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Let's Talk About Actress Karen Black: What Happened to Her Career?

Was reading a different thread about strange deaths of Hollywood actors and Elizabeth Hartman. From there I googled Hartman, landed on one of her films, You're A Big Boy Now, and read that it was also Karen Black's first film.

Lazy-eyed Karen went on to receive several actress nominations in the 70s and appeared in big films (Gatsby, Jimmy Dean, some Altman films)...and then she---POOF!-- disappeared. Now she shows up occasionally in B horror flicks. What happened?

by I Liked Her!reply 4303/27/2013

Pshew..what can you say about Karen? The original "two-face", sometimes she looked hot and others..yikes. I did love "Burnt Offerings" and "Trilogy of Terror" though.

by I Liked Her!reply 103/22/2013

She couldn't stop dotting her tease and crossing her eyes.

by I Liked Her!reply 203/22/2013

[quote]Lazy-eyed Karen went on to receive several actress nominations in the 70s

She received one SUPPORTING nomination...please don't exaggerate

by I Liked Her!reply 303/22/2013

What happened? 40 happened.

by I Liked Her!reply 403/23/2013

I just know of Karen Black as a horror film actress from the '70s.

by I Liked Her!reply 503/23/2013

Please don't attempt to distract us with your ignorance, R5. Your lack of knowledge is something one would think you would conceal rather than prate about.

Black, alas, reached midlife and her exotic looks and mannerisms just became jokey. Also, she and her current husband (about 25 years for them) are Scientologists, which tends to crush careers among the mid- and lower-level devotees rather than lift them up.

And since she's a $cio it's also plain that she's a lunatic, so there's another reason for her career slowdown. She's worked plenty - just very little that got attention.

by I Liked Her!reply 603/23/2013

You aren't kidding r6. She was sometimes, dare I say, sexy back in the 70's but she did not age well. Her eyes seem worse. I did love her though, in Gatsby as well as her horror flicks.

by I Liked Her!reply 703/23/2013

She always looked unhinged - perfect for something as surreal as The Day of the Locust, but otherwise she's very genre film creepy landlady.

Speaking of eyes, what exactly happened to Frances Conroy's eye?

by I Liked Her!reply 803/23/2013

About 7 years ago she stopped me on the street to ask directions. She seemed totally unhinged and deranged.

by I Liked Her!reply 903/23/2013

If she's a Scieno, why did she choose to participate in gay-friendly indie films such as Gypsy 83?

by I Liked Her!reply 1003/23/2013

r7 - was she trying to get to Memphis?

by I Liked Her!reply 1103/23/2013

Karen works more than any of them, including Streep.

by I Liked Her!reply 1203/23/2013

Her sister was Clarice.

by I Liked Her!reply 1303/23/2013

LUUUUUUUUv her band. It really starts @ 7:00. FAB!!!!

by I Liked Her!reply 1403/23/2013

r14, I think you mean 1:00.

by I Liked Her!reply 1503/23/2013

R3, actually she received several nominations if you'd lift your head out of the Academy Award gutter and acknowledge that there are many other awards out there, dimwit.

by I Liked Her!reply 1603/23/2013

She DID NOT have a lazy eye!! It was just that her other eye was an over-achiever!

by I Liked Her!reply 1703/23/2013

I was watching the DVD extras of "Burnt Offerings" and she seemed very self-centered, just talking about how she looked on film, and mad because Oliver Reed kept stealing scenes. It sounded like the other two guys didn't want her there at all.

