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Jackie O in the Zapruder film

Has it ever been determined why she was crawling out the back of a speeding vehicle?

by Trumanreply 23711/26/2014

Her bodyguard, Clint Hill, wrote Mrs. Kennedy and Me. He talks about it. He was on the running board of the car behind the President and First Lady. He jumped off and began running to catch up with the Presidential Limousine, which had already begun to speed up. She saw him coming, tried to give him a hand, and he made it. Some people said she was trying to escape the carnage she had just survived. I couldn't blame her.

by Trumanreply 103/23/2013

She was retrieving the top of his head.

by Trumanreply 203/23/2013

Yes, in the trauma of the moment our beautiful and beloved Jackie thought that the doctors at the hospital would actually need the skull fragments on the trunk of the car to put her husband's head back together. Truly horrifying and heartbreaking. Whatever her faults, and there were few to be honest, she gets a pass forevermore in my book for those few awful moments in Dallas.

by Trumanreply 303/23/2013

She had noticed Marilyn Monroe in the crowd and was pointing and screaming, "No! Shoot that bitch!"

by Trumanreply 403/23/2013

Not her best performance. Patricia Neal deservedly won for HUD.

by Trumanreply 503/23/2013

I always thought she saw the chicken cross the road and given the circumstances decided to do the same thing.

by Trumanreply 603/23/2013

The wind had caught her pill-box hat and she wasn't going to let that get away.

by Trumanreply 703/23/2013

Eyewitnesses claimed she yelled out, "Ahhhhh, hell nah! You all better get me the fuck outta here!"

by Trumanreply 903/23/2013

There are three possibilities:

1) She was trying to get the fuck out of there because she was a sitting duck in that damned limousine as far as she knew

2) She was trying to retrieve fragments of the president's head

3) She was trying to help the Secret Service member into the car.

#3 is by far the least likely, because how the hell is a tiny 100-lb woman going to help a massive 200 lb. Secret Service agent into the presidential limousine while its in motion?

However, we will never know, because throughout her life she maintained she blocked the memory of it out and could not remember what was going through her mind. Maybe she actually remembered, but I doubt she told anyone. Even if she did, Caroline and Lee aren't going to tell anyone, and John-John and Ari and RFK are all dead.

by Trumanreply 1003/23/2013

I never bought that she was retrieving his skull for the doctors to put back together. I don't think she would've had the presence of mind. Even before I learned about that theory and first watched the footage as a kid, it always looked like she was trying to get the hell out of there. Hell, if I heard several loud bangs and someone's head beside me was blown off, my instinct would be to jump up and get the hell out of there. I think when she got to the back of the car, it dawned on her what she was doing, that she was on a moving vehicle, which had suddenly sped up, and that's why she went back to her seat.

by Trumanreply 1403/23/2013

In the end, it doesn't really matter. It's even kind of a silly question. People do weird shit during moments of crisis and panic. Once her husband's brains landed on her, I doubt she was thinking very clearly.

by Trumanreply 1503/23/2013

"is by far the least likely, because how the hell is a tiny 100-lb woman going to help a massive 200 lb. Secret Service agent into the presidential limousine while its in motion?"

Gee, perhaps under the shock of the moment, she wasn't thinking with complete clarity; not to mention that during periods where adrenalin is surging - such as when one has just been shot at - the body can accomplish amazing feats of strength.

by Trumanreply 1603/23/2013

Comedian Lenny Bruce caused heads to explode when he joked that what the beloved Jackie was really doing was: "hauling ass to save her ass!"

by Trumanreply 1703/23/2013

One of the doctors at the hospital said that Mrs Kennedy held out a piece of JFKs skull with brain and hair stll attached, She had it in her hand and gave it to the doctor who was working on him in the ER.Apparently she thought it could be reattached.In a clear copy of the film you can see her reach with her right hand and grab the skull fragment, where it had landed on the trunk. She then turns around and is already half way back to the seat when the secret service man nudges her the rest of the way down. Clint Hill has always said she was reaching for the skull fragment.BTW it was rumored the had a post JFK affair with Hill. In his book he sounds like he was in love. Of course at 83 he'll never admit it.Taking it too his grave.

by Trumanreply 1803/24/2013

I don't think she was trying to get away. If someone starts shooting, your instincts would be to crouch down, not climb onto the back of the car.

by Trumanreply 1903/24/2013

Give her a break! Her husband was killed!

by Trumanreply 2003/29/2013

I think she was trying to get help.

by Trumanreply 2103/29/2013

R19, she was fleeing for her life. Bullets were whizzing around her and she had just seen half her husband's head explode and splatter all over everything including herself. She must have been in a blind animal panic. Had the car accelerated faster she might have been thrown off the back and seriously injured striking the pavement. Imagine if both she and he had been killed.

by Trumanreply 2203/29/2013

I should have been cast in this film!

by Trumanreply 2403/29/2013

Grabbing for his head chunks.

by Trumanreply 2503/29/2013

R10 has it right.

by Trumanreply 2603/29/2013

She wasn't trying to get away, the reflexive instinct, as pointed out, would've been to duck down, but she was climbing out reaching for skull fragments.

She cradled him in her arms until they reached the hospital, wouldn't let them take him from the car until they'd covered him so no one could see the damage.

As I got older and saw the Zapruder film, I realized how very close she came to getting shot herself. I think Jackie was truly brave in an instinctive way few people men or women would've been under the circumstances.

I consider her actions heroic, and I'll always love her and admire her. People hated that she married Onassis. So what.

by Trumanreply 2703/29/2013

Don't forget, she's sitting there being sprayed with her husbands blood and brain matter AND hearing John Connally in front of her yelling, "My God, they're killing us all" as he was bleeding from a gunshot wound himself. You can't blame her for not reacting rationally.

by Trumanreply 2803/29/2013

[quote]is by far the least likely, because how the hell is a tiny 100-lb woman going to help a massive 200 lb. Secret Service agent into the presidential limousine while its in motion.

Do you think she was going to lift him up? Offering a steadying hand in those circumstances is not unrealistic...and very brave.

by Trumanreply 2903/29/2013

Gov Connelly had just ripped a smelly one.

by Trumanreply 3003/29/2013

Has Mrs. Connelly ever commented? Wasn't she in the car, too?

by Trumanreply 3103/29/2013

Her instinct was to protect her husband.

That just goes straight to your heart.

by Trumanreply 3203/29/2013

R28, WTF is rational about that situation? Your instincts take over and adrenalin kicks in. I believe her, that her mind blocked out those moments.No one knows how theey'll react. Her first reaction was to cradle him. She didn't duck or cower, she protected. So It's safe to say she was trying to rescue his brain matter. The Zapruder tape OP provided makes it pretty obvious.

by Trumanreply 3303/29/2013

Amazing to think now that only one man, Mr. Zapruder, had the foresight to be out there filming this thing.

by Trumanreply 3403/29/2013

it wasn't foresight. It's not unusual now, and it wasn't then, to film/tape famous people visiting your town. Sheesh!

by Trumanreply 3503/29/2013

Oh please! She was trying to get the hell out of there. Flight. She was fleeing. She didn't do anything special that any one of us wouldn't do. The car sped up so she was forced to sit down in heels and a skirt. You'd know this if you have experience in a rag top. I'm so sick of people trying to make more of her than who she really was. She wasn't akin to one of those daring female aviators during the war. She wasn't anyone truly special as she went on to prove. People mistook her case of shock for stoicism. She dressed well but she needed that edge as her face was plain and nondescript. Save the accolades for authentic heroines.

by Trumanreply 3603/29/2013

quote]She was trying to get the hell out of there. Flight.

