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Rare tiger cubs born at the Columbus Zoo

Check out the kitten cam.

by Just Jackreply 903/26/2013

Nice kitties!!!!

by Just Jackreply 103/25/2013

Mama's little tiger is yelling as she grooms him, and she doesn't even bat an eye.

Go, cat, go.

by Just Jackreply 203/25/2013

Great, I need a new coat.

by Just Jackreply 303/25/2013

They are not as cute as the giraffe that was just born in that zoo in Connecticut.

by Just Jackreply 403/26/2013

We just had a Sumatran tiger born Feb. 10 here in Ess Eff!!!

by Just Jackreply 503/26/2013

sweet pussy

by Just Jackreply 603/26/2013

I bet they're gay. Only a gay man would dress like that.

by Just Jackreply 703/26/2013

I can't wait to see them when Jungle Jack Hannah brings them to the Letterman show.

Also, the zoo with the baby giraffe is taking suggestions for a name.

by Just Jackreply 803/26/2013

What gorgeous babies. I wonder how the staff manages to get near them if they need to? I imagine mama is none to relaxed about anyone getting close to the little ones at this point.

by Just Jackreply 903/26/2013
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