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Pat Robertson Claims The EPA Could Kill A Couple Billi

The crazy continues from the Right-Wing propaganda machine.

This time, the attacks are on the environmental movement – specifically the Environmental Protection Agency for daring to protect our environment if it affects the bottom line of Big Oil.

Yesterday, in an assault on any sane person’s sensibilities, Pat Robertson railed against the agency in an address on the 700 Club, saying the agency;

“…Has been run by doctrinaire leftists who do not regard the mandates of congress…

He further asserts that the EPA;

“…Have a battle with American industry, especially fossil fuels.

Incredibly, he goes on to claim that the EPA could cause the deaths of a “couple of billion people around the globe.”

Which of course begs the question – who listens to this crap??

by Anonymousreply 003/23/2013
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