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BuzzFeed: Attempting Every Day To Sway Gays Towards Conservatism

It's fairly obvious at this point that BuzzFeed favors the Republican Party and conservatism in general, but they continue to whitewash the attacks of Republicans on gays. (They know that gays are 'in' now, so they attempt this weird amalgamation of homosexuality and reactionary politics.) There was the pro-Ken Mehlman article (a "BuzzFeed LGBT exclusive"!), the attacks on Democratic Senators who aren't loudly in favor of gay marriage (forget the many, many Republican ones who won't even countenance gay marriage), and glowing reports on the latest doings of GOProud and the Log Cabinites.

When will they learn that we gays - gaycito and edrusgay, cut and uncut, fit-fat and manorexic - really, really hate Republicans?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5506/09/2013

I thought I was the only one who noticed that Buzzfeed was really slanted to the right politically.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 103/23/2013

White gay men would be overwhelming conservative if it weren't for the Christian wackos who want gays dead or at least way back in the closet.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 203/23/2013

Not this gay cracker, Liberal to the core.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 303/23/2013

You're not alone, R1. They definitely don't care to hide their right-wing bias.

I also agree with OP. Why do they think we'd be sympathetic to seeing that on their new LGBT page?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 403/23/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Twentysomething Gayreply 503/23/2013

R5 thinks his mother's cunt is "finger-licking good".

by Twentysomething Gayreply 603/23/2013

No free thinking person is a Republican't.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 703/23/2013

Is this why Stacy Lambe left BuzzFeed?

They've also got a lot of Mormons on staff.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 803/23/2013

Probably, R8. It's an odd site - they're willfully defiant about shoving pro-Republican pieces in our face on our own LGBT page.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 903/23/2013

I grew up in a family of rabid conservative activists, including a closeted gay GOP campaign manager cousin who never met a fascist he didn't like. As a lot, a bunch of dangerous mental cases. It pains me to see my own family dynamic mirrored daily in the political fuckery of this beautiful country.

Let's help Buzzfeed fail, you know, using the free market. NOT linking to them or giving them page views helps accomplish their downfall.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1003/23/2013

R5 is, like most conservatives, not only wrong, but projecting... accusing others of what is true of himself.

Nobody with a functioning brain is Republican, Conservative, or Libertarian. These are all utterly corrupt, failed ideologies that simply don't work in the real world. (well, they work well enough for the selfish entitled 1%, but not for humanity as a whole).

Tools and stooges like R5 are to be pitied, really.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1103/23/2013

Conservatives: Wrong About Everything

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1203/23/2013

There are plenty of gay righties especially in California.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1303/23/2013

I think it's interesting that gay conservatives, like me, have to hide it socially. Just like we had to hide being gay when we were younger. I don't care if many other right wingers either hate gays or at the least don't understand or accept. It won't drive me to Obamaland.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1403/23/2013

[R2] is tell the truth. Most white gay and bisexual males wouldn't care if it wasn't anti-gay bias of the majority of social conservatives. I've seen one too many white LGBTs show outright ambivalence towards other prejudices and bigotry including racism aside from homophobia.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1503/23/2013

Of course you have to hide, R13/R14. Who wants others to understand so clearly the depths of their idiocy?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1603/23/2013

It looks like a majority of gays understand what kind of offensive game BuzzFeed is trying to play...

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1703/23/2013

BuzzFeed has gotten worse and worse content-wise. And their right lean is becoming more and more transparent. I'm done. If you haven't already, check out Digg. It's recently redesigned and consistently interesting.

BTW R5, you're hilarious. And typically rethug delusional.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1803/23/2013

Most of you (twenty something gays) don't get, and probably never will get, how the new science of political virology works.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 1903/23/2013

"twenty something"

It's one word, dear.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2003/23/2013

R14/R19: you should hide it socially. Every sane gay person should spit you in the face if not do something much worse for being a fucking quisling. I wouldn't flaunt my lack of conscience and scruples either.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2103/23/2013

[quote]I think it's interesting that gay conservatives, like me, have to hide it socially. Just like we had to hide being gay when we were younger.

