicia reply 5304/05/2013

Lucy and Bobbi argue at the 1994 Nurses Ball rehearsal

by Felicia reply 5404/05/2013

I think Roger Howarth should be a recast Tom Hardy Jr.

by Felicia reply 5504/05/2013

I was watching this clip and I found something interesting, starting at 5:11... watch what happens when the general steps up to confront Faison:

by Felicia reply 5604/05/2013

Check out that clip at r54, look at the depth in the scene. The character driven points. Watch the beats being played. It wasn't 8 fifteen second scenes strewn throughout the show. No camp, no vamping, no cartoon like behavior. Anyone who says what we're saying today is anywhere close to that clip has lost it.

by Felicia reply 5704/05/2013

Rumor has it the evildoers after Todd and Victor (their prisoner) blow up Tea's house in Week 1 of the new OLTL.

by Felicia reply 5804/05/2013

Are they going to address what happened to Todd, Starr and John in Port Charles on the NU OLTL?

by Felicia reply 5904/05/2013

Unknown, r59. Negotiations fell apart between GH and OLTL because GH refused to accept having to surrender full control of OLTL characters that Prospect Park owns. PP wanted crossovers to continue but was insistent on equal control. GH is threatening to bring the actors on as new characters but I don't think they have the actors onboard. RH has a deal with OLTL, at least for now, and may return to GH later. ME and KA are unknown.

As of now, due to the conflict GH is prohibited from mentioning the characters which led to serious last minute reshoots in Carly and Sam scenes in the last 2 weeks. But it's Cartini's fault for refusing to accept a compromise.

by Felicia reply 6004/05/2013

Kassie DePaiva said she was playing scenes with RH as though Blair knows about Carly, but that it hadn't come up yet in scripts. Though that was only in the first week of taping. PP never intended to ignore the GH storyline development. They were involved in the GH exits.

by Felicia reply 6104/05/2013

So they're going to pretend that Blair and Tea didn't go searching for Tomas/Alcazar? Star didn't spend last year fucking big dicked Michael? Why wouldn't PP play ball with GH/ABC. Wouldn't the crossovers have helped the launch of the new shows?

by Felicia reply 6204/05/2013

It was PP that wanted crossovers and compromise. GH didn't and reacted badly to being told OLTL wanted Todd, etc. back and that they would have to coordinate future crossover story with OLTL, which holds the rights.

Tomas will be referenced according to KDP. But GH gambled that they would have forever to tie Victor Jr. and Allison Perkins to Heather Webber and their Cassadine story and took too long. Tomas going missing was to be part of that and lead into Alcazar on GH. But RC wouldn't play ball with the new OLTL so they will be finishing the Todd/Victor saga their own way.

The OLTL synopsis on iTunes mentions Todd being pursued back to Llanview by a sinister organization represented by a strange tattoo. Very in keeping with the Two Todds madness on OLTL in 2011, only now it's being written by Susan Bedsow Horgan and Thom Racina, who did GH's original Cassadime storyline.

by Felicia reply 6304/05/2013

Speaking of Michael's big dick, he uses it on Brenda next week. Probably drowning his sorrows over Starr who they can no longer reference by name.

by Felicia reply 6404/05/2013

Prospect was dying for crossovers. Frank and Ron were infuriated that they didn't have OLTL to themselves anymore and didn't want to negotiate. ABC forced them to try but it collapsed. Now nobody's happy but it's not over yet.

No, OLTL is not ignoring the year on GH.

by Felicia reply 6504/05/2013

Would they really damage the Brenda character like that by having her sleep with Michael? Granted, the actor has a dick of death and everyone should try it, but Brenda?

by Felicia reply 6604/05/2013

Rumor is they're drugged and may not actually do thr deed. They do end up in bed together for Sonny and Carly to find. Looking forward to Michael's strip show with Milo.

Rumor also has it that Robin may not be back yet but I don't believe Cartini are that stupid to miss this chance. They rarely flub big moments like that.

by Felicia reply 6704/05/2013

Eveything that happened on GH in 2012 will be canon on the new OLTL. Cole and Hope are still dead, Tea's baby died, and Tomas left Blair. We'll also find out who Natalie's been sleeping with after she found out about John and Sam. Same with GH, I don't know how much of that can actually be referenced onscreen due to the legalities, this is all such a mess. It's strongly rumored that Starr has already been recast and PP is on the hunt for a new McBain.

by Felicia reply 6804/05/2013

Kristina Wagner was hardly acting in her scenes with Frisco. Sounds like she kicks him to the curb for Mac. She told the soap mags this story and telling Frisco off is "very cathartic".

by Felicia reply 6904/06/2013

How do we know about Michael being big-dicked?

by Felicia reply 7004/06/2013

Didn't Chad Duel (Michael), and his dick of death, have his marriage annulled?

by Felicia reply 7104/06/2013

I had a big goofy smile on my face throughout, but especially when they took the moment to memorialize Amy and Jessie.

I've never seen DTWS, but wow, Kelly Monaco has some moves. She was great.

I missed most of the SoapNet marathon last week, so I started DVRing last night. Until I saw the first episode, I'd completely forgotten that during the 30th anniversary, they brought back Steve's first patient, the girl having conniptions over her accident.

Part of me had hoped they would have asked Wendy Riche and Claire Labine, as the creators of the Nurses Ball, to sit in the audience.

Teresa Castillo has a nice voice.

Although the red carpet thing was weird, I did like that on the sponsorship wall, they'd listed not only the MetroCourt, but also ELQ, The Haunted Star, and Corinthos Coffee Importers. The last one made me giggle.

by Felicia reply 7204/06/2013

Oh, and Crimson, since i assume they couldn't use Manning Enterprises anymore.

by Felicia reply 7304/06/2013

I'm with 48 and 49. Really enjoying GH. I think RC is trying to right the wrongs of the past decade and he's doing a good job. I for one is very happy that he is writing and exposing Brenda for the unlikable cartoon she had become. One question though- what was the deal with the dress she wore? Between her face and that dress I laughed when she was on the red carpet and they called her a super model. She looked anything but.

by Felicia reply 7404/06/2013

I havn't watched Friday's show yet but I'm looking forward to it. So they gave a nice shout out to Shell Kepler/Amy Vining? I always hated how GH never addressed her passing.

by Felicia reply 7504/06/2013

Yes, Chad Duell and his almost 9 inch cock, ended his marriage because of Kristen Alderson. Oh and Chad's cock details were spilled by Cathryn Wagner's gay assistant designer.

by Felicia reply 7604/06/2013

[quote]So they gave a nice shout out to Shell Kepler/Amy Vining? I always hated how GH never addressed her passing.

Yeah, Lucy paused for a moment say that they needed to honor the memories of two nurses who were no longer with us, and the curtain went up on two huge photos, one of Jessie and one of Amy. It was a very nice moment, and I'm glad they gave Emily McLaughlin the same recognition that they gave to John Berandino a few days ago.

It sort of reminded me of how in a lot of ways, Edward's funeral was as much a tribute to Anna Lee and Lila as it was to John Ingle, giving her a more proper sendoff than she got the first time.

by Felicia reply 7704/06/2013

[quote] Chad's cock details were spilled by Cathryn Wagner's gay assistant designer.

Link please!

by Felicia reply 7804/06/2013

[quote]It sort of reminded me of how in a lot of ways, Edward's funeral was as much a tribute to Anna Lee and Lila as it was to John Ingle, giving her a more proper sendoff than she got the first time.

What do you mean? Anna Lee got a hell of a send off. As I recall they devoted no less than three days to Lila's death, her memorial and the town reacting to the news of her passing. They also brought back tons of old school GHers for the memorial. I recall they did a montage tribute that included all of the previous Edwards, Amber Tamblyn, etc. And mind you this was right in the middle of the Guza/Sonny Soprano era. It was like having the old GH back for a week. I would rate this one and Alice Horton's send off as the two best in recent memory.

by Felicia reply 7904/06/2013

[quote]What do you mean? Anna Lee got a hell of a send off.

To me, and maybe I'm just being to harsh, it begins and ends with the fact that we had to Jed Allan, a contemporary of the actors playing his children, be the Edward mourning Lila, even though John Ingle offered (and DOOL was willing permit) a return for her funeral. And they also refused to let Rena Sofer appear, though she was willing as well, and I believe this was prior to Lesli Kay's debut.

The only returns that I have a specific memory of were Kevin and Lucy, and that was nice, at least.

by Felicia reply 8004/06/2013

For those wondering (because I am sure there are - lol), Richard Simmons' guest appearences are not over. He's back this week.

by Felicia reply 8104/06/2013


Helena may be dead and out of the Ice Princess story, but another Cassadine is rising from the dead.

Luke and Laura awaken to an unexpected situation, confronting a brand new surprise. Its a “compromising” position that Luke and Laura end up in. "Not only that, but everyone is in for a HUGE SURPRISE. Massive. Enormous. This is not to be missed."-- ABC/GH

by Felicia reply 8204/06/2013

Emme Ryan's first airdate as Lulu is this week (Thursday).

by Felicia reply 8304/06/2013


Kate Grahn, the 14-year-old daughter of General Hospital vet Nancy Lee Grahn, is set to take part in GH‘s 50th anniversary celebration. Grahn will perform her original song “Private School Girls” in the April 9 installment of the ABC soap, taking the Nurses’ Ball stage alongside her real-life band Traction and the elder Grahn’s on-screen kid Haley Pullos (Molly). The tune will hit iTunes the same day, with all proceeds going to VH1′s Save The Music Foundation.

by Felicia reply 8404/06/2013

So Chad Duel's 9 inch cock 'pleasured' Kristen Alderson??!

I think I am going to be sick!

by Felicia reply 8504/06/2013

R48 and R57 - you might be the same person. If you think the last decade under Guza was not a cartoon, you must be on his payroll. Really, all those over the top villains that Jason single handily saved the town from; Jason was the ultimate cartoon character. Guza's last venture, the Balkan was just godawful, like a bad SNL skit. The great and powerful Sonny Corinthos and his dumb and dumber bodyguards that were nothing but a joke and comedy relief. RC is campy and his storylines are pretty much plot points, but he does not try to disguise it as in-depth, thought provoking drama as Guza did with his bad Sopranos imitation. RC/FV have faults but at least the show is watchable and they do sneak in some character driven moments here and there. Besides, watching the marathon last weekend, no one did it better than Claire Labine. THAT was writing.

by Felicia reply 8604/06/2013

Could the bouncer please do something with the Cartooni fangurls, please. His shallow, sophomoric writing has gone to their heads.

by Felicia reply 8704/06/2013

Picture it. Kristen gets to slide her tight, wet pussy down on Chad's thick, throbbing cock each night. He pumps her hard, then soft, then fast, then slow. Her huge forehead glistening with sweat as Chad works her out. Instead of moans Kristen sings her favorite song to Chad's pounding.

by Felicia reply 8804/06/2013

Huge or not, all I want to do is pound Chad's ass harder than his Michael got it in prison.

by Felicia reply 8904/06/2013

Voice, did you see the new AMC and OLTL videos? The one on Hulu has your girl Debbi Morgan looking so happy to have a Joe and Ruth Martin sized house.

by Felicia reply 9004/06/2013

I thought David Lewis was the best Edward Quartermaine. Never cared for John Ingle.

by Felicia reply 9104/06/2013

I loved them both. The last episode Engle was in made me cry like a baby.

Watching the marathon now. It,s Felicia and Frisco's wedding. Tony and Tanya were beautiful.

by Felicia reply 9204/06/2013

Act out "Big Rock Candy Mountain"/Joan Crawford at the Supermarket as a pantomime.

You can just pretend to have a conversation with an imaginary child.

by Felicia reply 9304/06/2013

[quote]3) Where is the fucking depth? Where are the character pieces. It is one bit of camp after the next.

It's all the more a glaring comparison if you're watching the GH marathon on Soapnet and see the show when the writing was so real and so amazing and the actors had these long well written scenes to dig their teeth into.

by Felicia reply 9404/06/2013

[quote]Voice, did you see the new AMC and OLTL videos? The one on Hulu has your girl Debbi Morgan looking so happy to have a Joe and Ruth Martin sized house.

Let me tell you about Deb Morgan: I bet she's happier doing this than she was at Y&R.

I just hope they've worked out a way to make sure they have enough revenue coming in. The production values, particularly on AMC look better than they did for the show's last few years on the air.

by Felicia reply 9504/06/2013

Part of the revenue stream involves subscribers to the shows on Hulu. So sign up now! It's free. Hulu Plus to watch it on TV is also only $8.

The OLTL trailer has been taken down for editing by new EP Jennifer Pepperman, who was FV's second at OLTL for decades. Both she and Ginger Smith seen in the Opal video are lifers at their shows. Hopefully the OLTL trailer is adding footage. It was action packed while the AMC one made me weep.

by Felicia reply 9604/06/2013

watching the Nurses Ball part one - Spinelli should always wear glasses.

by Felicia reply 9704/06/2013

Watching the Labine-era shows on the marathon, I realize I'd forgotten just how much I loved Denise Galik's Rhonda Wexler.

I still remember the stuff with Laura's carpet bag, twenty years later.

by Felicia reply 9804/06/2013

Labine gave a recent interview where she talked about hating the Karen stripper story she inherited in summer 93. She said the first thing she wrote for it was Karen throwing the pills in Sonny's face.

I love the 1991 episode with Robert, Anna, Frisco and the location shoot. I wish they could have flourished under Labine like Felicia did.

Was Guza the one who first put Bobbie and Stefan together? I loved them.

by Felicia reply 9904/06/2013

The big 20/20 special on GH is on now. I think it reruns at 10.

by Felicia reply 10004/06/2013

[quote]Was Guza the one who first put Bobbie and Stefan together? I loved them.

I thought that happened during Richard Culliton's time at the show.

Even though I liked them as a couple, I did love something she said to him when she announced she'd been spying on him and passing info to Luke: "He wants to see you burn in Hell, and I want to light the match."

I think a lot of my taste in men as an adult can be traced directly back to Stone Cates.

by Felicia reply 10104/06/2013

Scratch that, it's not rerunning. It'll be on YouTube or no doubt. Very worth watching, everyone is adorable. Lisa Lo Cicero is a huge fangirl who talks about watching with her parents.

Looks like the Lesley and little Spencer return spoiler is legit.

by Felicia reply 10204/06/2013

[quote]I think a lot of my taste in men as an adult can be traced directly back to Stone Cates.

Gee, thanks.

by Felicia reply 10304/06/2013

Who is Spencer Cassadine's mother? Emily or Courtney the Hulk?

I assume the later, because he wasn't mentioned over ELQ.

Although I'm surprised Courtney could conceive, since I figured all the testosterone would have stopped her menses.

by Felicia reply 10404/06/2013

Spencer is Nikolas and Courtney's love child.

Carolyn Hinsey has defiled the 20/20 special.

by Felicia reply 10504/06/2013

I loved the Bobbie-Stefan pairing. Wished it had gone on much longer. Had so many implications for future story.

If I recall correctly, it was started under Guza, one of Bobbie's ways of getting back at Luke for withholding the info about Carly being her daughter.

Jackie Z and Stephen Nichols had great chemistry.

I believe it was Richard Culliton who ended it, prefering instead to pair Stefan with Katherine Bell. That pairing of course didn't work. Patch and Kayla may have sizzled, but Stefan and Katherine fizzled.

by Felicia reply 10604/06/2013

[quote] Carolyn Hinsey has defiled the 20/20 special.

I know, the minute I saw her I was like, "OMG, they asked THAT fat thing to be on?"

by Felicia reply 10704/06/2013

[quote]The only returns that I have a specific memory of were Kevin and Lucy, and that was nice, at least.

I know they brought back Gail and Lee Baldwin and they had not been on GH proper in years. Amanda Barrington too. Robin came back (this was before she returned from Paris). There may have been a few more I'm forgetting. But I totally agree about Jed Allan. Hated, hated, hated him as Edward. And he never even shared a scene with Anna Lee. But over looking that I thought the episodes dealing with Lila's death were very powerful, touching and respectful.

by Felicia reply 10804/06/2013

Where can I see the promos for the new AMC and OLTL ?

by Felicia reply 10904/06/2013

They are on TOLN's youtube account.

by Felicia reply 11004/06/2013


What does that stand for ?

by Felicia reply 11104/06/2013

The OLTL one is down for reediting. The link for both was posted upthread.

Demi Moore turned down a GH return. Tsk.

by Felicia reply 11204/06/2013

TOLN = The Online Network.

Lee and Gail Baldwin returned for Lila's funeral, which was shocking to me because the show had veered so far from its history at that point. Robin also returned, as did Lucy and Kevin. The scenes at the Qs dealing with Lila's death were wonderfully written (and this is coming from someone who abhorred the Guza years from 2000 until he left). You can watch the whole episodes on YT. Tracy was lashing out at everyone, locking horns with Monica and digging up her affair with Rick Webber; Alan and Tracy finally reached out to one another as siblings and Tracy broke down in her brother's arms; even Jason's scene with Edward in which Edward recognized Lila in Jason's eyes was very heartbreaking. Taking it out of the context of those horrible years of GH's history, it was very tastefully done.

I believe the scripts were not written by Guza, but Michele Val Jean and (I think) Elizabeth Korte.

by Felicia reply 11304/06/2013

Sorry, I just checked the episode's credits and Michele Van Jean wasn't involved. The show was being co-head written by Charles Pratt Jr and Robert Guza, with the writing team of Michael Conforti, Elizabeth Korte, Michele Patrick and Garin Wolf.

by Felicia reply 11404/06/2013

[quote]Demi Moore turned down a GH return. Tsk

What the hell is she doing that she couldn't give them a quick cameo? GH put her on the fucking map!

by Felicia reply 11504/06/2013

Check out the ensembled cast for the 30th anniversary show at mark 3:42 ... love how John Baradino just walks off the set and off into the backstage at the end.

by Felicia reply 11604/06/2013

I am so happy about Lesley coming back if that's the case.

Ideally, she's have a scene with Monica and gee, I don't know, Monica could apologize for being a lying bitch who didn't tell Rick the truth about Alan being AJ's father.

No matter. The show is great as far as I'm concerned.

Having Lesley back on any level is wonderful.

by Felicia reply 11704/06/2013

I missed most of the guza years but i did enjoy the disaster episodes from the 2000's. The PC hotel fire wnd evacuation the train crash and the metro court hostage situation. I also liked how these events impacted the story long term,new characters,old characters returning, deaths and changes im relationships.