Most people exit a car through the doors...cunt.

by Trumanreply 3703/29/2013

After seeing the carnage, Jackie knew they'd be at the hospital forever. Seeing the sign...she just HAD to get to Subway...FAST

by Trumanreply 3803/29/2013

This is the part of the Zapruder film that the American public was never allowed to see at the time.

Pretty gruesome.

by Trumanreply 3903/29/2013

She was NOT reaching for skull fragments! Who in their right mind would buy that explanation? It looks like she sat on him as he slumped to his left when her attempt to flee was aborted. She retreated to the safety of the seat in a now speeding vehicle. Is there further footage out there when the car came to a halt?

by Trumanreply 4003/29/2013

I don't think the car ever came to a halt, r40 - do you mean when it got to the hospital? I don't believe there's any footage of that.

by Trumanreply 4103/29/2013

I don't like r13 one bit.

by Trumanreply 4203/29/2013

Thank you R39. Case closed. She even went so far as to swat him away from her as she high tails it out of there! She reacts in disgust it seems. Not protective at all. Who started those brain matter rumors? Total farce and gullible queens bought it. I agree with the post that claims people made more of her than she was. I guess some people needed a hero in this tragic debacle. Her instinct was to bail and save herself as it should have been. I agree there was nothing extraordinary, in any way about her. There you have it. I knew I'd be proven correct. Her track record exposes who she really was. This video proves it. I've always suspected those stories of her to be unfounded, wishful thinking dramatics.

by Trumanreply 4303/29/2013

This isn't funny. A woman's husband and father of her children had his head blown up right next to her. Traumatic for anyone. How do you pull yourself out of that depression, or do you ever?

by Trumanreply 4403/29/2013

She was trying to avoid a loogie directed at Keith Hernandez.

by Trumanreply 4503/29/2013

What say you now, oh gullible fools who claim she was being protective? It can be seen clearly that her first reaction is to push him away. Then she uses his shoulder to propel herself the hell out of there as any mere mortal would.

It has gone very quiet in here after the exposing link was posted.


by Trumanreply 4603/29/2013

How would she have known a chunk of his head was back there? She didn't look around and see a bloody chunk. She immediately jumped out reflexively. The guy on the back of her car may have shouted something to Jackie, gaining her attention. However, he was probably telling her to duck or get down. Instead she hoped he was coming to save her and help her escape.

Sad either way.

by Trumanreply 4703/29/2013

Watch again. She's horrified and pushes him away then USES his body as leverage (her left hand on his left shoulder)to try to escape. She makes two abandoning gestures. Two. Then she hunches down to protect herself when her attempt to escape goes awry. Nothing heroic about it except her own instincts to save herself. Let this be the last word on those silly myths of her being protective and dabbling in brain matter. This case is closed.

by Trumanreply 4803/29/2013

Clint Hill is one of those old people who doesn't realize the internet will find the real truth. You can't go around lying and embellishing incidents today as was par for the course of that generation. A brain surgeon wouldn't react like he claims this breathy bimbo did. Camelot will go down in history for what it really was. A big farce.

by Trumanreply 5003/29/2013

[quote]People mistook her case of shock for stoicism

People didn't know she was zonked on tranquilizers for the next few days also. The Kennedys were but two of the millions who got roped on the carousel ride of uppers and downers that were readily prescribed, often in tandem, in those days. Max Jacobson, who played "Dr. Feelgood" to the stars in NYC before losing his medical license, was a frequent visitor to the Kennedy White House.

by Trumanreply 5103/29/2013

[R50] Thanks. You are so observant.It is way obvious that in the Z film that Jackie was holding a pistol in her left hand and she blew her cheating hubbys head off in revenge.The co-conspirators in the car heard her scream "That's for Marilyn you SOB!"It's way apparent when Aristotle Onassis jumps on the back of the car and gives Jackie a big wet kiss then they both kick and stomp JFK's bleeding body. So glad your youthful eyes caught what geezer Clint Hill missed after all these years.History is made (re-made) by the young, not the old farts who were there.

by Trumanreply 5203/31/2013

R50 Yep,the internet that's where I go for the truth.You betcha.

by Trumanreply 5303/31/2013

R53, the Mainstream Media lied and continues to lie about the Kennedy assassinations. That much is beyond dispute. The Internet has a lot of bullshit, but you can find a lot of truth on it too.

The Internet informed the US public that Saddam Hussein did not have a vast arsenal of WMDs BEFORE the Iraq War. How long did it take the MSM to catch up to the truth? How much money did they and their cronies in the Military/Industrial Complex make before they started to come clean about the war?

by Trumanreply 5403/31/2013


Mrs. Connally has indeed commented and even written about her experience in her book.

by Trumanreply 5503/31/2013

I used to think she was trying to escape the car until I watched the Zapruder video linked earlier in this thread.

Now I believe she was retrieving pieces of the president's head. Before the head shot, you can see Jackie leaning toward JFK to see what was wrong. He had been shot in the throat. She is making that realization and turning to get help just as he is shot in the head. He slumps toward her, she continues to turn and seems to follow the flying piece of skull to where it lands on the back of the car. She grabs it and begins turning to get back in her seat just as her bodyguard reaches out and puts his hand on her wrist.

She was in the middle of a confusing, dangerous situation. Her thought was her husband's condition. If you've ever been in a life-threatening scenario before, you know how unbelievably dumb your thought process gets. That's why I find it completely believable that, even though the man's head was in shambles, she thought he would be ok. She probably thought they would speed to the hospital and doctors would fix him up. I wonder at what point she realized he was dead.

by Trumanreply 5603/31/2013

I watched it over and over to see if the Zapruder film could convince me to agree with you, R56. With all due respect, she still looks to me like she's trying to flee the situation in terror.

by Trumanreply 5703/31/2013

[quote]It's not unusual now, and wasn't then, to film/tape famous people visiting your town.

And yet only Zapruder's film survives. So far as we know. Without it the 'Oswald Alone' faction might have seemed less implausible.

by Trumanreply 5803/31/2013

I saw JFK's autopsy photos and they are incredibly gruesome! His head looked like someone stuck an explosive in a metal can and it busted open with sharp edges. His brain was totally exposed.

Anyone exposed to a body in that condition right next them would be in terror of course, but especially a woman in Jackie's high society position.She grew up in an isolated sheltered environment far removed from the horrors and reality that the world contains.Then she was exposed to thee most extreme carnage and danger that she never remotely could have imagined seeing and experiencing.

Bobby's son was interviewed for an article a year a two ago about his father and about his uncle's death.He said his father believed there was a second shooter,and he said his father, Bobby, was never the same after his uncle, JFK died. He said he felt very empty ,and he never stopped trying to find answers about his brother's death. Also, his son said his father went along with the Warren Commission Report, but he knew it was all complete BS.

by Trumanreply 5903/31/2013

Incidentally, I'm reading an Armchair Reader book bout the last survivors of historical events, movies, disasters, etc. The Kennedy assassination is featured, naturally.

