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Calling all Web Designers & Graphic Artists

Are there any gay Web Designers or Graphic Artists that are regular posters on the DL?

Anyone want to talk craft? Best web practices? Best Photoshop techniques (actions, filters, bgs), Colour schemes... ? Favourite websites of the moment for ingenuity, inventiveness and beauty? HTML5 and retina ready? Wordpress vs. hand coded? Fave fonts of the moment?

Anyone want to share some ideas?

I do actually predict that this thread will sink to page 3219 in 17 minutes flat but it was worth a try!

by Webbiereply 503/22/2013

I should have called the thread "Calling all Hot Geek's!"...

by Webbiereply 103/22/2013

[quote]Colour schemes... ? Favourite websites

Beat it, Limey.

by Webbiereply 203/22/2013

this will not end well

by Webbiereply 303/22/2013

I've recently starting using Gimp to create elements for my website--background, etc. (I'm totally a newbie.) Yet Gimp says it's not really a graphics program.

Does anyone know of a free graphics program?

by Webbiereply 403/22/2013

Hi R4. Shocked that someone replied! Well - I was expecting caftans & earrings.

Gimp is fine and basic but you could really do much better if you learned Photoshop. There are a hundred free trials and downloads available. What platform are you and I will post a link.

I could also link some starter tutorials if you like?

by Webbiereply 503/22/2013
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