Watching the marathon. Tyler Christopher and sean kanan were so beautiful. Aj was such a mess, which is kind of a turn on for me.Aging sucks but sean held up really well imo especially considering the guy is my fathers age.

by Felicia reply 11804/07/2013

If people need to see before and after pictures of Jackie Z, Vanessa Marcil, and Leslie Charleson about the dangers of plastic surgery, men should be forced to see before and afters of Tyler and Steve Burton about the dangers of steroids.

by Felicia reply 11904/07/2013

You're forgetting Alicia Leigh Willis, whose vestigial phallus gave Tyler the musclebound ride of his life.

by Felicia reply 12004/07/2013

Tyler looks less bloated in the face department since the last time he was on, he looked awful on that abc family show. Is he back for a while?

Is mike sonny's bio dad? Sonny does not resemble mike or courtney much

What is the story there?

by Felicia reply 12104/07/2013

[quote] Is mike sonny's bio dad? Sonny does not resemble mike or courtney much

Mike is Sonny's biological father. I imagine he gets his coloring from his Greek mother. He was raised by his mom and his abusive stepfather.

Of course, even though I typed "Greek" please pretend I typed "Italian" which would explain why he grew up in Bensonhurst with the Cerullos and the Falconieris.

by Felicia reply 12204/07/2013

Ron Hale retired a few years ago, so they wrote him out to gambling rehab shortly before Sonny and Brenda's wedding.

As horrible as Guza was by then the scenes in the wedding where Sonny accepts the truth about her and Dante and tells Brenda her father Harlan lied to her and she is wonderful was the most I have liked Sonny since the 90s. That and their breakup scenes were fantastic where Sonny admits he would always choose the mob over love because power is "something that lasts". GH is glossing that over now but to me that was the character's Rubicon.

by Felicia reply 12304/07/2013

Jerry/Craig in the Metro Court hostage crisis was Guza finally doing the darker Jerry he had originally intended; he hated Riche playing the character as a romantic scoundrel with Julian Stone in the role. Unfortunately as with all things he went too far and made Jerry a monster who shot Robin and watched Alan die. I wonder if when RC brings Roche back in Jerry (Robin's captor) will finally get an awkward reunion with FrankenBobbie. I wish someone could fix my Barbara Jean's face.

by Felicia reply 12404/07/2013

I loved Stuart Damon and Chris Robinson but they looked distractingly unhealthy/awful in their appearances.

by Felicia reply 12504/07/2013

Guza was a good writer but his downfall was Wendy Riche leaving and getting freedom from JFP into turning the show into mob central with no other leading characters unless they were involved with Sonny. Big mistake and the show became further unwatchable with the advent of Superman Jason Morgan, the beloved hitman!

by Felicia reply 12604/07/2013

SD and CR are in their 70's give them a break!

by Felicia reply 12704/07/2013

I just watched two episodes last night featuring Jason Q/Jason Morgan. The first was the accident ep and the second takes place a month later when Jason is being told he may never get his memories back and that he has suffered a severe brain injury that gives him no impulse control.

Steve Burton was very good in both episodes, both as Jason Q and early Jason M. He had charisma and actual emotion! He (or the writers) later turned Jason M into a monosyllabic thug with a blank stare. It also reminds you how much they had to adapt Jason M to turn him into the killer with a heart of gold. Originally, he didn't have the capacity to care about others. It wasn't that he could learn those things; it's that that portion of his brain was gone and would not be rebuilt. However, just a year later, we see the writers go completely against that diagnosis in order to pair him with Robin and turn him into today's Jason M. (well, until he was killed).

I got so tired of watching that thug kill someone and then tear up at a baby. I wish they'd carried through on the original concept for Jason. I'd even rather watch Jason Q, the good boy sap, over later Jason Morgan.

by Felicia reply 12804/07/2013

To clarify, I'm talking about the two episodes that aired a month apart in late '95 and early '96.

by Felicia reply 12904/07/2013

Agreed, r128. Steve Burton had real talent and pissed it away as did the writers. Jason became a sick joke I never want to see again unless he regains his memories and becomes a new man.

The 1996 episode featuring Jason and Robin reminded me of how wonderful they were. Burton to his limited credit always retained a reverence for the pairing and Kimberly McCullough and lobbied for her return in 2005. But Guza's mob pride and Frons's hard-on for Sam the mob moll ensured they never came close to reuniting them. Guza's team and JFP considered Robin a stick in the mud kept around as a sop to old fans. Jill wanted Patrick paired with LW's Carly. It's amazing to remember that Guza once helped enshrine Jason and Robin himself back in 96.

by Felicia reply 13004/07/2013

Why wasn't I brought back for the 50th anniversary?

by Felicia reply 13104/07/2013

Tony and Genie looked very friendly on the 20/20 special. I still think the friction we see on GH is from character not personal. Luke and Laura should have some uncomfortable tension right now.

by Felicia reply 13204/07/2013

TG and GF were very friendly on Katie's talk show last week. Very handsy and complimentary.

by Felicia reply 13304/07/2013

I'm just realizing now I don't get Soapnet. Hmmm.... I used to. No marathon for me.

by Felicia reply 13404/07/2013

LOL, I remember you, Dr. Mark... and your choppers.

by Felicia reply 13504/07/2013

I keep thinking about how amazing these episodes would be with Bob Guza's writing and Wendy Riche producing. Scripts by Michele Val Jean and Patrick Mulcahey. There would be emotion and meat. Not Richard Simmons running around making an ass of himself. Not Tracey and Monica having shared visions of dead people. You would watch the episodes and wonder if you weren't watching a high end cable drama.

by Felicia reply 13604/07/2013

[quote]I keep thinking about how amazing these episodes would be with Bob Guza's writing and Wendy Riche producing.

It would never happen! Guza fucking hated the Nurses Ball and he hated almost all of the fucking characters who have been brought back!

by Felicia reply 13704/07/2013

Not true. Brian Frons hated those characters. People really don't the truth about Bob Guza. Hopefully his book will set the record straight.

by Felicia reply 13804/07/2013

Guza hated the Ball. He resented soaps and GH.

It's very true the show needs more depth and character but in a year it's become a thousand times more fun, heartfelt and popular than it's been in over a decade. I have many issues with RC with his very uneven work at OLTL and GH, he needs a co HW and a dose of humility. But after what Guza became I'd take Carlivati anytime. He's restored the soul of GH.

I'm sick of talented scribes like Karen Harris and ValJean defending Bob online too. They started with Labine and Riche. They have to know what the show became but they stood by for years grinning and accepting Jill's block vote bought and paid for Emmys which the show did not deserve. Bob started great in his early years. When Riche left he turned the show to shit on his own. He needed supervision. They just blame Frons. Well Frons cracked the whip on AMC and OLTL too but they didn't turn into THAT.

Sick and tired of incestuous soap writers excusing inexcusable work by their friends. MVJ and Harris know better.

by Felicia reply 13904/07/2013

Is Anne Logan Liz's mom? I know her dad is Jeff Weber and he had a romance with the virginal Nurse Logan back in the day

Didn't Heather Webber frame Anne for Diana Taylor's murder?

by Felicia reply 14004/07/2013

I am NOT Liz and Sarah's mom. I remain - to this day - a virgin nurse, 56-years-young.

And yes, heather framed me for Diana's murder. But it was that housefrau mother of hers that pulled the trigger.

by Felicia reply 14104/07/2013

Elizabeth's mother was one of Ruby's girls. That was a huge story, how could y'all forget.

by Felicia reply 14204/07/2013

Is Stavros or Stefan back?

by Felicia reply 14304/07/2013

r117, Monica and Lesley kind of put all that behind them years ago before Lesley was supposedly killed in that car accident in the mid-80s. They were civil towards one another, albeit they would never be friends. When Rick had a heart scare, Monica helped him during his operation and Lesley was grateful. No matter what, however, the relationship would always be strained. Despite what Pratt and Guza wanted us to believe, Lesley was neither stupid nor a doormat. She was able to forgive Rick, but Monica betrayed her more as a friend and a woman. Denise Alexander's Lesley Webber really was one of the best female characters on daytime TV before the wealthy superbitch became vogue.

There was never before nor was there ever again a more fascinating quadrangle than the Lesley-Rick-Monica-Alan story. Beautifully written, acted, character-driven ... no one will ever write one like it again.

At the link, Monica and Lesley have dinner after Monica is humiliated by Alan and Susan's affair going public.

by Felicia reply 14404/07/2013

There was a great scene back in 97 after Lesley returned from the dead and Monica came to visit her at Luke and Laura's. They played it very sleathfully; Lesley, even in her slow state recuperating from years of being drugged by the Cassadines, had Monica's number and refused to let up on her, although they had a very personal and civil visit. One thing the writers never forgot back then was Monica and Laura's friendship, which started early in Laura's teens. Throughout the years, Monica adored Laura as if she were her own daughter (Monica, btw, is somewhat related to Scott, since Monica's beloved foster mother Gail Baldwin is Scott's stepmother). Monica and Lesley's common ground was always Laura.

by Felicia reply 14504/07/2013

After Monica's visit with Lesley, Lesley surprised Lucky, Laura and Luke when she called Monica a "horse's ass".

by Felicia reply 14604/07/2013

Did we ever find out what secret Lesley was holding about her years as Stefan's captive?

by Felicia reply 14704/07/2013

The thing about Lesley coming back is that most of the contemporaries that she interacted with are gone. So other than Laura, and her grandchildren, there won't be much of a story for her. (And just having her around with Laura & the grandchildren isn't much of a story at all.)

I guess there's Monica, but Rick was usually the common bond in that story. Lesley was more often with Rick, Amy, Jessie, Steve & Audrey, Rose & Joe, and Alice.

by Felicia reply 14804/07/2013

When they did a prime-time special for the 35th anniversary, Denise Alexander said one of her favorite memories was a scene from the late 70s where Lesley and Monica got into a really catty argument, and then "Either I hit her, or she hit me," and then she remembers, gleefully, "I hit her!"

by Felicia reply 14904/07/2013

It's true, r148 - Lesley wouldn't be front-and-centre with a hot storyline, but she could be the town pillar which is exactly what soaps lack today. Grandmothers/fathers used to be such a staple of the story. Her grandchildren and the confused little nobodies crowding the hospital corridors these days could benefit from a matriarchal moral centre a'la Bert Bauer during Marland's heyday at GL.

When Culliton brought Lesley back from the dead, it was the culmination of Genie Francis' suggestions that they bring DA back since GF's own return in the early 90s. Three years later, they did just that. At the time, Monica was still front-and-centre with her continuing tangled love life (she was involved with Tuc Watkins' Dorman at the time) and Alan was also an active member of the show. Rumours were that Culliton wanted to bring Rick Webber back in the story and his sons Mike and Rick Jr. I don't know if it's true that there were plans of a possible Alan-Lesley pairing this time around, but that's something I picked up on the internet one time on the discussion of Culliton's plans for DA. It would have been pleasurable to see what Culliton had in mind.

Wheh Pratt took the helm, he had no intention of developing Lesley's role in the story and she disappeared, appearing every now and then throughout Guza's full-time run. Pratt stated he hated return-from-the-dead stories, and if there is anyone who hated writing soap operas, it would have tobe Charles Pratt Jr. The cast of AMC found that out when he said as much at a cast meeting when he took the helm of that show.

by Felicia reply 15004/07/2013

No offense to any of you sweet people, but why are you talking about creating new story for characters who had their turn at the wheel over 30 years ago? Is that why soaps are almost dead? It's fine for Leslie to come back and maybe be a talk to for Lulu or Nicholas or Nicholas's son, but a 70 year old woman should not drive story. Leslie had her time. Soaps have to replenish with new and young. This is why this Ice Princess story is so stupid, you have two 60 year olds running around acting like they're 20 again. Let Lulu's bug eyed husband save her.

by Felicia reply 15104/07/2013

Voice of the Night - that clip from the 35th anniversary where DA talks about that infamous scene between Monica and Lesley (the entire special is up on YT - worthy for anyone to watch).

... and superficial Carly Corinthos couldn't hold a match to the supreme GH bitch-with-a-heart-of-gold Monica Quartermaine.

by Felicia reply 15204/07/2013

Interesting take, R151.

But when I was growing up and watching GH in the 80s, I remember storylines with the senior characters. They may not have been front and center like Luke and Laura, or Firsco and Felicia. But certainly Edward and Lila were at the center of the Susan Moore murder mystery. Lee Baldwin was burning Scotty's divorce papers and falling off the wagon. Dan Rooney was trying to score with Jessie Brewer. Alice Grant was trying to protect Heather, and killed Diana in the process. I liked the older generation being weaved into the stories.

by Felicia reply 15304/07/2013

I remember there was a big push in the soap press in the early-to-mid-90s for GH to find something front-burner for Audrey and Steve to do. It was prompted by Ryan Chamberlain nearly beating Audrey to death (thinking she was his mother), and the fallout from that, culminating with great scenes of Steve testifying against him in court.

Once Lucas and Felix fall in love, they can buy the old brownstone from whoever owns it now and start gentrifying the neighborhood.

by Felicia reply 15404/07/2013

r151, GH lost its way over the last decade. The pinnacle of its storytelling was right up until about 2000, then it hit a dark period. But the first decade of the 21st century was a dark depressing time anyway. And it didn't help that GH was taken over by people who hated the soap genre. If we are holding on to the 80s and 90s, it is only because the 2000s were not enough tomake us want to move on. We want the show to return to its proper state. Many have called RC's writing nothing but glorified fan fiction. But that is exactly what is needed - to get these shows back in the hands of people who are first and foremost fans. I think that is why so many viewers are enjoying GH these days. Not because RC is a genius, but because he is a blushing silly fangurl.

So if people seem to be holding onto characters who are 60-70 years old and longing for their influence, it's only because they sincerely love the show andhave been with it for longer than Brian Frons' reign of terror.

Sorry, but a character like Dante has not been properly fleshed out to be a hero and well-rounded character in my eyes. If anyone can do the job it is her 60 year old parents.

by Felicia reply 15504/07/2013


Soaps are supposed to be multi-generational.

I love that Luke and Laura are in search for their daughter and settling old scores. With a balanced show you can have multiple storylines.

It is working so much better now than when it was Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam or Courtney 4-5 days a week with hardly anyone else .

by Felicia reply 15604/07/2013

Here's the link again to the new OLTL and AMC trailers. The OLTL one was revised to remove Little Richard's face. He is touchy.

by Felicia reply 15704/07/2013

R151 I don't think Charles Pratt Jr hates return from the dead stories, a few years ago I was watching a TV documentary on the prime time soap Melrose Place and CPJR was interviewed on camera stating that it was his idea to have Kimberly come back from the dead.

by Felicia reply 15804/07/2013

Pratt Jr is a psycho. If it was his idea to bring Kimberly back from the dead, then he's a damn hypocrtie because he refused to continue Lesley's story when he took over GH by telling his associates that he hates back-from-the-dead stories. So retranslated: DA is old and I'm not interested in the Luke and Laura story.

by Felicia reply 15904/07/2013

What did the show do for its 40th and 45th anniversary?

by Felicia reply 16004/07/2013

You guys hated Guza so much that you think RC is some soap writing genius. Fine. Forget all the mob bullshit (which was created by Claire Labine btw), and think about the best of Guza and tell me that this cartoon is better than the best of Guza. Go ahead and be honest. Convince us that Guza's top five storylines are worst then what we're seeing now.

by Felicia reply 16104/07/2013

Before or after 9/11, genius?

by Felicia reply 16204/07/2013

I did hate Guza. I'm embarrassed by RC.

by Felicia reply 16304/07/2013

R161, here's why I didn't care for Guza's stuff.

1. Saint Sonny. The guy would commit all kinds of heinous crimes and everyone in PC rallied around him calling him a 'good father.' A good father wouldn't put his kids in danger. I did like when he was going to run off and kill Ethan (or maybe it was Keifer) and Alexis stopped him. He said nobody does that to his kid! Alexis: "It's not always about YOU!"

2. Jerry Jax. He shot HIV positive Robin and caused Alan's death. And we've seen Jerry many times since then. Wasn't he at one of the galas once just walking around mingling? I wish Jerry would die on an operating table at GH. With Monica as the surgeon. Oops.

3. All the gun fire. Jason and Sonny constantly shooting people. It was too much.

4. Rick Webber. Guza re-wrote the show's golden age, turning Rick into a weirdo pervert; insult to injury, Nikolas and Lucky dragged his corpse around a la Weekend At Bernie's. All this was done to get Genie off the canvas and into a nut house. Horrible story, horribly executed.

5. Franco. I think the ratings actually went down during Franco's first week. Names don't bring viewers. Great story will.

6. Michael getting raped in prison. Is that really what a soap audience wanted to see?

Under Ron and Frank, we're seeing veterans played, the mob's taken a back seat, there's more hospital and the show's just plain enjoyable again. It's FUN!

by Felicia reply 16404/07/2013

r155 Very well said. Thank you.

by Felicia reply 16504/07/2013


Let's also add the senseless deaths of Alan Quartermaine, AJ Quartermaine, Emily Quartermaine and Georgie Jones, plus Rick Webber.

A person who cares about the soap genre doesn't kill off legacy characters.

Perhaps if Wendy Riche had still been Cuza's producer, she would have stopped those deaths from occurring. But with JFP at his side, the death toll just kept rising.

JFP proved she has no respect for legacy characters when she killed off Bo Buchanan's son Drew on OTLT simply for the sake of a plot point.

by Felicia reply 16604/07/2013

I think there are people who have jobs in soaps, but don't understand soaps.

by Felicia reply 16704/07/2013

Have a pre recorded piano accompaniment and sing Is That All There Is.

by Felicia reply 16804/07/2013

R151, I'm not saying Lesley should drive story, but I wouldn't mind seeing her on the air three times a week, doling out advice or sparring with Monica.

After all, she can't be much older (maybe even younger) than Viki on OLTL.

Slezak drove story for 40 years.

Make it age appropriate.

I can't say many new young actors are grabbing me.

Though Kelly Sullivan certainly is.

by Felicia reply 16904/07/2013

[quote]Mike is Sonny's biological father. I imagine he gets his coloring from his Greek mother. He was raised by his mom and his abusive stepfather.

Mike's original name was Corinthos, and he is Irish and Greek. He changed his name to Corbin when he was trying to get away from loan sharks. Sonny's mother Adella was Cuban.

by Felicia reply 17004/07/2013

r160 As I recall, for the 40th and 45th anniversary, they ran some photos of characters over the years at the end of the episode.

However, for the 10,000 episode, which aired in 2002, they did do a tribute of sorts by saying it was Audrey Hardy's 10,000th day of work.

by Felicia reply 17104/07/2013

[quote]However, for the 10,000 episode, which aired in 2002, they did do a tribute of sorts by saying it was Audrey Hardy's 10,000th day of work.