I read she and Cher hated each other after that "Jimmy Dean" play.

by I Liked Her!reply 1803/23/2013

Yeah, because Oliver Reed was hot. Wasn't Bette also in that movie, albeit briefly? I'm sure Karen wasn't the reason people wanted to see it.

by I Liked Her!reply 1903/23/2013

Her son Hunter played Nastassya's son in Paris, Texas.

by I Liked Her!reply 2003/23/2013

Wow, she's been married four times:

Stephen Eckelberry (27 September 1987 - present) 1 child

L.M. Kit Carson (4 July 1975 - 28 June 1983) (divorced) 1 child

Robert Burton (18 April 1973 - 23 October 1974) (divorced)

Charles Black (1955 - 1962) (divorced)

by I Liked Her!reply 2103/23/2013

She did a one-woman show on that theatre row here in LA about a year ago?

by I Liked Her!reply 2203/23/2013

There's no one left to fly the plane!

by I Liked Her!reply 2303/23/2013

More about deranged and unhinged Karen Black, please. What city was she in when she asked for directions, R9?

Love her in Burnt Offerings. Pretty entertaining movie. She was even better in Family Plot.

by I Liked Her!reply 2403/23/2013

Can never forget her with Jack in 'Five Easy Pieces.' She was raw, tender and vulnerable - fully believable. And of course they had insane sex.

by I Liked Her!reply 2503/24/2013

There's a Burnt Offerings DVD with Extras?! I have to get this.

by I Liked Her!reply 2603/24/2013

I saw this tweet the other day and thought it was hilarious. Perfect for this thread.

by I Liked Her!reply 2703/24/2013

that is brilliant r27 and does sum up this thread.

by I Liked Her!reply 2803/24/2013

LOL @ Karen Black w/ fan pic. Thanks for sharing!

by I Liked Her!reply 2903/24/2013

Here's a fairly recent Black interview with Coco Peru.

I couldn't get through it.

by I Liked Her!reply 3003/24/2013

More Karen.

by I Liked Her!reply 3103/24/2013

[quote]She received one SUPPORTING nomination...please don't exaggerate

Don't be a dick.

Nominated Oscar Best Actress in a Supporting Five Easy Pieces

Won Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress Five Easy Pieces

Won Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress - The Great Gatsby

Nominated Golden Globe Best Motion Picture The Day of the Locust

Nominated Grammy Album of Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special for Nashville

Won National Board Of Review Award Best Supporting Actress Five Easy Pieces

Won New York Film Critics Circle Award Best Supporting Actress Five Easy Pieces

by I Liked Her!reply 3203/24/2013

R30, thanks for the Coco thing with Karen--OP!

by I Liked Her!reply 3303/24/2013

Yeah, What R32 said and more, ya big dummy!

by I Liked Her!reply 3403/24/2013

"I've been waiting for you...Helen."

LOL, a new gay line destined for destiny!

by I Liked Her!reply 3503/24/2013

She's a bit delusional ... did a recent interview with a big horror magazine ... and insisted many of her known horror movies weren't horror movies ...even 'Trilogy Of Terror'. Uhhhhh, okay Karen .....

by I Liked Her!reply 3603/24/2013

R36, I was going to post the exact same thing. I've read two different interviews with her in the last year where she insists she's never done a horror movie. She has some weird hang-up about that genre for some reason. She tried to call some of them science fantasy (even "sci-fi" was too bourgeois) and then said the confusion was because of the name of the punk band Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. She's nuts but I still like her.

by I Liked Her!reply 3703/25/2013

There is a fundraising thing going around Facebook today, asking people to donate to Karen's cancer treatements.

by I Liked Her!reply 3803/25/2013

I love her in "Day of the Locust". She's pretty but not very bright, vindictive, dishonest, narcissistic, childish. A cheater, a user, a loser.

Imagine filmmakers having the courage to create a complex character like that today?

by I Liked Her!reply 3903/25/2013

Battling Cancer for two years now. Husband says she “hardly move around and is mostly bed-bound.”

by I Liked Her!reply 4003/25/2013

r32...dear we only count Oscars here at DL not the precursor awards....but I do feel sorry for Karen.

MAMIE! Bring me the checkbook!!!!!

by I Liked Her!reply 4103/25/2013

Love her!

by I Liked Her!reply 4203/26/2013

Let's not forget that Alfred Hitchcock had Karen star in his last film FAMILY PLOT. Hitch always used the best actors.

by I Liked Her!reply 4303/27/2013
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