[quote]On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot as he proceeded in a motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas. Nellie Connally, wife of Texas Governor John Connally, was the last survivor of those riding in the limousine with Kennedy. Connally passed away on September 1, 2006.

[quote]Passengers in the car in which President Kennedy was assassinated: President Kennedy, who sat in the right rear seat, died soon after being shot on November 23, 1963; Special Agent Roy Kellerman, who sat in the front passenger seat, died in 1984; Agent William Greer, the driver, died in 1985; Governor Connally, who sat in the right jump seat in front of President Kenney died in 1993; First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who sat in the left rear seat, died in 1994; Nellie Connaly, who sat in the left jump seat in front of Jacqueline Kennedy, died in 2006,

by Trumanreply 6003/31/2013

Mrs Connally said Mrs Kennedy cried out "They have killed my husband.I have his brains in my hands." She repeated this over and over on the way to the hospital.It would appear from this , she was cognizant of what had happened and that her reference to "his brains in my hands" supports her grabbing the skull fragment theory. Remember, this all occurred literally out of a clear blue sky. In SIX SECONDS. What would you do given just six seconds? Mrs Kennedy was quoted as saying one of her achievements in her life was " I didn't go crazy." A la Mrs Lincoln.DL's latter day revisionists should take that into account.

by Trumanreply 6103/31/2013

I'm sorry #61, but that line sounds as canned as that astronaut's "One small step for man...". Didn't his wife have her own ordeal going on in the front seat? Who's "they"- did Jackie know how many shooters? Imagine yourself in the situation; would you be speaking in complete, coherent sentences or just screamming your head off?

by Trumanreply 6203/31/2013

R61 The quote is from Mrs Connolly and is readily available on You Tube. FYI: Mrs Connolly was there.

by Trumanreply 6303/31/2013

Puhleeeze. She knew that a period of mourning was going to be required of her soon, so she thought very quickly and remembered she had a gorgeous black number that would be just what the doctor ordered, but it was in her luggage in the trunk, so she knew there would be little time to change in the hospital....

by Trumanreply 6403/31/2013

R62 I concur. What she actually screamed was: "The CIA,Mafia,Castro,russians,Onassis,LyndonJohnson,the Pope,the Bush's,the Pentagon,J.Edgar Hoover,Lee Harvey Oswald's evil twin and everyone alive over 12 years old in 1963 killed my husband." Jackie was one smart gal.

by Trumanreply 6503/31/2013

It is as plain as day that the shot that killed JFK came from in front of him, not from behind and way above him.

by Trumanreply 6603/31/2013

I agree 66 and that anyone could say otherwise is astounding. His skull appears to peel from front to back not back to front as you watch the film. Especially as you watch the film reverse, to reattaches back to front.

But as the recent right wing media shows and the machinations of Rove, Fox News and company, just say something long enough and you can convince people to believe what you want them to even if their own logic would tell them something else if they dared to use it.

by Trumanreply 6703/31/2013

R67 Three words: Lee Harvey Oswald

by Trumanreply 6803/31/2013

The deification of Jackie HO is unbelievable. She clearly didn't want to get shot, like two other people in the motorcade. Ever hear of "fight or flight?" It's a natural human instinct to seek cover when you aren't in close proximity to the aggressor.

by Trumanreply 6903/31/2013

r69 She stood up and crawled on to the trunk.Not exactly the definition of "duck & cover"

by Trumanreply 7003/31/2013

If you actually look at the film all the other occupants of the car including the driver and secret service guy all do duck. Only Jackie stands up making herself a bigger target not a smaller one.

by Trumanreply 7103/31/2013

68 you can make it all caps and use a bold font but that doesn't change what I saw on the Zapruder film.

You keep telling yourself that.

by Trumanreply 7303/31/2013

She saw a dollar on the sidewalk.

by Trumanreply 7403/31/2013

R73 You saw a man getting his brains blown out. Not the man who blew them out. To find that man one needs logic and rational thinking.Qualities conspiratorialists lack.

by Trumanreply 7503/31/2013

Three letters, R68 - C I A .

by Trumanreply 7603/31/2013

She was yelling, "Instagram dat joint!"

by Trumanreply 7703/31/2013

r68 Two letters: JC Crawford was in Dallas that day for a Pepsi convention.Mummie knew where to find the booze,boys and rifles.

by Trumanreply 7803/31/2013

[quote]You saw a man getting his brains blown out. Not the man who blew them out. To find that man one needs logic and rational thinking.Qualities conspiratorialists lack.


by Trumanreply 7903/31/2013

R66, that is why it took so long for the public to even be able to see the film. They knew there would be too many questions.

by Trumanreply 8003/31/2013

I think some of you are forgetting about that the difference between an entry wound versus an exit wound.

Entry wounds are typically small; exit wounds are typically much bigger due to projectile malformation.

by Trumanreply 8103/31/2013

Different angle:

by Trumanreply 8203/31/2013

r81 is correct. The explosion of JFK's head is the exit wound, so the entry of the bullet is coming from behind him. I live in Dallas and have been to the Book Depository several times, and it's clear as day from looking out Oswald's window and from the Zapruder film that the shot came from up, behind and slightly at an angle -- the road curves southeast and down a hill away from the building; JFK is, at the moment of impact, turning towards Jackie; the bullet hits him from behind his left ear -- which would be directly in line of sight from Oswald's window.

by Trumanreply 8303/31/2013

As for Jackie, I think it's also pretty clear that she's trying to get the hell out of there. The Secret Service guy is telling her to get back in and hunker down. She complies.

As for the story that she hand his brains in her lap and present them to the doctor -- not surprising, as brain matter was flying everywhere.

by Trumanreply 8403/31/2013

[quote]The explosion of JFK's head is the exit wound, so the entry of the bullet is coming from behind him.

The back of JFK's head was blown out, that was the exit wound. So the bullet had to come from the front.

by Trumanreply 8503/31/2013

I've got three words for you too.


by Trumanreply 8603/31/2013

Except 85 his head, whole upper body actually, snaps back at the impact.

by Trumanreply 8703/31/2013

R87, you would snap BACK from a shot coming from the FRONT, no?

by Trumanreply 8803/31/2013

The Discovery Channel did a very interesting analysis of trajectories using lasers and dummies. Technology not available in 63. Pretty much proved the Warren Commision was correct. That all 3 shots came from behind the car. I think it was called "JFK in the target car."Its on You Tube. Check it out.

by Trumanreply 8903/31/2013

R86 Five words: bolt.action.rifle.kills.good.

by Trumanreply 9003/31/2013

How convenient, R89.

by Trumanreply 9103/31/2013

r91 The truth often is.

by Trumanreply 9203/31/2013

Well if The Discovery Channel says so, it must be true!

by Trumanreply 9303/31/2013

What about Zapruder? I guess he was just some lucky schlub with a home movie camera but did he ever comment on his film? Did he make any money off of it?