And because that happened during Angela Shapiro's big merchandising push, they also had a hideous piece of costume jewelry that Audrey was presented with onscreen, which you could then purchase for yourself.

by Felicia reply 17204/07/2013

For these rabidRC RC haters, I don't think anyone is calling RC a genius. I for one see the flaws in his work. But, repeating this point ad nasueum, I would take todays' GH over the GH of the last decade anyday. Scummy Corinthos, Jason, Carly and a hateful, colorless, depressing band of characters under Frons, Guza and JFP drove me away from the show. There was absolutely not one modicum of morality or logic to what went on in Port Charles under that deadly hateful trio.

And I love the idea of Jerry Jacks ending up on an operating table and Monica being he only attending surgeon to save him.

by Felicia reply 17304/07/2013

And I locked him in a closet!

by Felicia reply 17404/07/2013

My nadir for Guza came when they found Georgie dead on some steps in the freezing cold over the holidays. That and Alan's death.

Then when he had Brenda dismiss Sonny shooting Dante and accidentally carbombing Kristina with "that must have been so hard for you."

I hope the new Lucas has a personality. I remember when they brought on a teen to play Lucas opposite Lindze Letherman and Robyn Richards, the original Maxie. His sole characteristics were dyslexia and a willingness to date his cousins. Then "gay" became his only trait three actors later before he was sent to the cornfield.

by Felicia reply 17504/07/2013

But what about the best of Guza. Think about the days before 4 characters dominated the show. He was pretty good. Okay, vets are on the air. What is Bobbi doing other than scaring small children? What is Duke adding to the show?

All that aside. I want someone to tell me one good storyline that is going on GH right now. Just one that equals the best of GH. Go ahead. Just one.

by Felicia reply 17604/07/2013

R176 the period you're asking us about is THE 90s.

Guza was a hack from 2002-2011. Embrace the now.

by Felicia reply 17704/07/2013

The success of soaps is all about integrating older characters with the new. Giza never understood that. He also didn't I understand that we root for the good guys and since Jason and Sonny were front and center there were no good guys to root for.

It may not be perfect but Carvati is trying to right the devastation of this soap that occurred the last decade. I'm so glad to see it and I love it. It makes me hope that soaps will make a comeback and maybe get rid of these ridiculous daytime shows.

by Felicia reply 17804/07/2013

I had no idea that Lesley was the one who delivered AJ.

They really did like to just crap all over her, didn't they?

by Felicia reply 17904/07/2013

Kristen Alderson confirmed this weekend she is no longer playing Starr but would not say if she is still on GH. I pray the rumors that GH intends to invent new characters is a cheap bluff. Frankie V is the one obsessed with her and the teens but she can't carry another role.

Roger Howarth's management team was also stunned by the claim. They had no intention of him playing anyone but Todd.

by Felicia reply 18004/07/2013

r176 Since you're so obsessed with the greatness of Bob Guza's writing on GH, why don't YOU list 10 great things that Guza did in his decade of headwriting General Hospital, 2002-2011, with JFP as his executive producer.

I'm sure you're up for the challenge since you're so in awe of his writing. So, 10 great, fantastic, terrific things should be easy for you.

by Felicia reply 18104/07/2013

ABC Daytime could make plenty of money by putting Cameron Mathison in a tight royal blue t-shirt and set up a hugging booth in the middle of Times Square.

by Felicia reply 18204/07/2013

R176, it's all about characters finding out something the audience may or may not already know and watching how those characters will react to the news.

How will Dante and Lulu and Spinelli when they find out Lulu's been lying.

How will Sabrina and Patrick react when Robin turns up alive?

Who will Felicia choose?

Why is Laura marrying Scotty?

There's more...but you get the idea.

by Felicia reply 18304/07/2013

Maybe fifteen years ago. I'm not so sure about today.

He's another one who makes the case for steroids causing premature aging.

by Felicia reply 18404/07/2013

I have heard tell the baby plot is about to wrap fast because of the Lulu recast. Frank planned for Julie Berman to extend much like he planned to keep the OLTL characters to himself and neither worked out. Now word is NuLulu may go the way of Jessica on OLTL due to Cassadine meddling. Yuk.

The Scotty and Laura engagement is nothing but plot point. Laura deserves a real man to give Luke a run for his money.

by Felicia reply 18504/07/2013

R161 and R176 - Why is it so important to you that everyone agree with you? Are you one of the idiots from SOC or something? BTW, Claire Labine had a mob story as part of an ensemble cast, not the whole show. That was all Guza when he returned in 2002; Labine was long gone. Who cares if RC is not the greatest writer since James Joyce? He writes an entertaining story and if you look at primetime shows, they pretty much tell their stories the same way. Every single fucking detail does not have to be spelled out. Guza had talent but I hated his GH; I like RC's only because it resembles the old GH when the hospital was the main hub. Loved the Nurses Ball this week and all the nods to history we never would have had with Guza.

by Felicia reply 18604/07/2013

Soaps are about combining the legacy characters with the new. Guzman didn't get that concept. Carvalati may not be perfect but he's brought back the concept that made soaps successful. I love it!

by Felicia reply 18704/07/2013

I think it's amazing what Carvakati has done to this show. He brought back it's roots.

by Felicia reply 18804/07/2013

r176 Still waiting for your Top 10 list of Guza's best accomplishments in his decade of headwriting GH.

I know there's soooo much to choose from, it must be hard to narrow the list down to a mere ten fantastic things which Guza did during his tenure.

While you're busy whittling down that list, I'll even help you get started:

1. Guza brought back Robin Scorpio, created the character of Patrick Drake and gave us a wonderful romance.

2. Guza paired Luke with Tracy. Brilliant idea since Tony Geary and Jane Elliot have such good chemistry and are fun together.

3. Guza created quirky but fun characters like Diane Miller and Damian Spinelli.

OK, that's three. Now you only have to come up with seven others. That should make your job even easier.

We look forward to your finishing off the Top 10 list.

by Felicia reply 18904/07/2013

Guza and JFP didn't like Robin. Wanted Patrick with someone "hot". Backed off due to fan pressure but demeaned Robin in the writing. Had Anna, Patrick, Robert etc call her staid and ungrateful for hot Patrick.

They used Luke and Tracy to bash LNL and claim Luke hated life with her and the kids, that she held him down.

Spinelli and Diane are OK in small doses but have spent years as mob cheerleaders.

by Felicia reply 19004/07/2013

EVen if Guza had something good going on there was no hope.

It was always going to go back to Sonny yelling at some woman who betrayed him.

"Duke put me the closet!" "I can't trust you!"

Too bad Cartan couldn't have brought on Erika Slezak and Viki's alters.

I would have loved to have seen Jean Randolph put Sonny in his place.

"Mr. Corinthos, my father did unspeakable things to me -- get over it."

by Felicia reply 19104/07/2013

Monday morning bump!

by Felicia reply 19204/08/2013

r190, you make a good point that Spinelli and Miller are good in small doses. I absolutely love her, but I'm so glad Miller has stayed in recurring status because she could not handle a full-time story. Spinelli is the same, and unfortunately, they have tried to make him into an unconventional leading man. But BA is no Tony Geary, who, whether or not he was your type, smouldered with an intense sexual energy.

Watching that 35th anniversary special at a link provided above, I was curious that GF related how Gloria Monty tutored her in her character's fascination for Luke. Monty instructed Francis to play it like Laura was almost hypnotically fascinated by the man who would be her rapist, even after the deed was done (hence, the famous Wyndman's sequence of L&L dancing to "Fascination"). Monty must have been overly fascinated/obsessed with Geary herself.

by Felicia reply 19304/08/2013

New iTunes video focusing on AMC and OLTL's crew. Some are longtime staff.

OLTL is having a big press event today.

by Felicia reply 19404/08/2013

A lot of the people on-set in that video are actually crew standing in for tech rehearsal.

by Felicia reply 19504/08/2013

Oh dear, today's show was over-the-top campfest. From Noah Drake-double Rick Springfield performing a lipsynched Jessie's Girl (Bobbi to a Clark Kentesque Noah - "I never realized how much you look like Rick Springfield") to Britt's superbitch moment of taking the stage for a bombshell announcement (could there be anything more mid-to-late 80s than that?!), this show had me cringing with every melodramatic, badly rehearsed moment - but still, I watched as a guilty pleasure.

The Magic Milo number was at once horribly grotesque and highly entertaining - with the inclusion of Bradford Anderson, I didn't know whether I should have laughed, cried, turned the channel or slit my wrists (this show is in deseprate need for some beefcake). And Richard Simmons' grotesque rendition of a bad 60s horror film performance by Bette Davis was terrible to witness. The showdown between Lucy and Richard Simmons-gone-mad was truly the lowpoint of this episode. The juxtaposition of both events was horribly choreographed and staged. Embarrassing to watch both.

And speaking of embarrassing, Sabrina and Emma's pop number was so cutesy-pooh to the core, that I think some of my teeth rotted while watching it. Only that little girl's hopeful little face (Emma's, not Sabrina's) brought me back from the brink of a diabetic coma.

And someone should have reminded the Jones crowd that this Nurses' Ball was all about Robin - not Frisco, Mac and Felicia's juvenile back-and-forths. Last episode, Mac should have used the opportunity on stage to say some nice things about his surrogate daughter - that would have hit Frisco where it hurt.

And Britt and her Goldfinger-mama watching all this happening on television? All of Port Charles watched Felicia turn Frisco's marriage proposal down? Grooooan.

And Britt's daddy is Faison.


And still I watched. And I'll watch tomorrow because everything that happened today was in its own peculiar perverse ways a middle finger to Brian Frons.

All that was needed was Sonny Corinthos taking the spotlight with his dinner jacket slung over his shoulder, ties undone , nursing a burning cigarette with a fedora pulled jauntily down over one eye singing "One More for the Road".

by Felicia reply 19604/08/2013

OLTL is also filming the new opening today.

Z100 in New York is hosting a contest for fans to attend the shows premiere and meet the casts.

by Felicia reply 19704/08/2013

R184, Voice, yeah, but Cameron would actually mean it when he hugged back.

Seriously, the guy is genuine.

by Felicia reply 19804/08/2013

R196, I agree with most of what you say and half of what you mean -- I loved the Faison reveal.

I love in a roundabout way this is a big middle finger to anyone who thinks that fans don't want to see vets and fun.

As you say, you still watched.

The Simmons stuff was CRINGE-worthy, a rare miss for Car Tar, but it was craptastic in its own way!

The worst part of the episode was watching Max (not Maks) with the mail strippers.

Fortunately, ABC has plenty of spray tan from DWTS.

by Felicia reply 19904/08/2013

Was Susan Moore like the Port Charles Town Bicycle in the late-70s/early-80s?

by Felicia reply 20004/08/2013

I'm pretty sure RC's nostalgic dogma is going to bring back Frisco again soon and force an awkward reunion with unwilling Felicia, but in the meantime Kristina Wagner and John J. York dancing around like idiots before anyone else during "Jessie's Girl" was adorable.

Chad Duell is something else.

by Felicia reply 20104/08/2013

R200, aka Voice, not really; there was Mitch Williams and Alan Quartermaine; a mob guy and Scotty, but not often more than one at a time.

She was great; a solid character/actress.

by Felicia reply 20204/08/2013

Something else good or something else bad re: Chad?

by Felicia reply 20304/08/2013

[quote][R200], aka Voice, not really; there was Mitch Williams and Alan Quartermaine; a mob guy and Scotty, but not often more than one at a time.

It's just that during the marathon, I saw her in between the marriages of both Q siblings (although I know Mitch was the bad guy in the situation with Tracy). When compared to a Professional Virgin like Ann (who I bet, if she ever did manage to give it up, had a hymen that magically resealed like a zip-lock bag), she seemed like practically Bobbie during her working girl days.

Their choice of episodes from the 60s seemed odd to me. I mean, I understand showing the first episode, but that second one, apart from it being nice to see an episode focused on Jessie, just seemed random. I would have thought they would have shown Audrey's first appearance as the sexy stew, or her wedding to Steve.

by Felicia reply 20404/08/2013

[quote] Something else good or something else bad re: Chad?

Everything about Chad is good. Except the fact that he's straight. I never dreamed I'd be jealous of little Kristen Alderson. He was working it today.

Fun aside I am going to be spitting mad if they have chosen to postpone Robin's return. This is why Ron's mantra at OLTL eventually became "we ran out of time."

Frisco is scum.

by Felicia reply 20504/08/2013

It's not a ball.. it's one musical number after the other.. do the patrons get to get out on the floor and dance later?

Chad Duel may have the 'dick of death' that is currently pleasuring Kristin Alderson, but one thing is for certain.. he isn't a dancer. That number was awful...

the actor playing Spinelli.. why are they trying to make him a sex symbol?

Loved Rick Springfield, even if it was lip synched. I actually saw him in concert when he was at the height of his career with that album. At Kansas City's outdoor Starlight Theatre which was sold out.

Britt really is beautiful and they must have taped weeks ahead or around her.. No more crutches, was wearing heels. Don't most leg breaks take about 12 weeks to heal? Her mother's accent has to be fake.. it's too much.

And speaking of beautiful, Teresa, who plays Sabrina, is gorgeous. Although in that number with the little girl, she reminded me of Emily Peden who was "Emmy Jo" on the 70's kids show, New Zoo Revue.

by Felicia reply 20604/08/2013

I can say that no matter how saccharine her performance, Emma is too damned cute. I never think that about child actors. Is Mark Teschner still their casting director? Because he deserves a lot of credit for finding a girl who really reads like Kim did when she was a little girl.

I'm not usually into twinks, but Chad Duell makes me feel funny in my pants. Also, Lucas is going to be one lucky man.

Is there something wrong with me that I would do both Noah and Patrick simultaneously?

Loved Anna and Duke's tango, because Fin's smile lights up the whole.

While I will not say anything about the Richard Simmons appearance, for want of spoiling an episode I otherwise enjoyed, you got to give it up for Lynn Herring for still being able to appear on stage in her underwear and look that good.

by Felicia reply 20704/08/2013

New AMC/OLTL promo!

by Felicia reply 20804/08/2013

NuLlanfair looks beautiful.

Jill Larson crying makes me cry.

by Felicia reply 20904/08/2013

JL holding up James Mitchell's portrait and saying she wished he was there was beautiful. And the crew members who have been there decades ready to teach the young stars about the characters.

by Felicia reply 21004/08/2013

Ths is a definite middle finger to Frons and I love it. Frisco's was such a heel to leave Maxie. So glad Felivcia picked Mac. The Magc Milo crew were great and Emma and Sabrina were cutesy but fun especially with Patrick ans Anna looking on. I still can't believe I'm watching this on a daily basis.

by Felicia reply 21104/08/2013

r204, Voice,

It's my understanding that few episodes from the 60s still exist. So, the choices were slim. But at least they had two 60s episodes.

I got a big kick out of them advertising they'd have episodes from every decade. The only 1970s episode was the Dec. 13, 1979 episode -- Lesley delivering Monica's baby.

But the selection of 70s episodes would have been fairly small as well. My understanding is that ABC didn't start archiving every episode until 1979. Before that, they routinely wiped the tapes.

Some episodes I would have liked to have seen (dates provided when known):

Laura on trial for David Hamilton's murder

Heather spiking Diana's ice tea with LSD

Scotty and Laura's wedding (July 1979)

Luke raping Laura at the campus disco (Oct 1979)-- but ABC probably didn't want to risk the fallout of airing that controversial episode.

Tracy withholding Edward's heart medicine (Feb. 1980)

Rick and Monica in their lovenest while Alan rigged the roof to collapse (June 1980)

Luke and Jennifer's wedding where Scotty decked him after finding out Luke raped Laura; Luke coming out of the water and convincing Laura to go on the run with him (July 1980).

Laura and Luke reunited after she escapes the Cassadine island (Nov. 1983).

Some of these episodes were repeated in spring 1997 when ABC ran its "Daytime to Remember" airing classic episodes.

by Felicia reply 21204/08/2013

[quote]It's my understanding that few episodes from the 60s still exist. So, the choices were slim. But at least they had two 60s episodes.

Agreed. Plus, I have to admit, I got a secret thrill watching Jessie light up a cigarette in the hospital cafeteria.

I dunno, when Rachel Ames is literally the only person from those days still around (or is Roy Thinnes still alive?), it would have been nice to see her in her early context.

Still, I can't complain too much. Personally, given that I started watching in about 1992, I would have liked to have seen something from a few specific storylines (Ryan's death being at the top of the list), but I'm glad they included what we got to see, especially the stuff about Stone's death and the truth about Karen's molestation coming out.

It is somehow amusing to discover that Gail Baldwin has had the exact same hair for 40 years.

by Felicia reply 21304/08/2013

Roy Thinnes is still alive, Voice. Wiki lists him at the age 75. Always thought he would have made a better Alan Spaulding on GL than Ron Raines did - more in keeping with Bernau's vampiric coldness.

I am surprised SoapNet did not replay the Tracy withholding Edward's medication episode. That is just one of the top iconic moments of this show. Loved to have seen Rick with his gold chain glittering against his bare chest romping around in bed with Monica in their dockside lovenest again. Soaps really knew how to portray good old tintillating adultery back then.

Susan Moore was a character that could have been a token plot-purpose character, but they really let her evolve over the years from willing romantic victim to embittered vengeful shrew, all the while never veering from loving and overprotective mother. There was a scene on YT I watched of Alan and Susan in bed after he bought her that cool cottage that was situated across from the lake in front of the Q mansion (is that lake still there?). She was deeply in love with Alan while at the same time in love with the wealth that could "buy" her. She told him that she was perfectly willing to be the mistress, the other woman, and would never interfere in his other life, knowing how important it was for him.

Gail Rae Carlson infused Susan with a sweetness that never made Susan Moore greedy or skanky. Today,she would be written and portrayed as loose, slutty and with a deeper agenda. Susan wanted to be protected, but she also believed in love, and she sincerely believed she could have had all of Alan even in their limited times together. After Alan tired of her and couldn't deny his real passion lay with his hated wife, Susan snapped and wanted it all as compensation. But even during her alliance with Scotty, she still maintained that vulnerable hurt quality that made her one of GH's most memorable characters.

by Felicia reply 21404/08/2013

I want to know more about Chad Duells dick. How exactly do we know this? I can't find any info online. Although his bulge looked decent in those undies today.

