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Damn, Dat Ass!

David Beckham's, that is:

by Miareply 703/24/2013


by Miareply 103/24/2013

Sorry to burst your bubble (pun intended) but he had a butt double for the H&M undies commercial.

by Miareply 203/24/2013

Maybe so r2 but that's not a butt double there, obviously, and it is spectacular. Here are some more:

by Miareply 303/24/2013

OMG this pic is hot. Surely he has shared it with a team mate.

by Miareply 403/24/2013

The glories of his ass seem to depend on the particular camera angle involved.

by Miareply 503/24/2013

butt pads!

by Miareply 603/24/2013


by Miareply 703/24/2013
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