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Mamie returns to TV!!

God help us all.

by Greply 1806/10/2014

Damn. I thought you meant Mamie Van Doren. Now she's a TV show just waiting to happen.

by Greply 103/21/2013

I thought you meant Mamie Eisenhower. A solid American woman with a fine set of bangs.

by Greply 203/21/2013

She should use her signing bonus for a nose job. This ain't 1979.

by Greply 303/21/2013

Shit. I thought Auntie Mame was going to be on TCM or AMC.

by Greply 403/21/2013

I thought you meant Mamie Dennis. That libertine would end up on television!

by Greply 503/21/2013

What network is taking another chance on this unremarkable plain jane? Don't they understand that she is not only hard on the eyes but she has no discernible talent or charm that warrants coming into our homes on a weekly basis? No wonder cable kicks their asses.

by Greply 603/21/2013

Did anyone catch Gracie on Smash the other day? I can't decide which of these girls embarrasses me more!

by Greply 703/21/2013

Luckily, M, no one on the planet is watching SMASH!

by Greply 803/21/2013

Lol at r2. I WW you too.

by Greply 903/21/2013

Everyone looks terrible in those photos...

by Greply 1003/21/2013

Poor Mamie. Henry was smart to stay out of acting. If you are Meryl Streep's kid, it would help if you have some acting talent. Otherwise, you are a sitting target for tomatoes. I got nothing over here. Best of luck.

by Greply 1103/21/2013

Quit trying to make that hag happen.

by Greply 1203/21/2013

I am a HUGE acting fan of Mamie's relative...her aunt Maeve Kinkead, who played Vanessa on Guiding Light.

by Greply 1303/21/2013

Henry's actually a decent singer-songwriter.

by Greply 1407/11/2013

I really like Mamie's performance in Frances Ha. However they filmed it, she looks really pretty in it.

by Greply 1506/10/2014

Younger sister Grace is co-starring in Halle Berry's summer series, "Extant."

by Greply 1606/10/2014

R1, I thought the same thing!!

by Greply 1706/10/2014

Oh! It's Grace! That's why Mamie looks prettier.

by Greply 1806/10/2014
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