Maybe we will find out that Michael wasn't butt raped in prison but in fact was forced to top his cell mate after he saw Michael's swinging dick in the shower.

by Felicia reply 21504/08/2013

Interesting that Olivia wanted everyone but Michael to take his undies off. What does the Port Charles medium see that we don't?

by Felicia reply 21604/08/2013

So why isn't Kate/Connie a part of all this?

by Felicia reply 21704/08/2013

Too be completely honest, I'm surprised that Kristen Alderson can even walk straight after accepting Chad's porno cock into her sugar walls. After today, it was pretty obvious that he's big.

by Felicia reply 21804/08/2013

R217, you made me laugh out loud.

by Felicia reply 21904/08/2013

What R217 said. She is a dancer who has worked for Susan Stroman in two Broadway shows... Kate/Connie would have really added something to this.

by Felicia reply 22004/09/2013

[quote]Too be completely honest, I'm surprised that Kristen Alderson can even walk straight after accepting Chad's porno cock into her sugar walls. After today, it was pretty obvious that he's big.

R218- she oinks as he boinks.

by Felicia reply 22104/09/2013

[quote] But the selection of 70s episodes would have been fairly small as well. My understanding is that ABC didn't start archiving every episode until 1979. Before that, they routinely wiped the tapes.

That was pretty much every show.

They briefly sold GL and ATWT DVD's after cancellation and I think 1979 was the first year they found a chunk of existing episodes....before that it was very hit or miss.

Supposedly some NY shows kept a few in storage, and one of the producers who was owed money took all the tapes he had and dumped them in the Hudson.

by Felicia reply 22204/09/2013

ooops r216 made me laugh

by Felicia reply 22304/09/2013

[quote] she oinks as he boinks.


by Felicia reply 22404/09/2013

Just saw yesterday's show.

I have a WHOLE new appreciation for Milo.

And Chad

by Felicia reply 22504/09/2013

That OLTL promo was cool.

Andy T in a tux! I miss the Andy T poster. LOL

by Felicia reply 22604/09/2013

I also miss the Andy T poster r226.

by Felicia reply 22704/09/2013

Today's episode was just - ugh!

by Felicia reply 22804/09/2013

I agree, R228.

A rare miss; something wasn't there.

I pray they don't just cancel the show now that it's hit 50.

by Felicia reply 22904/09/2013

C'mon Andy T, your gayz are waiting!

by Felicia reply 23004/09/2013

Shit! What a letdown! I thought Brit was going to reveal that Robin was alive.

by Felicia reply 23104/09/2013

That wasn't campy enough.

While this was the weakest of the three episode, I have to say that Epiphany's performance (that even Dr. O couldn't resist) was pretty damned awesome.

It's a shame they couldn't get Kim in to get a shot of Robin to drop into the closing moments.

by Felicia reply 23204/09/2013


Me too but I hope Brita has implanted Lulu and Dante's baby in her. I loved her comment about unsafe sex to Patrick though!

by Felicia reply 23304/09/2013

I just like Patrick's response to her saying that she'd been through all of these ordeals alone being "That's because you're a horrible person."

by Felicia reply 23404/09/2013

Boy, ABC and PP were serious about that contract. Starr breaks up with Michael and no mention of her name in the phone call. Any ideas when Alderson will return as the new character? Will she dye her hair?

by Felicia reply 23504/09/2013

Did you guys catch Finola Hughes' real-life husband dancing with Finola during the cast dance of "Jump"?

I agree that the the past couple of episodes have been badly timed, with something not quite right about them. Something was off. Friday's was pretty good, but then it went downhill from there.

When all is said and done, it was the worst of all the Nurses' Balls put together, but significant because it marks a total severing from Frons' GH, which made it worth it.

The only thing I am looking forward to with this ridiculous Sabrina-Patrick-Britt triangle is grandma Anna riding Britt's ass.

by Felicia reply 23604/09/2013

I thought it was the height of irresponsibility to learn that Patrick and Britt didn't use a condom.

Hello ? This is the Nurse's Ball and it benefits HIV/AIDS. Patrick has been fucking a poz person for years.

Bad example to set.

by Felicia reply 23704/09/2013

It is Wierd to think Patrick never had unprotected sex with Robin (his wife) but he did with the first skank he fucks after her death.

Felix has really started to annoy me, what with his " what I would do with those dresses" comment and trying to get Maksim to dance with him. What WOULD he do with those dresses??

by Felicia reply 23804/09/2013

I agree about Felix; Maks ain't gay; Milo ain't gay. (Sadly.)

He needs a hot b.f. b/c what he doesn't know is that women giggle to his face about all his jokes about wanting a hot guy, but they roll their eyes behind his back.

I thought Britt's crack about the condom was - no pun intended - below the belt.

by Felicia reply 23904/09/2013

ABC isn't gonna cancel GH anytime soon. Ratings are up with more than 600,000 extra viewers compared to this time last year.

GH is having it's highest rated season in 5 years

ABC is shocked and thrilled

Why do you think they spent a FORTUNE promoting the 50th anniversary

by Felicia reply 24004/10/2013

Why is Brita further along than Maxi? Did no one notice a baby bump last week whilst she was hobbling around on crutches? How was Emma conceived if Patrick wrapped it up every time?

by Felicia reply 24104/10/2013

I thought it was strange that the Britch was HUGE compared to Maxie. Does anyone else think that she's carrying Lulu's baby?

by Felicia reply 24204/10/2013

Sonny and Carly's kid dials the phone with a pencil.

by Felicia reply 24304/10/2013

Did you guys notice how we just skipped over A.J. and Elizabeth's 'number' at the nurse's ball? Can't they sing or dance or do anything??

by Felicia reply 24404/10/2013

hey gayz!! sorry, been super busy w all the intense actin scenes i have for the new show, + it seems like every time i come here its that dam primetime shit.

dont worry, yall are gonna luv the new show - im totes the star!! everythin revolves around jack! and ive made sure they get sum scenes where i show off my feet so u guyz can jerk off while u imajine sniffin and lickin them - i know what u guyz like!! they havent let me show my legal dick and ass yet, but im workin on it! im always looking out for my bro gayz!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

by Felicia reply 24504/10/2013

OMG. That bit with Ephiphany, Tracy and Monica....I just can't.

ANDY T!!!!! Welcome back! Of course they should change the name of OLTL to Ten Inches of Andy!

by Felicia reply 24604/10/2013

So they didn't an AJ-Liz number ..I thought I had missed something. Strange ... you'd think since they are pushing this couple down your throat like they are Patrick and Sabrina, they would use the opportunity to do something cutesy-pooh with them.

by Felicia reply 24704/10/2013

[quote]I thought it was strange that the Britch was HUGE compared to Maxie. Does anyone else think that she's carrying Lulu's baby?

Re: the size of their bumps- Don't forget that Maxie is actually on her second pregnancy, she lost the earlier one and then conceived again on New Year's Eve with Spinelli. So Britt's could have been in the oven longer. Also, as a fertility specialist she'd have access to all kinds of sperm samples and in vitro embryos, so it could be just about anybody's. Although, if it was Lulu/Dante's that would certainly open up a lot more drama potential.

by Felicia reply 24804/10/2013

I have 2 complaints. 1) I don't remember them lip syncing this much at previous Nurses' Balls. Or maybe the lip syncing was better, but it was quite obvious and distracting to me. 2) Couldn't they have spent a little more cash on extras or shot it in such a way that it looked like it was a packed house.

Welcome back Andy T. I just want you to know that you're the only reason that I'm checking out NuOLTL.

by Felicia reply 24904/10/2013

aw thanxx r249, ur so sweet!! just 4 u, heres a pic of me in my flipflops- i know as soon as u people start imaginin how my feet smell, ur gay dicks start shootin ur cum right out lol!! its cool, i luv all my gay fans and will always totes appreshiate how horny yall r 4 me- im honored & greatful!

by Felicia reply 25004/10/2013

Any links of video to Porno-Cocked Chad Duell doing his bad dancing at the Nurses' Ball?

by Felicia reply 25104/10/2013


by Felicia reply 25204/10/2013

I have NOT been let go.

by Felicia reply 25304/10/2013

Watching that clip of the strip number (after not watching GH in a long time), my reactions are:

1. Spinelli doesn't look so hideously ugly with his hair like that.

2. Jacklyn Zeman looks like a burn victim.

by Felicia reply 25404/10/2013

I think burn victim is being generous. Leslie Charleson looks like a burn victim. Jackie Zeman looks like she went through a windshield and landed into an 18 wheeler going 90mph, then fell on the freeway and a bunch of cars ran over her face, stopped, then backed up over her face, stopped again and then ran over her face again.

Jane Elliot hasn't had any work and looks fine. She even lets Dee Hall color her roots. I wonder what those two gals talk about while they coloring Jane's hair.

Hi Andy T, you're my fave!! Who's bigger you or Chad Duell?

by Felicia reply 25504/10/2013

hahaha r255, obvi my 12-incher is bigger, its hyuge and the biggest dick in all of abc daytime! & thats been confurmed by multaple sources. erika always tells me that every time she comes in my dressin room beggin to see it. i always tell her "u can look but u cant touch" hehehe... i wont let her do anythin to it cuz we have to play aunt & nefew on the show & i dont want her sexual feelins for me to mess up the onscreen dynamic. andrew trischitta is a profeshional 1st & 4most!

by Felicia reply 25604/10/2013

Welcome Endgame!!!!

by Felicia reply 25704/10/2013

Cassadine Island is trending worldwide.

Give us Luke, Laura and a mystery Cassadine and people are intrigued.

More, please

by Felicia reply 25804/10/2013

I really didn't think they were going there, but it is kind of a surprise since they kept the host's identity so well-guarded. And he still looks absolutely gorgeous.

by Felicia reply 25904/10/2013

Wow, watching the link at r257, I see the action was as badly choreographed and just as campy in 2001 as it is now.

by Felicia reply 26004/10/2013

Daddy's back! In the stunning cliffhanger of Wednesday's episode of ABC's General Hospitalit was revealed that Stavros Cassadine — the heartthrob baddie played by Robert Kelker Kelly— didn't die when he went down that bottomless pit back in 2001. In fact, he's still looking mighty damn fine and holding Luke, Laura and Lulu hostage on Cassadine Island! Are even more Cassadines coming? Is Helena really most sincerely dead? Head writer Ron Carlivati gave TV Guide Magazine the scoop on this unstoppable crime clan.

TV Guide Magazine: Stavros, eh? Another brilliantly kept secret! Carlivati: We really wanted to revive the Spencer-Cassadine feud in a big, surprising way for the 50th anniversary. It's been Luke versus Helena for so long that we needed an additional twist, and since Stavros was never found in that bottomless pit, we don't know what really happened. [Laughs] For all we know, he went all the way through and ended up in China! It seemed so fitting to bring him back, since he had that relationship with Laura and is the father of her son, Nikolas. That's still such a sticking point for Luke.

TV Guide Magazine: Kelker Kelly retired from acting years ago and now flies planes for a living. Were you certain you could get him back? Carlivati: The show was able to track him down and he was happy to come back and do this story. He'll be in a bunch of episodes spread out over a period of time. It really felt like Stavros was someone Luke would really like to have it out with — once and for all.

TV Guide Magazine: It's hard to believe Helena is dead, given this family's remarkable talent for resurrection. What do you want to say about that? Carlivati: Obviously with the Cassadines you never really know. But the idea is that Helena is dead-dead. A major turning point in the Spencer-Cassadine rivalry needed to happen. After 30-plus years of this we needed to give Luke that moment of triumph, so he plugged her. Point blank. And he checked her pulse. So, yeah, she's pretty dead.

TV Guide Magazine: Pretty dead? Carlivati: You will see Helena again in some form — I'll just leave it at that — but the intention is that she's pretty darn dead. [Laughs] Notice how I left myself that little opening!

TV Guide Magazine: What about bringing back Thaao Penghlis as Victor Cassadine? Carlivati: Victor is not part of this go-round, but he's certainly a possibility down the line. We never want this rivalry to die. There's also the ongoing mystery of Sam's father and that's not lost on me. Obviously [Sam's mother] Alexis is withholding something huge, otherwise she'd reveal the dad's identity. Our viewers always ask about that and I want them to know I will address it. I just need to figure out the best timing. [Laughs] It's always good to have some Cassadine secrets in your back pocket!

by Felicia reply 26104/10/2013

It appears that KA will be playing Lauren Franco when she returns.

by Felicia reply 26204/10/2013

In a surprising twist, Susie Bedsow Horgan is OUT as co-headwriter of OLTL 2.0 - even before the show goes on the air.

by Felicia reply 26304/10/2013

That would mean that she wouldn't be paired with Michael.

by Felicia reply 26404/10/2013

Why. They wouldn't be related.

by Felicia reply 26504/10/2013

Horgan's departure is too bad. The report on it at SON said it was personal reasons. Her writing partner and pal Thom Racina is still there and I think their bible is in place.

by Felicia reply 26604/10/2013

Yes, they would be cousins.

by Felicia reply 26704/10/2013

Yes they would.

by Felicia reply 26804/10/2013

Jason and Franco had the same mother but not father so Lauren Franco would be related by his mother- or is that still too close to the ick factor?

by Felicia reply 26904/10/2013

Alan is Franco's father. Susan Moore is Franco's mother. Just like Jason. AJ is Franco's half brother. They're still cousins.

by Felicia reply 27004/10/2013

More from Endgame, the best storyline in GH history. Fast forward to 10:23 for Stavros's climactic duel with Elaine Stritch and a throw pillow.

by Felicia reply 27104/10/2013

They are still A.J.'s half brothers and Michael is A.J.'s bio son, so yes they would be cousins. Jason and Franco are fraternal twins, btw, so they are both Alan's sons.

by Felicia reply 27204/10/2013

I think Emma is a result of a broken condom

by Felicia reply 27304/10/2013

r271, it was far from GH's best storyline. But it was meant to be the final showdown and closing of a GH chapter forever. Tony Geary wrote the bible for this story and pitched it to bosses.

12 years later, they are still going at it, and judging from RC's interview, the Cassadine-Spencer war will never be over.

by Felicia reply 27404/10/2013

Hopefully, they will explain Patrick's unprotected sex with Britt as a reckless behavior stemming from his pill-induced denial about Robin's death.

There was no reason they could have still had it written that Patrick wore a condom - we know that that is not a foolproof protection against pregnancy.

by Felicia reply 27504/10/2013

Humor is lost on you, r274. It was a hilarious turd. TG pitched an idea but JFP and Megan McTavish completely rewrote it into that masterpiece of anti-art.

by Felicia reply 27604/10/2013

That's right - I forgot Megan McTavish fiddled around with it and turned it into a campy mess. Geary's original story was about the Cassadines and bioterrosim. They scrapped the story after September 11th happened.

by Felicia reply 27704/10/2013

Helena is most certainly dead-dead.

by Felicia reply 27804/10/2013

The Endgame never played out. Stavros was supposed to be a much longer term character but when 9/11 happened the story was deemed too violent and disturbing given real life events so they virtually cut the story flat in a day or two and had Stavros fall into whatever it was he fell into.

by Felicia reply 27904/10/2013

Geary was so unhappy with the Endgame he made sure his name was removed from it.

by Felicia reply 28004/10/2013

R266 Any behind the scenes about this?

by Felicia reply 28104/10/2013

Episode teasers for the first week of the all new ONE LIFE TO LIVE

by Felicia reply 28204/10/2013

Episode teasers for the first week of ALL MY CHILDREN

by Felicia reply 28304/10/2013

So I was watching Mad Men on Sunday, when who should appear but Rose Kelly (Loanne Bishop). It was a small role - just a minute or two, maybe five lines - but I recognized her immediately. She's 57 years old, but doesn't look all that different from when she was on GH in her mid to late 20s. A little older, a little heavier, but still looks herself, and looks attractive.

So I was thinking of the other GH women from 30+ years ago. Denise Alexander, 73 today, but last seen on GH in her early 60s. The same - looked a little older, but still attractive. Robin Mattson (56), Genie Francis (50), Jane Elliot (66), Finola Hughes (53), Lynn Herring (54). All of them look great for their age.

So why do Leslie Charleson (68) and especially Jackie Zeman (59) look like hell? Did they have bad surgeons? The wrong procedures? Is it that their bone construction or skin just isn't suited to surgery? I'm sure at least a couple of the other women are "refreshed", but they look fine. Leslie and Jackie really got botched.

by Felicia reply 28404/10/2013

Loanne popped up on DAYS a little over a year ago; sadly, none of the soap mags picked up on it; I wonder how many of them remembered her? Or if the publicity people knew?

It would have been a nice item.

by Felicia reply 28504/10/2013

I actually don't think Leslie C looks THAT bad.

Jackie Z is harder to get used to, yes, but I'm just glad to have them both back.

by Felicia reply 28604/10/2013

All new long OLTL preview. The world's gonna know your name, Llanview.

NuMatthew is stunning.

by Felicia reply 28704/10/2013

TSJ is in there, blurred out, being thrown down by Tea for crazy sex.

by Felicia reply 28804/10/2013

I love furry TSJ and would love to see him back. But that looked like Natalie throwing down Cutter.

TSJ troll, can you confirm?

by Felicia reply 28904/11/2013

Not the troll but it's him. Eagle eyes isolated frames in the trailer. There is a man with a hood in the club seen in flashes. Both he and the man Tea throws down have their faces electronically distorted. His hairline matches TSJ.

by Felicia reply 29004/11/2013

I miss me some RH as Todd on GH. Him and Heather have been great this past year. At least now i have hottie RKK to look at.

by Felicia reply 29104/11/2013

RKK is sooo good at bringing the crazy!

His choppers are distracting, though. Are those veneers or Chiclets?

by Felicia reply 29204/11/2013

Today's eppy was fucking fantastic. RC does this kind of stuff great. Looks like Stavros has Helena on ice too; so we should expect a comeback someday.

by Felicia reply 29304/11/2013

[quote]Today's eppy was fucking fantastic

Damn! My DVR cut off after one minute.. Greatful to have soap network, or whatever it is called, so I can catch today's episode tonight.

by Felicia reply 29404/11/2013

Loved today's episode.

I was glued to my seat for all the Cassadine/Spencer SL.

RKK is still hot as hell.

by Felicia reply 29504/11/2013

Is he still with his child-bride? Although I'm sure she's no longer a child.

by Felicia reply 29604/11/2013

Uh oh. GH is really going to try and reintroduce ME KA and RH as all new characters. ABC just confirmed they return beginning on May 10th. Even though RH begins doing 2+ months on OLTL as Todd on 4/29.


by Felicia reply 29704/11/2013

Drew Osbourne has been signed to play a new contract role. His first scenes, already filmed and set to air this month, are with Michael and Sonny. This, and based on the actor's resemblance to Chad Duell, has sparked speculation that he is playing Morgan Corinthos.