It amazes me that there were NO TV cameras there filming the event!

by Trumanreply 9403/31/2013

Oswald, alone, School Book Depository, period.

by Trumanreply 9503/31/2013

She wanted to collect the brains so she could have him re-cloned.

by Trumanreply 9603/31/2013

61, she may have had fragments in her hands after she returned to her seat but she wasn't collecting them from the trunk.Only a moron would believe that.

by Trumanreply 9703/31/2013

Actually there was a sci fi book written about just that. I remember reading it in school. Title was "Joshua Son of None." Don't recall the author. Didn't Stern have some guy on his show who clamed to have piece of JFK's skull in formaldyhde that his dad had found in the street after the shooting.

by Trumanreply 9803/31/2013

r93 If DL says it.It must be true

by Trumanreply 9903/31/2013

94 Zapruder quickly got a lawyer and auctioned off the film to the highest bidder.Life magazine. I think he got $150,000.00 which was quite a haul back then. There was live tv coverage at the airport arrival and at the hall where JFK was to make speech. The shooting occurred at the very end of the parade, there were sparse crowds and that is why the secret service were not riding the back of the car. The car was just about to accelerate on to the freeway.In another minute he would have been home free.

by Trumanreply 10003/31/2013

here were lots of people filming in the plaza where he was shot, just no professional film. The network cameras in those days weighed 300lbs and were attached to thick electric cables so were not very portable.Amatuers had the portable 8mm movie cameras like Zapruder and there were a least a dozen people filming. Zapruder got the "money shot" however so he did luck out.

by Trumanreply 10103/31/2013

R56 you can see Jackie leaning toward JFK to see what was wrong. He had been shot in the throat. She is making that realization and turning to get help just as he is shot in the head. He slumps toward her, she continues to turn and seems to follow the flying piece of skull to where it lands on the back of the car. She grabs it and begins turning to get back in her seat just as her bodyguard reaches out and puts his hand on her wrist. cannot be serious

by Trumanreply 10203/31/2013

Please remember if you are referencing a previous post, write r and then the number of the post directly after the r with no space in between....or no one here will give a fuck what you're talking about.

by Trumanreply 10303/31/2013

So other film of the ride exists but it's not as clear as the Zapruder version?

by Trumanreply 10403/31/2013


Since we're on the topic, how does one quote a specific part of a post in a reply?

by Trumanreply 10503/31/2013

I wonder about the babushka lady.

by Trumanreply 10603/31/2013

R105, go to Post a reply. Copy and paste the quote there. Before the beginning of the quote, type [quote ] but without any spaces.

You can only quote one paragraph at a time, but if you have more than one, you can apply the [quote ] to each one.

by Trumanreply 10703/31/2013


Thanks. So it's basically just like html code. Do I need to close it out with [/quote]

by Trumanreply 10803/31/2013

"The Mainstream Media lied and continues to lie about the Kennedy assassinations. That much is beyond dispute. The Internet has a lot of bullshit, but you can find a lot of truth on it too."

Oh, my sides. Stop! Stop!

by Trumanreply 10903/31/2013

No you don't need to close the quote.

by Trumanreply 11003/31/2013

R109, stop cackling. You'll stop when you realize the "internet" to some of us includes news archives, medical encyclopedias and whole libraries. The "internet" as you know it is perusing porno, hook up sites and gossip boards. When you look at it from your eyes, well, I guess that comment could bring on the side splitting. Carry on.

by Trumanreply 11103/31/2013

Eat your hearts out, bitches.

by Trumanreply 11203/31/2013

Is everyone opining about the sequence of events and direction of fire doing so after scrutinizing the link at r39?

Is there a better link?

by Trumanreply 11303/31/2013

Frankly we know Jackie married Jack for his money and also married Onasis, for his money. I think it's fine but it gets on my nerves if people try to make her a saint.

by Trumanreply 11403/31/2013

Oh, loosen the bone, Wilma. I'm laughing at the conspiracy loonyness in that quote and the idea that the conspiracy websites have uncovered the truth.

by Trumanreply 11503/31/2013

I'm not "making her a saint" but I won't go to the opposite extreme and attempt, as some here are doing, to marginalize her, and villify her, and insult and denigrate her actions at a moment of grave danger. I thought she was attempting to retrieve his skull fragments and I will not alter that opinion.

And since someone mentioned bolt. action. rifle. let me say for the one millionth time as I have on other Kennedy assassination threads:

They might have convinced us of a lone gunman had it not been for the rifle they brandished so triumphantly, along with the accompanying reciets tracking it to Oswald via a mail order house.

It is, and was, physically impossible to get off three shots, or even two within the time frame those shots were fired, if the shooter was using the rifle they claim as the murder weapon. N

ot only that, but the cheap, mail order rifle had a defective scope. This was well known as any gun enthusiast of the time could've told you. It was off.

And even if it had been calllibrated by an expert marksman to be accurate, after the first shot, it would've gone off again. The bolt action was reliably inaccurate, especially after the first shot.

So to my mind, JFK was murdered as part of a conspiracy, by more than one gunman.Lee Harvey Oswald was a fringe player in the conspiracy, and was the patsy, the dupe who got set up.

Oh. And Jackie behaved heroically that day climbing out on the trunk of the car to retrieve fragments of her husband's skull.

So there.

by Trumanreply 11603/31/2013

What did Dorothy Kilgallen know? Was she murdered because of secrets she learned interviewing Jack Ruby in Dallas?

by Trumanreply 11703/31/2013

Isn't there a long string of mysterious JFK-related deaths that occurred in the years following the assasination?

by Trumanreply 11803/31/2013


Im not arguing that she didn't turn around to retrieve fragments but (from the video I've seen) I can't see how she would know there were any to retrieve.

From what I saw, he gets shot and she immediately seems to turn around and lunge towards the back of the car. It just seemed that if she did go after fragments of skull she had an instant knowing that there was some on the trunk.

by Trumanreply 11903/31/2013

Ill throw in that I dont think she was trying to help the bodyguard into the vehicle or trying to get his help out of there as she seems to completely ignore him.

by Trumanreply 12003/31/2013

R116 read the book, Case Closed. I used to believe all that crap. Then this book explained all te theories as bullshit. After Watergate, every reporter would have loved to have exposed an assassination plot. There is no way a conspiracy would have stayed secret all these years. By the way, it was Oswalds gun, his scope. He knew how to compensate for its defects.

by Trumanreply 12103/31/2013

[quote]There is no way a conspiracy would have stayed secret all these years

Exactly. Our government is horrible at keeping secrets. Maybe a dozen people knew about the Watergate break in. Cracked wide open. Half a dozen people knew about Iran/Contra. Cracked wide open. Only two people knew about Monica and Bill. Cracked wide open.

There was in the US at the time only one organization that could kill someone in broad daylight and get away with it. The Mob. And they certainly had the motive.

by Trumanreply 12203/31/2013

R122 you are right but I'm convinced that the murder of JFK would have ended with a death bed confession...even from the mob.

by Trumanreply 12303/31/2013

R123 True. However we would then have to count on whoever he confessed to would come forward. If it was a priest, they are not going to talk. If it was a family member they too are probably not going to say anything. The other possibility is they could still be alive.

by Trumanreply 12403/31/2013

Yep, even the mob would've leaked, especially that high profile of a hit job.

It was Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone.

For some people, the simple fact that one person did this is just too "simple," too easy and so they latch onto a conspiracy. Same with the 9/11 conspiracies -- the idea that a bunch Muslim terrorists with minimal pilot training could do this is, again, too "simple" an explanation, so they concoct elaborate stories to explain it.

by Trumanreply 12503/31/2013

Our gov't has been horrible at keeping the secrets THAT GOT OUT. Who knows what they've been involved in that we'll never know about.

by Trumanreply 12603/31/2013

[quote]Yep, even the mob would've leaked, especially that high profile of a hit job.

