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Gayle with plastic rainbow bracelet?

I was watching CBS This Morning today. Gayle isn't usually on too much until after 8AM, so I've rarely seen her, but this morning, she was on quite a bit before I left for work at 8.

While I was watching, I noticed something rainbow-looking on her left wrist, but I decided I must be wrong. But then they showed her again, and right there it was, right in front of God and everybody.

Did anyone else see this? Is it something she wears all the time?

by I knew it!!reply 503/26/2013

Yes, that's interesting. I remember Phillip Phillips wearing a rainbow bracelet on American Idol.

by I knew it!!reply 103/26/2013

Phillip Phillips too.

by I knew it!!reply 203/26/2013

Uh, maybe she is wearing it to support the cause of equality as it takes to the Supreme Court?

by I knew it!!reply 303/26/2013

Norah O'Donnell was on vacation hence Gayle filling in on the first hour, OP.

by I knew it!!reply 403/26/2013

It is the same sort of bracelets that the GMA people wear in support of Robin Roberts bone marrow cause.

It has nothing to do with the gay cause.

by I knew it!!reply 503/26/2013
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