Watching him in this clip at the link, I can't help but wonder if Morgan is going to be revealed to be gay? The actor is VERY fey ...

by Felicia reply 29804/11/2013

Okay, I've been throwing a lot of shade GH's way, but today was damned good. It's too bad that Brenda didn't really fuck Michael, because that would have been epic. And how the fuck does RKK look even hotter with the salt and pepper hair. He's still fucking hot, get this guy back to Days. Fuck Kristian Alfsono.

by Felicia reply 29904/11/2013

MB is so out of place in this new version of GH. His scenes with Olivia today were excruciating to watch. This attempt to domesticize him is not working. Especially since MB can just barely tolerate the material he's given. Wacky Olivia has a premonition and hugs the police officer and sleepwalking MB acts like he'd rather be in his own living room with a can of beer flicking the remote control.

Brenda and Carly's catfight was ridiculous. I hate this leftover relic of the 90s. Carly is constantly screaming at, slapping or tackling someone in the lobby of her own hotel. How the hell can she keep business going? And Brenda is coming off as creepy.

AJ's reaction to Brenda and Michael was funny, but then it degenerated into needless juvenilia.

Dante is on Cassadine island? It would be nice to see the trials and tribulations of people struggling to get to their destinations instead of doing a Bewitched and suddenly popping into all these strange out-of-the-reach locales. When these stories were done right, the fun was not sensational climaxes every other episode - the fun was in watching the chase of our heroes getting there.

I forgot how bad an actor Tyler Christopher is.

RKK is just absolutely stunning. He's aged wonderfully. Finally this show has a piece of meat to tune into and drool over. And he can act!

by Felicia reply 30004/11/2013

r296, yes they are still together.

Funny that most of the people backstage at DOOL who were scandalized about their union has probably gone through about three or four marriages since then.

by Felicia reply 30104/11/2013

Btw, is anyone going to throw it in Carly's face that perhaps this is what her mother Bobbi felt like when she discovered Carly slept with her husband Tony?

by Felicia reply 30204/11/2013

Snoop Dogg just confirmed he is returning again to OLTL!

For those unfamiliar Snoop has recurred twice as himself. Snoop is a family friend of Bo and Nora, having gotten his showbiz start on Bo's soap Fraternity Row.

by Felicia reply 30304/11/2013

R300 - I, for one, am thankful that we don't have to see every single detail and Dante will explain later how he got there. What I want to know is what happened to all the WSB agents Anna and Frisco promised them. Frisco must have been so traumatized when Chipmunk Cheeks rejected his proposal he forgot to make the call.

MB is finally being exposed for the one note actor he is. He can't play anything but screaming mafioso. He was stuttering all over the place today and looked like he just work up from a nap.

by Felicia reply 30404/11/2013

[quote]It would be nice to see the trials and tribulations of people struggling to get to their destinations instead of doing a Bewitched and suddenly popping into all these strange out-of-the-reach locales.

I'm sure it's about budget and pacing. Soaps just can't afford those big lush location scenes anymore. And your average soap viewer doesn't have the patience to watch every beat of a story anymore.

Typical soap board filled with morons.

'Why are they dragging this out?'

'Gawd this sucks and is taking forever.'

'Why is this sooooo sllloooooowww'

You get it.

by Felicia reply 30504/11/2013

I love GH, but bringing those 3 back in new roles, especially Bovina is a HORRIBLE idea. Todd will already be back on OLTL!

Also the spring spoilers make it sound like the new Lulu has been turned into a wild nutjob like Jessica was on OLTL with her alters. Just like Lulu, Jessica was captured by a supervillain who warped her mind. RC is too prone to turning women into wacky psychos for short term laughs.

by Felicia reply 30604/11/2013

No offense, but I don't really see this whole NuOLTL lasting more than 6 months or a year tops. And even if it does last, PP and ABC are two different universes. Howarth can appear on both shows.

MB is a good actor. He's still getting used to Camp GH. His entire run on the show has been written by people who do complex, multi layered writing. Not saying that this is bad, but he just has to figure it out.

by Felicia reply 30704/11/2013

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I will open up a page one day and it will read: Maurice Benrard leaving General Hospital.

by Felicia reply 30804/11/2013

The 3 OLTLers are returning as new characters on May 10.

Say it ain't so!

by Felicia reply 30904/11/2013

I'd bet that Drew Osborne is going to be the nu-lucus jones

by Felicia reply 31004/11/2013

Would Ron and Frank dare try another gay storyline?

by Felicia reply 31104/11/2013

[quote]Would Ron and Frank dare try another gay storyline?

Don't you think they're already setting the stage with the introduction of the Felix character? There are hints around that Lucas may become his love interest.

by Felicia reply 31204/11/2013

Will there be a big gay wedding in Port Charles. Will Tracey come out as a lesbian while she's running for mayor of Port Charles against Monica?

by Felicia reply 31304/11/2013

I cannot believe they rebuilt that shanty apartment set for Bo and Nora to live in! It always irked me why they were living in some crumby old apartment anyway. I appreciate PP for carefully recreating the Llanfair set and (it seems) Dorian's house but I was hoping Bo and Nora would get a new home more believable or just have them move into Asa's mansion.

by Felicia reply 31404/11/2013

[quote]No offense, but I don't really see this whole NuOLTL lasting more than 6 months or a year tops

They have financing secured to produce 210 episodes so at 4 shows a week it will run a year at least.

by Felicia reply 31504/11/2013


I have to disagree with you. I think MB is a horrible actor full of 'acting' tics. I'd be thrilled if tptb sent Sonny to jail or 6 ft under.

by Felicia reply 31604/11/2013

RKK can be my Cassadine daddy.

by Felicia reply 31704/12/2013

[quote]When these stories were done right, the fun was not sensational climaxes every other episode - the fun was in watching the chase of our heroes getting there.

Well said, R300. And when it was well executed, no one complained about them dragging the plot out because they kept it entertaining. The best example I can think of was when Heather used to disguise herself as a nurse to escape the sanitarium. They really put it together scene by scene back in the day: how she got the uniform, how she got access to the nurse's car, a couple of close calls she had at being discovered. I can't imagine a gradual build to a storyline today.

Oh, and Mo Bernard has always been pretty weak, IMO. I never understood the interest in him (or Sonny).

by Felicia reply 31804/12/2013

Does Carly get along with anyone? All she and Tracy do is yell.

by Felicia reply 31904/12/2013

RE: Maurice Benard. If an actor who has been around as long as he has can't figure out how to adjust to a new style of writing then that pretty much says how limited he was to begin with. He is so overrated by his nitwit fans it is hilarious (MB is brilliant, MB is the best actor around, etc). Tony Geary does not seem to have a problem. The reason people did not complain in the past about more multi-layered stories, is because it was a different audience. People today have the attention span of a 1 year old and just don't get it. GH is pretty much modeled on a lot of primetime show style writing where people have 2 minute conversations about what happened, rather than 2 or 3 episodes showing it

by Felicia reply 32004/12/2013

Re: the changes in audience: yes, the audiences have changed and demand instant gratification because of the power of communication that is right at their fingertips. I often wonder what the responses of the audience during the heydey of soaps would have been like if they were plugged into an immediate social media everyday - would they have been going on about how wonderful those stories were? I wonder if the net hasn't in some way killed the artform in some way.

by Felicia reply 32104/12/2013

[quote]He is so overrated by his nitwit fans it is hilarious

I would say the same about Howarth. I think they're both just lazy. Neither was able to get out of daytime, so they're just showing up for the paycheck at this point.

by Felicia reply 32204/12/2013

Robert Kelker Kelly was always prime JO material for me.

His new daddylicious look makes me feel seriously funny in my pants. He's a stunning man.

Apparently, he's also a nightmare to work with. But if he takes off all his clothes and lays down, I won't hold it against him.

by Felicia reply 32304/12/2013

[quote]Would Ron and Frank dare try another gay storyline?

Why not r311 IF they've learned from their mistakes? They actually had a pretty good couple going with Kish if they'd just resisted the impulse to camp it up by tacking on the nonsense of Dorian pretending to be a lesbian to win an election and the OTT cartoonish rabid right snarling against gay marriage. How could they not get that would be offensive to a certain segment of the audience?

Unfortunately they also missed the mark on a potentially great story about the ramifications of a closeted gay man being tricked into fathering a child he never wanted but later had a change of heart.

The groundwork was there as it is with Felix. They just have to resist taking it too over the top like with Felix unfortunate and overdone tendency to keep hitting on straight men. Too much. If they took it down a few notches they might actually have a shot at a believable gay couple.

by Felicia reply 32404/12/2013

I don't think Felix liking those guys is overdone or over the top. It's actually quite realistic and it's also making the audience feel sympathy for him and root for him.

It's smart to do that, so when a gay man comes along for Felix the audience will be on his side.

by Felicia reply 32504/12/2013

Robert Kelker Kelly is very nice looking.. and a handsome gay villian.

by Felicia reply 32604/12/2013

What I meant to ask in that last post--Kelker Kelly is gay, right?

by Felicia reply 32704/12/2013

R327, he's married to a former DAYS co-star.

I have always gotten a sexy vibe from him especially when he's in leather.

He was probably one of the best recasts ever when he took over the role of Bo on DAYS.

Don't know if he is; I do suspect strongly that so many men out there are gay. They go ahead and get married to a woman anyway and live the straight life. They have occasional hookups or open marriages and a lover somewhere.

Is RKK one of these guys? Don't know.

But I really do think they're out there.

by Felicia reply 32804/12/2013

The problem is Ron cannot not go over the top. He's James E. Reilly without James E. Reilly's panache. He's about to turn Lulu cray cray. He loves crazy women. Lulu is going to team up with Heather and start fuckng random guys. Rumor has it that she is going to divorce Dante and trick Rogers new character into marrying her as some plot of Heather's.

by Felicia reply 32904/12/2013

A charity variety show? What is this, The Brady Bunch, circa 1972? Charity galas are about dinners, soirees, cocktails under a tent and fashion show sales.

by Felicia reply 33004/12/2013

Oh --- soap thread

by Felicia reply 33104/12/2013

R330, this one's about a fundraiser for AIDS research.

by Felicia reply 33204/12/2013

Who's Greg Brady?

by Felicia reply 33304/13/2013

no one was at -- or saw online -- the Paley event last night?

by Felicia reply 33404/13/2013

RC has announced that Francis, Shriner and Herring are staying on (more to do with Laura and Scotty, and he's planning Lucy's new adventure now); Zeman is leaving soon (with a nice capper to her visit) but the invitation is open for her to return; they hope Jack Wagner will be open to returns when the story allows.

John Stamos is not returning, despite that hack nelson Branco's recent "scoop" that Stamos was back on set filming scenes. Stamos' return have been hurt by "miscommunications". As reported before, Stamos didn't want to do a cameo that would have Blackie appear at the Nurses' Ball, so FV and RC thought he turned them down; then they learned Stamos was interested in doing a longer term story about Blackie's re-integration into society. When FV and RC started to plan out a story arc about Blackie's release from prison, communication had scheduling problems prevented Stamos from committing at this date. They hope to recitfy it with a return by Stamos's Blackie down the road.

(FV and RC have really got to be more on the ball with opportunities handed to them - they missed out on a willing Stamos just as they lost the chance to resolve the Victor Lord murder).

Apparently, RC had a huge wish list for the Ball - including Demi Moore and Ricky Martin (surprised the couldn't get Martin) . FV and RC are promising more returns throughout the next year - the 50th anniversary will be celebrated all year round.

by Felicia reply 33504/13/2013

[quote]FV and RC are promising more returns throughout the next year


by Felicia reply 33604/13/2013

SON confirmed Roger Howarth will be doing BOTH GH and OLTL regularly from now on. GH as a new role starting Monday, Todd on OLTL. This is possible due to RH's frequent outs and OLTL's new schedule of taping.

Rumor has it Maura West from ATWT is also taping next week as part of the new character storyline.

by Felicia reply 33704/13/2013

Susie Pratt, give it a rest. You'd have a better chance of your Guiding Light character Claire Ramsey returning than for virginal Annie and her dusty muffin to come back to Port Charles.

by Felicia reply 33804/13/2013

I watched the Paley event online last night; Geary sat with Jane Elliott and Genie sat between FV and Maurice Benard. Geary looks like he is ready to die. He is the same age as my mother and looks like he could be her father. He was wearing those ghastly orange pants and did not talk much until the end. Finola Hughes and Jane Elliott were the most chatty and entertaining, almost effervescent. Someone in the audience said Jane Elliot is like watching a master class in acting. She was flustered and got a huge hand. I am sure Brando Benard and Grande Dame Geary were put off at no one gushing over them. FV and RC seem like genuinely great guys and the cast was fawning all over them, even Benard, whose role has been diminished. Geary and Francis did not interact at all. People keep saying nothing is wrong, but something is definitely off. Jackie Zeman's face looked pretty bad. I am sorry she did this to herself but it is kind of unpleasant to look at her.

by Felicia reply 33904/13/2013

"OUR daughter!!!"


by Felicia reply 34004/13/2013

And then, at the end of the Paley event, Robert Kelker Kelly walked onto stage, unzipped his pants and took out his huge, dangling dick.

Only to be topped by Frank Valentini standing next to him, unzipping and unleashing his nearly foot long Italian salami.

by Felicia reply 34104/13/2013

Maura West plays who?

by Felicia reply 34204/13/2013

R342 We don't know yet - speculation is it's either a Cassadine or someone involved with Roger Hogging The Show-arth's new character.

by Felicia reply 34304/13/2013

I hope Roger Howarth isn't a Cassadine.

by Felicia reply 34404/13/2013

R338 = Heather Webber.

by Felicia reply 34504/13/2013

Is Jackie Zeman in a race with Joan Rivers to see who can ruin their face the most with plastic surgery?

Jackie's in second place right now. However, given her appearance in this photo, she's poised to overtake Joan very soon.

by Felicia reply 34604/13/2013

Oh dear Genie

by Felicia reply 34704/13/2013

Roger will be a Quartermaine

That answer GF gave last night in terms of what she wants for her character, did not sound like she stays beyond the Cassadine adventure. And the look on FV's face while she was saying it was not good.

by Felicia reply 34804/13/2013

The way I see it, Laura enjoyed her life with Stavros while fucking his kid brother on the side on Cassadine Island. I think she puts on that terrified act for Luke's benefit and not to come across like a cum dump. What gal doesn't want to be worshipped.

by Felicia reply 34904/13/2013

RC already confirmed Genie is staying. Loved her yesterday taking charge with Stavros.

by Felicia reply 35004/13/2013

I too saw Paley event. While Geary has aged, to say he looked "near death" is ridiculous. I enjoyed Jane Elliott's memories of John Beradino and David Lewis.

Jackie Zeman also talked how Norma Connally, who played Ruby, would invite her for holidays because Jackie's family was back east. It sounded like Tony and Jackie were very fond of her.

by Felicia reply 35104/13/2013

R349 Laura was held hostage on that island, it was more a case of sex by coercion than any type of enjoyment.

by Felicia reply 35204/13/2013

[quote] Laura was held hostage on that island, it was more a case of sex by coercion than any type of enjoyment.

If only GH would talk about how that's the only kind of sex that seems to turn the old girl on. Luke raped her and she was coerced into having sex and a child with Stavros.

by Felicia reply 35304/13/2013

Why don't Genie Francis and Tony Geary ever sit next to each other?

by Felicia reply 35404/13/2013


When Lucky found out about the rape, He did say something to that effect!

by Felicia reply 35504/13/2013

and I think she slapped him

by Felicia reply 35604/13/2013

Although I hated the attic storyline and what they did to Rick Webber, the original story that was scraped of Laura being molested by her stepfather as a young girl was actually a good idea in terms of explaining why Laura is the way she is; it would be a good idea to delve into that (but making it someone else other than Rick). Of course, her relationship with pedophilistic David Hamilton could explain it all. Perhaps her attraction to Luke and the magnetic allure she has for men who are not good for her (Scotty, Stavros, even Stefan) is rooted in being used and abused by David Hamilton.

What did GF say she wanted for Laura that made FV so uncomfortable?

And btw, I absolutely love Laura's manic mama-bear routine. She has physically attacked Luke and perhaps killed Stavros since her return because of a blind mother love devotion to her kids.

by Felicia reply 35704/13/2013

Howarth could always play the scrapped Valentin Cassadine character. But I'd rather he not if he's going to do his spoiled little brat act. He's played Jack Tripper-on-drugs routine through the years with Todd and Paul Ryan. Michael Easton actually would make a better Valentin Cassadine.

That said, I'm really not looking forward to this new twist. Considering RC has played the "you look like that other character" card with so many stories already (Tomas/Alcazar, McBain/Caleb, Sam/Livvie), are we going to have go through this again and again every time someone meets Howarth, Easton and Alderson's new characters?

by Felicia reply 35804/13/2013

r349, you are one cold hard bitch. Lol.

by Felicia reply 35904/13/2013

R351 - Geary looked warmed over. He is sickly looking.

by Felicia reply 36004/13/2013

Yet another delectable jailbait has been added to the roster of newbies that will people Port Charles with their teenage angst for the summer. Bryan Craig has been signed to the show... no word on who he is playing. His demo reel is here:

by Felicia reply 36104/13/2013

Word is that Bobbi will run into Noah Drake at the airport on her way back to Seattle, and they will fly off into the sunset together.

by Felicia reply 36204/13/2013

Well let's be fair. Scotty was the only decent guy Laura was with. Scotty didn't turn dark until she dumped him for Luke. So yes, Laura likes it on the rough and tumble side. David Hamilton, Luke, Stavros, Stefan, etc. She wants a guy to zoom zoom zoom in her room room.

FYI Bryan Craig is playing Michael Easton's son. Maura West is playing his wife.

by Felicia reply 36304/13/2013

hey gayz!! have u guyz been jerkin ur dicks to the pic of my feet? ;-) ;-)

by Felicia reply 36404/13/2013

Why wouldn't Easton and Alderson go back to OLTL for just a few measley weeks? I heard they only wanted ME for a month, and KA for a week.

by Felicia reply 36504/13/2013

The one story I'll never forgive Guza for is turning Rick Webber into an icky weirdo.

It ruined Rick and Lesley's love story, Rick's love for Laura (he wasn't her step-father; he adopted her, making him her father).

I'm hoping we get more than ghost Rick saying: "that's not what happened" to Tracy to fix it all.

It wouldn't take that much. ("The Cassadines were behind it!")

