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I can't stop scouring the net looking for live updates about SCOTUS this morning.

I have butterflies in my stomach, and I think that will continue all day and tomorrow too.

WTF is going to happen?

omg. I feel sick.

by a. lesbianreply 2603/27/2013

as a gay dude, I can tell you about SCROTUM and what's about to happen...

by a. lesbianreply 103/26/2013

I was about to say "Oh, Mary!", OP. But in your case, "Oh, Marvin!"

by a. lesbianreply 203/26/2013

Unless we have a well placed Mary in the court, it is going to be months before anything meaningful comes out.

by a. lesbianreply 303/26/2013

Someone was liveblogging from the line and is now in the courtroom, but will TPTB take away audience members' phones?

by a. lesbianreply 403/26/2013

Please F&F the homophobe jokester at R5. Trolls eat shit.

by a. lesbianreply 603/26/2013

god, no kidding.

by a. lesbianreply 703/26/2013

Rachel Maddow said she'd have recordings of today's arguments by airtime tonight.

OP, you'll get an update at lunchtime on the East coast from reporters inside the Court.

by a. lesbianreply 803/26/2013

thank you r8.

I guess people are already suggesting that Roberts is indicating Prop 8 will be struck down....

by a. lesbianreply 903/26/2013

I guess small steps is better than backward steps. It seems clear they will let the 9th circuit ruling stand, and gay marriages can resume in Cali.

I was hoping for something more sweeping, but this is good news.

by a. lesbianreply 1003/26/2013

Op, you realize they're not going to rule today right? Since this is a complicated set of cases, they will probably rule at the end of the session (in June) same as they did for Obamacare last year.

by a. lesbianreply 1103/26/2013

It looks like they may not even take up the Prop 8 case, which is good for CA gays, but bad for nationalized same-sex marriage.

by a. lesbianreply 1203/26/2013

yes of course i know that.

doesn't make me any less stomach-butterflies today.

plus, based on intelligent reporting, one can get a good sense of where they are headed on their decision....

by a. lesbianreply 1303/26/2013

link to intelligent reporting, please

by a. lesbianreply 1403/26/2013

one example:

by a. lesbianreply 1503/26/2013

Wow this was fast!

Transcript and audio already up.

by a. lesbianreply 1603/26/2013

thank you, op.

by a. lesbianreply 1703/26/2013

OMG! I can't believe what they're saying.

by a. lesbianreply 1803/26/2013

Thank you, R16. It was fascinating reading the transcripts. It's interesting how the Justices' personalities come through. Scalia is a fucking homophobic asshole.

by a. lesbianreply 1903/26/2013

Scalia should be impeached, as should his shadow puppet, Thomas.

by a. lesbianreply 2003/26/2013

Heaven forbid someone should hold an opinion you don't like.

[quote]Chief Justice Roger Taney said blacks could not be citizens even if free because they were "beings of an inferior order and altogether unfit to associate with the white race" with "no right which the white man was bound to respect."

by a. lesbianreply 2103/26/2013

freaking out again because early tweets i saw today indicated that scotus was once again squirming about whether they should be dealing with this...

by a. lesbianreply 2203/27/2013

That's what happens when you have OCD, OP. Take an extra dose of your medications.

by a. lesbianreply 2303/27/2013

Why freak out? You were okay before when they all thought you were mentally ill or evil; so why depend on their opinion now?

by a. lesbianreply 2403/27/2013

well, here you GO

by a. lesbianreply 2503/27/2013

their "opinion" is the difference between being an equal american citizen or 'less-than'.

it's not my self-worth i'm worried about, r24. it's my financial and legal well-being.

by a. lesbianreply 2603/27/2013
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