I don't know, they have been pretty good about keeping the lid on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

by Trumanreply 12703/31/2013

r120 Jackie ignores him because she is looking down at the trunk where the skull fragment was. Look at her right arm.She extends it grabs the skull and then pulls her arm back. She is clearly reaching for something. Clint Hill testified she was doing just that. He was there.Doctor Malcolm Perry said she handed him a piece of skull in the ER. He was there.Jackie also said "Governor Connolly screamed like a stuck pig." After the 1st shot she looks a JFK leans into him then suddenly looks up at Connolly because he is screaming "like a stuck pig" this distracts her from JFK just long enough. By the time she looks back to him and grabs his left arm trying to push it down.She is about 6 inches away looking into his face when his head explodes.The Z film is like a Rorshach test or the Shroud of Turin people see what they want or need to see.

by Trumanreply 12803/31/2013


Yeah, I don't disagree that she could have been reaching for something, brain fragment or otherwise, but I still don't understand how she could have known there was anything back there to retrieve. Her response seems too immediate. From the video I've seen, she doesn't look over and then jump towards the back of the car. She's looking at her husband and then all of a sudden is lunging towards the back.

by Trumanreply 12903/31/2013

Nonsense. The guys who did the hit were probably dead within 24 hours of the assasination. And the guys who killed them were gone too.

The rest of those guys, like Giancana, Roselli,etc. are dead. So who is gonna leak. Today people leak. Back then, not so much.

The mob killed JFK. Period. They learned a lot from hanging out with CIA contract killers when they got involved in the various plots to kill Castro. Probably hired a couple of them to do the hit.

Lot of people were getting shot bavck then. The CIA did a lot of "wet work" and hired contractors for it. Allende in Chile. Trujillo in the DR. A few others.

Back in the 50s and 60s the mob was very efficient. Tell you what. You give me the name of the guy(s) who are responsible for the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

Tell me. Who killed him and how did he die? How was his body disposed of? When did that leak out? Where's the CREDIBLE deathbed confession?

SOme of you are analyzing things from the perspective of our times. But things were very different back then. It was easier to keep secrets. A lot easier.

And no, Oswald would not have been able to compensate for the scope being off. Even if he could have, he still could not have fired three shots in that amount of time from a bolt-action rifle. Get over yourself.

by Trumanreply 13003/31/2013

r130 Allende in Chile was not a hit job, it was a fucking military coup (albeit with American endorsement), complete with tanks and the air force firing at the presidential palace.

by Trumanreply 13103/31/2013

r130You saw a man getting his brains blown out. Not the man who blew them out. To find that man one needs logic and rational thinking.Qualities conspiratorialists lack.

I rest my case. Live long and prosper r130

by Trumanreply 13203/31/2013

It's sort of hard to believe Jackie would use the term "screaming like a stuck pig" as one imagines she had little experience of hog butchery and "Deliverance" hadn't been filmed yet.

by Trumanreply 13303/31/2013

How dare Connolly scream at all? No need to carry on like that when all he had was a huge hole in his chest. He should have been gracious enough to act in a more civilized manner so he didn't offend Mrs. Kennedy.

by Trumanreply 13403/31/2013

r133 Direct quote she made during the interviews she gave William Manchester for the official assassination book "The Death of a President." Caroline has not authorized the release of these tapes but Manchester talked.It's common enough figure of speech.

by Trumanreply 13503/31/2013


Mrs Kennedy was correct.

"When one is shot in the chest by a high powered rifle. One should gently dab the wound with a white linen handkerchief.One should then apologize to ones guests and unobtrusively egress from the automobile."

by Trumanreply 13603/31/2013

[quote]Jackie Ho was a vapid twit.

Wow, you know absolutely nothing about the woman.

by Trumanreply 13703/31/2013

r137 Knowing absolutely nothing is a requirement for posting on DL.

by Trumanreply 13803/31/2013

and where, exactly, were President Kennedy's secret service detail during the shooting? It is curious that only Jackie's SS clint Hill was there trying to help.

by Trumanreply 13903/31/2013

Too funny, R136.

by Trumanreply 14003/31/2013

r139 In the book "The Kennedy Detail" the surviving members of JFK's secret service detail state for the record: In Tampa one week before Dallas JFK actually ordered his bodyguards not to ride on the back of the car. His words " Get those Ivy league charlatans off the car." Because Clint Hill was Mrs Kennedys bodyguard he did jump on the back of the car several times in Dallas when the crowd got too close to her side.Hill recalls JFK was glancing back at him and he knew he would be hauled on carpet when they got back to DC.If the SS were riding the back of his car as they wanted to, they would have body blocked Oswalds shots. Obviously the Secret Service didn't want to blame JFK's purely political decision(the people need to see me) for his own death so they did not put this on the record until now.BTW: the Lincoln limo was not armored and even if the top was up it was not bullet proof.

by Trumanreply 14103/31/2013

It was a Chanel suit, right?

by Trumanreply 14203/31/2013

Let's assume for a moment that Jackie was trying to save her own ass. You know what? Good. Good for her. If that's what she was doing, then she was doing the right thing. What was she supposed to do? Die with her husband? Jack was never a good husband to her, never. She had two young children who needed her, two young children to live for.Jack's children. Jackie always had survival instincts, and if that's what she was doing, then her instincts were serving her well.

by Trumanreply 14303/31/2013

Jackie was wearing Chanel. Clint Hill was in Dior and Conoly was sporting a Schiaprelli.And yes... the stains never came out.

by Trumanreply 14403/31/2013

r143 You betcha.

by Trumanreply 14503/31/2013

It wasn't Chanel.

That pink bouclé suit was a Chanel knock-off by Oleg Cassini.

The hat was Halston.

by Trumanreply 14603/31/2013

R121, Gerald Posner is a CIA shill who appears on Fox News planting seeds of propaganda. He is a disinformation specialist and his book Cased Closed is a load of horse manure.

by Trumanreply 14703/31/2013

what happened to Jackies dress? does Carolyn keep in the attic and haul it out for her daughters bat mitzvah?

by Trumanreply 14803/31/2013

Why did Dan Rather lie and tell the public that the Zapruder film showed JFK turning behind him and exposing his throat to the Book Depository when the film shows no such thing?

Until Arlen Specter invented the Magic Bullet Theory (for which he was rewarded with a near-lifetime Senate seat) everyone took it for granted that the throat wound was an entry wound. That is why Dan Rather invented a silly alibi about JFK turning his throat toward the so-called "sniper's lair." When Specter invented the hilarious and impossible "Magic Bullet Theory" Rather simply never referred to his initial lie ever again.

