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If you had five days off of work and $1,000 to spend, where would you go?

I will be in that situation in mid-April, what to do? Where to go that isn't too cold, isn't too expensive, and offers a combination of city ammenities and natural beauty? I'd like to do some hiking, as well as shopping and dining.


by Lucky Bastardreply 4303/23/2013

Somewhere inexpensive!

by Lucky Bastardreply 103/22/2013

Well, where do you live? With that budget, I assume you'll be driving.

by Lucky Bastardreply 203/22/2013

I love the Central Coast of CA, Paso Robles, wine country, Hearst Castle isn't too far away...

by Lucky Bastardreply 303/22/2013

You sound like you're in an Old Hollywood musical, OP.

by Lucky Bastardreply 403/22/2013

I'm starting from Northern California, and can drive or fly, if it's possible to fly anywhere on that budget.

by Lucky Bastardreply 503/22/2013

If it were me, I would just throw a board on top of the car and start driving along the coast. No plans, just go where the road takes me.

by Lucky Bastardreply 603/22/2013

[quote]If it were me, I would just throw a board on top of the car and start driving along the coast. No plans, just go where the road takes me.

That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

by Lucky Bastardreply 703/22/2013

It actually sounds quite plausible, given the OP's location and budget, r7.

by Lucky Bastardreply 803/22/2013

Charlie don't surf.

by Lucky Bastardreply 903/22/2013

Nowhere. Id use it to pay off some of my colossal debt.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1003/22/2013

You must not get around much, R7, because I've said some right daft things before. ;-D

by Lucky Bastardreply 1103/22/2013

I'd start by getting the fuck out of Northern California. Anyone at anytime can come here. Use your imagination better, OP. BTW, $1,000 is chump change. You must be a flyover. Good luck. Have fun here. Wish I could show you around but DL won't allow that.

Wow. I'm being too cunty. Should be flattered that you should want to visit us.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1203/22/2013

Is Vancouver warm enough in mid April. It looks lovely to me. Or maybe Seattle.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1303/22/2013

You are indeed cunty, r12. OP, hope you have a wonderful time.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1403/22/2013

How colossal, R10?

by Lucky Bastardreply 1503/22/2013

Las Vegas, OP. If you're into hiking, Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston are half an hour away, and Zion National Park is only two or three hours away. You can easily do a day hike of the Virgin River (though the water might still be too cold in April) or one of the other trails at Zion.

Hotels are dirt cheap if you stay off the Strip, and the city is overflowing with shops and restaurants. Just stay away from the slots and tables and you'll be fine.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1603/22/2013

I would stay home on Datalounge and call all the food delivery people as I needed a nosh to sustain my strength typing and giggling and farting of course.

Might consider a new piece of memory foam to keep me comfy on my electronically powered reclining, vibrating, commode and shower chair.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1703/22/2013

Why leave North Cali? Get a b&b in wine country. Rent a hot air balloon or go horse back riding. Drink wine and get a massage. Eat great food. Don't fight traffic or the public. Just relax & enjoy.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1803/22/2013

I'm really surprised how many of us gays live in Northern CA. I've always considered central CA (Bay Area) as home for me. Northern Ca really has been an area for the rough and ready outdoors or marijuana growing types. I've made it a few times up to Mendocino, Eureka and even Yreka, but I don't recall seeing many of my fellow pole prancers.

by Lucky Bastardreply 1903/22/2013

What about Guerneville r19?

by Lucky Bastardreply 2003/22/2013

Gurneville is still in the Bay Area so I would consider it central CA. My point is, the Bay Area is almost 400 miles to the Oregon border. Palm trees and tropical fruit grows just fine in the Bay area, so I've never considered the Bay Area as northern CA, it's north of San Diego and Los Angles, but still hell of way from Oregon.

I don't mean to be offensive. Like most of us DL, I seldom know much about many topics, but I know geography fairly well.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2103/22/2013

$1000? Only to the grocery. Fuck I hate poor gays.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2203/22/2013

I hate elitist scum, r22, so we're even.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2303/22/2013

$1,000? Really that isn't elitist. Get a fucking job.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2403/22/2013

You know, the question about whether San Francisco is in Northern California has a lot of DL flame war potential. Have at it ladies.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2503/22/2013

Where does this unprovoked animosity dome from?

by Lucky Bastardreply 2603/22/2013

Ashland OP, lots to do.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2703/22/2013

Crater Lake Oregon OP. One of a kind in the US.

Or Lassen Volcanic National Park if you are really into the volcanoes.

by Lucky Bastardreply 2803/22/2013

$1,000? Don't go far.

Are you walking to this vacation?

by Lucky Bastardreply 2903/22/2013

Crater Lake Lodges

by Lucky Bastardreply 3003/22/2013

Have you ever been to Death Valley OP? They say everybody should go once.

by Lucky Bastardreply 3103/22/2013

I wasn't talking about priximity, r21. I thought it was obvious I was thinking along the lines of getting the most bang for your buck.

You don't have to travel a great distance to get away from it all. I live In a beautiful area with lots of attractions. My city is a global destination. And one of the best vacations I ever had was staying in a fancy resort that was only seven minutes away from my home.

It was so awesome to be home so quickly. Saved so much time and money...and enjoyed wonderful luxury. Totally stress free. :)

Explore your own back yard, especially if you're on a budget.

by Lucky Bastardreply 3203/22/2013

Why do Americans say "off of" when "off" is quite sufficient?

by Lucky Bastardreply 3303/22/2013

I'd go to Cuba, but I'm not American so I can.

by Lucky Bastardreply 3403/22/2013


by Lucky Bastardreply 3503/22/2013

A whole thousand dollars... over five days? My God, OP! That's $200 a day!

Why, you could stay in a very nice hotel in downtown Winnipeg for that kind of money!!!

by Lucky Bastardreply 3603/22/2013

Head south. Ciaran has a good idea about just going where the road takes you. I've done that on the California coast. If you get down to Sequoia National Park, there is great hiking all through that area. They have nice cabins for rent in the park, with huge stacks of cut wood to burn in the stove/heater. It will still be cold up there at night in April, but it's sublime.

by Lucky Bastardreply 3703/22/2013

Where in "Northern California" are you starting from?

What do you like to do? Hiking? Art? Movies?

Music? Food? What?

I'm in Eureka/Arcata....

by Lucky Bastardreply 3803/22/2013



Or any other of those racist countries.

by Lucky Bastardreply 3903/23/2013

Only $1,000? Really? Put it in the bank and have a staycation, you impoverished bitch.

by Lucky Bastardreply 4003/23/2013

Oops... sorry I said that. I just shot off at the cunt.

by Lucky Bastardreply 4103/23/2013

You stayed at the Claremont?

by Lucky Bastardreply 4203/23/2013

OP, what year are you posting from?

by Lucky Bastardreply 4303/23/2013
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