And it would mean the world to long time fans.

by Felicia reply 36604/13/2013

R361 He looks like a lesbian. He also looks like someone who ate too many lead paint chips when he was a kid. Not seeing the "delectable' in that photo.

by Felicia reply 36704/13/2013

[quote]FYI Bryan Craig is playing Michael Easton's son.

Pretty good casting, as far as looks go.

by Felicia reply 36804/13/2013

[quote]I'm hoping we get more than ghost Rick saying: "that's not what happened" to Tracy to fix it all.

RC did a similar thing on one of OLTL's milestone episodes. He undid that wretched Victor Lord back-from-the-dead mess by having Dorian admit to Viki that wasn't really him. Thats all we got, but honestly I was glad for it. I'll just assume it was one of Mitch Lawrence's schemes and get on with it.

by Felicia reply 36904/13/2013

Can y'all please let the Rick Webber in the attic storyline go, pretty please. It's over. It's done. Rick is dead. Do like Days did with John being Stefano's brother, they don't mention or discuss it. It is like it never happened. Consider that with the Rick storyline. For Christ's sake, please just move forward. Y'all are acting like that storyline was the worst storyline since the history of storyline. This is the show where a grandchild killing ex rapist, a mobster, and a hitman are/were the three leading men. It's a blip in the 50 year history. It's nothing on top of nothing. Please just move on. Rick Webber fucking a couple of sluts in the attic doesn't change the world of this show. He fucked Monica for years.

by Felicia reply 37004/13/2013

Hey, r370, did you hear about the attic storyline where Rick Webber was rewritten as a serial sex addict who preferred Monica over Lesley and tried to brainwash Laura with a syringe in the attic. It was a horrible storyline. The worst ever in the history of all storylines, and that includes that terrible Utnapishtim part of the Gilgamesh epic!!!

by Felicia reply 37104/13/2013


I heard Maura was playing RH's wife not ME's. It will only be a short term gig.

Where did you hear that she play's Easton's wife ?

by Felicia reply 37204/14/2013

RH should come back and be a sugar daddy to Felix

by Felicia reply 37304/14/2013

Are they really looking to rebuild the Quartermaines?

by Felicia reply 37404/14/2013

I just giggle, remembering that After Elton would always call Maura West Quaker Oats Lady because of her big poofy blond hair.

by Felicia reply 37504/14/2013

ME's character is coming back with a wife? What about Kelly Monaco? I thought they would be hooking them up? If PP only wanted ME back for a month, sounds like they would straighten out the Natalie/Liam stuff. I wonder why he wouldn't do it? If they would then allow GH to have McBain, that would solve everything without any hassle.

by Felicia reply 37604/14/2013

RH is returning as a brand new character with old GH ties.

by Felicia reply 37704/14/2013

There has been a rumour for weeks that RH is playing the son of Tony Cassadine and Alexandria Quartermaine, which works into this revisit of the Ice Princess storyline. Perhaps Alexandria had a child that she kept secret from the Cassadines.

Morgan Corinthos is scheduled to return in the coming months. His name will be popping up alot over the next few weeks.

by Felicia reply 37804/14/2013

R370, can you let go asking everyone else to let it go?

Ron is an expert at fixing stupid crap like this.

by Felicia reply 37904/14/2013

KA will portray the lost daughter of amy vining and blackie parrish. Thus setting up a story line for stamos.

by Felicia reply 38004/14/2013

r380, no one ever fucked Amy. Even that boxer boyfriend of hers couldn't get it up for her.

by Felicia reply 38104/14/2013


That would be awesome actually! That would make her Laura's niece and Nik and Lulu's cousin. Too bad it won't happen. I think she'll be Serena(which I'm ok with as well)

by Felicia reply 38204/14/2013

Once and for all, KA is going be Lauren Franco.

by Felicia reply 38304/14/2013


ME's wife is heavily pregnant and I think that's the reason ME didn't want to do PP even for 4 weeks .

Before their first child they had a stillborn.

I could see this being the reason.

by Felicia reply 38404/14/2013

Genie Francis interviewed at the Paley Center:

by Felicia reply 38504/14/2013

Ron Carlivati at the Paley Center:

by Felicia reply 38604/14/2013


If she is Lauren then her and Michael won't be a couple since they would be cousins. Ellie is Lauren(I think)

by Felicia reply 38704/14/2013


RC has gay voice huh?

by Felicia reply 38804/14/2013

R385, that was a nice interview and cordial, but I got the impression the interviewer has never ever seen an episode of General Hospital.

by Felicia reply 38904/14/2013

KA is set to play Anna Donely, daughter of Sean and Elsie Mae Crumholz.

by Felicia reply 39004/14/2013

R384, a stillborn? How horrible.

by Felicia reply 39104/14/2013

Whoa, RKK is waaaaay hotter now than he was back then on AW, Days and GH.

I remember someone on AW told me that Sandy Ferguson (Amanda) really wanted to get something going with her but he wasn't into her and started a relationship with a crew gal. Things were tense between Sandy and RKK for a while.

by Felicia reply 39204/14/2013

OMG if only 390 is right. The daughter of Sean Donelly and Tiffany would be awesome.

by Felicia reply 39304/14/2013

That's a great idea, R390.

by Felicia reply 39404/14/2013

Ughhh KA is coming back. Why???

by Felicia reply 39504/14/2013

In addition to his upcoming appearance on the show, Snoop Dogg is writing and producing the new OLTL theme song, sung by Polish artist Iza Lach - "Brand New Start".

by Felicia reply 39604/14/2013

[quote]RC did a similar thing on one of OLTL's milestone episodes. He undid that wretched Victor Lord back-from-the-dead mess by having Dorian admit to Viki that wasn't really him.

That's not quite what happened r369. What he actually wrote was Dorian saying "IF it was really him..." still leaving it open ended. To flat out say he wasn't and to delve any deeper into why Dorian would have knowingly gone along with this scam would only have created a bigger mess than the one he was trying to "fix."

Some soap storylines are best left in the past or forgotten altogether. Trying to go back and fix the worst of them is like putting lipstick on a pig.

by Felicia reply 39704/14/2013

I think that was the first of RC's dropped stories, r397. But it wouldn't have required Dorian to be in on the scam - Mitch Laurence put that together on his own. Dorian was not yet back in town and while she was already conning Mitch in Paris at that point, she was not privy to all his machinations.

In any event, after that scene between Dorian and Viki they made a point to redo Victor Sr.'s plaque in the family mausoleum to indicate that he died in the 1970s - NOT 2003.

by Felicia reply 39804/14/2013

[quote]KA will portray the lost daughter of amy vining and blackie parrish. Thus setting up a story line for stamos

She's about ten years too young for that role.

by Felicia reply 39904/14/2013

[quote]That's not quite what happened [R369]. What he actually wrote was Dorian saying "IF it was really him..." still leaving it open ended. To flat out say he wasn't and to delve any deeper into why Dorian would have knowingly gone along with this scam would only have created a bigger mess than the one he was trying to "fix."

Ok I may have had the exact line wrong but we all knew what Ron was trying to do with that scene. And Dorian was up to her eyeballs in Mitch's schemes around that time (2003). They were even married. So she may have known the real truth.

by Felicia reply 40004/14/2013

Photos of the Paley Center event ... Tyler Christopher is just gorgeous. Can't act worth shit, but he is adorable.

by Felicia reply 40104/14/2013

[quote]Some soap storylines are best left in the past or forgotten altogether. Trying to go back and fix the worst of them is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Exactly. Just pretend that it didn't happen. The Rick Ghost said that it didn't happen that way. Consider that the fix and just leave it alone.

by Felicia reply 40204/14/2013

r402 But Ron C is known for honoring past history and addressing all the inconsistencies in past storylines vs current storylines.

That's why he had to come up with the elaborate (if laughable) plot that the Trevor St John version of Todd was the twin brother of Roger Howarth's Todd when RH returned to OLTL. That was all because a DNA test had established TSJ as the real Todd back in 2003 when TSJ took over the role.

by Felicia reply 40304/14/2013

It made no sense for Helena to want to steal Lucky and Liz's kid insofaras making Nik think he was the real dad.

But Ron recently fixed that by explaining Hel was doing it to give Stavros some hope.

It's called 'retroactive continuity.'

The Rick story -- and it's just an example -- never should have been written.

How would Guza or fans of his work feel if 20 years from now someone writes that Sonny orchestrated Michael's butt-fucking in prison to teach, oh, I don't know, Jason or Carly a lesson!

GH could have gotten Genie off the canvas all those years ago in a million different ways, but Guza didn't need to fuck up a golden age of the show and one of the show's fan favorite male leads in the process.

I miss Doug Marland's writing; he had great integrity for characters and he knew that people wanted to have endings that would give the viewer a sense of happiness and contentment, e.g. Beatrice meeting her birth mother after she married Brian and left the show; did anyone really care that much about Beatrice? Nah, but it didn't hurt to give her a happy ending.

by Felicia reply 40404/14/2013

I think Tyler's a great actor; always has been.

He plays the whole Cassadine regal thing quite well.

by Felicia reply 40504/14/2013

Are they recasting Kristina, or are we just supposed to assume that there was a riot at Pentonville while she was doing her community service and she was killed there?

by Felicia reply 40604/15/2013

R406 - I haven't heard any rumors or anything about Kristina, so for now I don't think the part is being recast. They should mention where she is though. She was not at the Nurses' Ball and Sam and Molly were with Alexis. No one mentioned why she was not there with the rest of her family.

by Felicia reply 40704/15/2013

Who is the unhinged poster who can't let go of a silly Rick Webber storyline? Isn't this the same show that rewrote a dirty rape as a lovely seduction? Calm down. It wasn't like Rick was some pillar of virtue.

by Felicia reply 40804/15/2013

New Erika Slezak interview on the new OLTL. She sounds delighted about no expense being spared.

There was an interview with Kassie DePaiva in this or the prior thread as well where she said it feels like the shows are finally being respected, with food, rehearsals, HD etc and that instead of the redheaded stepchild OLTL has become the jewel in the crown.

The new sets for both PP soaps are gorgeous

by Felicia reply 40904/15/2013

New teaser for OLTL on itunes. The new EP is awfully dykey. I'm sure she'll be running a tight ship.

I usually get second-hand embarassment for those fans who go to studios and chant, but they seemed very sweet. As did the cast for going to greet them.

Tea drops the f-bomb and it actually seemed very natural, not cheesy like I thought it would.

by Felicia reply 41004/15/2013

R408, it's me.

I want Rick to be redeemed because he's mine.

He is mine body and soul!

by Felicia reply 41104/15/2013

Monica. Your judgement in men is about as solid as your kudgement in plastic surgeons....

by Felicia reply 41204/15/2013


New teaser for OLTL here. Free on iTunes under First Day of School. Same for AMC.

by Felicia reply 41304/15/2013

AMC link.

by Felicia reply 41404/15/2013

The All My Children cast reuniting in that video is very sweet. Both of the new women EPs who have been promoted up seem smart as a whip.

Debbi Morgan visibly moved got me crying, as did Cady McClain and the new AJ Chandler watching Jill Larson film their first scene. And the portrait of James Mitchell.

by Felicia reply 41504/15/2013

DC reports that Vimal and Rama Patel are opting for an open marriage on the new OLTL!

by Felicia reply 41604/15/2013

r404, another example of RC's redeeming of botched history happened today on GH.

When Noah Drake was brought back to GH during Guza's reign, his past relationship with Bobbi was ignored, just as her relationship with Jerry was ignored in the rewriting of that character; it screamed in volumes the the PTB's intention to freeze the unwanted Jackie Zeman out completely. This time around under RC, Bobbi's past relationships with Scotty and Noah have been honoured: Bobbi rejected Scott's drunken advances, showing a maturity beyond Scott's arrested development that implied she moved on from that era of her life. And in her last scene today, Bobbi and Noah ran into one another at the airport on their way out of town - and as, it turns out, to the same destination: Seattle, where Noah has just joined the staff at the hospital Bobbi works at. A week ago, Noah implied to Patrick that the one great love of his life was with a nurse that he burned a bridge with (namely, Bobbi). Now we have been left with a nice closure to Bobbi's story that she never would have received under the last anti-GH regime.

It's that kind of simple rewriting by a PTB that respects a show which can fix a whole lot of mistakes made in the recent past by madmen-idiots who wanted nothing but to deconstruct and reconstruct the show in a blatant, "fuck-you" misappropriation of power.

by Felicia reply 41704/15/2013

The newest OLTL iTunes video with Tea dropping the F-bomb has been pulled - likely because Trevor St. John was sighted on-set during one of the hospital scenes. He was far away but his face was not obscured as it was in the episodes preview.

by Felicia reply 41804/15/2013

R417, thank you.

Bobbie got her happy ending. (But I hope we'll see her again.)

You're right, the old regime didn't think this kind of everything because, c'mon, look at Kelly Monaco's tits for crying out loud!

They just didn't get it and Ron does. Frank, too.

by Felicia reply 41904/15/2013

Tyler can't act for shit but damn, he's sexy.

by Felicia reply 42004/15/2013

AMC trailer.

Canada will be running both AMC and OLTL on TV on FX.

There's a new article on the shows in this week's TV Guide, and an ad on the back inside cover.

by Felicia reply 42104/16/2013

Just started watching GH again since all the oldtimers came back. What's the story with Maxi's baby? Medically speaking, can a heart transplant patient even have a baby?

by Felicia reply 42204/16/2013

R422, I looked it up recently and was surprised that more than 60 women who've received heart transplants have given birth afterward. I assumed it was not done because of the strain on the mother's heart and potential side effects of anti-rejection drugs.

The article I read (that obviously didn't consider it to be a good idea) said the mother's medications have to be adjusted to protect the developing fetus, there is a very high incidence of spontaneous abortions and there have been a number of birth defects reported. The mother's heart defect has sometimes turned out to be genetic.

by Felicia reply 42304/16/2013

Before the storyline really started, they actually had Maxie mention that she'd checked with her transplant surgeon and was told she would have to be careful, but that she could carry the baby. Of course, now she's actually pregnant with Baby 2.0, but you know.

I feel behind on my watching, so I finally managed to catch up with Stavros' misadventure on Cassadine Island.

I'm glad they let Laura be the one who put him back into deep freeze. I felt like she should have been the one who plugged Helena, but this seemed poetic and of course, reminiscent of Mikkos ending up in the freezing chamber after his struggle with Luke.

Lisa LoCicero is so great. She really needs a significant other who can keep up with her *cough*Robert*cough*.

by Felicia reply 42404/16/2013

Cady McClain films the AMC youngsters watching the new trailer linked above.

The song in the trailer is apparently the new theme.

by Felicia reply 42504/16/2013

Sponge Bath for Prince Nicholas.

by Felicia reply 42604/16/2013

So how do they explain Erica's absence? Did she get shot and die in that last episode?

by Felicia reply 42704/16/2013

Wasn't she headed off to Hollywood to become a star?

Or perhaps she's gotten a part on a cable TV series and left Pine Valley.

by Felicia reply 42804/16/2013

r424 Roger Howarth had great chemistry with Robin Matson. And Lisa LoCicero certainly needs a new romance. So, they could bring Roger back as Steven Lars.

by Felicia reply 42904/16/2013

I don't like the new Petey.

I liked the old geeky one.

by Felicia reply 43004/16/2013

It would seem that Marissa has died and Tad is in a coma.

by Felicia reply 43104/16/2013

r430 The "old geeky" GAY Petey? The one played by Daniel Kennedy?

I liked his Petey. Enjoyed seeing a geeky character, but the actor couldn't convincingly play straight.

I personally liked the idea of Opal having a gay son.

But this newest incarnation, they seem to be making Petey into a hunky, straight guy.

They did the same thing with the Scott Chandler character back in the mid 90s. Shane McDemott played Scott as a socially awkward, geeky guy for 2 years. Then they recast with Daniel Costgrove to make the character more hunky.

by Felicia reply 43204/16/2013

The character of Olivia Falconeri is expendable, but Lisa LoCicero is a favorite of FV's so we'll be seeing her ham it up in any scenes she is given. I do not enjoy this actress- never have.

Katie Couric actually did a decent job.

I love the way NuLulu doesn't recognize anyone,fitting for the recast.

Lots of mentions of Lesley lately. Thought she was supposed to be back by now, but I guess she'll be back on our screens by the end of April.

So Lulu is a nickname for Lesley Lu. It's a good thing they didn't refer to her as "Leslu".

by Felicia reply 43304/16/2013

Or Desilu, eh?

LoCicero is a doll, I've met her. Nice lady.

I wish Opal had gay twins -- one nerdy, one hunky.

by Felicia reply 43404/16/2013

[quote]Canada will be running both AMC and OLTL on TV on FX.

The old episodes, or the new PP versions?

by Felicia reply 43504/16/2013

I like the NuLulu so far.

by Felicia reply 43604/16/2013

Felix sure has Britt's number. Love him taunting her about being pregnant and trying to use it to get closer to Patrick. Sabrina sure looks good. I really like her and Patrick together.

by Felicia reply 43704/16/2013

I would have paid to watch this new version of AMC if they had gotten Dorothy Lyman back as Opal.

by Felicia reply 43804/16/2013

[quote]The old episodes, or the new PP versions?

The new shows. They're also working on securing a deal for American TV.

Both OLTL and AMC look amazing. I never thought I'd see a open marriage story on "daytime" either.

by Felicia reply 43904/16/2013

Robert and Olivia was my idea, VOTN.

by Felicia reply 44004/16/2013

They're doing a Jessica/Tessica on Lulu. Ugh.

by Felicia reply 44104/16/2013

Helena kidnapped Lucky and altered his personality via hypnosis with the Ice Princess when Jacob Young first came on.

So, it's only fitting that Stavros decided to make Lulu into his ice princess now that Emme Rylan has taken over the role. And the process of being turned into an ice princess has created alters.

by Felicia reply 44204/16/2013

They already have a DID storyline on the show, this is just stupid.

by Felicia reply 44304/16/2013

It is a shame that the only thing to write for Lulu is plot-contrived cliche in order to make her interesting. She's just not as interesting as her parents were unfortunately. But then again, no one writes character-driven stories like they used to.

Not really looking forward to all this.

by Felicia reply 44404/17/2013

My 'soon to be new boyfriend' may have a home after all.... he's cute but he sure has hairy pits.

by Felicia reply 44504/17/2013

Surprised no one has comented on how Sonny has been portrayed in the last couple of episodes. Guza's Sonny would have already been engaged in a manic bloodbath by now rivalling the Valentine's Day massacre, with his son Michael and Brenda probably kidnapped and shot in the head with a bag covering their heads.