If the Zapruder film had truly implicated Oswald it would not have been locked away out of public view for all those years.

by Trumanreply 14903/31/2013

(R148) I remember reading somewhere that Jackie's mother latched on to Jackie's dress and kept it at her home. Not sure what was done with it after she died. Actually, I think she outlived Jackie. Caroline must have it. Lee Radziwell might have gotten her grubby paws on them, but if she had it would have been sent off to Sotheby's faster than you can say "E-Bay."

by Trumanreply 15003/31/2013


The Chanel suit is stored in the National Archives and will not be shown until at least 2103 by demand of Caroline Kennedy. By 2103 any surviving Kennedys will renegotiate the terms of the agreement.

by Trumanreply 15103/31/2013

r146 Diana Vreeland recalled that in the 80's she and Jackie were flying back from China and the had a short change of flights in SFO , it was Halloween.They were both punchy after a long flight when Vreeland spotted a guy in full Jackie drag. The pink Chanel the pillbox the whole outfit. Vreeland cringed and tried to steer Jackie away from the guy. Jackie spotted him however and stepping up beside him whispered in his ear " I know who you are."

by Trumanreply 15203/31/2013

It's interesting that while the dress is being housed at the National Archives, the hat is missing. The last person to have it was Jackie's assistant, who when asked what happened to it, refused to speak about it.


by Trumanreply 15303/31/2013

I remember she gave an interview where she talked about how beautiful his head was and that she was trying to put it back together.

by Trumanreply 15403/31/2013

r153 Silly,didn't you comprehend what R141 was telling us. The hat is missing because it was bullet proof and that proves Jackie was working for the CIA and offed her husband on orders.She was the Manchurian Candidate 2.0 in a knock off Chanel.

by Trumanreply 15503/31/2013


Yes, how could I be so silly.

But the dress wasn't a knock off.

by Trumanreply 15603/31/2013

Interesting about Jackies suit. By 2103 no one will give a shit. It wii be like.."ladies and gentlemen we have the last tampon used by Grace Coolidge in the White House."

by Trumanreply 15703/31/2013

r154 That was the William Manchester interview.Unlike the recently released tapes, Caroline Kennedy has these under wraps until 2133

by Trumanreply 15803/31/2013

I WAS a knock-off, but not from the House of Yes.

by Trumanreply 15903/31/2013

r157 so what cunt.. I bought Grace's tampon on ebay for $12.96..and I use it daily as a conversation starter. Am currently bidding on George W Bush's brain comes with a microscope to view it.

by Trumanreply 16003/31/2013


I just wonder what Caroline's reasons are for not wanting it displayed any time soon.

by Trumanreply 16103/31/2013

Bid away, R160 cause his brain is still bigger than your dick.

by Trumanreply 16203/31/2013

Not sure about the reason. After so many years, the stains will look more like dirt than blood. It was in Jackie's mothers attic in a suit box for years. Not te best way to keep historic clothing preserved. I read that her blood soaked stockings have already crumbled to nothing.

by Trumanreply 16303/31/2013

I just watched the zoomed in version of the Zapruder film.

Jackie basically got an up close, direct view, of the inside of her husband's head.

After she saw that, if she had been trying to climb out of the vehicle, who could blame her?

by Trumanreply 16403/31/2013

r162 But still not big enough to fill your stretched out anus dear.

by Trumanreply 16503/31/2013

Some people are just fucking insane.

by Trumanreply 16603/31/2013


I saw that too and was about to post how I never realized just how far those with conspiracy theories went.

by Trumanreply 16703/31/2013


I had never heard that theory until I saw that video.

by Trumanreply 16803/31/2013

It's a well known fact that Jackie was the 2nd gunman. It was a perfect inside job.

by Trumanreply 16904/01/2013

r166 With the Kennedy assassination ya don't get just plain crazy. Ya get rolling on the floor foaming at the mouth speaking in tongues snake handling batshit crazy. They've been providing us entertainment for 50 years.Here's hoping for 50 more.

by Trumanreply 17004/01/2013

R164, in that closeup it it looked like, after he was shot the second time and his head blew open, she screamed at the carnage, pushed him away, and tried to run to the back of the car.

by Trumanreply 17104/01/2013

"Well known fact"? Please, R169. It is not well known if many of us hadn't heard of it until R166 posted that stupid link, and it's definitely not a fact but a theory, and an idiotic one at that.

by Trumanreply 17204/01/2013

r172 I believe r169 was being facetious.Everyone can see that Mrs Conolly is the one with the gun.Another of JFK's trists seeking revenge. Hell hath no fury like a Texas woman scorned.

by Trumanreply 17304/01/2013

The man who cared most about Jackie was Jack Ruby. To lessen her trauma, he thoughtfully shot Oswald live on TV. Naturally this eased the national tumult.

The gallant act was rewarded with a prison sentence. Cynics claim Ruby had ulterior motives, but he lived on for longer than many involved with Dallas '63.

by Trumanreply 17404/01/2013

[quote]If the Zapruder film had truly implicated Oswald it would not have been locked away out of public view for all those years.

Locked away? LIFE Magazine published photos from the film on the 29th, a week later.

by Trumanreply 17504/01/2013

Ruby was well known mafia figure ,and he was told to kill Oswald to shut him up.

Also, I listened to a radio program around two years ago and this lady who worked in the building ,where Oswald was supposed to be shooting, she claimed none of us who worked there saw him ,and most defiantly someone would have seen him in that building. I think they were discussing Oswald was set up. I think many other things that happened in history was what you saw was what it was, but the JFK assassination is much more complex.The JFK presidency was very complex ,and he stirred up a hornet's nest by pissing off a lot of people.JFK's father got his son elected using his mafia connections ,and then JFK and Bobby went after the mafia once they got elected which infuriated the mafia ,and they took it as a double cross.Sam Giancana said to an FBI agent who was confronting him at an airport, you think your boss president Kennedy is so clean and such a good man don't you?! well I can tell you who he really is because I know the truth! Dorothy McGuire was with Sam Giancana that day at the airport so she must know a lot. She has extreme high security in her home. She pushes a button ,and automatically the windows get covered by special bullet proof covers.

BTW, those of you who don't believe there isn't a conspiracy involved, why would Jackie leave instructions that her tapes discussing who she thinks killed her husband be sealed for many, many years ,and not to be opened up and revealed until that time? If it was just Oswald, there would be no need for such extreme arrangements to be made. This is a factor that this assassination is much more than just one angry man killing the president. It seems like Jackie wanted the tapes to be revealed at a time when everyone who was alive in 1963, to be long dead by the time those tapes are unsealed out of the concern of the safety of her famliy.

Also, I have mentioned in my previous post, Bobby Kennedy's son believes there was more than one shooter, and his father did not believe the Warren Commission Report was accurate. Check out the very interesting article. Also, scroll to the bottom of the article and there is old coverage of a man who was there with his son that day who said there were two shots.

by Trumanreply 17604/01/2013

[quote]Locked away? LIFE Magazine published photos from the film on the 29th, a week later.

Viewing individual frames of the film don't begin to have the same impact as viewing the film. For example, the film shows JFK's head flying back and to the left, indicating a shooter in front of him and to his right.

Besides, LIFE "accidentally" transposed the order of some of the frames to create a different impression than seeing them in correct sequence would provide. I wonder why they were so "careless" with such an important piece of evidence.

by Trumanreply 17704/01/2013

[quote]and most defiantly someone would have seen him in that building

I'm sorry but I can't read anything else that you write.

by Trumanreply 17804/01/2013

Frame 337 of the Zapruder film shows a large defect in the back of JFK's head, with Jackie staring right at it in horror.

by Trumanreply 17904/01/2013

r179 are we looking at the same film? The film shows JFK mainly in right profile. frames 313-329 show a huge gaping wound above his right ear expending forward to his temple and right top of his head. The back of his head ( what little that can be seen) appears intact.I know, I know, the film was altered by Kodak and Walt Disney who were working for the pope and the mafia.You see what you want to see.Not what is there. The hallmark of delusional thinking.

by Trumanreply 18004/01/2013

Jackie was under control of the ultra-right Catholic group, Deus Ex Machina, as mentioned in the Da Vinci Code. This group of superpowerful monks, or munks, take your pick, were blackmailing Jackie with the possibility of the murders of little John, Caroline, and Caroline's pony, Macaroni.

by Trumanreply 18104/02/2013

R180, here are some color autopsy photos that show a large chunk of the back of JFK's head blown away.