Our DL word of the day: furtiveness.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2203/24/2013

Get a load of the self-loather at r14.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2303/24/2013

The site was created by a neocon who cut his teeth at Politico. What do you expect????

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2403/24/2013

Keep voting against your own interests, r14. Idiot.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2503/24/2013

Ben Smith is a right-winger, a political tool of the Cheney set, and an asshole.

He is Mr. BuzzFeed.

Of course, the site is right wing. And getting more so every week.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2603/24/2013

Why are you even looking at Buzzfeed? Are you retarded? Smith is a neocon. Stop going to the site.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2703/24/2013

I haven't made it a practice to look over [italic]Buzzfeed[/italic] for content. It does have a good amount related to LGBT; but over the last four decades right-wingers have been buying up media which, ultimately, makes something like this not surprising. For the hell of it, here are some of the latest from [italic]Buzzfeed[/italic]. . . .

"Al Gore Was On "Letterman" In 1993 And It Was Really Awkward" | [italic]Here's what happens when David Letterman tries to get along with the Vice President.[/italic]

"At-Risk Democratic Senators Shy Away From Marriage Equality" | [italic]Even as some political figures are more forthcoming with their support for marriage equality, lawmakers facing tough reelections avoid weighing in.[/italic]

"Gay Couples File Marriage Lawsuit In New Mexico" | [italic]New Mexico has no specific law allowing or banning same-sex couples from marrying.[/italic]

"10 Things Legalized Gay Marriage Could Pay For" | [italic]Barring same-sex couples from marrying actually costs the government money — an estimated $10 billion over a 10-year period. Here are a few things that cash could buy.[/italic]

"Same-Sex Marriage Ads Run, But Don't Lead To Victory, In South Carolina" | [italic]Ads focused on same-sex couples' marriage rights trailed only those about government spending and jobs for Tuesday's primary. Neither of the two candidates headed to the April 2 run-off mentioned the topic, though.[/italic]

"Half Of Major Leaguers Own Guns; Only Five Percent Know A Gay Player" | [italic]Per an [/italic]ESPN magazine[italic] survey. It's the demographic the Republicans have been looking for![/italic]

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2803/24/2013

He's just chronicling their misdeeds, R27. It's 'retarded' not to warn others.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 2903/24/2013

[quote]I think it's interesting that gay conservatives, like me, have to hide it socially. Just like we had to hide being gay when we were younger.

Bullshit. You don't HAVE to hide anything. You're a coward who can't stand the scrutiny or heat of those who disagree with you. Unlike young gay people who remain in the closet, you do not face violence, rejection from family, psychological distress and even homelessness for coming out as a gay conservative. What a slimy analogy.

Grow a pair. At least have the courage to be open about your 'convictions' and what you believe. The people around you should know who you are, weasel.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3003/24/2013

R15 Yep. Most white gays are racist and if Republicans weren't anti-gay, they'd jump parties in a second.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3103/24/2013

I want gay conservatives to hide themselves socially, and otherwise, too. The hypocrisy, the selfishness, the cluelessness. Thank you foe hiding, R14, and please continue to do so.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3203/24/2013

Anyone who doesn't know buzzfeed is a neocon's site by now is truly an idiot.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3303/24/2013

There were lots of idiots then, R33. Be glad others are now being made aware.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3403/24/2013

Buzzfeed had an article in which rightwing freak Ralph Reed spewed loads of lies about gay parents and never once did he cite a source for his lies. He made it all up. And Buzzfeed printed it all, with no sources for his made up lies given.

So yes, Buzzfeed is purposefully rightwing. And like Fox News, nothing but lies.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3503/24/2013

Andrew Kaczynski, their star political reporter, is a big Republican, too.