The gangster has been removed from FV and RC's Sonny. Perhaps that's why MB is acting like he's in his own living room helping his daughter with her lines from an elementary school play.

by Felicia reply 44604/17/2013

Lulu does not have DID, she has amnesia. She only remembers marrying Stavros, nothing else about her life, but she seems to be interested in finding out who she really is. It is not a DID story.

by Felicia reply 44704/17/2013

I like a tempered down Sonny. I don't think he is boring, just showing he has taken his medication and is not prone to violent temper tantrums with his family. I would find it hard to believe that even the old Sonny would have shot his son anyway. Brenda is the love of his life and I don't think he could live with killing her. MB has shown some good acting lately without going over the rails or chewing up all the scenery. He is much more like Sonny of the 90s.

by Felicia reply 44804/17/2013

K. Alderson's new character will be Lauren, right?

by Felicia reply 44904/17/2013

Sonny is much improved. I could not stand his temper tantrums, acting like a teenager when he didn't get his way. What the hell is wrong with Carly egging him on the way she was today. She really is a bitch. A selfish needy bitch. They need to bring Brenda back on a regular basis. She seems to toned down on the Botox and is looking better this go around.

by Felicia reply 45004/17/2013

No, Brenda has to go away. The canvas is much too full, and its getting bigger with hiring after hiring everyday.

Yes, KA is playing Lauren. I don't think there are plans to pair her with Duell again.

by Felicia reply 45104/17/2013

r447, this is true but they are resolving the DID storyline just in case of any cross-sectioning and confusion (Dante is Sonny's son, after all).

Connie went away for a couple of weeks and became integrated. Who knew it was that easy.

by Felicia reply 45204/17/2013

R446, I was at the Paley and a fan gave SUCH a backhanded compliment to Maurice that night.

It went something like 'oh, Sonny is so much more bearable under the new regime!'

Look on Mo's face was priceless.

by Felicia reply 45304/17/2013

Scratch that KA statement at r451. Alderson has been, in fact, taping scenes with Kin Shriner. She is playing Serena Baldwin.

Michael Easton is playing Mark Clay, twin brother of Steven Clay (aka Caleb Morley).

Roger Howarth is playing Alexander Quartermaine, who is the son of Alexandria Quartermaine and Tony Cassadine.

Bryan Craig will be playing Morgan Corinthos; he's been taping with MB and CD.

As for Lauren Franco, rumours are she will look very familiar to the audience, which led many to speculate that KA is playing her, but what that might mean is that Damian finds out that Lauren is someone he already knows and she has been living in Port Charles all this time (re: Ellie).

by Felicia reply 45404/17/2013

R454 Seriously?

by Felicia reply 45504/17/2013

[quote]As for Lauren Franco, rumours are she will look very familiar to the audience, which led many to speculate that KA is playing her, but what that might mean is that Damian finds out that Lauren is someone he already knows and she has been living in Port Charles all this time (re: Ellie).

I wonder about that too. Yesterday, right after the scene about finding Lauren Franco, cut to a scene with Ellie. Subtle clue there?

by Felicia reply 45604/18/2013

And of course she will be Lauren Franco because they are going to make her crazy like her father because two cute girls are fighting over Spinelli who looks like a thumb. Ellie will become unhinged to keep him and torture Maxie and other stuff. C'mon this thing is writing itself.

by Felicia reply 45704/18/2013

I'm pretty sure Nancy Grahn's Emmy reel from a few years ago was her throwing her handbag at a (what else) pissed off Sonny and she frusratingly said to him, "It's not always about YOU!"

by Felicia reply 45804/18/2013

Prospect Park is now suing ABC. Details to be announced. What the fuck?

by Felicia reply 45904/18/2013

I think if PP is upset that they can't use Cole and Hope (because they're dead), they don't know how to bring people back to life.

by Felicia reply 46004/18/2013

Are they doing anything different to Alderson, Howarth and Easton's appearances for their new characters? Hair cut, new color? Anyone know?

by Felicia reply 46104/18/2013

Read the complaint. PP is so going to win this. And once the news got out about the lawsuit, ABC quickly handed over to PP the two URL websites.

Wait - got to go find the link. Will be back.

by Felicia reply 46204/18/2013

Link to actual complaint is this article. ABC is so screwed. And boy did FV blow it.

by Felicia reply 46304/18/2013

No, PP won't win this. They'll either settle out of court or ABC will have this dismissed.

by Felicia reply 46404/18/2013

PP is obviously running out of money. They're screwed. Good riddance. It was a horrible idea to resurrect AMC and OLTL. Both should have gotten a proper burial on ABC with various characters from both ending up in Port Charles.

by Felicia reply 46504/18/2013

Actually after reading the complaint I think PP will get laughed out of court with this. ABC has ceded the URL's but thats probably all they are going to get. And don't get me wrong I'm by no means on ABC's side. But I don't buy a lot of the PP claims, we know these reboots were dead in the water for most of 2012. PP had abandoned its plans and there's no proof that ABC damaged the franchises by having Todd, Starr and McBain on GH.

by Felicia reply 46604/18/2013

It's kinda like when some skanky crack ho comes back to claim the baby she thoughtlessly threw away, but only after somebody else lovingly and painstakingly nursed it back to health and it's happy and thriving in its new surroundings.

by Felicia reply 46704/18/2013

The text of the complaint is way over the top, but they seem to have evidence and documentation ready backing them up. GH promised them character and story approval then froze them out and made huge changes. Took liberties with characters from OLTL they hadn't paid to use. Refused to respond to notice of OLTL's return and tried to hide behind the network to avoid negotiation.

This is backed up by sources close to GH. TPTB there refused to accept OLTL's return without them. Also intended to renege on agreed upon promos to run on ABC.

Not saying PP is innocent but GH took major liberties and obviously expected to get away with it forever.

by Felicia reply 46804/19/2013

PP informed GH they were resuming work in late summer-fall.

GH ignored notice and accelerated their OLTL character story until Disney/ABC (which has a stake in Hulu) had to force them to comply.

Frank and Ron never counted on OLTL sans them.

by Felicia reply 46904/19/2013

I just want me some Heather Webber. And a BLT

by Felicia reply 47004/19/2013

This is PP's way of getting ABC to cooperate. It's just a continuation of the pissing contest.

I suspect this will be settled out of court.

There are a few preposterous claims such as ABC damaging the OLTL characters by killing off Cole and Hope. They can easily be written back to life. Happens all the time on soaps.

The claim about damaging Tomas Delgado saying he was really Luis Alcazar was also preposterous. Two lines of dialogue could fix that. Move on and forget about it.

The point where PP does have some validity is that GH is bringing back Roger Howarth as another character at the same time that Howarth will be appearing on OLTL as Todd. That could damage indeed OLTL viewership -- why should RH fans tune in to OLTL when they can see him at the same time on GH?

Also there's some precedence for it -- in 2001, Jensen Buchanan started playing a (very forgettable) nurse on GH while her character of Vicki McKinnon was still appearing on ATWT. P&G sued and GH had to recast until after Jensen's stint on ATWT ended.

by Felicia reply 47104/19/2013

According to the claim GH promised PP storyline approval then did whatever they liked. Regardless of how easy it is to fix they also did not have license to make changes for offscreen characters like Clint, Natalie Tomas etc. which they did. They believed they would not have to give the characters back. They also told GH staff writers to get ready to add Natalie and Clint to the canvas.

The real reason PP is laying it all out in ludicrous detail, though, is because GH completely refused to cooperate in negotiations. They saw OLTL as theirs by right. They then tried to pull out of promotion and probably tried to keep RH from appearing along with Easton and Alderson. They're that possessive and petty.

Both sides are out of control but Cartini's bitchfit that the show goes on without them is really shitty. If Howarth does do both how will they punish him?

by Felicia reply 47204/19/2013

How can Alex Quartermaine and Tony Cassedine have a kid? They met in late 1980/early 1981, and were frozen to death in summer of 1981. We're they not really frozen and still alive?

by Felicia reply 47304/19/2013

That said, yes, Ron C clearly overstepped his rights about the OLTL characters. But at the time, it appeared PP was dead in the water and the rights would revert to ABC in January 2013.

Exactly who was Ron C supposed to get story approval for the OLTL characters from? It's not like PP had someone specifically overseeing OLTL. They didn't hire Tom Racina to be headwriter until January 2013.

Was some MBA working at PP supposed to say, No you can't kill Tea's baby? Yes, it's OK if Starr and Michael become a couple?

Neither ABC nor PP are without fault in this situation. This is still just a pissing contest.

But its being taken to ridiculous proportions given that GH can't even mention the Llanview Three by name now.

by Felicia reply 47404/19/2013

r473, Alexandria Q and Tony Cassadine had an affair before they both arrived in Port Charles. When we were first introduced to them in the 80s, they were bitter enemies who were ex-lovers. It is conceivable that Alexandria had a child before arriving in PC and kept it hidden from Tony.

Or the two survived their frozen deaths and have been living in seclusion all this time. Hopefully it is the former - I'm tired of return from the dead stories. It's hard to sustain the credibility of a character who has returned from the dead most implausibly (e.g. AJ) and keep having to hear people say "I heard you were back in town" when he is re-introduced to someone (e.g. Nikolas).

by Felicia reply 47504/19/2013


Heather was on this week. Did you miss her ?

by Felicia reply 47604/19/2013

There's a strong rumour that Peter Reckell is going to join GH as the much-ballyhooed Valentin Cassadine (interesting considering Robert Kelker-Kelly replaced Reckell as Bo Brady on DOOL).

by Felicia reply 47704/19/2013

r456/r457 - it appears they will be going that way, what with Damian and Ellie's involvement with the Pickle-Lila fiasco (remember Ellie's bizarre heart-to-heart with total stranger Tracy in the lab after Ellie stumbled upon Ms Q breaking and entering?).

Not to mention that Maxie had a sexual liason with Lauren's father, Franco.

I'm thinking Ellie's claim that she doesn't want children because of some eco-bleeding-heart martyrdom is a cover for a tragic childhood she suffered.

by Felicia reply 47804/19/2013

r461, I hear that FV has hired the wardrobe/makeup people who worked on The Carol Burnett Show that Carol, Vicki, Harvey and Tim so relied on to turn them into character.

by Felicia reply 47904/19/2013

R475 surely you must know that very few Quatermaines and even fewer Cassadines actually die the first time.

I hope GH just wins the whole thing. PP will never be able to get these soaps back to what they were so what's the point?

by Felicia reply 48004/19/2013

PP must be running through its VC money very fast. They are probably hoping for a quick settlement/payout of a few million to help with their bills.

Disney/ABC will likely stall this in courts for years and the PP soaps will not likely be around by then.

by Felicia reply 48104/19/2013

It's very bizarre of PP to do this. They really look very bad and petty with this. They cancelled at the very last minute the AMC and OLTL reboots; GH preserved OLTL with its transplant of Llanview characters while PP sat on their asses for a whole year. Now they whine about GH's story decisions and want 23 million dollars for being not being treated seriously.

by Felicia reply 48204/19/2013

What is so difficult about resurrecting Hope and Cole from the dead? Did anyone see Stavros last week?

by Felicia reply 48304/19/2013

I think it's just all for publicity leading up to debut.

It's free press.

by Felicia reply 48404/19/2013

I'm still waiting for Britt to be at least reprimanded by chief of staff Monica for having framed Sabrina over the nurse's exam. Or are we meant to have forgotten this already in the endless buzz of random excitement that constitutes RC's approach to storytelling?

by Felicia reply 48504/19/2013

I'm not compaining so much that GH is being pre-empted by ABC News coverage on the Boston fugitive as I am talking heads sitting around and exhausting every angle of this news story, creating new ones when there aren't any left, playing arm-chair psychologists and pointing out endless ironies, complexities and tragedies just to flesh out the time until more breaking news comes in. Diane Sawyer's oh-so-brilliant insightful maxims and reflections are as campy as RC's writing, but at least RC is more in context with his genre than these droning voices are in theirs.

A tragedy happened and they are turning me into a cynic.

by Felicia reply 48604/19/2013

R485, no writer should leave dangling plots.

I agree: Britt should get it from Monica.

I'd still take this regime over the Guza era any day.

by Felicia reply 48704/19/2013

I'm with PP. Contracts are meant to be followed not ignored. FV is a arrogant bully.

by Felicia reply 48804/19/2013

Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have saved GH from cancellation.

If PP thinks Hope Thornhart is so important then just have one of the new OLTL characters hike down the side of the cliff and find her alive.

NuCole, too.

by Felicia reply 48904/19/2013

Have any of you tried the new Heath Bar Mocha ice cream at Baskin Robbins? Awesome!

by Felicia reply 49004/19/2013

No offense, but it was dumb to kill off Tea and Victor's baby, unless they were going to use it to add even more fuel to the Todd/Victor war. Now they can't even mention it.

by Felicia reply 49104/19/2013

R491, what was really dumb is that they did it to give Sam that baybee she squalled and pissed and moaned about for years. Monaco pushed the baybee story to tie herself to Burton, then Burton walked. Now she's stuck with a kid and no leading man.

That should have been Tea's baby. I don't have a lot of use for her and her histrionics, but she's a pretty good parent.

by Felicia reply 49204/19/2013

No leading man for Sam?


by Felicia reply 49304/19/2013

Oh please. Maksim is a GH newcomer, not a leading man.

by Felicia reply 49404/19/2013

Most of the hunks on soaps can't act their way out of paper bags.

Many have one schtick that they do well which is why they stick around, but most are incapable of playing any other note.

So get out of my house, R494.

Get out of MAH HOUZE!!!

by Felicia reply 49504/19/2013

The Quartermaines might be a fun bunch.

But the, that was a boatload of crazy right there!

by Felicia reply 49604/19/2013

I don't understand why the networks still cut in to regular programming in an era where we have multiple 24 hour news channels and all the news on the web at our fingertips. Call me insensitive but I was off from work today and wanted to watch GH damn it!

by Felicia reply 49704/19/2013

I think they will be running today's show on Monday instead. I just looked at Soapnet to see if they had it, but it seems they put up a rerun of yesterday's show.

by Felicia reply 49804/19/2013

I think RC and FV put on a great GH but I also see all the weaknesses and arrogance they developed at OLTL after years of the soap hens coronating them the Queens of Moldavia. They bought into their own press and believe they can do no wrong. Several sources close to them say they completely refused to deal with the fact OLTL is back under others' watch. They were banking on running future OLTL projects through ABC.

In any event ABC is already scrambling to make amends. Victoria Sleestack, Thorsten Kaye and Vincent Irizarry are promoting OLTL on The View next Thursday!

New promo for both shows. Cassandra is kidnapped and Bianca wants to kill JR.

by Felicia reply 49904/19/2013

Aggie Nixon gave a new interview confirming she's busy consulting for both shows and is enjoying working at OLTL again for the first time since the 70s. Will wonders never cease?

by Felicia reply 50004/19/2013

I'm ashamed to admit the AMC clips that we've seen look much more interesting than the OLTL ones.

by Felicia reply 50104/20/2013

Next thread?

by Felicia reply 50204/20/2013

I think next thread should be about Heather's BLT's!

by Felicia reply 50304/20/2013

R503 -We had a Kelly's BLT thread before. I think it got zapped pretty early on although I might be wrong.

by Felicia reply 50404/20/2013

Agnes Nixon is a greedy old hag who should have allowed both of her shows to get proper send-offs on ABC. I hope she croaks soon.

by Felicia reply 50504/20/2013

R505, please eat shit. Seriously.

Aggie's a fucking treasure.

And she didn't have control of either show at the time of their cancellation, so stuff your illogical theory in your festering pus wound of a twat.

by Felicia reply 50604/20/2013

New Soap Opera Digest....Jack T graces the pages of it!

by Felicia reply 50704/20/2013

Whoops, I meant Andy T.

by Felicia reply 50804/20/2013

Tupperware demo: pleases the crowd, seals the deal. And everyone and everything fresh remains fresh.

Y' all are welcome.

by Felicia reply 50904/20/2013

Ouch, R506. You hurt my feelings, you really did.

I met Nixon's daughter Emily once at a party and she wasn't aware that I knew who her mother was. She said she was raised by a cold, vain woman who withheld love and affection from her during her entire life and only had time for "the people who worked for her." She wasn't even sure she was included in her will.

Why does that old bag continually try to dress like a 30 year old when she appeared in promotional appearances like on The View? And why is it obvious she's had multiple face lifts? Because she's a vain, greedy, nasty piece of work.

I hope the last words she hears are that her beloved creations AMC and OLTL crashed and burned thanks to PP.

by Felicia reply 51004/20/2013

Really r510? Maybe she wasn't a good mother, but she's a legendary storyteller. A pioneer and as others said a treasure. It makes no difference to me as a fan if her children hate her. And she had nothing to do with these shows being licensed to PP. That was a business transaction between ABC and PP. But if they will go on why should she not be involved in some form if she is still able to and has the desire to? More power to her.

by Felicia reply 51104/20/2013

Not r505 OR r510 here, but I think the unsung hero of AMC writing is Lorraine Broderick.

I enjoyed the Angie/Jesse/Jenny/Greg/Liza stuff and the Tad/Marian stuff was a hoot!

Loved Kate Collins in her Natalie heyday, Laura's death (Brooke: No. No. [italic] No. [/italic] )

Also: nympho Arlene and that hot sex with Alex McIntyre.

The Bianca coming out story was great.

But I could do without all the southern hicks.

Despite liking all of the above Aggie was never a big favorite. I preferred Doug Marland, Bill Bell, Pam Long, Pat Falken Smith and (when he's good) Hogan Sheffer.

by Felicia reply 51204/20/2013

Is Andy shirtless or barefoot in the SOD pics, r508?

by Felicia reply 51304/20/2013

Who wrote the storyline where mousy little Silver Kane was gas lighting her sister Erica? One of my favorite soap opera story lines ever.

by Felicia reply 51404/20/2013


What are you talking about ? Everytime I've seen Agnes she has been dressed age appropriate.

by Felicia reply 51504/20/2013

Tyler C. is back on contract. His ABC Family show is not getting renewal news til summer.

Genie and Lynn are also long-term.

FV is in deep on the OLTL mess. He and Ron broke the terms of their agreement for limited character usage and clearing stories with PP and then tried to skate. They also wrote in stuff for multiple OLTL characters they didn't pay to use. They were expecting the rights to revert back to ABC and took the news of OLTL returning on its own very badly. They considered it "theirs".

New TV Guide article on OLTL and AMC

by Felicia reply 51604/21/2013

FV can't do shit without ABC approval so if they did something they shouldn't have, then it's on ABC on RC and FV

by Felicia reply 51704/21/2013

New thread suggestion: The Floating Rib under new management

Too obvious?

by Felicia reply 51804/21/2013

How about "I'm going to Kelly's for a BLT wanna join me?"