All the doctors who were at Parkland are on record saying that there was a huge hole blown out the upper back right side of his skull. Most of those doctors have been photographed illustrating where the exit wound was by cupping their own right hands to the upper right rear part of their own skulls.

by Trumanreply 18204/02/2013

The site at this link includes photos of the doctors at Parkland describing the head wound they saw.

One of the ER doctors, Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw later wrote a book called JFK: Conspiracy of Silence in which he asserted that JFK had been shot twice from in front of him.

It amazes me that people give more credence to the Single Bullet theory forwarded by lawyer-turned-Senator, Arlen Specter, who was not present at any time or place during the chain of events than they would give to a surgeon like Crenshaw who was one of the first to see Kennedy in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

by Trumanreply 18304/02/2013

I recommend the book, Nemesis by Peter Evans.The book is considered to be extremely well done and well researched by a very creditable and respected journalist. Apparently the author of this book nailed the truth about Jack and Jackie and Onassis lives. I recommend the book highly! Here is the link to the book on Amazon books.

by Trumanreply 18404/02/2013

THIS JUST IN: The vehicle wasn't "speeding" OP...

by Trumanreply 18504/02/2013

This is the most damning piece of film:

by Trumanreply 18604/02/2013

I'm trying to figure out why anyone would expect Jackie Kennedy to act any different from any other human sitting next to and witnessing her husband's brain being blown out in front of her. It's like some of you posters expect super human capacities of normal humans. Sure. She was from privilege and money...but she was just a human. She was a rabbit in a car cage targeted by assassins. She tried to run when she was prey. Human reaction. Big fucking deal. That's what human beings do. There isn't a human among you that wouldn't do the same. It doesn't make or denegrate her. Be glad in your life you don't have to daily worry about such shit.

by Trumanreply 18704/02/2013

r180 Ollie Stone,

Please take a look at frame 337 of the Zap film. The hair blowout in the BACK of JFK's head is clearly visible.

JFK was hit twice in the head, nearly simultaneously.

The shot from the rear was at frame 312 causing the flap above the right ear.

The shot from the front caused the damage at frame 337.

by Trumanreply 18804/02/2013

Years ago after the killing, you could go to the book store in Dallas and for $20 some guy and lady would take you in a convertible similar to the limo the president was killed in. The lady was dressed in pink like Jackie and was pretty drunk, the man drove the caddy convertible.

They'd drive you around and when you got near the spot, the music on the 8 track would switch from music to gunshots and you were supposed to act like the president and the drunk lady in pink would jump up and down and scream. When the police found out about this, they put an end to it because the guy did not have a license for this kind of "business".

by Trumanreply 18904/03/2013


That is both hilarious and disturbing.

by Trumanreply 19004/03/2013

R189's grotesquerie reminded me of a magazine article on kitsch I once saw.

Never forgot the ceramic salt cellar of JFK, with functional holes at the back of his head.

by Trumanreply 19104/03/2013

r187, of course, Jackie was just human, but as has been said REPEATEDLY on this thread, the human instinct would have been to duck for cover and crouch down into the car, not climb out into the open, making oneself a clearer target for the bullets.

That is why there such controversy over what she was attempting to do in those few seconds.

by Trumanreply 19204/03/2013


Well, human instinct would either have someone either crouch down for cover or run and flee, which might have been what she was doing.

by Trumanreply 19304/03/2013

There's more than one natural reaction to something like that. Duck and cover, flee, or sit completely frozen, not comprehending or being able to function.

by Trumanreply 19404/03/2013

[quote][R187], of course, Jackie was just human, but as has been said REPEATEDLY on this thread, the human instinct would have been to duck for cover and crouch down into the car, not climb out into the open, making oneself a clearer target for the bullets.

Not if you live your life in the Secret Service bubble.

The first reaction would be to turn to them for safety.

She was diving for cover.

by Trumanreply 19504/03/2013

[quote]Jackie was just human, but as has been said REPEATEDLY on this thread, the human instinct would have been to duck for cover and crouch down into the car, not climb out into the open, making oneself a clearer target for the bullets

Of course, since the bullets were being fired AT the car, one might want to try to get OUT of it.

by Trumanreply 19604/03/2013

[quote]Of course, since the bullets were being fired AT the car, one might want to try to get OUT of it.

Probably a natural reaction to flee when your husband's head has just exploded.

by Trumanreply 19704/03/2013


Not only when it's just exploded but probably a natural reaction when you've watched it explode and you're now looking directly into his brain.

by Trumanreply 19804/03/2013

[quote]the human instinct would have been to duck for cover and crouch down into the car, not climb out into the open, making oneself a clearer target for the bullets.

There was a gruesome dead body flopped over the seat. Jackie may have been reacting more to the blood and gore directly beside her than to the peril of bullets flying around her.

Does she actually kick the dying president in the head as she climbs out of the seat?

by Trumanreply 19904/03/2013

R199, you nailed it! I think that is the reason why she was trying to flee.

by Trumanreply 20004/04/2013

Clint Hill was the Secret Service agent who jumped on the rear bumper step of the Lincoln limousine and pushed Jackie back into her seat. He testified that she looked like she was reaching for something coming off the trunk. They did find a piece of JFK's skull in the street later that day. She testified to the Warren Commission she was trying to hold her husband's hair and skull on during the race to hospital.

by Trumanreply 20104/21/2013

My sister gave me "Parkland," based on the Vincent Bugliosi book that touts the single gunman theory.

I watched it last night, and there was a scene where Mrs. Kennedy hands over the piece of skull with brains attached to the medical staff in the ER.

"Parkland" also said that Zapuder was responsible for the weirdness surrounding the way the frames were presented by Life.

They didn't go into Officer Tippit at all except to mention he was the other father Oswald had killed.

After she initially fought off those at the hospital trying to get the President out of the car and onto a hospital gurney, Mrs. Kennedy mostly just floated around like a zombie, except when they told him he had died and she kept kissing him and all the gore...

It did talk about the Dallas FBI and some of the evidence they had on Oswald before 11/22 because one agent had been tracking him and may or may not have harassed Oswald's wife. Oswald mentioned this to the Dallas police, who started jumping on the FBI guy, who in the end was instructed by his superiors to destroy the evidence that FBI office had collected on Oswald in the weeks before the assassination.

by Trumanreply 20211/23/2014

[quote]3) She was trying to help the Secret Service member into the car.

#3 is by far the least likely, because how the hell is a tiny 100-lb woman going to help a massive 200 lb. Secret Service agent into the presidential limousine while its in motion?

