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PBS Documentary POV: Girl Model

Anyone else see this last night? How sad for those Siberian girls. Ashley Arbaugh and that creepy Russian model agency owner are basically human traffickers. Ashley especially should be called out for the narcissistic, deluded user that she is - the fact that she was a former teen model herself in the same predicament is even more galling. What a self-obsessed bitch!

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 1307/18/2013

I watched it last night at So disturbing. That Ashley zombie had me exclaiming to the screen, "what is wrong with you?" I really can't identify what her psychological issue is, what with the inability to just talk to the 2 frightened girls in the Tokyo apartment, just staring at them creepily and then leaving? And the plastic baby dolls in her house, with the third missing because she "dissected" it? And those effing freaky video journal clips from when she was 18? She was weird then, but you might attribute it to inexperience and isolation back then. A decade later, get a freaking friend! Quit your soul-sucking job!

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 103/25/2013

Very good observation R2, though I think some of that was her making an attempt to seem edgy and have artistic depth. It's interesting to note that she was the one who persistently tried to attract the filmmakers to make her story such a big part of the film.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 203/25/2013

I'm watching this on Netflix now, and I found this thread by Googling... as someone who has some very very minute experience in "the industry," and self identifies as a feminist, the aspects of exploitation and abuse aren't new to me. But this film does offer a very raw, and earnest POV for people who may not realize all this so-called glamorous line of work entails. What's really shocking me right now is Ashley. She hates the industry? She hates modeling? She says it's akin to prostitution, but she's clearly playing an integral role in ALL of this.

I found her (Ashley's) part in this whole film really disturbing. I can't tell if she's really this sullen, moody creative type - or if she's displaying this kind of caricature of who she wants to be for the doc.

Anyways, glad to have found some others who saw in her what I saw. I was wondering for a minute if I was jaded, or mean, or even just being judgmental to a fault.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 305/07/2013

what the fuck is wrong Ashley Arbaugh , is she fucked in head. i mean this lady is nut for sure. and i dont get why she takes pictures of models feet, she got thing for feet? she clearly said on the files that she takes those pictures without the models knowledge. i feel like she is sealing those parts body pictures for porn sites, honestly some one need to investigate her.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 405/18/2013

Just saw the tv-program about the nasty conditions, Ashley arbaugh is a nasty dum bitch who belong to the planet of exploitation and haters

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 505/20/2013

A lot of young women are just plain stupid, they so desperate to work in the glamor fields, they will do anything for a connection, period.

I didn't watch this POV episode, but honestly, if a young woman wants to try to become a model, they should deal with only reputable modeling agencies. They should never answer ads, let alone ads which are trying to lure women into training to be a model. Not many top models have to be trained, these women are usually trained to walk once they get the modeling jobs, but training schools are just money making scams.

Young women shouldn't believe someone who comes up to them on the street asking them to model. Though, that has happened to many women, and men, who are now famous models, they have literally been discovered on the street by reputable modeling agents.

Years ago, a female agent from Ford saw a friend's sister walking down Fifth Avenue. The young woman gave me the name and number on the card, I asked my company's stylist to verify the agent, she in turn told me the agent was legit.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 605/20/2013

I can only find the trailer at the PBS site. Where can I watch the whole thing?

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 705/20/2013

Gross how those underaged, undeveloped girls are considered models now a days. It was really sad watching them tell those bony girls that their hips were too huge and that they needed to go on diets. By the looks of that docu, there seems to be a lot of starving, thirsty girls in Siberia.

The Japanese owner of that agency was creepy, 40 year old guy with eyes for 13-15 year old girls. Ugh.

It's on netflix instant in case anyone wants to see it, who missed it on PBS.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 805/20/2013

All the reviews mention that something shocking happened at the end to the featured model. What was it?

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 905/20/2013

Wow, the 90's runway beauties (Naomi, Cindy, etc..) would be considered fat cows by today's runway standards.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 1005/20/2013


She ended up in debt with the "modeling agency", returned home to go to school, then quit school where she returned to Japan to try to get jobs that put her into even more debt. I think it said at the end they ended up sending her to China to model. Modern day white slavery trade.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 1105/20/2013

Madlen is gorgeous.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 1205/20/2013

Anyone catch PBS new POV:Only The Young,about youth and friendships.

by Switch Models... As in "Bait And..."?reply 1307/18/2013
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