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The "Lesbian Uniform"

Checked Bermuda shorts; polo shirt with upturned collar; mullet optional...

This gal is fed-up with the dykeclones.

by Patreply 503/23/2013

I think this look is more popular in the Midwest actualy.

But Seattle/Portland lesbians all look alike to me.

by Patreply 103/23/2013

Are lesbians ready for a lesbian-oriented fashion label:

by Patreply 203/23/2013

No hyphen in "fed up" in this context, dear.

by Patreply 303/23/2013

Wildfang is simply 80s 'fashion' redux.

by Patreply 403/23/2013

plus those blue pants are awful!

by Patreply 503/23/2013
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