I think you're underestimating her weight (wasn't she tall-ish?) and possibly overestimating his weight. Plus I don't think you need to be super strong to help a normal-sized person climb up onto something, provided they're also putting in some effort.

by Trumanreply 20311/23/2014

That first paragraph was meant to be part of the quote.

by Trumanreply 20411/23/2014

Even back then, didn't it seem risky letting the President ride in an open-top car through a city?

by Trumanreply 20511/23/2014

She was such a clothes horse- couldn't one of her ladies-in-waiting have brought her a change of clothes? There sure were a lot of photogs around.

by Trumanreply 20611/23/2014

[quote]She was NOT reaching for skull fragments! Who in their right mind would buy that explanation?

If you watch the video in R39, it really does look like she's grabbed something in her hand when she was on the trunk of the vehicle.

She'd been holding JFK and looking right at his head from only about six inches away when it exploded, his skull and skin flapping upward in a spray of blood. If she ran, no one could (or should) blame her.

by Trumanreply 20711/23/2014

She had no memory of doing that, she said, in her testimony to the Warren Commission, and later on.

I can't imagine what it was like to have had that experience. I'm surprised she didn't block the whole thing out.

And, contrary to what someone here wrote, she did love her husband.

Frankly I can't believe people are even making light of it. It was a horrible event.

by Trumanreply 20811/23/2014

They offered her a change of clothes, but she refused. She said: "I want them to see what they've done to him." It's been well documented.

by Trumanreply 20911/23/2014

[R209] True.

by Trumanreply 21011/23/2014

[R209] True.

by Trumanreply 21111/23/2014

[quote]#3 is by far the least likely, because how the hell is a tiny 100-lb woman going to help a massive 200 lb. Secret Service agent into the presidential limousine while its in motion?

Not sure logic figured into the aftermath of the shooting.

by Trumanreply 21211/23/2014

[quote]Frankly I can't believe people are even making light of it. It was a horrible event.

Too soon?

by Trumanreply 21311/23/2014

[quote]She'd been holding JFK and looking right at his head from only about six inches away when it exploded,

because he'd been shot in the throat first.

by Trumanreply 21411/23/2014

A true story told to me by a very close person to Streisand is that when Barbra met Jackie to discuss publishing her autobiography, Streisand said to Jackie "I will never forget where I was when I heard about the assassination of the President." Jackie ignored the comment and continued their meeting. Barbra freaked out afterwards and tried to rectify the situation and was told to never discuss it. She was so mortified at herself she never worked with Jackie nor saw her again.

by Trumanreply 21511/23/2014

[quote] They offered her a change of clothes, but she refused. She said: "I want them to see what they've done to him."

I told a much younger, quite gullible colleague that Jackie never changed her clothes from that day as long as she lived. He said, "really?!"

by Trumanreply 21611/23/2014

[quote]"I want them to see what they've done to him."

Folks, don't let that little word 'they' freak you out. She obviously meant 'he', not 'they'. Nothing to see here. Move along.

by Trumanreply 21711/23/2014

She did not want blood on her new suit, she was having afternoon tea later on.

by Trumanreply 21811/23/2014

That's so funny, R218. You must get W&W all the time. Do you write for a living?

by Trumanreply 21911/23/2014

R86 says it all. I was willing to believe the single gunman theory, but reality intervened.

It's physically impossible to fire three shots with a bolt action rifle within 6 seconds. Which is exactly what they claim happened. It is especially difficult to hit a moving target with a defective rifle scope/sighting mechanism. It was loose and kept slipping.

They'd have us believe Oswald was an expert who got two kill shots. One through the throat, the second blew the back of his skull out. And one of those bullets also hit and wounded Connelly. Wow. That's very remarkable.

Jackie was absolutely trying to retrieve her husband's brain matter & skull fragments, and reaching for Clint Hill. She wasn't thinking rationally as to whether or not she had the strength to assist Hill, or whether doctors could put Kennedy's head back together again.

I think she was heroic. Do you even realize how very close she came to being shot, as she sat next to her husband? How would you feel if you were sitting next to a loved one and suddenly someone blew his brains out while you were talking to him?

by Trumanreply 22011/23/2014

It seems clear from viewing R39's link that Jackie was trying to get the fuck out of Dodge when she climbed on the car. A bullet had just blown the head off her husband a few inches away from her. The next one would very likely have her name on it. It's an open top car, where the fuck would she be going to hide if she was "ducking for cover"?

by Trumanreply 22111/23/2014

Bump for Day 3 in Novemeber

by Trumanreply 22211/24/2014

Jackie O. likes to fart in elevators, you know that don't you?

by Trumanreply 22311/24/2014

Zombie Jackie in Parkland

by Trumanreply 22411/24/2014

I first understood that people were evil when I was about ten years old. That was eight years after the assassination, which happened when I was almost three. We were studying JFK in school and the teacher recounted that there were people who cheered when he died. JFK was a good man and learning that was my first lesson about evilness.

by Trumanreply 22511/24/2014

Clint Hill was a known entity to her. He was her Secret Service guy and she felt comfortable with him. Although it was a brief history, they did have history. So I believe that she was reaching out to him. Somehow, she may have felt he could help them. He was the classic rescuer in her mind.

I think she was pretty remarkable. She was determined to protect/help her husband, and she was also reaching out trying to get help from Hill in the crisis. She was completely in crisis mode and her impulses were incredibly noble. Pretty remarkable response from someone who's been characterized as a self absorbed, shallow mannequin.

by Trumanreply 22611/24/2014

[quote] #3 is by far the least likely, because how the hell is a tiny 100-lb woman going to help a massive 200 lb.

Actually, in times of extreme stress, a tiny 100 lb woman COULD help a 200 lb man. The fight-or-flight reaction is one where our body is flooded with adrenaline, which gives temporary strength.

People used to know this. Why don't they anymore? What are they teaching in schools these days that people don't know about adrenaline? It's a survival mechanism our bodies have had since caveman days.

by Trumanreply 22711/24/2014

She was trying to gather up the brains to have with some fava beans and a nice chianti

by Trumanreply 22811/24/2014

R226 How would a a self absorbed, shallow mannequin react?

by Trumanreply 22911/24/2014

Immediately following the assassination the Secret Service thought Jackie was the real target. Of course they changed their minds. Here's Jackie's testimony. Short but interesting. I can just hear her voice.

by Trumanreply 23111/25/2014

I always remember their Secret Service names, Lancer, Lace, Lyric, & Lark. Your link made me think of them, R231.

I don't see why they made her testify. They could've deposed her in private instead of making her come to them. That Rankin seemed nasty. The Chairman, Gerry Ford cut him off, but then he kept talking.

by Trumanreply 23211/25/2014

I remember that her being covered with gore was discussed even at the time but if you look at the photos of her after the assassination, it isn't really that clear.

by Trumanreply 23311/26/2014

[quote]People used to know this. Why don't they anymore? What are they teaching in schools these days that people don't know about adrenaline? It's a survival mechanism our bodies have had since caveman days.

You know our education system has indeed deeply failed when people no longer automatically know the reactions of sudden adrenaline surges upon bouffant-styled First Ladies in chic pink Schiaparelli ensembles.

by Trumanreply 23411/26/2014

They did take her testimony at her house.

by Trumanreply 23511/26/2014

She was helping the Secret Service Agent who was getting on the car. Jackie would probably have taken the bullet for JFK. She was a loyal, devoted wife and mother.

by Trumanreply 23611/26/2014

The fact that she was helping the agent climb on board was established at the time of the shooting.

by Trumanreply 23711/26/2014
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