Or..."My son slept with my ex wife. Should I shoot her?"

Or..."YIKES! My memories were destroyed in the deep freezer."

Or, lol... "Those 3 new people in town look familiar, but I can't name them."

by Felicia reply 51904/21/2013

I'm no Agnes fan either. Her two greatest creations, Erica and Rachel are the same character and virtually played the identical story, until Rachel grew up thanks to Lemay. She's a legend, I get that, but the old bird should have been put out to pasture years ago. This is every Agnes Nixon interview...

Erica, Carla Gray, Rachel, Steve, and Alice, and how she hated taking AMC from 30 minutes to an hour. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Bill Bell wrote circles around Agnes. Agnes was also petty.

by Felicia reply 52004/21/2013

r505/r510, I really don't see what it matters that Nixon was a "bad mother". Most writers are emotionally maladjusted - or at least they are so into their imaginative worlds that they tend to be neglectful of real relationships. But that is immaterial - it shouldn't matter to you. I don't want to know the personal lives of my writers. I am sure if you looked into the private lives of the writers you do find "acceptable" you will find something that doesn't match your great expectations. Doug Marland used his position and connections to set himself up with most of the hustlers/struggling young actors that came into the eyeshot of producers and casting directors - and if we believe the gossip, he only wanted to play with their feet. There's something oddly perverted, predatory, pedophilistic, and prudish about that that makes me think Marland would be creepy to be around, but that does not affect my consideration of the brilliant contribution he made to the soap genre.

I think you are projecting some very deep personal issues of your own on this woman. Chill out and draw some lines. Ms. Nixon's daughter should not be telling people she just met at parties such personal details about her life. It sounds like a case of "misery prefers company" when the two of you crossed paths.

Unless it wasn't at a party, but perhaps at some support group?

by Felicia reply 52104/21/2013

Irna Phillips was a total cunt to her children (and, as the story goes, everyone around her) but she still created an empire.

And there's more to Agnes' story telling than Erica, Rachel, Carla Grey and lather rinse repeat.

by Felicia reply 52204/21/2013

Oh, R521...give it a rest.

I was just expressing an opinion based on a chance meeting with Nixon's daughter at a party. And she had a lot more control over AMC and OLTL than you think.

by Felicia reply 52304/21/2013


by Felicia reply 52404/21/2013

For the new title, what about something like "Crimson Magazine - Boy, has it gone downhill since Kate Howard isn't editor-in-chief anymore!"

by Felicia reply 52504/22/2013

Very strange to see MB in those airport scenes, acting second fiddle to Luke and Laura.

by Felicia reply 52604/23/2013

AMC and OLTL are running promos in primetime and daytime on the CW, Logo, WE, Style, Lifetime etc.

Entertainment Tonight is running a segment tonight as the shows have a premiere party in New York and preview the first eps for contest winners.

Sleestack is on The View Thursday promoting the shows.

by Felicia reply 52704/23/2013

Yikes! Michael Nader and Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde Tuggle) are attending the premiere tonight.

by Felicia reply 52804/23/2013

I know that I'm alone, but I really want these reboots to fail. If I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, I would pray that he ensures their failure.

by Felicia reply 52904/23/2013

[quote] I know that I'm alone, but I really want these reboots to fail.

You're a fucking idiot.

by Felicia reply 53004/23/2013

Why, R529?

by Felicia reply 53104/23/2013

Because there is no earthly reason to WANT these to fail.

The casts are back. They're finally being treated with class and respect and seem incredibly happy. The material is said to be fresh and intelligent with good writers and Agnes Nixon in place. The history is honored and the production looks fantastic. And most of all, online is the future of all soaps. Including GH, which Prospect has right of first refusal to down the road.

Unless you are one of the obese Internet soap "journalists" who sees it through the cracked lens of supporting either Cartini's GH or OLTL and AMC because they think no one else should be allowed to touch the denizens of Llanvuew, there is no reason not to cheer on all three.

by Felicia reply 53204/23/2013

[quote]Unless you are one of the obese Internet soap "journalists"

Leave me out of this bitch.

by Felicia reply 53304/23/2013

Good points R532. Also, there is a chance GH might not be on network TV forever and I would like to think it has a place to go. AMC I stopped watching long before it was cancelled but I did love OLTL and watched to the end. Now GH is my favorite and I don't like the way PP does business but I still want them to be successful if for no other reason than GH might need to continue as an online soap someday.

P.S. Has a new thread started yet, if so can someone post the title?


by Felicia reply 53404/23/2013

I loved what FV and RC did for my OLTL but they were not without their horrible blunders, even now on the reinvigorated GH. I am eager to see OLTL in smart new hands and while I think PP has made some shady moves I think the old OLTL team's efforts to undermine any OLTL without them (Frank had his heart set on a hybrid with Ron writing) are really arrogant. I love all 3 soaps and they are all bigger than their creatives.

I hope eventually Ron's GH and the new OLTL can coexist. But RC does not take no well. He hated surrendering OLTL to anyone. In the end he is just one of many shepherds.

by Felicia reply 53504/23/2013

Better version of TV promo

by Felicia reply 53604/23/2013

Sorry, here is the proper link

by Felicia reply 53704/23/2013

The word out there is PP is opening themselves up to a class action suit by the likes of Easton who committed to them the first time they tried to get the shows online but then they abruptly failed to get it going.

by Felicia reply 53804/23/2013

ABC had agreed to air the promos but since the lawsuit they have pulled them.

by Felicia reply 53904/23/2013

[quote] is the future of all soaps.

The fact that they are showing the new PP shows on FX in Canada would seem to indicate that they are testing the waters for an eventual return to broadcast television. Personally, I think that would be great and I really hope it works out.

by Felicia reply 54004/23/2013

LOL! The actors are not going to sue. That sounds like fanfic beamed from the mind of Jamey Giddens.

The lawsuit was spurred by ABC refusing to air the promos PP had already paid for. Out of nowhere ABC ordered them to remove Roger Howarth from the promo before they'd run it. PP is under no obligation to cut him out. The fact that RH is back on a soap as Todd weeks before GH is not OLTL's problem. Petty penny-ante bitterness.

by Felicia reply 54104/23/2013

r529, then I can guess you are one of these anti-soap people who drop into a soap thread to shit all over everyone.

Anyone who has a true appreciation of the soap opera genre would want this to work out. For the last couple of decades, alot of well-beloved soaps were killed on the chopping block because of network politics. Who would ever have thought that not just one, but TWO, cancelled soaps would be given a second chance.

Their success could only mean a whole new renaissance of soap opera.

by Felicia reply 54204/23/2013

Sooooooo ... I guess today's ending meant that Brenda and Michael did sleep together. Fast forward to about a year from now when Brenda returns with a hunky teenage son.

by Felicia reply 54304/23/2013

[quote]Sooooooo ... I guess today's ending meant that Brenda and Michael did sleep together.

Huh? I must have missed something.

by Felicia reply 54404/23/2013

AMC/OLTL red carpet premiere going down in Manhattan. Pix on twitter. Everyone looks amazing.

Colleen Zenk Pinter from ATWT showed up. I wonder if she will do a Barbara Ryan and skulk around backstage like the deranged Phantom of the Opera Babs became after being burned in that boathouse explosion.

by Felicia reply 54504/23/2013

Who is Jamey Giddens?

by Felicia reply 54604/23/2013

r544, what did the ending mean then? Why, after Carly told Sonny that Brenda lied about sleeping with Michael, did we see Michael have that flashback of Brenda handing him that coffee and we saw Brenda accept the cup of coffee from the stewardess and then smiling? I didn't get it.

r546, Giddons is a self-made soap "journalist" who reigns supreme over at Daytime Ridiculous, loud, overbearing sort. I tried listening to him on his podcasts and had to turn them off in the middle because his voice was opening and shutting my garage door and throwing my cat into violent seizures.

by Felicia reply 54704/23/2013

Any of you NY queens at the premiere tonight? They screened the first two episodes. We should get some spoilers and reviews soon no?

by Felicia reply 54804/23/2013

Oh dear ... things get wacky when the Pickle-Lila war spills out onto the set of ABC's The Chew. Discovering AJ has booked a spot for himself on the ABC lifestyle show, Tracy jets out to LA to sabotage her nephew's appearence. Her new business partner, Nikolas Cassadine, is thrown into the comedy of errors.

by Felicia reply 54904/23/2013

So Brenda drugged Michael. I d probably have less of a problem with Brenda if she had any taste in clothes. Her choices are horrendous.

by Felicia reply 55004/23/2013

Colleen Zenk shows up everywhere. She is really embarrassing if you ask me. Probably looking for a job. I never thought of Brenda drugging Michael, for some reason I thought he was going to start remembering that they really did sleep together.

by Felicia reply 55104/23/2013

Zenk is a schmoozer and probably looking for a gig. If nothing else she'll get her picture in the paper tomorrow.

by Felicia reply 55204/23/2013

[quote]what did the ending mean then? Why, after Carly told Sonny that Brenda lied about sleeping with Michael, did we see Michael have that flashback of Brenda handing him that coffee and we saw Brenda accept the cup of coffee from the stewardess and then smiling? I didn't get it.

I suppose it's somewhat open to interpretation, but to me the smile seemed more like she was amused with herself for being able to once again stick it to Carly and in a pretty outrageous way at that. The coffee was a reminder.

by Felicia reply 55304/23/2013

Zenk would be fabulous on B&B as a new Sally Spectra-type adversary for the Forresters. She could play it like The Devil Wears Prada.

by Felicia reply 55404/23/2013

Most people who went have ceded to PP's request to keep spoilers locked down, at least publicly. The fact that the shows apparently wowed not only the regular contest winner fans who got to attend but also the sycophants of the online sites who were very against a Cartini-less OLTL is good news though. Universal praise so far. There is at least one shocker on OLTL-probably TSJ.

It sounds like one of the young AMC guys has an ass shot right away. The OLTL opening features some of the cast dancing in pairs, including Roger Howarth(!).

Here is a red carpet interview with the stars of AMC

by Felicia reply 55504/23/2013

Blast from the past: OLTL does Fraternity Row!

So glad they're back.

by Felicia reply 55604/24/2013

Soaps might do better online and get to a more realistic vibe. One of the things that made the mob a joke on GH was how santitized it was. Real mob members do not behave like they on daytime TV. Sonny should have been more like Tony Soprano, not a brooding romantic hero; same with the really ridiculous Jason Morgan as the hitman/town savior.

by Felicia reply 55704/24/2013

[quote]I d probably have less of a problem with Brenda if she had any taste in clothes. Her choices are horrendous.

Those are VM's clothes. She used her own wardrobe for her last two (previous) GH appearances. It's my understanding she's also dressing herself for this appearance.

She has the worst taste I've ever seen.

Constance Towers uses her own wardrobe, but she's beautifully dressed.

by Felicia reply 55804/24/2013

[quote] Who is Jamey Giddens?

An obese man with a serious speech impediment who seems to believe he's a journalist because he reads all the message boards religiously.

Like Nelson Branco did. Even a stopped clock is right a few times a day and the shows started going directly to Giddens or Branco a while back. They bitch fight about who knew what first all the time.

Speaking of fat soap journalists, Carolyn Hinsey just posted about Thorsten Kaye on her Facebook page. That slut is still stalking him! LOL

by Felicia reply 55904/24/2013


I don't want any Mob on GH be it on network TV or online TV.

Limiting the Mob role on GH is something RC/FV have gotten right.

by Felicia reply 56004/24/2013

Nelson Branco reported weeks ago that John Stamos was back on the GH set filming scenes for his return for the Nurses' Ball.

The guy is a hack. I agree that most of these so-called soap journalists are self-made and not trained, thinking they have found an easy way to make a career by reading the online message boards.

by Felicia reply 56104/24/2013

Milo's feets today!!!!

by Felicia reply 56204/24/2013

Nikolas' feets today too!!!!

by Felicia reply 56304/24/2013

Word is they will be trying out a Sonny-Olivia redux.

by Felicia reply 56404/24/2013

Thanks for the hot feets alerts, guys!

by Felicia reply 56504/24/2013

The new OLTL and AMC are sounding REALLY good.

Maura West is confirmed for GH. Apparently she is playing "Ava Jerome". Of THE Jeromes?

by Felicia reply 56604/24/2013

Interesting ... I always had a feeling the Jeromes would be brought up for some story sooner or later.

Read a spoiler that Morgan Corinthos is reintroduced as having his life in danger ... wonder if the Jeromes are waging war on the Corinthoses?

by Felicia reply 56704/24/2013

Tyler Christopher looked amazingly hot today in his fitted briefs.

by Felicia reply 56804/24/2013

When Tyler looks hot, he really looks hot.

by Felicia reply 56904/24/2013

[quote]When Tyler looks hot, he really looks hot.

You got that right.

by Felicia reply 57004/24/2013

Shirtless scenes galore today. Dante, Milo and Nikolas.

Now if only Frank and Ron can figure out a way to get them all in the steam room at the same time like they did with the Ford brothers on OLTL.

by Felicia reply 57104/24/2013

Great feets and tits on Nicolas and Milo today. I could do without the tats... not a fan of that.

by Felicia reply 57204/24/2013

Hottie Nate from OLTL is on Law & Order: SVU now.

by Felicia reply 57304/24/2013

Ya beat me to it R573. Yes blue collar Lenny Platt on SVU.

by Felicia reply 57404/24/2013

Playing a gang banger, no less.

by Felicia reply 57504/24/2013

Everyone from Billy Clyde to the little boy who played Cord and Tina's son CJ was at that event last night!

by Felicia reply 57604/24/2013

Cute new video with the OLTL cast explaining Hulu to the housewives

by Felicia reply 57704/24/2013

I've listened to that podcast. I don't mind Jamey. He's funny and very queeny. It's that ghetto bitch Jillian that I don't like. She says ax and makes fun of Luke all the time who seems really sweet.

by Felicia reply 57804/24/2013

r578 = Jamey (or Luke).

by Felicia reply 57904/24/2013

GH spoilers - sound good. Hope they're true.

by Felicia reply 58004/24/2013

[quote]Nelson Branco reported weeks ago that John Stamos was back on the GH set filming scenes for his return for the Nurses' Ball.

Has anyone ever bought his "Soap Uncensored" "magazine"? It's like something that would be delivered to your Prodigy e-mail address circa 1994.

by Felicia reply 58104/24/2013

Just a reminder: Viki Sleestak, Thorsten Kaye and Dr. David Hayward are on THE VIEW TOMORROW!

by Felicia reply 58204/24/2013

r560, you spoke too soon.

Maura West is playing the role of Ava Jerome, a member of the Jerome crime family, who were once Anna and Duke's worst nightmare. Jerome threatens Sonny's territorial claim on Port Charles - and young Morgan Corinthos will be put in danger.

Meanwhile, Tracy's past mob ties will also figure in the story.

And with the rumours that Drew Osbourne will be playing Bobbi's adopted son Lucas Jones, need we be reminded that Lucas is, in fact, the biological son of late mobster Julian Jerome (and Tiffany Hill's deceased sister Cheryl Stansbury)?

by Felicia reply 58304/24/2013

Why are these mobsters okay, but Sonny and Jason weren't?

by Felicia reply 58404/24/2013

Because they were portrayed as mobsters and not mobster-heroes.

by Felicia reply 58504/24/2013


Drew Osbourne is way too young for Lucas especially if they intend to pair him with Felix.

Lucas shouldn't be jailbait.

by Felicia reply 58604/25/2013

[quote] Has anyone ever bought his "Soap Uncensored" "magazine"? It's like something that would be delivered to your Prodigy e-mail address circa 1994.

Yes, I have.

I read it in Kindle and the layout seems OK....but 95% of the shit he puts in there is either stuff we already read elsewhere with his snark, or things he read on a message board.

And, uh, we all know to take DL postings with a grain of salt. He doesn't always get that.

I got tired of his attacks on other soap people and his intense stalkery focus on about 8 or so favorites of his. If I want to see fangurling I can go to Television without Pity and read it for free.

by Felicia reply 58704/25/2013

r584, GH used to draw the line at portraying mobsters as heroes. Luke was trapped in the mob and risked his life to get out of it, eventually turning Mr. Big Frank Smith in. Duke was conflicted about his mafia birthright and his desire to go straight. Olivia Jerome was a psychotic nutcase; her brother Jerome was a villain who paid for his crimes.

To see Sonny and Jason be treated like heroes for the last decade was a very dark and disturbing course for soaps to take.

by Felicia reply 58804/25/2013

R586 - Drew Osborne is 22; Felix looks late 20s to me; I don't think that makes Osborne jailbait. As soon as Bobbie mentioned him upon her return, I knew Lucas would be showing up, especially since the camera cut right to Felix when Bobbie said she hoped he would find a good man to love.

by Felicia reply 58904/25/2013

For the record, the last Lucas was very hot. If this Drew person is the new Lucas then he's an uggo whom I would prefer not to see on my tv screen.

by Felicia reply 59004/25/2013

The last Lucas was played by Drake Hogestyn's son.

This Drew Osbourne is very queeny.

by Felicia reply 59104/25/2013

Why would I have any thoughts on whether you have any talents OP? In fact how could I?

by Felicia reply 59204/25/2013

Well, Ben Hogestyn is 31 years old.

So, unless they deSORAS Lucas, he should be in his late 20s to early 30s.

While Drew Osborne does have an softer, somewhat androgynous thing going on, he doesn't look like he can play late 20s.

And yes, cutting directly from Bobbie saying she hopes Lucas finds a good man to Felix was pretty obvious.

PS Has anyone started a new thread yet?

by Felicia reply 59304/25/2013

Code = BLT in title - Took a shot at it. Hope everyone behaves.

by Felicia reply 59404/25/2013

Interesting red carpet interviews with the OLTL cast. One of them is the sister of the little kid who played CJ Roberts in the 1990s. He got hot. His sister is playing some role on the new show but they won't confirm or deny if she is Sarah and he is returning as CJ.

by Felicia reply 59504/25/2013

ES, VI and TK on The View. Clips from new OLTL and AMC are shown.

by Felicia reply 59604/25/2013

ES and Julia Barr are on the Today Show tomorrow morning!

by Felicia reply 59704/25/2013

Luas is really a Jerome. He was adopted by Bobbie.

With the Jeromes returning it stands to reason this will help bring Lucas back on the canvas.

I hope they hire someone 24-25 and hot to death.

by Felicia reply 59804/25/2013

r598 I'm available!

by Felicia reply 59904/25/2013

How about someone who can also act for Lucas, hot and talented doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.

by Felicia reply 60004/25/2013
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