Anyone know the real reason Zeke Miller was forced out recently?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3603/24/2013

More gays should be Republican

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3703/24/2013

I was Republican until the Reagan debacle. The party has been failing miserably ever since and I doubt if I'll ever vote R again, even at the local level.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3803/24/2013

As a conservative and a gay man, I love to come on sights like this and write something right-wingy, always very mild-mannered, of course, and sit back to watch the fumes of hatred rise, like steam out of the pond at a hog rendering plant. What's the most hilarious is that most gays are frightfully conservative, embarrassingly intolerant and somewhat racist on everything except our gay stuff, and they don't even realize it.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 3903/24/2013

R39, I would wager that the only reason your posts elicit angry responses is because your grammar is atrocious! I had to stop reading after my 5th "Oh dear!"

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4003/25/2013



by Twentysomething Gayreply 4103/25/2013

r39, you're not offering a very convincing argument for gays to turn conservative. What lesson are we supposed to take away from your troll posts on this thread? "Come join the losers who have opinions so rancid they can't even talk about them in public?"

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4203/25/2013

Heavens, what's wrong with "sights." You know, the web thingy's ..?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4303/25/2013

R39 is a probably a 75 year old white male with a whole lot of unfounded fears.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4403/25/2013


R39 is unusually stupid, for a troll, for a human, but not for a conservative.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4503/25/2013

See what I mean? Conservatives are stupid. Not mistaken .. stupid. Opinions are not debatable, but rancid. Beliefs are not wrongheaded, but evil. And I always put in at least one "Oh Dear," just for Mr. Priss.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4603/25/2013

Wow, BuzzFeed just gratuitously bashed Obama in an LGBT-specific tribute to Roger Ebert in their LGBT section. I've heard, though, that their LGBT section may fold - there are few comments on the posts, because gays and lesbians don't feel comfortable with the extreme right-wing tone.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4704/06/2013

OP ought to see Silverdaddies chat room sometime, all those closeted married men with severe penis withdrawal HATE Obama. (No joke)

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4804/06/2013

Ebert was gay?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 4904/06/2013

Bump! Let's make sure that everyone remembers BuzzFeed's right-wing bias... And how they try to shove it in gays' faces.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5004/10/2013

[R48], Silverdaddies is a site full of older white gay males, so it isn't a surprise to those of color about their anti-Obama hatred...

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5104/11/2013

Sadly, 22% of Gays voted for Mitt Romney. It blows my mind.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5204/11/2013

BuzzFeed's article about the GOP platform bigwigs voting against gay marriage is very soft on the cretins. More evidence for BuzzFeed's conservative bias... Don't they understand that we hate the GOP?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5304/12/2013

[quote]I think it's interesting that gay conservatives, like me, have to hide it socially.

Of course you have to hide it, because you know you cant defend your positions. You cant claim conservatives are fiscally responsible when one reminds you our debt explodes whenever a conservative is in the White House. You cant say conservatives are for smaller and less intrusive government because your team is the one that tries to regulate what we do in our bedrooms. You cant say conservatives don't want the government interfering in your medical care when they were the ones who inserted themselves in the Terri Schivo debacle. You cant say conservatives are better at national security when it was during your watch the worst terrorist strike to hit the US occurred. You cant say you love America more when pretty much every domestic terrorist for the last 30 plus years was a right winger. You cant claim you are looking out for the next generation while doing everything you can to defund their schools, teach them a bunch of bullshit instead of biology and leaving them with a polluted planet devoid of any resources. You cant say you are better at foreign policy because while you were distracted trying to find non-existent WMDs in Iraq, North Korea built an a-bomb. You cant paint liberals as elitists and pretend to be on the side of real, hard working Americans while you lounge around your restricted country clubs plotting ways to bust unions and shift more of the tax burden on the working families. You cant say conservatives are tough on crime when you see no problem with letting every psycho buy as many guns as he wants and pass laws saying its illegal to prevent convicted violent criminals from owning a gun. And you certainly cant claim a moral high-ground when we take in to account the countless innocent people killed in a war you started based on lies and greed.

What you consider interesting, the rest of us call cowardly. You cant defend what you stand for, so instead you play the victim. Well, in the words of Michele Malkin: boo friggin' hoo.

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5404/12/2013

BuzzFeed just posted another pro-Republican article specifically in their LGBT section. Will they ever learn that the LGBT community hates Republicans?

by Twentysomething Gayreply 5506/09/2013
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