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I posted a bit about this in another thread but perhaps it’s deserving of its own. The more people able to add their contributions, the better.

It's pretty disturbing that the mind has such a strong need for familiarity that it will duplicate so much from memory. Deja vu is an example, but also mere recycling of what one thinks is original thought. But clearly that's not the case. Our mind follows patterns and these patterns are FINITE!

For an example, you learn a new word. This is the first time you can recollect hearing this word. It’s possible maybe at an earlier age you heard someone say this word, but as of now, for all intents and purposes this is a new word. So what happens? You start hearing this word. You’re watching a movie and the character uses this “new” word. We right this off as coincidence, but it is actually the mind preserving resources by utilizing its cache.

Not exactly exciting, at least not until you reflect on the actual meaning. If your mind is digging into its own cache to generate your experiences, are these experiences even genuine? If the world around us self-generated, and it is our own mind we are living in, is it really reality? Then again, if it is the only reality we know – then it must be, right?

It brings forth a lot of questions like purpose and … well, morality, really. If we are existing in a world created within ourselves, do are actions really matter?

I’ve had a dozen or so of these instances like my example occur over the past month. That is really rare. Usually the mind is more careful about duplicating memories and referencing new data.

The question is: Is this a deterioration or a case of becoming more self-aware?

by Brandonreply 103/25/2013


by Brandonreply 103/25/2013
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